Movin' & Losin' Part 13

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  • Hello ladies,

    I lost 1 lb this week. I just need to continue with my exercise & journaling. Did I tell you all I was growing some tomato plants on the patio. They have all bloomed & now I have baby tomatos. I just hope Blackie doesn't get to them. I too was wondering about Thin, I remember her saying they were going to be heading back to Michigian. I don't think I have an email address for her. I will check my yahoo site. You know that I probably something we should do, is exchange email address & even phone numbers.

    Nita - Glad you are getting back in the swing of things. I too like bowling, but I am a terrible bowler.

    Hal - Are you taking any summer trips?

    Mooz - We'll now that there are no more temptations in the house, it's time to get back on track. How long will Paul be in Phillie?

    We'll I guess I need to get going, I have a date with the treadmill.
  • Mornin chickies - posting from my new computer before work.
    I haven't heard from Paul since he left on Saturday so I have sent an e-mail to the camp ...... I just want to know that he arrived safely. He will be in Phillie for 8 weeks.
    Patty I think it would be a good idea to send each other Private Messages and exchange e-mail addys and phone numbers. Thin also mentioned about not feeling well when she was up on higher ground. I hope she is OK.
    Nita - did you have a phone number for her?

    Eating is going quite well and I am drinking (water) and walking plenty.

    Have a great Tuesday all.

    Do something about it
    One of the best ways to change a bad feeling into a good one is to do something positive about it. Bad feelings have their purpose, after all, and that purpose is to spur you into action.
    If you just sit there, wallowing in negativity without doing anything about it, that brings you down in two ways. Not only do you feel lousy, you also pass up the opportunity to be powerfully motivated by those lousy feelings.

    Yet when you take a positive cue from a negative feeling, things almost immediately begin to change for the better. As soon as you start to do something about it, you are in control and you are moving forward.

    Take a positive step, and you go from being a victim to being a beneficiary of your negative feeling. Keep on going, and you'll soon leave that negative feeling completely behind.

    If you seem to be having a lousy day, it's not the day that's lousy. It's your lack of a positive response to it that makes it seem so bad.

    So listen to what your bad feeling is attempting to tell you. Get busy, do something about it, and you'll turn it into a triumph.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • Hello Ladies,
    Mooz - So glad you got your new computer. Now you don't have to rely on borrowing Paul's. I hope he has lots of fun here in the states.

    we'll I need to get back to work, taking a short lunch today. I have a dentist appointment later on today.

    Thin, Mitchellez, Hal, Barb, Nita, Cat, - Hope to hear from you all soon!
  • Hi, everyone. Tonight is my night to write, so I've promised myself not to get distracted with other things, but had to check in.

    I wondered if any of you might be interested in getting my poetry book. Advertising is strictly forbidden on 3fC, so if you want to know where to get it, PM me. Only $5 for 40 pages of my poetry. Such a deal!!
  • Paul phoned and sent an e-mail yesterday so I am content again. He only got a phonecard yesterday and the internet was just being set up also so I suppose that was his first chance to make contact. If I had read some of the literature, that was in his room about the camp, I would not have been so worried. It had mentioned about a representative from the camp meeting him and and also had told him to leave contact info with his nearest and dearest which he did do. So if he had not turned up they would have been in contact with us I assume. He says he is having a great time and has made lots of new and interesting friends.
    Sinead and her friend took a flight early this morning to Cairns where they are staying for 5 nights. Sydney was very cold and Cairns is hotter. It was raining when they got there but very warm. They are going Scubba Diving in the Great Barrier Reef for one day. They are being picked up from where they are staying. getting Scubba diving lessons and then being dropped off at their apartment again. She is so excited about it. Then they are making their way slowly down the coast.
    I am so glad they are doing these things when they are young. I never had that chance and even if I had I would not have had the confidence to do anything like that. I am also happy that I have not passed on my lack of confidence to my children. I wonder if I was slimmer would I have more confidence? or do most people suffer at times from it but just cover up well
    Woops .............better go get ready for work ......... have a great Wednesday all.

    Catlover - i sent you a PM about your book of poems.

    The beauty of this day

    This is a beautiful day, a priceless gift never to be matched, filled with unique and wonderful possibilities. This is a beautiful day, and you can make it even more so simply by experiencing it.
    Today's beauty may not be obvious at first. After all, the problems and injustices have a way of demanding your attention.

    But they do not have to blind you to the beauty of this day. No matter how loudly the difficulties may shout, the beauty and positive possibilities are always there.

    The beauty of this day has no need to shout or scream. For the more peaceful your spirit becomes, the more fully you will know and experience the beauty.

    Many things, fortunate and unfortunate, will happen today in this busy, complicated world. And the beauty of this day remains a steadfast reality enveloping it all.

    For the beauty of this day does not happen, and needs no push or promotion. It is always, and it is yours.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • Mornin chickies - It has stopped raining ........... still looks wet though ....... yesterday it rained all day long and I did not get walking at all. Today I will be taking my brolly with me and I will go no matter what the weather is like. I miss my walks when I can't get them. Our Art group is going out for a meal tonight as we have no more painting sessions until the end of the summer. I will have to eat lightly today so that I am prepared for eating meal later on. I will try to make wise choices so that I do not do too much damage!
    I have lots and lots of cleaning to do in the house today as it is all getting messy at once. Needs a real thorough de-junking!! Then it would be easier to keep tidy. I love a tidy house but very seldom have one!! I just don't seem to have enough hours in the day to do all I want to do........... so if I work in the house I don't have time for painting and vise-versa.
    Gotta go get dressed and get on with the day.
    Have a good Thursday all.

    Imagine the future

    You do not know for sure what will happen in the next hour, the next day, the next week or year. Yet you can imagine, and when you do, it pays to imagine the very best.
    No, your imagination by itself does not make it so. But it can certainly line up many factors in your favor.

    The more you imagine your most desired and treasured scenario, the more clearly you can visualize the actual details. And the details are important, for they provide specific goals upon which you can focus.

    When you can clearly see yourself being there, you can see much more clearly how to get there. You can imagine the path to your dreams, then start to actually walk it.

    Imagining a bright and shining future can serve to draw you toward such a state. So fill that imagined future with whatever you treasure most.

    Play an active role in your own future. Imagine with passion and detail how you'd most like it to be.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • RE: Somewhere... over the rainbow...!!!

    Good Thursday morning Movers and Losers!

    I hope this finds everyone doing well. What gorgeous weather we are having here in central Kentucky!

    Diet is going well, but is seems so much easier during June and July when my schedule permits extra time to 'plan'. What a difference. Exercise is also going well. I saw a clip on a morning news show about Anne Rice (author of the Vampire Chronicles series of books a few years back) and how she simply developed diabetes #1 over a period of 2 days - and it was nearly leathal. It is scary stuff. Exercise is SO important to maintain our health, not to mention to improve it.

    So, with my extra time I joined a local movie rental place for 30 days of unlimited rentals. I am surprised to see several new releases are not being offered in VHS - only DVD! I guess a DVD is in the future for me. My computer plays them, but I don't see myself sitting here watching a movie! I watched 'Mystic River" and 'Secret Window' the last few days. Both are good, but I'd not watch a second time.

    I am thinking about going to see Farenheit 911 once the hoopla dies down. I bet it is an eye opener. I saw a clip of an aide telling Bush about the World Trade Center being hit, and the next 9 minutes of his non-reaction - simply sitting there infront of the classroom observing the activity. I was also infront of a classroom. I was also given information the World Trade Center had been hit. My initial thought was there was no way this could be true, but I did act, I did immediately sought information to verfiy if it were true, and if we were taking any special precautions. I have a good friend that is a news director at CNN - I shot out a quick 2 line email on the spot and was told that a 3rd airplane was still in the air - and there was reason for concern. I don't know, no one is perfect, but between Bush's interview 6 weeks prior to the election when ask to name the leaders of the 6 countries inwhich we have the most frequent diplomatic dealings with and his response that he did not know, only to be followed by mumblings that he was 'set up' because this was not on 'the question list', and this? As an educator, I find myself questioning exactly what the qualifications are to be a leader? AS I finish my doctorate on leadership...!!!

    Mooz: My brother just moved from Philly! He was there for 4 years, and to be honest it was not one of his favorite places. He relocated to Washington, DC (actually lives in Alexandria, VA). He is an executive chef with the Marriott Corporation. By the way, the qualifications for an executive chef are clear cut. No performance = end of career. His Marriott is very close to the Pentagon, and he has lots of neat stories. I hope your son enjoys his time in the USA. GOOD LUCK with dinner this evening!!! I agree with you on traveling the world. I always thought I would... thought being the operative word.

    OneDay: No vacation time for me this summer. I am taking 2 classes at UK and have accepted the position as principal over a summer transitional program for incoming freshmen to my high school. My hours are relaxed, but I find myself working daily. It is OK, I've set these goals, and will be so happy once I achieve my degree (and salary increase). Like you I am single, and the income is important. Good luck with the tomato plants. I've decided to frequent the farmers market for my tomatoes. I also have some friends with gardens My neighborhood seems to have been taken over by huge stray cats. NO fun. They are knocking over trash cans, and I shall not go into the piles they are leaving here and there. Makes me ill to think of it.

    Nita: Good to have you back from vacation! Those 5 or 6 pounds will be taken care of - as you have done the first step - you are accountable for it. Just the fact you got back on the scale and are beginning to take it off is the best you can do!! Tell us more about your arena job - especially if you get to meet any stars - HA, HA....!!!!

    Barb: How is the job search going? According to the news, jobs are easy to find. That is a joke, I am being facitious. What kind of job are you looking for? Good luck and let us hear how you are doing!!!
  • Hello Ladies,
    Had some dental work done on tuesday, with me ending my job here I wanted to use all the insurance up, since the new insurance doesn't pay as much. Had to get 3 crowns done on the right side, and one on the left. The left will have to wait til I go to the other company. Didn't expect to do it all in one day, but with time being a factor, I went for it. The good thing is didn't eat much for a day and a half.

    Mooz - That is great that your kids love to travel & aren't afraid of going on their own. I too like to travel, but after 9/11 I was somewhat afraid to fly. I ready to travel now, but now it the finances that are keeping me home. Have fun with your group tonight.

    Hal - I too got a 30 day rental card. Have you seen Calendar Girl, or "In America" , those are two I think you would enjoy. I too had to finally get a DVD player. The prices on DVD players have really gone down. I got mine at Walmart.

    Cat - I will pm you. I too would like to get a poetry book.

    I guess no one has heard from Thin. I hope she is doing ok.

    Hope everyone is doing ok...
  • Why is it ................. that I try for months to lose some weight ............. cutting back on junk food ......... walking every day at least 2 miles and sometimes up to 6 miles and the weight stays about roughly the same all the time but when I went out for a meal last night, after eating lightly all day................ I have put on 3 pounds overnight Why is it so so easy to put on weight and so so difficult to lose it. Today will have to be a cutting down and drinking water day.
    I had a great night though .......... there were 14 of us .......... 13 females and one male. None of us had a starter just the main course and dessert. I had chargrilled chicken with caesar salad. cauliflower cheese, champ, garlic fries and mushrooms. I didn't eat a massive meal .......... I ate all the chicken but just had a little of the other things. Then I had a selection of icecreams in a little crispy basket (can't remember the right name). I had 2 vodka & diet coke and that was it. Now I am up 3 pounds. The only good thing is that if I am careful today I could lose it quickly again and get back to where I was.
    Yesterday I got a bit down when I was trying to find something to wear last night. I had myself convinced that I don't look too bad because I nearly always wear the same clothes at home and when down the street............ comfortable jeans and tops that make me look as slim as I can possibly look .............. but when I tried on some of the more dressing up tops and trousers I felt the way I do when I am in the changing rooms at the shops I felt fat............. nothing looked good on me. I was actually searching for one particular top through all the pile of tops the I have in my wardrobe ............ tops that I never wear ........... and I couldn't find it ............. I tried on lots of them and got so disgusted with them all and with me that at one stage I went downstairs and got a black binliner and I was going to put them all in it and give them to a charity shop! Then I calmed down and put them back again. I will sort them out someday when I get to that part of my dejunking plan.
    So I am feeling particularly fat this morning and I need to do something about getting this annoying bit of weight off. I am exercising enough but obviously I am eating too much. I know I eat too much bread ............ the bread I like has thick slices so maybe I need to take more care there. I need to make sure I drink lots of water every day!
    Must go and see if Ralphie Boy has any good words for me today .............. I certainly need them!

    As usual he has come up trumps!!

    Keep on choosing

    Success is not a secret. It is a choice, a choice that is made over and over again.
    The choice that brings success and achievement is more than a one-time event. It is a choice that is integrated into every moment of life.

    It's one thing to decide upon a course of action and then leave it at that. Such a strategy will leave you with nothing but empty wishes and good intentions.

    Real achievement comes from choosing to achieve, again and again, moment after moment, until the goal is attained. Real achievement comes from choosing to achieve, and then continually reaffirming that choice with action.

    Choosing success is really quite easy. To actually reach that success, just keep on choosing it.

    Keep on choosing, and acting on that choice, for as long as necessary. And anything is within your reach.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • RE: Tortise with some ZIPpppp...!

    Carotenoid Craving

    Ever shop with a two-year-old? What, were you crazy? Their arms are longer than they look, aren’t they? Watch what little kids reach for in the store. Or watch what interests you when you’re hungriest. Usually it will be packaged in red, chartreuse, orange, yellow, green. Why? It isn’t just Madison Avenue that’s getting under your brain. It’s skillions of years of programming.

    We human animals seek out and devour carotenoids. Left to our own devices, we can’t get enough of them. Carotenoids are the compounds that make real food the color of today’s food packaging.

    The pigments are themselves powerful antioxidants, and work to neutralize free radicals, the destructive little dervishes that will rob perfectly healthy cells of their electrons when they’re not looking. Antioxidants freely hand over their electrons, and stop the damage. We’re talking about the lycopene that makes tomatoes red. The carotenes in your carrots. There are hundreds of these substances that are found in foods we’ve eaten throughout our history, and we know that they have can help us prevent certain diseases and general bodily meltdown.

    Here’s what we know: Folks who eat red, yellow, green regularly, daily — pumpkins, cantaloupe, sweet potatoes, oranges, watermelons, red peppers, spinach, kale, etc. — are less likely to die from heart disease and certain cancers, and suffer less with macular degeneration, and are set up to avoid a whole host of other diseases, but cancer and heart disease are the biggies. That is, they age more gracefully and live longer.

    Which carotenoids are good for preventing what diseases? That’s one of the games of current nutritional scientists and supplement makers. We’ve been able to research and understand only a small percentage of these carotenoids so far. We have enough evidence to have developed a deep respect for them all as a group. We know especially that men and boys need their tomatoes to help them avoid prostate cancer.

    But our nutritionists and public health officials suggest focusing less on the specific elements, and more on getting as broad a mix of these compounds as possible, in their natural state. We should get 5 to 9 servings of mixed vegetables and fruits. They recommend varying the colors and sources as much as possible.

    The genius of food marketers is that they’ve packaged their product to look as if it carries this nutrition our bodies crave. Sadly, they haven’t figured out how to include fruit and veggie nutrition inside the box, bag, or foil wrapper. The good stuff comes with a skin or peel. Drive your two-year old around the produce department, and you’ll notice the same grabbiness.

    Hey Movers and Losers...!!!

    This article comes from The Skinny Daily Post. Each day JuJu post articles similar to this one, and you can write in and comment. It is a really nice site for those of us in the weight loss/maintenance saga. She has lost over 100 pounds and kept them off for 3 years I believe. This article brings it all home. Naturally we are attracted to the things that are best for us. Truly, our behaviors are learned and often become ones of convenience. I have seen this ever so much as during the summer months I actually have the time to shop, clean and prepare fresh fruits and veggies. Girls, there is nothing better than a fresh fruit salad made from each of your favorite fruits fresh from the market. Anyway, when you add the health elements from making the better choices it certainly warrants taking the extra time to do this, even with a busy schedule. In the long run that tortise outran the hare... so can we!

    Mooz: You did not gain 3 pounds in one day. That is virtually impossible, but for some reason you have retained water. In order to gain one pound you much consume an additional 3,500 (rounded number) calories above your daily intake of what your body uses just to live. My guess is there was something (more than likely a seasoning) in one of the foods you ate that had a sodium base and your body did what my body does with it... retain, retain, retain water. You are correct, water will go away just as quickly. Drink your water, add some fresh lemon juice as it is a natural dieuritic. OK, next question for you - What is a champ? I always enjoy learning your lingo, as it is a tad different from what we say! Hey... did you see Bush interviewing in Ireland Thursday? I saw a part of it, the news reporter was giving him a good run for the money - lots of follow up questions. Good for her, good for us. I hope some good can come from his 5 day - world wide visits.

    Nita: Are you there? Do you have a contact for Thin? I am thinking you met her personally last year. I am concerned for her... she was always so good about letting us know what was going on.

    Hello, hugs and great weekend wishes to all!!
  • Good Afternoon Everyone,

    I haven't been getting e-mail alerts again and I really panicked thinking our group had diminished. It sure is great to read all of your posts. They certainly are inspiring.

    Mooz -- I, too, went out to dinner with my DH yesterday and I was up 2 lbs. this morning. In fact I have really been having a problem sticking with any type of program these days. It may have something to do with my decision to leave my one-day a week job at the attorney's office. However, now that I wrote that down it really comes down to two of my girls having financial problems back in Ohio. It really is difficult sometimes to be a mother, especially when you know everyone has to work out their own problems and I really do not have any control over the situation. I can only listen and give advice when asked.

    HalGal -- As far as Thin is concerned--you are correct, we did meet in Arizona during her visit. However, I never did get a telephone number from her--she always called me. I am sure she will get back in touch with us as soon as she can. I haven't started at the Arena yet because I still have one more phase of training to do. Chris called yesterday and said it should be within the next two weeks so I can work on July 16 for the Sarah McLaughlin concert. I do know in September the hockey games will starting up again and I believe in November Avril Augulierra (?) will be there. I really think this will be exciting. I desperately need to lose the weight I gained because when they fitted me for my vest before vacation, it just fit. Perhaps this will give me some incentive. I am really leaning towards doing Adkins again--the only problem with this is I truly enjoy eating fruit.

    Barb -- I am hoping you post again. I wanted to ask you how you handle the Slimfast program! I really enjoy their bars and I don't even mind their drinks.

    We are having a man come out Tuesday and put in eight pull-out shelves in three of our cupboards so today I finished cleaning out one of those cupboards and it is amazing how much stuff you accumulate, especially when you can't see what's on the entire shelf. I am getting excited about getting everything categorized and in the right order. With so much can goods, dressings, etc. I really don't need to go shopping for those items for a long time.

    One of my WW friends passed this recipe for Gazpacho onto me and I will share it with all of you because it is zero points.
    6 large tomatoes (seeded and peeled) (1/3 a time in blender)
    1 red onion
    1-2 cloves garlic
    1 cucumber
    1 pepper (green, red, yellow)
    fistful of bread, soaked in water (day-old baguette)
    salt (& pepper)
    vinegar (any kind) - generous but less than olive oil
    olive oil - generous dash (2 Tbs. each time)

    Now that I have typed this up I think I may just make some today myself.

    Well I had better get moving--I have a lot of sewing to catch up on.

    Take care,

  • Well it must have been a water weight gain because I am back to what I normally weigh in at - 160. There was probably a lot of salt in the food I had that night.
    Today is miserable, wet and windy. I took a quick walk down to the shop to get the papers and it was very difficult to keep the brolly up.
    Today the plan is more housework, eating good, drinking water and then hopefully painting. Maybe I will get a longer walk in there at some point
    Think I will go and have a cup of tea and a slice of toast before I start!

    Halgal - I too am concerned about Thin - she has never been away for such a long time without saying so and in her last post she did mention not feeling well in the higher ground. and also the brakes as you said. I don't have her e-mail addy ........... Michelle do you have it?

    Let's see what Ralphie has in store for us today ...................


    There are many things that can hold you back. Yet there's always a way to turn them around, into forces that move you forward.
    If you ever find yourself feeling envious, take that envy and turn it into inspiration. The envy will do nothing for you, but the inspiration can make an enormous positive difference.

    When despair comes upon you, transform it into strength. When you've experienced a defeat, redirect its energy into commitment.

    Take the pain of humiliation and let it spur you to build a real, lasting confidence. When you've experienced disappointment, turn it into wisdom.

    Transform your most irritating frustrations into rock solid discipline. Change your negative anger into positive determination.

    There's never any need to be tossed around by the fickle winds of fate. For you can take what life gives you, and turn it in your favor.

    -- Ralph Marston

  • Hello Ladies,

    Mooz - Glad to hear the 3 lbs came off. I have to agree with you all it was probably a water gain. We have been having lots of rain too. The weather is acting as if it was Spring. I guess I should not complain too much, the lakes are getting back up.

    Hal - Thanks for the info on the fruits and veggies. I seem to eat more fruits & veggies in the summer. I have been eating lots of cucumbers...can't seem to get enough of them. Last week I had some watermellon, wasn't quite sweet enough for me & the downfall is I like to salt mine, which is a big no,no for me. I seem to retain lots of fluids.

    Nita - I just know when you put your mind to it, you will lose the few pounds that you have gained. I think it will be exciting working all the concert venues. Oh, Clay Akins, is coming to town, I believe in Sept.

    Cat, Barb, Mitchellez, Thin - Hope to hear from you all soon.

    OK, ladies I need your HELP! I went to weigh in this morning & gained .4 lbs. This past month I have gained +.2, +1, -1, +.4, I can not get passed the 166 mark, I think it's a mind game for me... I don't know why but I just can't seem to get passed it. Of course during this time, I have not journaled, I keep the journal in my mind & by looking at this past month, I have not done a good job. I am committing right now to journal, no matter if i go over my points or not. Also I am going to try and get some other type of workout in, other than walking. Maybe I need to jump start my body. So I need you all to ask me, WHAT Exercise have I done today, for the next week. I am committing to do Tae Bo, or any other type of exercse at least 3 days this week. I have got to get passed this point.
  • Just a note to bring us to the top!

    Hope everyone is having a great day!
  • Hi One-Day,

    You sure are lucky to have Clay Aiken come to your town. He is an outstanding performer and I can truly say I enjoyed his concert very much. It looks like it is just you and me today. I am sure everyone is enjoying their weekend. I just came home from bowling in a no-tap tournament and came in 5th place for $25. It cost me $20 to get into the tournament and it was really a lot of fun.

    I, too, am still having a terrible time getting back on track. Also, it has been way too hot to exercise on my treadmill in the garage. I am considering bringing in my Body by Jake and perhaps I could do that instead for the sommer. All I have to do is convince my DH it will be okay.

    I have a pretty busy week coming up. Monday--it's back to the dentist for a fitting for my bottom partial; then, of course, bowling in the early afternoon. Tuesday--I need to take the dog for grooming and come back home and finish unloading the shelves in the pantry and kitchen so the gentleman can put in those pull-out shelves. And then I am going bowling again Tuesday in another tournament. Wednesday--I work for four hours at the TV station--this is getting to be a very interesting assignment. You just never know who is going to be on the other end of the line! Thursday--horray!!!! my last day at the lawyers office. Friday--another afternoon of bowling. Saturday--the young man who played pinocchle with us is bringing his dad over so we can play partners with a double deck. So you see, life surely isn't dull around here! I do know, however, 1-Day, we definitely need to journal. It is most important, and that is the one thing I hate to do the most. Perhaps we can get some commitment from some others and do it as a team! I need this kind of boost and perhaps we can just stick to it!

    Take care,