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RavenToy 05-01-2004 10:16 AM

Rears in Gear for the New Year - May
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April showers bring May flowers! Rainbows of them! :D

Ask and ye shall receive, Sassy!

I'm better at understanding it than I am speaking it.. 4 years of high school german, and no one to speak it with. Though my kids and I will be studying it soon! Homeschooling can be fun.

Alrighty then, ladies! How went the month of April? Lots of ups and downs, stress, unplanned happenings, trips, victories, and setbacks.

For me? This was an interesting month to say the least. Here is my goals review -

Calories - 1200 - 1400 per day as they have been. Need to get back on track with fitday.com and be consistent. Last month was hit or miss.
Water - 6 bottles or large glasses per day.
Sleep - In bed by 9:30, up by 4:30.
Cardio - 30 minutes on the treadmill Tue, Thu, Sat mornings. I need to hit the 2 mile in 25 minute goal still. Wow... :o It's been a LONG time since I hit the treadmill. Time to start reeling myself back in on that one and get dedicated again.
Pilates - Mon, Wed, Fri mornings.
Weights - Erk. This was an area in which I was STILL not consistent last month. I'm revising the goals a little bit. I'll give myself some flexibility, but I need to do squats/lunges at least twice a week in the evenings, and UB at least twice a week in the evenings. They don't take long, so I need to stop making excuses and just do it.
Riding - ~Continue aiming for 3 times a week. I will use Copper at least 1 day a week to get a substantial posting trot workout and work on my canter. My goal this month will be to do at least 4 laps around the arena in each direction at a posting trot and one complete lap in each direction at a two point canter. Additional goal - remains the same at being able to do a two point trot at least once in each direction around the arena.~ Ok .. that is verbatim last month's goal. I have been spending nearly every night at the stables working with my own horse. I realized that if I didn't commit to training him, I'd never have a trained horse. I will ride as training allows, and hopefully I'll be able to ride Copper that one day a week. As my horse progresses, so shall I.
Scale Victory - I want to drop 5 pounds by 05/31/04, putting me at 167.
Stealth Goal - Hmm. This month.. there is no specific stealth goal. Anything under the 5 pounds would be great and move me closer to what my stealth goal will be next month, which is 155. I suppose if I can lose 8-9 pounds this month (pushy, Marian, pushy!) and do the same next month, that will put me at my two month stealth goal. *lol* Not undoable at all, but it will take what I WAS doing in February and March rather than what I let myself do in April. SLACKER!!! :lol3: Ok, so we'll say my stealth goal is 163. Ambitious.

I think I'm back now, ladies!! I was off in lala land for a while with this horse situation, and this month I do have some challenges ahead of me foodwise. Richard will be out of town for 10 days, and that means the kids and I will have free rein (so to speak) to eat when and what we want. Dangerous. I plan for some meals that will not be within my caloric limit, and to combat that I MUST be rigorous in my working out. So that will be my huge focus this month. Keep really OP on the days that I can, and WORK OUT!!! No excuses. :drill: What do I want, to stay in the 170s for the rest of my life!?! NO! :drill:

Ladies? Goals for this month? Let's hear 'em!

luckycharm 05-01-2004 01:43 PM

Hello everyone.

I am just popping in to say happy Saturday. I am really going to do some deep thinking about where my goals need to be this month to help myself out of this rut.

My most important goal so far that I have thought about is meal planning. We are still eating supper at 8:00 at night so if I can plan our meals for a week or two and then eat earlier I think I would have the most sucess this month with that.

Ok i must run


Chachee 05-01-2004 10:35 PM

My Sweet Lovely Ladies!

Chachee here and this is my MISSION MONTH!!! I have a few goals:

Previous goals that are now my new lifestyle:

1. Water, 64 ounces a day
2. Exercise, at least 20 minutes 5 times a week. This goal I exceed. Monday-Friday I get in 60 minutes of exercise, Sat and Sunday 30 minutes. I am working out usually 6 days a week now.
3. WW Points/System is now ingrained in my brain and my new way of eating.

Those three things are now my new lifestyle, so I can't consider them "goals" per sey anymore.

This month's goals are as follows:

1. Challenge weigh in--want to be down 8 more pounds. I do that weigh in for my WW group online. That will put me at 225 on home scales.
2. WW weigh in--drop 8 pounds also. That will put me at 230 on the WW scales.
3. MY BIGGEST CHALLENGE AND GOAL: Only weigh twice a week--once on Sunday mornings and once on Wednesday evenings before going to WW.

My physical challenges are now coming in line, so my needs are now much more mental that I need to address. My addiction to the scales is a big one and I need to keep focusing on that. No more scale stepping 4-5 times a day. No more only validating my losses with the scales. Inches...inches...inches. I would like to be in a size 16 by the end of the month. Actually, there are a pair of jeans I own that I would like to wear when I pick up my hubby in June. I will wear them to the airport and look stunning!

Raven: Stick with us. Only a little bit longer. Great goals. Keep the consistency going and you will be about 8 pounds down, like me.

Happy: I'm keeping my fingers crossed you will fight this demon and be victorious. Lurke away if that helps and find your inner strenght.

Sassy: My scale stepping partner. You are doing so well with it. It's going to keep us on track even more, I think! Happy anniversary.

Hippy: My thoughts and good vibes are going to you this month to kick the cig addiction. This is going to be your first step at being smoke free.

Lucky: Welcome back. Join on in and post often!

Anyone else I missed, welcome and good luck this month!


hippychic 05-03-2004 08:24 AM

Good morning :coffee:

It's raining here again this morning. We didn't have any rain inb March so I knew when it started it would rain alot. After today it's going to be sunny and in the 80's!!

Okay, here's hoping that May will be a better month for me. I weighed this morning and am down 1 pound :D I have screwed up alot lately so I will take this pound and be happy :D My goals for the month will be:

1. Eat healthy
2. Drink water
3. To get off my butt and do some sort of exercise, this is the hardest part for me.
4. See a 4 pound loss at the end of May. Would like to add a few pounds to that but I must be realistic.

Raven, I'm so glad that you are back!

Happy, I'm thinking about you!

Kathy, Hope you get out of that rut. I spend most of my time in one :lol:

Chach, you are so goal oriented, makes me want to get off my butt and be successful!

Sassy, things good on your end?

Here's to a happy Monday!

jollygirl 05-03-2004 08:55 AM

Hey all. Like the proverbial bad penny, Jolly has turned back up. My goals for this month are 1) Not to slip up on the progress I have made (I am drinking more water as Igave up soda, I am sticking to my menu most days, I am doing my weight workouts) 2) Once I am free of my roommate, start doing the yoga workouts once a week again. 3) Work on portion control - to start, I will use the fitday calorie counter 1-2 times a week.

Otherwise, things are progressing nicely, despite recent . . . distractions. My riding is going well, and if I can just get a handle on the finances, I hope to hit a couple shows under saddle.

Hope all is well with everyone, and cant' wait to catch up.

happy2bme 05-03-2004 09:25 AM

Happy May Ladies... "May" we all hit our goals this month :rofl: :lol3:

I think this month may be somewhat stressful so all the more reason to set something to focus on. Therefore my goals for the month:

1) Lose 6 pounds by the end of the month getting me to that oh so close but never quite there "onederland"
2) STAY OFF THE CIGARETTES - take each day at a time. Wish I didn't think about them so much during the day.
3) Back to the 2 liters of water quota each day
4) Plan and stick to plan on eating
5) Start regular exercising again - 3 cardio workouts, 2 weight workouts each week.
6) While I'm exercising, figure out what I want to do with the rest of my life and what's on the agenda for my next job... :(

Here's to a successful month for one and all... :bravo:

RavenToy 05-03-2004 10:11 AM

Good morning super chicks!

Sounds like everyone has a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished this month, may we all be strong enough to stick to our plan! (ha ha Happy, boy that was a stinker, so I had to use it too.) :p

Lucky - Late meals are the norm for us anymore, with all the time spent going to the stables. I absolutely MUST have quick, OP, and kid friendly. And not boring!! Agh... that is getting to be the real problem. All the recipes I find are too much work when I'm already getting home at 9 p.m. I need to work on this too.

Chachee - You're on a roll, woman, keep it up!! :cheer:

Hippy - I'm with you on needing a better month, at least focus-wise. Devil's advocate. You say you want to get off your butt and do SOME sort of exercise. What? When? How often? Where? The best way to get yourself doing something is to plan it, just like your food and water. Make a commitment to a certain time for a certain thing, then just do it for 5 minutes. That's all. Anyone can do something for 5 minutes, right? Walking? A video? Riding a bike? Whatever it is, plan it and commit to it. Ok, I'll shut up now. :o

Jolly - Our bright and shining good luck penny! ;) I'm so glad to see you back. I know how badly stress affects my plan. I hope you can work through your stressors better than I handle mine! :D

Happy - Wow... yes, I'd say you have your hands full this month. Whenever you need to grouse, gripe, vent, or just need someone to give you a virtual hug, please let us know. I'll be keeping you in my thoughts, because definitely that job thing can really bring you down. I hope something else turns up quick, and that you find a direction you really WANT to go in. :grouphug:

Alright. I'm sore today from riding Saturday, which is a good thing. Those inner thighs are getting a workout again now that I have my pony doing a pretty decent trot around the ring. I think he and I have about the same amount of stamina right now. Food was WAY off plan this weekend, starting on Friday. I'm not sure what came over me, it was almost like I'd been so good for so long and then that stress broke and I just decided dammit I was going to eat what I wanted so there. :yikes: I'm feeling much better now. :o Let me say that again... I'm feeling MUCH better now. I really am. The stress of worrying about the Shadow situation is over, the stress about the car will soon be over, and things will be back to a somewhat even keel. And I'm looking forward to a 5 day weekend next week. :D I decided that since Richard was going to be out of town all next week, I'd take some time for myself, too. I can use that time to get the house cleaned up a bit, get the car taken care of, and just relax with no pressure from the boyfriend to be there with him or cook for him or whatever. Not that he demands that stuff anyway, it's more a me thing. I very possibly will have more of those bad eating days since Richard is going to be gone, and that's the time when the kids and I like to go do silly stuff by ourselves. Again, no pressure to be somewhere (home) for him. So we try out neat little restaurants and get strange foods when he's gone. I'm just not going to sweat it. I'm beginning to learn that I can do that kind of stuff as long as I'm prepared to deal with a no loss week (or two) and then I can just get back OP and start losing again. It's kind of nice to not be anxiety riddled about just goofing off foodwise for a small period of time, like a vacation.

Tonight is Machine's lesson, and he's going to be up on Copper tonight, which will work better for him. Hopefully we will be turning Eve out with the mares tonight, too. As soon as she is comfortably settled in with the rest of the herd, we can start thinking about working on the ground, maybe some lunge work to see how she's going to handle it. Then the next step will be under saddle to see if she's going to behave, or freak out and turn into psycho horse. If she is looking good after a few days of Nick and I riding her, then we put Machine up. He's about ready to explode he's so anxious to ride her, but like I told him - my job is to protect him, and what kind of mommy would I be if I put him up on a horse that could really hurt him? He understands, but .. I understand his impatience, too.

It's difficult for me to spend as much time at the stables as I do - which is my passion and joy and just plain time consuming, there's no way around it - and then get home, cook dinner, get organized for work the next day and still be able to get into bed early enough for me to get UP early enough to work out. I have to take a look at this situation and see what I can do. I cannot operate on less than 7 hours of sleep a night, and I'm already pushing that as it is. I need to be realistic and not overdo it, but it frustrates me that I can't get in a morning workout. *ponder* I'll figure this out.

Ok, time to get back to work. Happy Monday, everyone!

hippychic 05-04-2004 08:30 AM

YES MAMM, RAVEN MAMM :drill: I'm on it! I walked yesterday for 15 minutes. Let alot of the day slip away so today I will do better planning and shoot for 30. How did Machine's riding lesson go?

Hello Jolly!!! Glad to see you are back and glad to hear things are going well.

Happy, I am so glad that you are hanging in there. I have been doing alot of surfing and reading to better prepare myself for my next attempt at quitting smoking. Maybe focusing on losing the pounds that you want to lose will help keep your mind busy. I don't know, just trying to give you encouragement. You have come a long way.

Hi ya's to Chach, Sassy and Lucky

Has anyone heard from Tracy? She just kind of went away.

Eating was good yesterday. I'm not a big fish eater but I am adding tuna to my meal planning. I don't mind it and I have read that fish has good omega3. I am going to try grilling some fish. We have never had it so it won't hurt to try. Maybe we will love it!

I haven't got to finish planting the garden because of rain. It has been so muddy. I hope I can get in it one day this week and plant some cucumbers and squash. I'm growing lettuce this year. I have never planted it before so I'm anxious to see how it turns out. I hope the rabbits leave me some :lol:

I have a 30 minute walk to take today so I better get going. Here's to a successful day!

redballoon 05-05-2004 07:27 AM

Hi people. I'm going to give this another try. I started up a while ago and then just peetered out. I like all the talking that goes on here and will try to keep up.

I've got my goals set for the next month and they are basically to stay on plan and to stay away from sugar. My plan is to stick to a base of 1500 calories with my exercise points giving me 100 extra calories per point. I give my usual exercises points. You'll see as we go along. It worked before and I lost weight when I could stick to it but only managed to stick to it for about a week before I was ravenous. I was eyeing people's food at work and feeling crazed!

Ok, must get back to work here before some shuteye.

Hope to hear from you all.
Good night!

hippychic 05-05-2004 08:23 AM

Helloooooooo.................Where is everyone? I'm feeling kind of lonely here :( Are you all having a private party without me :lol:

Welcome back redballoon! I have a commitment problem too but am trying harder this time :D

Okay, I walked yesterday for 30 minutes, ate pretty good and had all of my water. Been working really hard on my commitment issues. I'm trying to keep track of what frustrates me and makes me give up so I can plan to tackle it in a positive way instead of just thinking tomorrow will be a better day.

Raven, excuse my typo from yesterday :dizzy: Yes Ma'am!!! That's much better.

Hope everyone is doing okay.

happy2bme 05-05-2004 08:46 AM

Hi everyone :wave:

Sorry I haven't posted. Spent ALL night working on my class project as well as the night before and I'm still behind... :( :censored:

I'm doing ok. Sticking to meals, gulping the water but not doing the exercise thing as the classwork is taking WAY more time than I thought. But the good news is, only 1-1/2 more weeks left and then I have the summer to myself :dance: :dance: :dance: Of course I will be busy looking for a job too but I guess that just goes to show you that life (even aggrivation) will always balance itself out.

Red Balloon welcome back. Hippy you asked about Tall Tracy - one of the girls mentioned in her journal that she hears from her VERY occasionally but didn't say any more than that.

Well I have to run into the office today so I'd better get a move on. I'll try and come back later as I have already missed the deadline and lost the points for yesterday's assignment. I don't MEAN to be a slacker :dunno: Happy Hump Day chickies!

luckycharm 05-05-2004 08:51 AM

Good Morning Everyone,

Well Mark and Cody left this morning for a week. They are going to visit his mother in Ontario. So there is just 3 of us around here. Should be a quiet week.

The weather is suppose to be crappy all week also. It had been beautiful now we are back into winter. Snow all week. No walking to work for the rest of this week.

I got out the old ww cookbook so that I can try a few recipies while the meat and potatoe guys are gone. See what we can come up with.

Hippy you have been the early bird. :D Did you walk by yourself yesterday, or did Jordan go with you? Is your brother still living at your house?

Raven how is everything with your family? How is Eve's Folly doing?

Happy how is everything going for you? Hang in there. You are doing so wonderfully well.

Jolly did everything go ok for you at the end of the month? Or are you looking foreward to the end of this month? Hopefully things work out very quickly.

Chachee you gazelle goddess.... ;) Are you doing ww online also? How do you find it? Hey how is it going trying to stay off the scale?

Sassy how is all with you? Has that cute pooch of yours learned how to get the leash down from its hook and get you to go on 3 walks a day yet? :lol:

Hello Red Balloon. I hope that you can get some motivation from the great group of ladies here that are doing so well.

Hope everyone has a great day. I must run and get ready for work.

RavenToy 05-05-2004 09:42 AM

Well good morning everyone!

Ok, before I start replying to everyone else and lose my train of thought...

Alright. Here I am, last month was marginal - acceptable, but just barely. This month is NOT starting out well, and I kind of wonder why I thought it would be any different? My daughter's birthday is the first week, then Richard is going to be leaving Saturday and won't be back till late in the evening on Sunday the 16th. After 4 months (essentially) of being nearly perfectly OP with food, water, and exercise, I'm finding that I just cannot bring myself to disregard this opportunity to SLACK OFF! So there. I promise - no huge binges, no ridiculous food fests. Just *normal* whatever that is. And I'm committing to going completely back OP on Monday the 17th. I think I just need a break - I'm taking three days off work to give myself a 5 day weekend, so to speak, and the kids and I can just relax and goof off. The kicker will be... can I get back OP? Last year this happened, too. The problem was, I got back OP and then my dad had his accident. Then any plan went out the window. So I think I can do this, as long as nothing majorly traumatic happens at the same time I'm getting it back together. The timing will be right, because I will have been able to go shopping that weekend to set myself up with all the right foods, etc. I'm probably rationalizing. But regardless, I've thought and asked myself if this is really what I want to do, and the answer keeps coming back YES. I just don't want to blow all my hard work out of the water, so I do need to keep in mind that this is just a temporary break, NOT how I'm going to lose the rest of the fat. *waves hand* Ok, that's that.

Hippy - :lol: Now don't hit me, ok? After giving you all that sound advice about planning and stuff, here I go. Hey, I'm planning. I'm planning to not plan for a week and a half! HA! :lol3: :devil: Actually your walking kind of got me to thinking. When I was driving out of the subdivision this morning it occurred to me that the little main loop would be a great walk for me to do in the mornings. It's got a couple major hills, so I could start by walking it, then start adding running as I could, eventually I'd be running the whole thing. And I'd be doing it outside, which would feel good. Now that my particular pollen problems have gone away, at least! I think I might try that. Have you grilled your fish yet? What did you think?

Red - Welcome back!! How have you been? I find that when I'm pushing the working out hard - especially the weight lifting, the hunger can get hugely intense. It's frustrating for me. I will be working on tweaking the carb/fat/protein ratio to see how that affects the hunger. A lot of folks say up the protein much higher, but I don't respond very well to high levels of protein. I'm sure there's a way to balance it all so that it will work for me, though.

Happy - Yay! A week and a half! Ok, we're on the same timeline here! :D Well, sort of. Hope you get the project done and get a great grade. Hang in there chickie... I know the job thing can suck, but it can also be a great opportunity. Yes, I'm thinking positive.

Lucky - Weeks with people gone can be a great break, even if you love them to pieces!! I have to admit, I'm looking forward to the kids' father being here in GA, that way once in a while I can take a break from being a mom and a dad ALL the time. It's a little cool here too, for the time of year. Nothing like up there though! (Thank God!) Eve's Folly has turned out actually to be Folly's Love. Eve's Folly is her dam, and her sire is Mutakddim. We still call her Eve, though - because that's what everyone has been calling her as her stable name, and it's pretty, and it fits her. She's got stupidly impressive bloodlines, she's a great-granddaughter of Seattle Slew, for crying out loud. But I guess she just doesn't do that running around in circles thing very well. ;) She got nailed by one of the other mares in the pasture yesterday morning, and it was a bit of a scare because it was on the rear of the cannon bone and she wasn't putting any weight on it at all. Scared the wee out of Rosa, and she called the vet. Fortunately about 1/2 hour later she was putting weight on it, so the vet said just bute her up and keep her in a stall (she HATES that) for a couple days. Last night she was doing really well. It's an ugly gash, but she's walking sound, so I'm sure she's going to be fine. We did the cold hose thing and I hand grazed her for an hour or so just to let her stretch while Nick rode Shadow (now officially HER horse) bareback all over the place and let Machine ride her, too. She's having fun again, instead of feeling completely pressured all the time. It was great to watch her laugh and smile and just be happy to be with her horse. Shadow was very tolerant of all the shenanigans, she's such a good girl. I need to get busy ground training Eve badly.. she's ok, but there are a lot of things she needs to work on emotionally. She's 6 this month, but emotionally as a horse she acts more like a 2 year old. *lol* Ask me about the horse... it's like "wind her up and watch her ramble!" Sorry about that.

Ok, so .. yeah. I didn't even get to ride last night because of having to care for Eve. No resentment, I mean that's my job and I love her to death even though we've only had her for a week now. Her whole disposition is just so .. loveable and goofy and she's such a BABY!! :lol: She really does remind me of my son. :dizzy: Always jumping around from one thing to another and not paying attention and silly/happy/goofy all the time. I think they're going to make a wonderful team once we get them both trained.

Right. I guess I should do some work, huh? That's why I'm here, right? *sour face* I need to win the lottery.

Hey, happy Wednesday, everyone!!

Chachee 05-05-2004 12:35 PM

Hi All!

I was home with a sick son yesterday, so I didn't get a chance to post. I'll try to catch up.

First, tonight is weigh in. I did scale step this am, so I haven't met my goal this week of staying off the scale. I will be down tonight, but I don't know how much. We will see how the food choices go today and that will help determine what happens. I'm going to be good....I'm going to be good!!!!

Raven: I think it's okay for us to take breaks once in awhile. You have been pushing so hard that it's time for you to breathe a little bit! Sounds like a lot of horse stuff going on. Hopefully you will get some rest while Richard is gone.

Hippy: I try to get tuna in with a salad. It's good because of the protein also. Plus, it fills me up. I also enjoy salmon. Found a new recipe for it. I'll have to share when I find it again.

Happy: Glad school is almost out for you. Any luck on the job front?

Lucky: Wow, house to yourself, huh? Wonderful! I do some WW online, but my official weigh ins are at the meetings. I do the chats sometimes and also use the progress charts and the recipes. Pretty good stuff. I have faltered with the scales, but will pick myself up and try again this week.

Red: Welcome! We always enjoy another "rear" on our group!

Okay, back to work. Have a great day and I might jump on here tonight to give a report on how weigh in went.


jollygirl 05-05-2004 03:59 PM

Hi all. Well, I am struggling a bit this week with food. My dad is still here. He says he is waiting for some final appointments for placement, but I don't know. So, I am letting myself get stressed and feeling like I will never have my house to myself again. Sigh. But . . . my exercise is still good. And, I may have come across a good way to keep myself on track. I got a new horse and rider catalog. Seeing all the advertisements for women's breeches, even if I won't need them this year, really helps me say "NO."

Here's to a great week all.

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