Movin' & Losin' Part 13

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  • HalGal,

    I just started reading Passing for Thin and I haven't gotten too far. At this point she is only relating how she became overweight. I'll let you know if it is worthwhile getting!

    May everyone have a "great" day!

  • Hello Ladies,
    I forgot how much I dislike writing down everything I eat, but of course it what helps me stay on the program. Last night I even had points left, so I had a small snack.

    Hal - oh, I'll definitely share any new recipes they hand out. In fact I have this month Ww magazine & I'll look through it & see what recipes they have in it. I too am trying on getting in a walking routine with Blackie & on days when I'm so tired, he so excited to see me cause he knows we go for a walk.. in fact he lays right by the leash. I sometimes hide it so then I don't feel guilty if we don't walk (isn't that terrible).

    Cat - Glad you had a good meeting. How is your foot? I know you mentioned about getting a 2nd opinion.

    Nita - Keep us informed on the book. I"m still trying to finish Dr Phil's.

    Hope everyone is having a OP day!
  • I was doing so well today--then we had ice cream cake in honor of our 2nd anniversary of the project.

    They brought it to our desks--unfair!! Darn, I should have dumped it in the trash.

    I see the podiatrist tomorrow a.m.--maybe I will be able to walk better. One last try with this one, because I really like her and she has helped me before, but if she doesn't come up with something different I will go to someone else. The last couple of nights the pain in my foot has interfered with my sleeping.

    I got my proof on my chap book (hooray!) and I think it looks good.

    Have I mentioned that I am giving a showcase performance in KC on May 6 at the storytelling group? I decided to do a dress rehearsal so I can practice and also do it for my Lawrence friends, some of whom will not drive to KC at night.

    It's exciting but scary.

    Best to all--

  • Good day chickies - I am just in from work so this will be quick. The weather has been very wet here so I have not been walking much this week. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. Gotta go get some food for the dinner and then some housework before the art session tonight.

    Thoughts to reality

    Imagine for a moment how it would be if every time you thought of something it would suddenly become real. If that were the case, upon what things would you focus your thoughts?
    If you knew for certain that thinking would instantly make it so, how would that change the nature of your thoughts? Would you focus your thoughts on worry, frustration, anger and resentment, or would those thoughts be more directed toward the positive possibilities?

    Of course, you know that your thoughts do not instantly create your reality. Yet those thoughts do indeed have a powerful influence on where your life leads. For your actions are certainly guided by your thoughts. And the actions you take do indeed have a major impact on your life and your world.

    In fact, the thoughts with which you most consistently fill your mind do eventually become real. It just takes some time. So keep in mind what would happen if your thoughts were to suddenly become real. Because one day, they will be.

    -- Ralph Marston
  • Hello Ladies,
    Still staying OP, I just need to really work at the exercise though. I have been walking at lunch for about 25 minutes then again in the afternoon for about 20-25 minutes. I think once I get use to this, then I need to start focusing on doing something at home. Drinking water is still hard, but I keep my big water bottle with me & try to remind myself to drink....

    Cat - I sure hope the podritrist can you. If it is waking you up at night, then I know that has got to be painful. Congrats on the book..Sounds like it is coming along well.

    Mooz - We keep waiting for rain here, but it keeps missing us. Hope you get some good weather, so you can get back to walking.

    Hal, Thin, Nita, Mitchellez, Chacha - Hope you all are doing well. Hope to hear from you soon......
  • RE: Let's Play...!!!

    Hey Everyone...

    Remember when exercise was easy, effortless and most imporantly fun? I hope everyone takes a moment to 'go out and play' as often as possible. I believe it is instrumental to our success at weight loss and maintenance.


  • Good evening chickies! Today the weather has picked up and the sun has been shining for most of the day. I have been doing housework, got a 2 mile walk in and I will be going linedancing later on so I am pleased with the exercise. Last night I gave in to chocolate and ate 3 small Kitkats before going to bed. I felt so guilty about it but then I read the following in Shad’s journal this morning and it made me feel so much better. ……….. “You do not fail by slipping up on a plan or idea. Failure comes when you don't get back out there and try it again.”

    Halgal - you are so right about exercise and the good thing about it is the 'good feel factor' that it gives us.

    Patty - well done for staying OP ............ the exercise will follow!

    Catlover - a little bit of ice-cream will not do that much harm on it's own so put it behind you.

    Nita - I have that book also but I have read very little of it ......... never seem to get the time ...........

    Thin - hope you get to call in soon

    Everyone else hoping to hear from you all soon too.

    Annoyed no more

    Life is too precious to spend it being annoyed. The sooner you move past being annoyed, the better each moment will be.
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    You can choose to be annoyed by something, and you can just as easily choose not to let it get to you. Annoyance is nothing more than a reaction, one that is under your complete control.

    When you become annoyed, it distracts you and can cast everything in a negative light. Once your annoyance has gotten your attention, there is no good reason for it to continue.

    One way or another, quickly move whatever annoys you. Be free to focus on those good and valuable things that truly matter.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • Hi All,
    Another great day in Phoenix. I just got off the treadmill and yesterday I did two 30-minute sessions. Tonight is another weigh-in--and I have to say the pounds are coming off ever so slowly. It's probably because I am eating well and not starving.

    My youngest daughter in PA had an emergency appendectomy surgery yesterday. I found out after the fact and I am happy it happened that way. That way I didn't have to worry about her. The surgery went well and she is hoping to go home tomorrow. It happens to be her son's 3rd birthday tomorrow. I am so happy I made final arrangements to go back home June 2nd.

    Well I will let you all know how WW goes tonight.

    Take care,
    P.S. Tomorrow is my 4th session with the Chiro and he surely is doing well--the pain in my left arm is almost gone and the muscle on my shoulder blade is getting better as well.
  • Hi Chicks~~ Just wanted to drop by and check in. The last of our "move" is today. The lady is flying out back to her family in Michigan today, so the place will be ours finally. She is such a nice lady, but she tells us this time around she thinks the cancer has won. She has cancer and has been battling it for many long years. This time i don't know what they can do, so she wants to go back to be by her family. She is an awesome lady--so strong and full of faith, wish you all could have met her. And if there is any chance for a miracle, i hope she has one. Lets all keep her in our prayers. I'd love to look her up next year and find out she has beat the odds.

    Only have to move our essentials in, but the hard part will be organizing once we are there. I still am excited about it tho. And i will be going thru things seriously considering what can just stay year-round in AZ and not be brought back and forth any more.

    ~~NITA~~glad your chiro is getting you such great results! You keep on taking care of your arm tho! Yes, the pounds certainly do come off slowly for us "pro" dieters don't they?? LOL. I think i must know enough to do it but why don't i know enough to keep it off? Maybe this time i will achieve that.

    ~~MOOZ~~ way to go on all your exercise..walking n linedancing. How is your DM doing these days?
    Thanks for the uplifitng quotes -- i needed them~

    ~~HALGAL~~~Thanks for the info on the Arbys salads. I think we still have one back home. I don't know in the valley but i'm sure they are somewhere~ this place is just too big. But once i'm home i will try to get in there and get one (or two!) they do sound delish.

    And glad that Rocky is keeping you active. My dog did the same for me. YGG~

    ~~CATLOVER~~ Hope your foot starts to feel better after the doc appt.
    WTG on the book. So proud of you. That's great that you have a story telling closer to home also. And like you said the ones who won't go to the city after dark might just make it to their home area to hear it. Good luck w/it!

    Well chicks i must go now. Glad to hear all your good news and i will check in a few days again.

  • Good Morning Ladies,

    Just came back from the Chiro and as usual, he did an excellent job. My arm is almost back to normal and that is really exciting.

    I managed to lose another .6 of a pound yesterday. In 9 weeks I have lost 6-3/4 lbs. I still need to lose another 2 by next week. My Chiro gave me an experimental diet which is supposed to clean your body of all toxins. I haven't had a chance to look it over but it does restrict you from red meat, citrus, certain cereals, except rice. I will give you more particulars when I have had a chance to really look it over.

    I just got a message from our TV station, Channel 12, and I got the volunteer position to work 4 hours a week taking calls from consumers and trying to help them solve their problems. I think this will be very interesting and am looking forward to doing it.

    Well I had better go so I can call the lady back and let her know I will start on May 1st.

    Take care and have a "super" day and weekend!
  • RE: Are you ready for a weekend...???

    Hey Everyone...

    I hope everyone has a great weekend. I am finishing my university work. It is due next Tuesday.

    More later... just a quick note from work!

  • Good afternoon chickies - just a very quick call. I need a new computer as the one I use is behaving badly! It is quite old now and I cannot get on to the internet with it for some reason. I am using Paul's at the minute.
    Eating and exercising are going well. I will probably not be able to report back until Monday at work.

    Make room

    There are times when it pays to be certain, to be decisive. Yet there are also times when certainty can hold you back.
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    It's important to be decisive and persistent when you are certain of the track you're on. It can be foolish, though, when you stubbornly stick to a position just to prop up your own ego.

    When you can admit that you don't have all the answers, that makes you much more able to get the best answers. When you acknowledge that you don't know it all, it puts you in a position to learn much more.

    Your experience is truly valuable and can be extremely useful. Even so, there are realities beyond your experience that can prove just as valuable, when you open yourself up to them.

    No matter how much you've learned and experienced, there's always something valuable that you don't know about yet. Open your mind and make room for it.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • RE: Good Saturday morning...
    Just a quick hello back to MOOZ. I do understand about computer problems. It was well worth it to have my computer upgraded last month. The guy that did the work told me next time, update would be best by just purchasing a new one. The prices are low now.

    I need to run to purchase an extra ink cartridge for my university papers. I usually try to keep a spare. I remember running out at 2A one morning, the morning the paper was due. NO need for undue stress.

    CAT: How is your foot? This time last week I could barely walk. I am much better today. I used the hot parafin wax morning and night for the last week. I hope this finds you feeling much better.

    THIN: I bet you lost weight packing and moving! What is your new place like? Will you contemplate another motor home? Got any new veggie recipes? I saw a good one on the new KRAFT page.

    I made some baked scallops in lemon butter, and girls, girls, girls... whooo wheee those things were good. I later found myself thinking how good they would have been over some fresh linguine. I had no carbs, just fresh steamed asparagus (great this time of year) with lemon pepper. LOVE lemon, lemonaide and freshly brewed ice tea this time of year.

    AS I digress... back to work. Rocky wants to play today...! We have been playing with a ducky I bought him as a baby pup. Oh well... back to work. Have a great movin and losin weekend everyone...!!!

  • Hello Ladies,
    Saturday was my first 1st weight in and I"m happy to say I lost 3.6 lbs. I think the walking at work has really help. I'm going to try and do it again all this week. Of course I have also been watching my points & journaling. Yesterday I was busy cleaning out closets. I have got so much stuff I need to either have a garage sale or just donate it. I have clothes that I have not worn in over two years...

    Thin - Ok.. I think i missed something. I knew you all were selling the motorhome, but have you all bought a new one? or you all staying with your in-laws? I remember you saying you all were driving back home in the truck.

    Hal - you know your right. Just getting outside & having fun, that in it own way is exercise. I see the kids in the neighborhood outside playing ball & sometimes I want to go and and play with them. Your receipe sounds good.

    Nita - WTG on your loss... You are doing great. Glad to hear your daughter is doing well.

    Mooz - Glad you were able to get out and walk. My computer is so old too. I have been thinking about getting a faster line, but don't want to spend the money.
  • RE: Just a quick hello...

    Hey Movers and Losers...

    Just a quick good night and wishing everyone a great OP week.

    OneDay: I don't think Thin said they were going to purchase a new motor home - I was just asking if they were thinking of it. WTG on 3.6 pounds off. YOU GO GIRL...!!!

    I worked on my paper(s), cleaned, did laundry and napped. I still have more of each to do. What a life, huh?