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  • Congrats Ellen, praying all goes well for you. sound wonderful. Glad you are happy.

    I am doing well, got DSs prom out of the way last weekend, and now the graduation. My baby graduates on May 26. No more high schoolers. He is going to be a plumber. Got a job that will pay his way. Amen.

    Where is everyone.....come on lurkers, post on, we miss you.


  • My Gosh, where is everyone? I miss everyone.

    Only 4 weeks till I close and move. Yeah! I am getting so excited. This is my first big adventure on my own since getting divorced 3 years ago. I have been renting for the past 3 years. My rent and house payment are within 20 bucks of each other. The house is only 3 years old too.

    How is everyone doing?


  • HI Annie! Not much new to say really. Life is okay. Less tumultuous with Dh right now. Kids are great. Starting soccer this week. Work is good too. Been walking more. Doing some push ups and sit ups. still fat tho.

  • For the first time in a couple of years I had a good time out with hubby and the kids at a gathering. I feel so content right now. It was fun and lighthearted. We even sat just the 2 of us and chatted a bit.The kids did great!!! He was not an a$$hole in the car either way. It was so nice. The kids just went to bed without an uproar.
    Both kids are loving soccer so much. It all feels positive. I had forgotten what positive felt like. I feel like I can let me guard down a bit and enjoy my life. Gosh it has been so long.
  • Oh Holly, how wonderful for you. That is such an awesome feeling.

    Spent mother's day cleaning out the garage getting ready for the move. My gift from my kids was to be my slaves for the day. 11 bags of trash, and 4 boxes of trash. Man what a difference the garage is in. Yeah.

    Got word from my finance lady that my 30 year mortgage was locked in at 6.25%. That makes me happy. I am so excited to buy my own home.
    I feel so good about things in life right now. Amazing how positive thinking brings positive things in your life. I love it.

    My brother and I spent a couple of weekends ago at my parents house painting the inside and also painting the fence around their back yard. My body was aching, as was my back and neck. All is good now.

    Hope everyone is having positive things in their life. I know when we lurk, sometimes we are not in a good place. Please come for support.

    Have a wonderful week.


  • Hi Annie!!!
  • Time for a new thread, ladies