Movin' & Losin' Part 13

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  • Good Morning Chickies and WELCOME to our new home. It is always a good idea to make a fresh start and when it is connected with our health then it is even better. We all know by now that eating well and exercising is essential for us to have a healthy life so let's us decide today, not tomorrow or Monday, that from now on we will strive to be healthy most of the time. We will not say all of the time because there will be times when it is difficult to be completely healthy such as the weekend and parties etc., but even then we don't have to go overboard! We have only one chance at living this life so why not do the best we can with it and make it as happy for ourselves as is possible. The short term happiness that comes from indulging in 'bad foods' is not true happiness. True happiness comes from living a good life, having good friends, eating good food and exercising. Let's make today the first day of the rest of our lives and from now on we will be truely happy.
    I am going to try and report in here every day just to say how I am doing. I may not have time to 'talk' to everyone but when I do have the time I will.


    You can't eat happiness
    You can't buy it. You can't wear it.
    You can't drive it, or drink it, or sell it, or steal it.
    You can't lock it away. You can't negotiate for it.
    You can't win it, you can't marry it, you can't inherit it,
    you can't cheat it. You can't smoke it, or inject it,
    or rent it or borrow it. You can't campaign for it
    or beg for it, or talk other people into giving you theirs.

    You can live happiness. You can create it. You can be it.
    You can give it to others. You can enjoy it. You can share it.
    You can claim it. You can have as much as you wish.
    You can enjoy it as much as you want, at any time,
    under any circumstance. You can work with it,
    play with it, worship, travel, eat, and sleep with it.
    Happiness is yours to live and yours to give, if only you will.
    It comes from the inside, and the best way to experience
    it is to get it flowing out.

    Forget about trying and striving to get happy.
    Just decide to be happy, and happiness is yours.

    Ralph Marston
  • Good Mornin' Chickies~~ And a big Thank You to MOOZ~ for giving us this lovely start again. #13 already! And thanks for the pep talk. I know i needed it.
    You are right that we know what to do by now, and what makes us feel better in our bodies. I think the hardest thing for me is that i feel like i've cut way down on snacks/bad for us foods, and still i stay the same weight. I know my metabolism is such that i need to IN ADDITION to what i am doing right, add the exercise in, and keep it varied. Or i will get no-where.
    I hope in saying it on the boards it will help me to achieve these goals.

    ~~CAT~~way to go on eating more fruits & veggies and feeling better for doing that i'm sure. Prayers n for your DH. Hope his tests show that it won't be necessary to do that to his esophagus again. But if it's the only thing again that will help, i hope he goes thru it well.

    Going to get dressed and go outside. It is going on 7 a.m. the sun is up and now will be the coolest part of the day. So why not do a walk around our little resort.

    I'll check back here later on. Everyone have a great FRIDAY~~ i do remember how good those days felt. And post soon to update us on how things have been for you this work week.


  • Mornin' chickies. It is a very wet Sat morning here today but I just got my 2 mile walk in before the rain came on. I am in arush as I have to go food shopping so have a nice Sat wherever you are.

    Dividing moment

    This is the moment that divides the past from the future. And this is the moment that you control. It's a powerful place to be. What you do right now will determine what you carry from your past into your future.
    You can choose to hold on to all the good, empowering things such as your knowledge, your positive relationships, your wisdom and experience. And you can choose to move beyond those things that have held you back, such as negative habits and low expectations.

    If you've dragged yourself down, if you've held yourself back, now is your opportunity to begin moving yourself forward. Now is the time when you can put all your past experience, whatever it has been, to positive and productive use.

    The past does not equal the future, and right now is the moment that proves it. Right now is a doorway through which you can carry those things that will bring a brighter future.

    See this moment for all it is, and live it fully for all you can be.
  • RE: God Bless Our New Home...

    Happy beautiful Saturday morning everyone!!! I hope everyone is finding our new home, and as always when we begin a new thread - if you are new and would like to join us - please do! This is a safe, comfortable place with lots of support and knowledge from a group of caring and dedicated individuals.

    Mooz: Thank you as always for providing lucky number #13 thread. I cannot say why, but that number has always been the opposite for me - lucky! I agree and appreciate your words of wisdom and encouragement. I am there with you.

    Thin: The heat is up here in central Kentucky! Upper 70's today and 80's tomorrow. We had 6 inches of snow in parts of Kentucky this week - honestly!

    I hope everyone is blessed with the ease and comfort that comes from making positive decisions that provide each of us with the desired results. Oh what a feeling. I shall move it this weekend!
  • Mooz--

    Thanks for the new home, and also the inspirational quotes.

    Have been discouraged on the exercise because of my foot hurting--I see the podiatrist Wed., and if she doesn't come up with something different, I am going to get a 2nd opinion.

    DH will need his esophagus reamed out again--actually, the dr said he expects to do this every 14 months with patients with his condition, so his going almost two years is good. (The older you get, the weirder good news gets.)

    Meanwhile, I have been doing better at work, so that helps some.

    Beautiful weather today! Hope everyone has had a fine weekend.
  • Mornin' chickies glad some of you found us. Nita, I know, lost us but hopefully she will be here later on. If some of you don't like the number 13 we can soon move on to No 14
    I hope to get for a walk soon .............. but I have to go to a funeral later on ....... one of the linedancer's mother died suddenly on Friday.
    Eating is good.
  • RE: Happy Sunday...!!!

    Hey everyone!

    Just a quick hello to say great to hear from everyone and enjoy your frree time if you do not have to work or have lots and lots of committments today. I as usual have committments to school work and such, but do plan to take some time to celebrate Rocky's first birthday today!

    I went to a wedding party last evening and did not eat any of the food. You have no idea how good I felt driving home. Oh what a feeling, success to overcome what I know has been bad for me for my entire life. I only pray for the strength and resolve to commit to me. The tulips and flowering trees wer incredible to watch during the hour drive to the party - love this time of year.

    CAT: I use a hot parafin wax dip for my feet. I think I've told you I have bone spurs in both heels. No fun when they kick up the pain factor. As they say, when you feet hurt, you hurt everywhere. I also love my Birks.

    Mooz: Thanks for popping in... thanks for the new thread. #13 works for me. It was my ticket number years ago to my senior prom. I won the door prize that evening!
  • Mooz, Thanks for the quick reply on how to find our "new" home! As usual, you have done a "SUPER" job. 13 happens to be my "lucky" number so this is fine with me.

    HalGal, Thanks for reminding me about dog's birthdays. Our Tiffany turned 3 yesterday and I completely blocked it out. Perhaps we will have a belated party today. Our friends came over the last minute and we played pinnochle and I guess that's why I forgot.

    Thin, You must agree this weather has been fantastic. I am just afraid one day I will wake up to those 100 degree temperatures. I did go bowling already today and I am planning on doing some planting this afternoon. I also confirmed my reservations to go to PA on June 2 and returning on the 15th. It isn't that far away so before I know it I will be gone and back home again.

    Well I had better get going for now.

    So great to find you guys!
  • Hi Chicks~~ Just a quick post as i might be away from the computer for many days. The people who bought the motorhome are getting antsy to actually get the thing...and who can blame them. So we had to see if we could stay a few days with MIL and step-dad. Sounds like this will work out. So i have been extremely busy packing up some of this motorhome. I still cannot believe how much it holds! I am only about 1/3 done so far. Some i have to wait till the last minute for, like the freezer and refrig anyway, so it's a challenge to plan properly!

    And i had to say how ironic it is that i also don't mind the #13. I always say it's lucky for me too. Funny how alike we all seem to be! Must be why we stick together here.

    ~~CAT~hope the foot doctor can recommend something better to help you, or yes you can always ask for a 2nd opinion. Glad work is better. Take care~~

    ~~NITA~~ i'm glad it is even a bit cooler here now, as we have such things to do with the packing and lugging it into the truck and then taking it back out at our new place. Very busy. Glad you are able to bowl again, and planting too! YGG. I took my tomato plants(2 potted ones) over to MIL's now. I still want to try to get one home with us in the pickup. We have that cap on the back, so it might be possible.

    Happy belated birthdays to Rocky and Tiffany~~

    ~~HALGAL~~~ WTG on keeping from eating at the event you attended. YGG Did you plan ahead and eat a salad at home or how did you do it??
    So happy for you.

    All for now chickies~~ got to make supper for us both now. And early to bed so we can start all over again tomorrow w/the packing~
  • RE: Planning and decision making...

    Hey girls...

    The day flew by, but what a nice one it was. Did anyone catch Heather Mills McCartney's interview with Paul Newman on Larry King Live. I taped it and watched it today. It seems interesting how folks land these incredible jobs and/or circumstances because of who they are, or in this case are married to. I enjoyed it, but let's just say for someone who is snippppppy when ask most anything personal - she dove into Paul Newman's life. He used the quote 'I am not comfortable discussing that.' throughout the interview.

    Thin: Good luck packing, you know you will certainly lose one thing, and find something your forgot you had! I had an early Adkins dinner before the wedding party. I grilled a steak, and steamed some fresh brocolli with lemon pepper on it. Yummmm. I took 2 bottles of water with me - one for the drive each way (one hour drive). I kept visualizing myself 'Thin' once again. It take positive thoughts and actions.

    Tomorrow is a long day. We have a 3 hour portfolio writing scoring meeting. Actually, we have these the next 3 Monday's in a row!!!

    I grabbled a salad for dinner tonight from Arby's. They have changed the salad menu, and this one looks really good. Tonight I had a Santa Fe Chicken salad. It had black beans, corn, cherry tomatoes, dark greens including spinach and a spicy ranch dressing. Oh, it had a tiny bag of tortilla type chips. It was VERY good. I also picked up a Martha's Vineyard salad for lunch tomorrow. It has dried caranberrys and a bag of sliced almonds and dressing is a raspberry vinegarette.

    OK enough for the Arby's commercial, huh?

    I played extra, extra with Rocky today... I hope he had a good birthday!

    Have a GREAT week everyone! OP for me. OP for me. OP for me.

  • Mornin' chickies ............ just a quick call before gettin' ready for work. I did get for a 2 mile walk last night between the showers so that was good. Eating is good but this week I think I will concentrate on portion control as that is, I think, where I am failing and the weight is staying put.

    Thin - you must be getting used to this packing by now ......... looking forward to when you get back to us.

    Halgal - well done on your excellent plan foir the dinner party ............ it just shows what can be done when we put our minds to it.

    Nita - glad you found us ........ I am sure you are looking forward to going to PA in June.

    Catlover - I hope the foot is better soon.

    We are a small group at the moment .............. as Halgal has already said ........ if anyone else wants to join us ............ feel free as we love to meet new people on this thread .......... new people means new inspiration and we always need more of that .................

    Truly best

    It's easy to think that life is unfair, and to lower your expectations accordingly. It's easy to find someone or something to blame for your disappointments, and then to give up on moving forward.
    It's easy to convince yourself that you can't, and to find plenty of perfectly valid reasons for hiding away from life. But what does that really accomplish? It's easy to settle for less than you know you can be. Yet doing so can often lead to a terribly difficult and disappointing life.

    The easiest choices in the short term usually bring the most difficult consequences in the long run. So the more you seek a life of ease, the more uncomfortable, the more truly uneasy it becomes.

    To choose what is best, for yourself, for your world, is not usually the easiest choice. To follow the path of what is best takes commitment, effort, some discomfort and sacrifice.

    Rather than quickly jumping on the easiest choice, consider the long-term effects on your precious and irreplaceable life. Look at the big picture, and you'll find yourself choosing what is truly best.

    -- Ralph Marston
  • Hello Ladies,

    Sorry I was MIA this weekend, had alot of things going on. We'll for one thing, I rejoined Ww saturday morning. I decided I need to go back to a system where i actually write down my food, or keep track. I talked with the instructor and told her one of my downfall with Ww is I eat to many carbs. She gave me a seperate handout menu with more protein. So i'm going to try and follow that. Of course friday night, I ended up eating more than I needed only because I new I was going to join on saturday.
    Oh, there also running a special down here, no joining fee, so all I paid was $12

    we'll I need to run... I walked at lunch so I have about 10 minutes to eat my lunch and get back to work...

    talk to you all later..
  • Good Evening Ladies,

    Well, it was another beautiful day in Phoenix. The temperature right now is 79! It really gives me a lot of energy to get outside and do yard work--and that's exactly what I did this morning. At my DH suggestion I used our electric clippers and trimmed two different bushes. I still have about 3 more to do and then I have a whole row of shrubbery. I guess I will be busy for the next couple of days. Our screened-in patio came out very well. I believe it will add value to our home.

    I did go bowling today and had one good game--192 and the other two were okay but not great. I am not sure if I passed on a tip about cinnamon. Supposedly if you add it to your cereal or whatever, it does help curb your appetite. I used it yesterday as well as today and didn't get hungry until lunch.

    Well I am going to go now so that I can do my treadmill while I watch American Idol's bad auditions.

    Take care,
  • RE: When the chips are down...

    Happy Monday everyone...!!!

    I survived my 12 hour day, but oh my gosh...! Poor Rocky, I come home and all I want to do is veg - he is reved to run! Bless his heart. On the positive side of things, I've scheduled a personal day on Wednesday to attempt to catch up on the papers due next week for my university class.

    My eating is good - love summer time veggies. Today I had a Martha's Vineyard salad from Arbys. It had dried cranberries, sliced apples, cherry tomatoes, cheddar cheese, spinach, romaine lettuce, sliced almonds and a raspberry vinegarette. Girls... these things are filling and very, very good!

    Let's keep the positive thoughts flowing. Good to hear from everyone.

    Oh one quick questions for...

    Nita: Have you read your book 'Passing For Thin'? I may want to purchase it.

    OneDay: Congrats on your decidion to try WW. It is one of the BEST plans I've ever followed for long term weight loss and maintenance. You and Nita will have to share their summer recipes as you receive them.

    Mooz: WTG on walking... I read an article saying how important it is to eat carbohydrates most especially after exercise.

    Bye for now... Have an OP day everyone...!
  • Good evening. Just a quick drop by. We had such a great poetry class tonight--hard to unwind.

    Also got the proofs on my chap book. V. exciting!