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justjodi 01-30-2005 08:58 AM

they started giving a book away on here a few weeks ago. there is a link at the very top of the page it says "diet book giveaway" if you post 5 times in a week they automatically put your name in a drawing. good luck with your goals this week!!

jujubeee 01-30-2005 11:53 AM

Room for one more???
I have a good 100 pounds to lose. I can't imagine ever losing that much weight. Everytime I start something, I tell myself to just get to 199. I've never made it there yet. I have 35 pounds to go. The lowest I've made it to was 215. I want to try again.
Lets see, I'm 42, divorced with 2 kids. I do shift work so I'm always working odd hours. I HATE cooking and eat out wayyyy too much. There are very few foods I actually like and the ones I do are all bad for me!!! If I don't like something, I WILL NOT eat it. The foods I like that I can work into a "diet" I get sick of after a week or two. I am a diehard pepsi addict which is probably my biggest impediment to weight loss.
I also suffer from PCOS, Insulin Resistance, Hypothyroid, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol & High Triglycerides. I'm on medication for all these........
I'm not sure what I'm going to do to make it work this time. I know I should have a plan but that never seems to work. Right now I'm just trying to make some changes and hope it helps.
I'm having a slim fast optima every morning for breakfast (instead of a Jack in the Box sourdough breakfast sandwich & a large coke that I get on my way into work every morning).
I'm eating an orange every day (one of the few fruits I like)
I'm trying to drink 4 - 16oz bottles of water a day. I figure if I can keep myself from getting thirsty, I won't drink as much soda. So far the most I've made it to is 2 bottles. It has helped tremendously with my soda intake though.
I'm also starting to take phentermine and xenical. I probably shouldn't admit to that because I know alot of people are very against it. I've taken them in the past and I quickly build up a resistance to it so I know I won't be on it long. I just want it to help me jump start into things. By the way, they are Dr prescribed and I am being monitored.
The rest is just me trying to make some healthier choices. I brought a Peanut Butter & Jelly sandwich today instead of getting a fast foor burger or taco or something. I know it's still a bit fattening but a bit better than the alternative.
Any suggestions anyone has for me, I would love to hear them!!!

spores 01-30-2005 05:17 PM

Jodi: Ah, taking a bit of time for yourself is a great feeling. Yes, big changes are awfully hard. We all have to struggle with changing habits, whether with eating or exercise or work! I myself am a very cyclical person, and find that I do best when my habits are shaken up every 4-6 months. Our world is very disconnected from the cyclical nature of life Ė seasons, monthly hormone cycles, lunar cycles. I think that the idea of working year-round in the same enviromnent with the same duties, with the occasional days off, is counter to our instinctual needs. We need the thrum of cyclical change. Congrats on the book! Yay! A little reward from the universe.

Holly: So glad your events went so well. Sounds like it was a fun and meaningful time. Good luck with your goals this week. I also tend to overthink everything, but then I wonder, is there really such thing as overthinking? I figure I just have to make up for the millions of people in the world who seem to underthink everything! I guess Iíd rather think deeply about things than just go plunging ahead without making conscious and mindful choices. But there is the danger of letting thinking replace action, and getting all Hamlet-ey when we should be imitating Polonious.

Mychoice: Wow, isnít it nice when people notice the results of all our hard work? I only get to see my mom every 3-6 months, and she ALWAYS says I look like Iíve lost weight Ė even when I clearly havenít. Itís hard for us to see it ourselves, since we are so used to our daily bodies. My treadmill has pre-set programs and customisable ones, but I havenít figured out how to work them yet. That will be my job for next week, I think. I am going to start with no incline, as Iím sort of scared of inclines. The only other time I have ever used a treadmill was about 10 years ago. I went to a personal trainer who had a little gym, and he looked me over and talked to me a bit, then put me on a treadmill for 45 minutes. About 5 minutes into it he came over and raised the incline, and I kept trying to walk, but I was getting really out of breath and overexerted, but I was young and very intimidated by this guy and the other people around, so I didnít want to stop or say anything, so I kept going and going....and, end result, found out that I have mild exercise-induced asthma! I had my first asthma attack ever right there, and was terrified by it, and also embarrassed. So I now have some rather intense fear of having another one, and Iím going to take the inlcine thing VERY slowly.

jujubee: Welcome! Glad to have you aboard! I also am a fast food junkie, so I know what youíre going through. I have had entire weeks where I ate out 1-2 times every single day...definately not good! My current plan is to actually give myself permission to eat out and plan for it. I figure if I have planned to eat out on, say, Thursday night, then on Wednesday I will feel more like cooking at home since I know I will get the treat soon enough. It is also hard to find healthy foods that you really like, but I think that time and patience and an open mind can go a long way. My bf and I try one new food a week. Last week it was pommegranates...wow, where has this fruit been all my life?! Itís fun to try new things; itís like being a kid again. I was at costco the other day (where they have tons of free samples), and a little boy went up to the woman giving out smoked salmon samples. He was looking rather hesitantly at the smoked salmon on his cracker, and said to the woman, ďWell, my mother says I shouldnít say I donít like something until I try it.Ē I just about died of cute. It reminded me how stuck in my little rut I get. I forget about all the myriad flavors that never enter my mouth. Good luck kicking the soda habit; that is hard. I am a diet cola junkie, and Iíd love to cut down, since even though itís diet, it is full of chemicals that I know are awful for me. I am trying other things, like herbal infusions, crystal light (still chemicals, but a change, at least), teas. And of course, the water is a big thing! Getting all that water in really helps curb all kinds of cravings.

Okay, must do my lesson plans for next week. Ugh. Hope everyone is well!

jujubeee 01-31-2005 08:36 AM

Spores: Thanks for the words of encouragement. I am so deeply stuck in my rut I can't even see the light of day.
I haven't done well for an entire day yet but I figure the little steps help too. Yesterday, I only had one (12 oz) Pepsi. That is much better than my usual 2-3 large fountain drinks plus 1/2 - 1 2 liter bottle at home. I also had my morning slim fast instead of my regular fast food breakfast. I wish I could drink diet. I have tried to switch over so many times and I just can't stand it! I've tried tea, crystal light, all that. I really don't care for any of them and figure I might as well drink water if I don't like it anyway. So that is what I'm trying to do.
I'm going to try exercising with my daughters DDR game. There is a whole thread about how great and fun it is in the exercise forum.

Hollyhock 01-31-2005 09:11 AM

Welcome Jujubeeeee!!!

TGIMONDAY and I can relax!!!!!
It was a good weekend. I functioned very well on 4 hours sleep all day yesterday.
We stayed for a pot luck lunch after Sunday School, I drove the kids home and went back for a 3 hour annual meeting. It was a good meeting.I came home whipped up supper, had all of us tidy and then the kids vacuumed!
I was disappointed that I couldn't find Alias on TV last night. I tried to find it in the listings. What the heck is going on. It is a fav part of my week. Arg!
So I puttered some more and started to watch Desperate Housewives and it was a rerun. I went to bed! Double Arg!
DH slept in til noon yesterday for the first time since DS was born. He had a lazy aft and then FINSHED the last piece of tile!!!! Another 6 months the grout should be done. He went to bed at 9. He had a wonderful Bday weekend.
Good morning so far. 3 toddlers here. Storytime at 10. The 2 year old is potty training. She does well at home, not so well here. Gets too busy.

I had big meals on the weekend but no snacking inbetween and I didn't have a drop of wine or any cheese.
I am feeling OP.
I need breaky but dont know what I want...maybe a tuna sandwich.

Glad all the festivities are over. It sure was fun though!
I will chat more after lunch!

ps The trees are all covered in ice this morning. The sun is brilliant. Incredibly beautiful.

Girlie 01-31-2005 09:53 AM

Morning, everyone.

Jujube: Welcome! I have PCOS too and some insulin troubles but I'm not diabetic. I'm not on any meds any longer. I have heard that by losing weight, you can lose the PCOS symptoms...that is my goal. The only symptom that really bothers me is hirsutism. Hope you hang out with us!

Spores: I see all kinds of neat veggies and fruits some through the checkout lane and ask people how they cook them. I'd love to try some of them.

Holly: Sounds like you had a great busy weekend!

Jodi: Congrats on winning the book! Let us know how you like it! I really like Dr. Phil's advice, although I've never picked up one of his books.

I'm TIRED y'all. And it's Monday. I should feel refreshed. I haven't been to the gym since Thursday. I had Friday night off, but worked at the grocery store Sat/Sun as a bagger and it sucked. Clearing the parking lot of carts and bagging groceries is so wearing...I guess you can say I got SOME sort of exercise in. Yesterday I worked a 5 hour shift...I swear, everyone goes shopping on Sundays and it was non stop! It's amazing how the husbands just stand there while I'm bagging. One family had 4 24 packs of water and a few 12 packs of sodas and the guys just stand there while I'm lifting all of these things. By the end, I felt like I was just going to pop. I did manage to cook dinner last night and I skipped church to take a nap :(

I had every intention of going to the gym this morning, but last night turned into a cry fest for me...I just bawled forever about various things in my life and DH stayed with me so I could get to sleep. Today, I'm feeling worn out and my eyes are puffy and I just want to curl up and disappear for a while.

Plus, I forgot to pack my yougurt pretzels in my lunch and I really wanted some LOL.

I will get better. A good night's rest for me tonite and I will hit the gym every day for the rest of the week. I am skipping my weigh in this week and moving on to better things.


spores 01-31-2005 01:54 PM

Jujubee: Yes, DDR is super fun. I have the Extreme version, which has a tutorial and super-easy mode, and I still suck at it, but it's loads of fun. Good for you for the one soda! Those little things absolutely are successes. We can only do this one day, one choice at a time.

Holly: Four hours of sleep...you are a dynamo. Sounds like you had a lovely weekend and are poised for a great week!

Girlie: Yeah, bagging groceries and pushing carts definately counts as a workout! Fitday.com has calories burned for all kinds of activities like that. Sounds like you have a lot of pressure happening lately. I know just how you feel...that desire to curl up and hide. I think we all need that now and then. Hibernation time. We're not designed to just go go go; sometimes we need to take a big deep breath. But don't hide too long! You have so much success and positivity under your belt; don't forget about all that good stuff in the face of being overwhelmed. Whatever is happening for you, remember we all value and rely on your kindness, your sharing, your voice. We're all with you. Just take it one little choice at a time.

Today after my lit class one of my high school students came up to me with his journal of poetry and asked if I would read it and tell him what I think. I am so overwhelmed and honored that he trusts me with his poetry! It makes me feel pretty amazing, that as a teacher I might have actually touched one student deeply. It's also a huge responsibility! I'm trying to think of what I wish a teacher had said to me at that age. It's a very personal and vulnerable thing for a 17 year old to share his poems with a teacher he has known for just a few months. I feel enormous pressure to say the right things.

I am feeling rather ashamed: my bf worked out on the treadmill last night, and I haven't done a single workout on it yet! So tonight I'm going to hop on it no matter what. I am struggling with this silly embarassment I have about working out in front of someone else. I just for some reason don't want to be seen exercising. Even though I know my bf is supportive and wonderful and non-judgemental and would be delighted to see me working out...I still feel embarassed. I need to get over it. And the best way to get over it is to just do it. I mean, jeez, we've lived together for three years, so it's not like he's going to suddenly notice that *gasp* I'm fat! When I am standing there totally naked and I grab my big tummy and say, "Look, I'm so fat," he says, "I don't think you're fat. I think you're beautiful." I need to learn to trust that and be open and vulnerable. And get on the damn treadmill and not care who's looking!

Girlie 01-31-2005 05:07 PM

My DH says the same things about me, he always has. The funny thing is that I believe it...all too much I think. I think that's why I've "let myself go" in front of him because we are waaaay too comfortable in front of one another. Anyway, I am sure you are beautiful: I think women with curves are so beautiful. If I was with a woman, she'd definitely have some meat on her bones :) Also, I think it's so awesome of your student to share his journal with you! I have some advice though...because I too was one of those students. My senior year, I had to write a journal for a few months for a class. Instead of writing actual journal entries, they were all free verse of some sort...some poetry, some thoughts and writings. I always seemed to (and still do) write about lots of negativity...just because it gets things out, and there are so many dimensions to negative situations. I wrote a lot about man's inhumanity to man and self...and I turned my journal in and later my teacher wanted to see me after school. She asked me if I was having family problems, etc...so sweet of her. I mean, I did have some stuff going on at home and I was an outsider at school, but I wasn't in harm or anything...I just liked to write about suffering and sadness and how people handle grief, etc. It was my way of getting things out.

Anyway, I was always rather sensitive about how "adults" viewed my writing. I'm sure since he's mature enough to ask for your opinion, he'll be a confident writer and you'll have nothing but applaud for him!

spores 01-31-2005 06:24 PM

Girlie: I am with you on curvy women! How's that old rap song go? "I like big butts and I cannot lie..." Hee hee. I need to learn to apply the same standards to myself that I apply to others, with weight as well as everything else. I guess I'm a perfectionist; nothing I do can ever be enough. But I certainly don't think that about others! Treating ourselves with the same kindness and compassion we afford to others is hard, maybe because it seems, to me at least, that women get these messages that we are supposed to be empathetic to others and faultless ourselves.

Thanks for sharing your experience of your young writing. It is SO important for teachers and other adults to encourage kids in the arts. I think adolecent writing gets dismissed as silly and overly dramatic, or at the other extreme, as some sort of cry for help or terrifying confession of horrible deeds. Since I primarily teach college, I try to treat these teenagers just like I treat my college students: as adults, as equals, as autonomous beings with valuable voices. It's not my place to judge their lives. I figure every teenager in the world deals with issues of depression and violence and sex and suicide and drugs and all that negative stuff -- it's part of growing up in this country. And writing is a great place to explore one's feelings about that. I hope I can engourace this kid to just keep writing!

MyChoice2bfit 01-31-2005 06:48 PM

Had a pretty good day, although I got slammed at work with West Coast calls right before 5:00 EST. So I was on the phone until 6:00. Eventually the West coast won't be my territory, but right now it is until they hire a West Coast rep. I'm glad I won't have that area, because of the late calls.

Trying something new this week..well actually a couple of things. I have a "diet buddy" in Michigan and she asked me last night if for the next two weeks we could talk to each other for about 10 min each day and be accountable to each other. I said sure. We have it set up that I will call her at 10:00 pm (free minutes and long distance on my cell phone--aren't I cleaver? lol) and there is a list of questions that I want her to ask me to see how I'm doing and she has a list. I tell you,just knowing today that I was going to have to answer those questions, made me think twice about somethings. Like the doughnuts that were brought in the office this morning.

I'll let you all know how it goes and what the results of that are each week.

Also tonight my workout partner and I are adding 15 min to the cardio we do. We thought it was time to pump it up a little.

Holly: I wish I could enjoy the winter weather like you do. I'm so tired of the cold. I'm going to try to see the joy in the cold...you have inspired me1 How are you doing with the cheese...or the lack of?

Spores: I had a wonderful highschool english teacher. She was a huge influence on how I view things. I enjoyed her classes so much that I took 3 of them my senior year..and they were hard. A lot of writing, but I enjoyed her input so much. I'm sure it was an honor for you to be trusted with the poetry. I neve wrote poetry, but I love to write. I keep a journal and I write a lot of letters and notes. I'm also a big reader...well..when I'm not reading text books!

Did you make it to the treadmill today? Remember everyone has a starting point, so get going!

As for women with curves. I'm one of those ladies...I was even when I was younger and thinner..always had boobs, hips and butt. I go out, dancing, with a girlfriend of mine about every 3 months. We are both married, so we don't get out much. But when we do..we have a ball and I want you to know..that I get hit on a lot! (and I'm always so surprised!) I've been told by these men (and most are quit good looking), that they like a girl who has curves and is confident about her body. I think that I am. Even though I want to be thinner and wear a smaller size (I'm thinking a 12-14) I still want my curves, and I am confident in my body and I think that it's because of all the working out I do. Exercise is a huge confidence booster. So..kiss your partner and thank him for loving you the way you are and the way you are going be!

Ok..got to get ready for the gym. C-ya!

Girlie: I hope you get some rest. I think that you really should count your second job activities as part of your workouts. They certainly sound like it!

spores 02-01-2005 01:00 AM

Mychoice: What a neat idea, having a quick telephone check-in. Let us know how it goes: what kinds of questions you ask and stuff. Sounds interesting! You have so many great support networks! No wonder you're knockin em dead on the dance floor -- you're a curvy, courageous, confidence-machine!

Hollyhock 02-01-2005 10:35 AM

Spores and Susie inspired thought...........

I have and always have had a very healthy physical self image.
Since I was 16 I weighed between 180-200. I wore size 14-18. I always thought I was very pretty. I dressed sexy. I presented myself with confidence, sex appeal, laughter, ...I never had trouble getting a date or boyfriend , a job , friends.....At times it was the opposite, there were too many to choose from. I was popular( in an anti-society way), successful at work, school........

Post children and marriage and weighing at 227 and wearing a size 22. I AM morbidly obese.
I have aged in the last few years but I still think I have a pleasant face,great hair, I like every part of my body, I am still confident in most ways( a few social anxiety issues), I have a very healthy, sexy relationship with DH. I think I am a great friend, stellar wife, good Mom (always room for improvement). I still get lots of attention from men.

Here's the issue for me. I really do need to lose this weight and get fit for my well being. I wonder if I am delusional about my body image. I think I am cute naked. I have great breasts, my tummy(it is huge) doesn't bug me.I see a beautiful earth mother. Do I see it realistically? Is my self image whacked? Is it hindering me?

You know how people will sit and talk about who they wished the looked like. Like Catherine Zeta Jones, Julia Roberts....And then all this plastic surgery stuff on TV......
I dont get it. I LOVE looking like me. All 227 squishy pounds of me.

spores 02-01-2005 02:15 PM

Holly: I think your confidence is amazing and commendable. To love how you look at whatever weight is a wonderful thing! I don't think there's anything delusional about it. It might be the healthiest attitudte of all: to know that your weight and size have everything to do with health, wellness, and your body's own internal balance, and nothing to do with inherent beauty and value. That's a point I'd like to reach someday!

spores 02-01-2005 02:18 PM

PS: I did my treadmill workout today!!! Sure, it could have been longer and more strenous, and it is just one workout out of countless no-workout days, but I'm focusing on the positive today. I did the workout, and that's a success.

The other success was that I really did think of it as a treat. As I drove home from class I was thinking that I need to do my workout in addition to all the millions of other things that have to get done tonight, and I realized that I was actually looking forward to putting on a new album and just walking for a little while. And I realized that this really is just for me; not for my jobs or students or bf or family or anyone...just a bit of time and activity for myself. And I decided to do something for myself first, before doing anything for anyone else!

Hollyhock 02-01-2005 03:31 PM

Wooohoo spores!!! Now who is the one with the great attitude!!!!

I am trying to lose weight and be more fit for wellness reasons but it has taken 2 years to lose 16 lbs.That is why I was wondering if my self image could use a reality check.
I had a great grade 12 teacher who read my poetry, journal etc.... she gave me a huge boost because she believed in me. Something i had never really experienced before.

Girlie~ How are you doing?? I keep thinking about how hard you work and not getting enough sleep. Did you hear back form the interview??

Suzy~ where the heck are ya!

Jodi~ how are things today?

Susie? Debbie? Jujubeee? Susan???

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