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Hollyhock 09-30-2004 09:16 AM

Susie& Suzi!!! What awesome posts. I am still draggin' my butt and you make me want to get up and dance.
I Just got 3 kids off on the bus. I kept my daughter home. She whimpered from 6am til 2 pm yesterday and was just plain miserable.Right now she is giggling and playing. Now I think she should be in school. Arg. Maybe the day home will do her good. I feel like crap again.The worst part is the vertigo.I just a little congested but man am I dizzy.
I ate quite a bit again yesterday.Except for the wrap and cream cheese at bedtime everything was quite healthy.
I started taking echinacea,vitamin e&c and a multi again too. I was a week behind apparently .Maybe I could have avoided this bug.
I had a custom canning cupboard built to replace the stack of boxes in my bedroom.It arrived yesterday. I just love it. I will try and get it all sorted out today.
I have about 25 fall pictures to cut out from the sunday school kids to decorate the church for thanksgiving.
I need to come up with a healthy breakfast.
My goal for today is to keep eating lots of fruit and veg and avoid the bready,cheesy comfort food.

justjodi 09-30-2004 09:25 AM

good morning everyone!!
sounds like everyone is doing great this morning. i'm feeling good almost the weekend!! not a whole lot going on here today, lots of work to get to though!! uuugggg.

welcome to desiree and labchick!! nice to meet you. you'll love the encouragement and support you get in here these are some really awesome women!!

mychoice2bfit- sounds like a great article. good luck at your weigh in tonight!! you are doing a great job!!!

suzy1965- you're right better to have too much salad than a bag of chips. i am totally with you on the portion control thing i find myself reading the label on everything i pick up to see what a "normal" portion is. maybe if you add a little protein in with your muffin it will hold you over a little more?? you might have something with the white flour prob. though. good luck today!!!

hevron i really like those little 100 cal packs too the chips ahoy ones are good and not real sweet but sweet enough. i'm really dependent on anything i can grab and go with. great job exercising!! keep up the good work!!

hollyhock you sound very chipper today!! hope you are feeling better.

my goal for today is to get in my last bit of exercise so i can reach my goal for the week!!
well if i missed anyone i'm sorry. hope you all have a great day!!!

hevron 09-30-2004 09:44 AM

Today's Goal
Thanks for all the inspiration, gals! I love being able to see how things are going for you, and I especially appreciate the personal notes of encouragement. :coach:

Today I plan to drink 64 oz. of water (or more), no questions asked. I've been trying to get it in, but if I can just keep my glass full at my desk, I don't usually have a problem drinking it. The problem is taking the time to go refill it!

I should've read these posts this morning before going down for breakfast in the cafeteria. Been wavering on my breakfast foods the past few days - a bagel & cream cheese the past 2 days; a serving of sausage/cheese/ham/salsa "hash" this morning (guess you could say it was low in carbs, but not really low in anything else!) Anyway, the food part is my biggest challenge. I've been very disciplined, though, in eating my Lean Cuisine meals rather than fast food or something else. It's just those darn snacks...

:cookie: :m: :jeno: :chockiss: :corn:

I suppose there will always be a challenge! But I'm grateful I have you to turn to for support!! Hopefully when I weigh in on Saturday at Curves, I'll have some good news to report. In the meantime, thanks for the encouragement...we can do this.


MyChoice2bfit 09-30-2004 12:59 PM

I actually got a chance to come back here during the day and read the posts.

It sounds like most of us are doing well. Even if we stumble or falter we keep going; that's the tool isn't it?

If you are one of those that hasn't posted in awhile for some reason or another, please come back and tell us what you need, don't try to have it all together before coming here, just come..we will help you get it back together.

Holly: Great goal for the day. I hope the supplements you are taking help you to kick that cold. I bet you are craving those bready, cheesy, comfort foods because of your cold. Your body is trying to store energy because it's not well right now. Doesn't mean you have to give into those cravings; you can give your body what it needs for energy through other things..it sounds like you know what to do, and that you are trying to do it. I know you can!

Hevron: How are you doing with the water? Don't forget when you get up to go get it you are walking..that's exercise, plus getting up and down out of your chair will tone those legs...it's just like doing a squat..so go for the water!

Suzy: I laughed about the salad binge :lol: did you ever think that you would binge on salad?! Hey, you are right, it's better than some other choices you could've made. Thanks for your input on my Accounting drama...I can't wait to get through this class..I also can't wait to tell you all I passed!

Justjodi: What type of exercising are you doing? I'm always looking for something new to put in my routine. You know I sometimes don't want to get going on the exercise, but you know that once you start..you will finish and you will feel so good. I know you can get it in. You planned to..that's the first step in your goal!

Ok..I better get back to work.

Later ladies!

labchick 09-30-2004 01:05 PM

I struggle with the water thing too. I read somewhere (I have sometimers, so I don't always remember where) that you should always drink 8 8 oz. glasses of water a day and for every 20 lbs you want to lose you should drink another 8 oz. as well. For me that would be 104 oz. per day. Just typing that makes me want to float away--straight to the bathroom. ;)

I can usually force myself to get 60 - 70 oz per day in, but after that, the water seems to taste funny to me. It's probably just psychological, but that's where I'm at. I figure what I am drinking is better than nothing and as I lose the discrepancy will correct itself (that's the passive aggressive way to deal with this issue, I guess).

You guys are great! It's so nice to just be able to talk about it in this kind of forum.

justjodi 09-30-2004 01:20 PM

mychoice2bfit- i mainly walk for exercise but a few weeks ago i purchased a set of bands, i really like to use them for stretching etc. you can incorporate them into almost any routine. i really like using them (once i get started that is) it gives me the feeling of lifting weights, without pumping iron, because of the resistance. i also have a stairmaster that someday i will conquer but right now the darn thing gets the best of me!!

hevron 09-30-2004 01:29 PM

Labchick - That would put me at 120 oz/day! That makes me whoozy!! I do good to get in the 64 oz recommended.

I have to confess that while I seem to be doing OK in the water area, today has not been a great day for food. After taking in that breakfast guilty pleasure today, I arrive at my 10am meeting only to find chocolate donut holes... my favorite kind. Do you think I could resist? HECK NO.


OK, so 2 falls today, but still on water and will exercise tonight after work. Better do double-time after these breakdowns today! Guess there will always be times when we have an off day. Just can't let that become a habit. Hopefully when I weigh in on Saturday, I'll still see the "fruits of my labor" this week. We'll see.


annie175 09-30-2004 01:45 PM

HOWDY EVERYONE! Sorry I missed posting yesterday, was just too slammed at work to make the break and post. I am today too, but can't stand to be away from all this wonderful support!

I didn't do too badly yesterday, however made a taco salad with all OP items for dinner last night, EXCEPT for the white corn chips I through in it. Dang it. I hate that, but oh my, my, it tasted so good! Quite the YUM! Bad Annie.

Today is better, going to stick to my guns and drink ALL my water. I heard you are supposed to drink half your body weight in ozs per day. That seems like quite a bit, but doable. My oz per half weight would be about 125 oz., I usually only get in about 60 oz a day. Working on making it more. Baby steps.

My hair turned out great. I have had so many compliments on it that I am beginning to think I looked like crap before. I do like the new style.

Suzy - Being on SB, the only real time I crave carbs is just before TTOM, and I want salty too. Other than that I don't crave them. I am with you on the breakfast thing, once I eat for the day, it is like it opens the food gate to eat, eat, eat, HOWEVER, on SB, it is not so much like that.

Susie - How is the class going, having a positive attitude about it has to help. Walking my dog is out of the question, she is a little feisty Jack Russell. She pull hard and chokes, then barks at everything, I just want to strangle her when I get home. That is interesting reading from Wynonna, and very true for my life. I certainly can compare.

Lanita - Isn't Pilates what all the stars are doing? It sounds like something I could handle if I could ever get off my big duff and do them. Exercise is my biggest downfall, I want no part of it. I need an attitude adjustment on exercise. Have you started the carb blockers yet, if so, how are they working for you?

Holly - Ah girl, you need to get yourself healthy so you can focus on being heathly instead of fighting colds. and your little princess too, poor little babe. Isn't funny how they bounce back and we still struggle? You are amazing, exercising while you are sick, what a woman! Might you be blonde, just checking cause of the dizziness! hehe.

Heather - How do you like curves. I used to go about a year or so ago and loved it, didn't notice much a change in myself, but loved going. Where in Indy are you? I grew up on the NE side.

Just Jodi - Good luck on reaching your goals for today. I know you can do it.

Labchick and Desiree - Welcome to you both, you will just love it here, I know I do and the support is marvelous.

Hope you all have a terrific OP day today! HUGGSSSSS....Annie

soposh 09-30-2004 07:40 PM

is there room for me?
Hey everyone I just found this site about a couple of hours ago after doing a google search. I would love to journey back into (onederland). My name is Ashley and I'm a 20 year old college student and cell rep. I currently weigh about 235 or something like that. My goal weight is 190lbs I plan to get more active by running more and taying away from bread especially garlic toasts. I find this very motivating and I wanted to say congrats to everyone who is losing and meeting their goals.

hevron 10-01-2004 08:10 AM

Today's a new day!
Soposh - Of course we have room for another! Please join us. We like to report daily goals and progress, but mostly this is just a nice place to find support and encouragement as you try to reach your weight loss goals. It's good to have you here! :dance:

Annie - A new "do" always helps bring a fresh outlook on things. Glad you like your new style. Last year, I got a very dramatic "do" from what people were used to, and I thought the same thing - I must've looked crazy before this cut! And you really could've done worse than taco salad, girl. You asked about where I live here in Indy. I live on the far eastside, near John Marshall Middle School (near Post Rd & 38th Street). Familiar with the area? :wave:

Jodi - Those stretching bands sound like just the thing. The equipment at Curves is all hydraulic, so it's mostly just resistance like you described. For many of us, that's much better than actual weights. Thanks for the tip! :strong:

Lab - About the funny tasting water, I can relate. Sometimes, It's hard to get it down after awhile. You might try some of those flavored waters that are out there. I haven't tried any, but I know alot of people find success with them. :shrug:

Holly - Did you find a healthy breakfast food? I'm a HUGE fan of breakfast, but don't always eat the right things. I used to love Pop-tarts, but haven't had any since I joined a couple of these threads here. Would love to hear any tips you have for quick breakfasts. :idea:

MyChoice - OK, girl. How did the weigh-in at TOPS go yesterday? Share, share, share!!! :cofdate:

Suzy - How's that experiment going with white flour products vs multi-grain? I know you said you were going to see if one tends to cause more hunger than the other when you have it for breakfast. Many have had success on cutting back on their white flour products. I'd like to hear your thoughts. :chin:

Everyone, have a great day today. The weekend is here, so make the best of it! Be blessed...

justjodi 10-01-2004 08:52 AM

good morning chickies!!
TGIF this was not a long week but i am always glad to see the weekend!! not a whole lot going on with me today, yesterday was a good day as far as food goes. i stuck to my guns and didn't snack like a crazy woman. had a bad sinus headache tho so i did not get my exercise in so it is a top priority today!!! short day at work and then errands to do after work. going out to our camper for the weekend to start cleaning it up for winter. thats about it for me.

hevron you sound so upbeat and positive today a real inspiration to me (the girl who could of stayed in bed all day today!!!) hope you have a great weekend.

soposh welcome!!! hop right in you'll love it here!!

annie the new do sounds great, getting my hair done always makes me feel great!! have a good day!!!

to all you chicks yet to post hello and have a nice weekend!!

Hollyhock 10-01-2004 09:20 AM

Mornin" chicks.
I would like to report that I am NOT dizzy!!!
I ate like a litle piggy yesterday. I caved to the comfort food. Today is a new day and I WILL eat balanced and healthy meals.
I am having MIL issues and need to vent before I let it eat at me.Lets just say that this is typical of the last 8 years.The worst was around our wedding and I have learned to let most of it roll off but it still irks me.
It started with my daughters bday. I invited all the family for sunday, she says she had decided to come the tues before.So I have them for dinner etc.Extra work for me but who's counting. She announces she is cancelling Thanksgiving.Just doesn't feel like doing it. Hubby was upset(very sentimental). Geographically we live in the middle he asked if I minded cooking another turkey.We are already having my family on the Monday(Oct 11).Of course not!!! Family is very important to us. SO I invite his 2 sibs and folks for the Sat(Oct 9).I hear from 1 brother and crew(very excited).I dont hear from the other bro or the folks. Hubby calls them last night. MIL states, I cancelled Thanksgiving.Hubby says we all want to see each other .So anyhow ,she says she supposes they will come. BAH! Now, what happens is that she will tell anyone who listens how I am a control freak and ruin everything, blah,blah blah......I made it very clear this was hubby's wish.But I am always the trouble maker.The other bro's wife think no one likes her(totally not true) so they may not come. Double BAH!
MIL will be snarky, want to change meal times,complain about the food........
We all just ignore her but she can be very hurtful.Hubby didn't like her tone with him last night.
Frankly, I dont need the aggravation.I adore the bro's, wives and all the nieces and nephews and my FIL. She just sucks.
Insecure, small minded...... had a good heart in some ways but you sure have to kiss butt in thanks.
Okay, I'm done.

SUZI~ I firmly believe in eating foods in their most natural, least processed state. I only eat whole grains.I aim for lots of uncooked fruit and veg too.

SOPOSH~ welcome. Our weight and goals are the same so we are neck and neck in this race!

HEVRON~ I always eat breaky and I have 2 oz lean protein,I startchy carb,I dairy and fruit.So that looks like, 1 egg,I toast(whole grain,no butter), apple,milk.Or chicken breast in a wrap, apeach,yogurt.
I blow it as the day goes, usually evening.

Hugs to everyone else.

My goal for today is to do the 2 mile WATP and not to over eat or binge!!

annie175 10-01-2004 10:15 AM

TGIF for sure!!! and Good Morning!

I have not done as well as I would of liked to this week. I got on the scales a day early this morning. Was up 1 lb. Um...be doing good to stay the same at WI tomorrow. Had left over taco salad for dinner last night and YES WITH THE DANG CHIPS!! Thank You Jesus that is ALL GONE. My son was none too happy to be eating it a second night in a row anyway. haha... I am determined to make this day excellent. I will do this, I will, I will, I will.

Heather - Actually, I am VERY familiar with that side of town. I graduated from JMHS, when it was a high school in 1978. My parents still live at 21st and Franklin Road. What a small world.

Welcome to the group - SOPOSH

Jodi - Sounds like you had a OP day yesterday, that is great.

Hey there and Hello to everyone else. Have a marvelous weekend, stay focused and I will chat at cha on Monday!!!


MyChoice2bfit 10-01-2004 05:14 PM

I can't believe this is the first chance that I've had to get here all day! It's been very busy with me at work. Nothing balanced, the wrong supplies were shipped, and the phone never quit ringing!

Hubby is taking me out to dinner tonight and then we are just going to watch some TV. I don't ever get to watch much TV, but I watch a few shows, one is "Less than Perfect" and I'm going to relax and watch it.

I had a loss at TOPS meeting last night. That gave me a total loss of 1.50 lbs for the month. I'll take it! Anything that's a loss I'll take.

I'm excited about the new month...I always am..feels like a fresh start! It's really feeling like fall here in Ohio and it's been so pretty; it just makes a person feel good.

I apoligize for not responding to each of your personally. I'll try to do that sometime tomorrow, but it's 5:00, and I just want to get out of this building! I have a computer at home, but I'm going to spend some time with hubby.

I haven't even had time to think about a goal today, so I'll make it now. My goal tonight is to not overeat when we go to Max and Erma's.

Thanks for understanding!

labchick 10-01-2004 07:14 PM

I'm here too!
Sorry for my tardiness here gals! I had the day of H E double toothpicks. I get my paychecks direct deposited and they only deposited half the check. ARRRRRRRGGGG! I had to run to the main office to pick up the other half (only a 75 mile commute one way) UGH :dizzy: The funny thing is that after I deposited it, I realized that the new check wasn't correct either :fr:

Oh well, at least the new check was only off by about $10 or so. They can add that to my next check. When I have days like today, I become convinced that I'm related to Murphy (VERY close relative ;) ), but there is a silver lining......

Because I was so busy running to get my check and get it deposited before 1:00 p.m., I had no time to think about food. I did stop at BK Lounge for a bunless cheeseburger on the way home, but that's all I had eaten for the day and that was around 2:30 p.m. So maybe, if I don't get ravenous tonight, I will be able to see some movement on the scale tomorrow.

Hevron, thanks for the tip on the flavored water, I'll have to try some.

Annie, all I can say is "been there, done that, bought the t-shirt"! Hang in there. I try to use my disgust from prior days to keep me motivated the next. As a friend of mine once said, "let the anger motivate you instead of beat you up."

Hollyhock, are we in-laws? Your MIL sounds eerily familiar :D

Hope you all have a great and on track weekend.


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