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  • Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrre We Goooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Okay's 9am here and I'm raring to go! Thanks for not letting us fall off the board!!! We are the most Awesome group!! WOOHOOOO...

    Tulip!! Congrats on the new job! I knew something good would happen for you! And the hours sound just right for fitting in with your busy family life! What is a scrummy lunch?

    ShellsBells....At least you got a loss! Now is the time to start upping your weights, upping or changing your cardio, and really start tweaking your diet. You also have to think that you might be gaining muscle! How are your clothes fitting? That is a good indicator of what you are losing...pounds or can lose inches while still gaining muscles.

    How is everyone else doing? I had a nice weekend...ate well except for sneaking that little bowl of cakepudding on saturday. My sister just got her weigh in...she was sad that she'd onlylost 7lbs in a month...then she got her measurements in and her face lit up...she'd lost a total of 8 inches...I told her that normal weightloss was 1lb per she'd almost doubled she lost all those inches...dropped her Body Fat by 2% and gained 5lbs in muscle....once she knew how to look at it properly, she was reaaaalllyyyyyy happy! I really made an impact her...which is making me happy.

    Eating is OP so far today...and I'm getting in alot more water than I usually do...

    I wonder what happened to Shelley and LeAnne. Raven must be very busy again...Jeojen and Miss Elisha are lurking somewhere!lol...Grassie is almost done her exams!! YAYYYYYYY

    I might be on later today folks!! If not..have a great day and I'll see you Tomorroww!!
  • HS - I'm not lurking, I'm here...posted on the old thread just about the same time you started this one....LOL.... That has been my morning, late for everything
  • Splashes, me and Jeo/Jenn posted each other all day sat / sun...think there was only the two of us...
    she didn't lurk once, honest...I was keeping a close eye on her and definatley no lurking was done by Jenn!!! LOL

    A Scrummy Lunch probably isn't in the english dictionary scrummy as in very very yummy...a delicious mid day meal!!! It's just something my kids used to say when they were little, when something was more than just yummy they said it was scrummy, and now it has stuck...however I now think everyone knows what it means !!

    You sound like your a great inspiration for your lucky is she to have you for support? Way to go HS

    Don't Know where the others have got to ...there is enough people viewing this thread...come on you guys come on in and join us!!!!! We know it's called SAA but you don't have to be THAT anonymous!!!

    Well my eating has been ok ( ) water too! But the best bit is...are you listening Grassie...I walked to and from school with DD in the afternoon then i came home and cut the took me 2 hours hard slogg as it was really really long...that has got to burn some calories?? I am aching like anything now!

    I'm going for a long hot bath!

    C U all tomorrow!

  • Thanks Tulip! At least someone knew I was really here - LOL BTW- Great job walking to and from school AND meowing the lawn! Way to go - that is a lot of initiative for a Monday!
  • Jeo / Jenn - It probably means that I will spend all day Tuesday...asleep!!!!

    I still haven't been for that bath...I got nosey and checked out your webpage Jenn and spent ages making myself a virtual's soooooo cool!! I have done a before and after weight's amazing!!! Thanks for sharing!

    Going for that bath now!!

    C U tomorrow
  • Hey guys! Looks like everyone is doing well. I just read the tail end of the last thread and I wanted to tell Shellbells something.

    When I first started posting here, I was very discouraged too. My scale wasn't moving either. I could have thrown it out the window. I had also just started exercising more heavily though, and I didn't want to hear that I was gaining muscle. Anyway, last week, after at least three weeks of being stuck, the scale moved down 3 pounds. I think that sometimes our bodies just need to get used to what we're doing to them and it takes a bit to catch up and finally give in/release.

    A big part of my frustration was the fact that I have a trip coming up that I have to wear a bathing suit for (if I want to have any fun). So, I was also feel like I was bumping up against this horrible deadline on top of feeling fat. Do you have a deadline of some sort? Or just frustrated?

    Just my two cents. I think you're on the right track and it would be a shame to see you quit now.
  • I'm here! I'm here!
    Haven't felt very... conversational today, but I've been around.

    Tulip--Prevention magazine says that mowing the lawn burns 228 calories per half hour for a 150-pound woman. I mowed part of our lawn today too, with the new mower. Man, is that thing heavy! It's self-propelled, and I guess that means they make it as heavy as they possibly can, but I didn't have the propulsion engaged because it was the first time this year we've mown that part of the lawn and it was a JUNGLE! I knew the propulsion would be too fast. But, at least we burned lots of calories, right?

    Kerri--It took my body a while to adjust to losing weight too. I didn't lose anything for almost a whole month. Granted, I started out slowly, to ease my way into it, but at the end of that month I was sick of working my butt off with no results, so I kicked my exercise up a notch and dropped my calorie intake a bit, and ZOOM! there went those first few pounds. I need to do that again.

    I had a nice day out in the sun. Mowed the lower 40, went for a nature walk, laid in the sun for a while, did some cleaning, lounged around a bit. I was hungry all day though, and I'm hungry again now. Not as in munchies, but actual stomach-growling hungry. My breakfast and lunch had pretty low calorie counts, so I accepted that, but I had a big dinner with PLENTY of calories, and now I'm hungry again. But I'm at my calorie limit for the day, so I R-E-F-U-S-E to eat anything else (even though leftovers are calling my name). I think I'm going to finish up here and just go to bed. Can't eat when you're asleep!

    Oh, and one other thing... I made my mom take the scale back downstairs to her bathroom. I'm sick of obsessing over one little number. I'd much rather see an actual change in my body. I don't know how well this is going to work, but I'm going to try not to weigh myself again until the end of the month. I'll probably go crazy before then though. The thing is, I know that if I exercise and watch my calories I will lose, without a doubt. And I know that if I get the visible results I am seeking then the number on the scale will follow suit. The number isn't what matter anyway, right? What matters is feeling comfortable in my own skin, feeling good about myself and about how I look. What matters is not cringing when I look in the mirror.
    Wish me luck on that one.

    Ok, have a good night, chickies!
    ~Miss Elisha
  • Good morning everyone~ insomnia is still withme. Have only had 2 full nights sleep in the last 5 weeks or so. And I know that sleeping well plays a big part of losing weight. I'm going to make an appt. with my Dr. so I can get this thing taken care of. Last time I had this issue it was because of my blood sugar issues. Well. I'm eating properly as prescribed by my doctor....and I've still got insomnia. I'm going to try to pull an "all niter" and stay up until I can't stay awake.

    Good news...i just got offered a job at a place I used to work at. For Manager this time! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOOo make my own schedule and all. Now if I could just somehow schedule my sleep!lol

    I am avoiding the scales again because of the sleep issue. I know if I get on I'll be seeing a gain...don't know why...I stepped on them yesterday and nearly died...up 5lbs. Don't know how you can eat the same every active...but gain. It's frustrating. I was so happy to be out of the 170 range. This just absolutely sucks.

    Well........ guess I'll go find something to keep me occupied while the sun comes up!

    See everyone later today!
  • Tulip - Glad you enjoyed the virtual model...I know I had probably too much fun looking at mine seeing how I would look at about 170#, and trying to actually imagine myself looking like that... Hope you enjoyed your bath!

    Elisha - Good for you mowing the lawn and going to bed without eatting because you were where you wanted to be on calories... I don't know if I could let someone hide my scale...I am like compelled to get on it every day... I'd go insane thinking about it if there was no scale to step on.

    HS - Sorry to hear about your insomnia.... I know how you feel though, I don't sleep and when I do it's not good sleep...My poor BF always thinks it's his fault... Congratulations on the job offer though! That is awesome!!!
  • just a quickie...!

    Hi Love2 nice to hear from you..glad your still loosing

    HS - you posted at 11:15AM here...that definatly ws the middle of the night for must be shattered?? Did you manage to stay awake ALL night? CONGRATULATIONS on the job offer...that's you and me together now...we all came out of work at the same time aswell...this is spooky...maybe we were seperated at birth??? LOL

    Elisha - I had to give the back lawn another going over today (My back is aching now!) So i must have burnt up near on 1k of calories..yipeeee you to by the sounds of it...arn't we clever??

    Might pop back later if i get a minute to myself!!
  • Had to pop back in to tell you what happened this morning....MY SCALES BROKE AHHHHHH!!!
    I stood on them and the numbers just kept going up then down as low as 98lbs up to 159!!!! I nearly had a cow - I was so shocked! Luckily Hubby came to the rescue with a fresh battery...phew fixed!!! Still 126lbs this morning, i haven't shifted for ages now...but at least it's not going up!! but after this morning it is definate that i couldn't live without my scales...I'd rather get rid of DH !!!! LOL

    I am out to lunch with girl friends tomorrow and have a girl friend over for dinner as Hubby is away watching F1 will try to post sometime tomorrow...if it's not possilbe I'll see you all on Thursday!
  • Well, it's 7pm and I'm draggin' my butt something fierce! If I can only stay awake for 3 more hours I'll be good. Prolly sleep till noon tomorrow! had my final discussion with my new boss! I have the perfect schedule...with weekends off...She are bar manager...what do you want as far as hours...So I gave her my hours...and she gave me a 100$ a week bonus for taking 4 closing shifts a week!! YAYYY me!!!

    Eating has been good. Tulip, I'm glad hubby got that battery for you!!Lol I would like to get an electronic scale. prolly more accurate than my old spring loaded one. I wonder if we were separated at Birth??LOL

    JeoJenn! I LOVE my virtual model. I just hate the clothes they let you choose from!lol Pretty ugly stuff...I like adjusting the weight and seeing the differences too. The new upgrade model lets you adjust leglenght and stuff too. I like being able to change hairstyles and colors...Heheehe I made myself a blonde Asian!lol

    Well ladies...if i keep on here I'm going to fall asleep at teh keyboard. I'm going to go have a nice hot bath and then watch some TV before hitting the hay.

    See everyone tomorrow!!
  • Gooood morning everyone! Tis a beautiful day here in Niagara! Already at 70 degrees and sunny! I've already had a wonderful walk with the doggies and got all my emailing done! Just thought I'd drop by and say hello to everyone and tell y'all to have a wonderful day and I'll see you all later this evening!
  • Good afternoon!
    I would have been in earlier but my email has been down all day...a curt apologese from the broadband guys and that was it....DON'T THEY KNOW I HAVE EMAILS TO SEND..girlies to talk to??? They want you to rely on the technology then when it doesn't work it's expected that we won't see it as the end of the world! (which i know it isn't in my case, but hubby uses it for work and it then becomes very important!!

    *Sigh* Sorry about that - just had to get it off my chest!!!

    Had a very healthy Breakfast and lunch and dinner is expected to be ok bar very small dessert and a glass of wine or two! ;-)

    hope your feeling better today HS - you sound it, what with the bonus and the sunshine and hours to suit....things are certainly looking up for you!!

    I'll pop back in later if i get a moment!