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ECmom 03-25-2004 02:04 PM

Just had to leave a quick post before I return for my afternoon. Thankfully, my students were pretty good this am- but then again, they usually are in the am. I did gently but firmly explain the rules (for the millionth time) and add that writeups would follow, if I had another trip home with them like yesterday. Thankfully, the principal at the elementary school is very supportive with the bus people- and will follow up. She is new this year and very impressive- and great to work with. Hopefully they will not burn her out!!!!!
Gotta go- thanks for listening and hopeyour day is great!

KAR73 03-25-2004 09:21 PM

Good Evening Ginny, Robyn and Summer,
My day was great until my one student who is severely autistic stuck a broken VCR tape in the TV/VCR this afternoon. He got bored with it and went to take it out to discover it was stuck. So for an hour straight, he cried like we were killing him and carried on. We had two of the custordian's come in and try to take the tape out. But to no avail it was not budging. So he finally wore himself out and went onto just sit and laugh for the last hour of school. Needless to say I was ready to sit in the middle of my classroom floor and just cry. But I didn't. I thought cool 2:45 arrived, I will walk my class out to the bus and have a little break before I start my intervention class. But no, my Down Sydrome little boy didn't want to leave my classroom. He stood there for 10 minutes not budging. I tried everything. Finally my aide and her wonderful DD cames in and gets him to leave the room and go get on the bus. But first he had to put on his heavy winter coat. Mind you it was 70 degrees outside. So now it is 2:58. I am to pick up my intervention kids at 3. I had time to go to the restroom and then get them. I go over to the cafertia and am told that I have to stay longer today to help them with BOOST because 4 teachers are there today. Usually I would feel sorry and tell them sure. But I just looked at them all and laughed. I said I don't think you want me here after 4:15 because by that time I might be going insane. My intervention students were all little rasacls tonight. So I was never so glad to see them all leave my classroom and go home or onto Boost. I came home to the DH asking what I was cooking for supper. I laughed at him and said it is not what I am cooking but what do you want from Wendy's. So I promised him that I would cook him a meal this weekend and off I went to Wendy's. I was good though and got a chicken, spinach salad. Have you tried it yet? It was really yummy. Then one of my co-workers, her sister and I went for a walk tonight. So I am more relaxed and not so stressed now. Tomorrow I go to Curves for my weigh in and measurement. I am hoping I have a little bit better luck this month with inches then I did last month. I only lost 1/4 inch from each arm last month and nothing from my bust, waist, abs, butt or thighs. Say all the prayers you can for me over the weekend. I have my annual IEP meeting's on Monday. One of my parent's is pissed at the school right now and I think at me. Even though I was not there the day of the incident she is all worked up about. I am not looking forward to this meeting with her on Monday. I am scared of this lady. I think this is the one time I am going to beg my boss to come sit in my meeting with me. Other than, that I am doing great ladies. Thanks for letting me rant and rumble on and on. I hope you all have a wonderful Friday and a great weekend. Take care and I will let you all know how my weigh-in at Curves goes tomorrow.

Summerlover 03-25-2004 09:43 PM

Ginny, don't you dare apologize for venting, ranting & raving, *****ing, or complaining. Girl, we are soooooooo here for you. Robyn and I are the queen of expressing our feelings. I find it so cleansing...if I don't bottle up my feelings, I don't need to binge on food. So, let it all hang out. You will be supported here. I promise. Oh, and sarcasm is also welcome if not encouraged...we like to add a little humor to our ***** sessions...that way readers are entertained along the way. :p

Kar, it sounds like things are really overwhelming right now. Good for you not giving into temptation at Wendy's. That would have been tough for me. I am great at rationalizing.

Robyn, I am soooooo proud of you. You are doing great!!! Take care of that fanny of yours. It is really coincidental that you are talking about the 33 day kid. My school system's policy is quite strict. Too many notes from mom toss up a red flag. They want doctor's notes. The policy includes tardies too. 3 tardies is an unexcused absence. 10 unexcused absences is a school assistance team referral, and a PPT. If things don't change, DCF is called and a court date is set. My district is really tough. I can't enforce attendance because pre-k isn't mandatory, however, I still have to do home visits and follow-ups. I have withdrawn children, but I hate to do that because the kids who don't attend because mom won't get out of bed are the kids that really need me. Right now I have a boy (who has never had a hair cut for religious reasons...don't ask me) who 3 weeks ago was sent home with lice. Every time mom says he will be back, he gets it back. Supposedly he's been to the doctor twice. I've suggested shaving his head. Mom refuses. Two days ago I told her if I didn't see him or get a doctor's note by Friday, he would be withdrawn from the program.

I have been up and down. I have made really good food choices this week, and some mistakes too. I exercised one day then caught a bad cold on top of allergies. I resorted to comfort food and haulted the exercise (asthma). Now, I'm a little better and was getting on track, but a very frustrating day led me to buying jelly beans and eating a bunch of them. I wish I could diet and exercise no matter what the circumstances. I need good weather and happy times to stick to the program, and that is bullsh*t! Someone give me a kick in the a*s!!!


HatterasMermaid 03-25-2004 10:16 PM

A very quick note.... in the last 15 minutes I have JUST realized that I must write sub plans for Monday as I must go to YET ANOTHER school system meeting regarding the Language Arts TextBook Adoption. I YiYI. I am getting soooo sick of these meetings...actually, I'm getting sick of writing these damn sub plans...especially when the fools don't even try to follow what I write.... Sorry...getting stressed...I begin to speak...um..FRENCH!

Today I did GREAT with the food intake until 5 pm...someone tell me the secret for living thru the evening..PLEEEZZZ!

Forgot my water at home...and I don't drink the water in the city where I work...Seriously! So... I didn't drink soda...I drank canned tea...dear GAWD what is that crap?!

Exercise? Ha...tonight I type my :write:sub plans.... more than likely should take tonight off anyway..other wise I won't be able to walk tomorrow... I'm really digging (ha...) my Firm tapes! If any one is looking for a great work out...I highly recommend them...and I'm not saying that after two lousy workouts that I had to sit down during...I'm talking about the months and months I've used them nonstop prior.... anywhoo...

Today the weather was actually nice. The children were wild. The administration of my school makes me sick...and well....guess that is all for my abbreviated entry!

Ya'll keep it up!
Summer, it is hard to exercise when you can't breathe.... BUT...Get up and get on with it! :drill: (Sorry...I'm not too good with kicking a$$ right now!)

Ginny, give those kiddos on the bus ****! :sumo:

Kar, honey....WHAT a day! :bravo: You survived it! AND...Gawwwd bless Wendy's!

:grouphug: to everyone!
Make a plan for tomorrow. and then in the words of Jean Luc Picard..."make it so!" chortle...where do I get this crap?!

talk to ya tomorrow...AFTER the plans are left safely on my desk and I don't have to fret! arghhhh!
sipping my "hometown" water as I type!
take care,

Summerlover 03-26-2004 09:54 AM

Here I am at 8:45am when I am normally taking attendance...no it isn't a snow day, and I'm not sick anymore. Want to guess? :?: Okay, I'll tell you. An oil tanker exploded on I95 last night closing it between a couple of exits. Because of that, I have a 90 minute delay. Driving into the city should be fun today. I won't wait the entire 90 minutes to drive in, I will be sensible and drive in earlier. Who knows what I will find since truckers and commuters will have to use side streets to detour the mess.

So, anyway, I am here this morning to proudly announce that I got up early and rode my bike for 30 minutes. My breathing is back to normal. The cold is gone, and I am only left with my allergies. Hip hip hooray!!!

Today is "pajama day" at school. We will also have to bring a stuffed animal and our favorite book for the "read aloud" that will take place. Funny thing is that my DD's school is having an art/read aloud night tonight, and the kids were told to come in their pajamas with a stuffed animal and book as well. So, it really is PAJAMA DAY even in the suburbs. Of course, I will have normal clothes with me because I have an appointment after school.

So far, my eating has been fine. (How can you screw up with cereal and a banana?!) Just like you Robyn, it is the evenings or right after school that I lose it. It is tough after a stressful day having had every ounce of resolve and energy sucked out by our students to come home exhausted and be expected to behave. I come home tired and ravenous. I begin with a healthy snack, and then I can't stop. When I figure it out, I will share it with you.

Have a wonderful TGIF one and all!


ECmom 03-26-2004 11:28 AM

First of all I must tell you that I feel so very at home here!!!!!!!Thanks! It is so refreshing to read the bellyachin' about students, not that they in themselves are bad or a problem (no I am not an eternal crab) but it can be so challenging dealing with someone elses kids and the mess that the parents leave others with. Had to hoot about the hair issue, Summer. What could be in the mind of a parent who would not cut a childs hair??? My youngest has a rather effeminate looking boy in her class, and mom has allowed him to have his hair down to his waist. She claims that he is his hair- and it is an extension of his personality. And yes, the teacher has discipline trouble with this child......noone has ever told him "no". Kar (is your name Karen?)- after a day like that I would have been into some serious stress eating!! Proud of you girl!!!!!
Good luck with the WI>. Robyn- sounds like you too are up to your eyeballs today. Good job getting that workout in. I have heard good things about the Firm.

Yesterday's trip home was a blessing......the toxic moms at the toxic stop picked up their students- and the other two at that stop I can deal with (they are most reasonable when not around the others). It was a peaceful trip home. Guess the Lord knew I could not handle a bad one!!!! Today they have a 1/2 day, so I am out of here in a short while to pick them up. Thank goodness it is Friday. Got my walk in this am too and the peepers are out (tree frogs) so, we can really hear signs of spring.
Gotta go- in case I do not make it here until Monday- have a great weekend!

KAR73 03-26-2004 08:55 PM

Hi everyone,
No big news to share tonight. I am depressed like ****. I went to Curves tonight and the girl told me that I lost a pound and .10 body fat. But no inches lost. I wanted to cry right than and there. I asked what I was doing wrong that I haven't lost any inches for the last two months. We talked for a couple minutes and decided that I would get measured again next week after I am off my TOM. I am getting close to starting sometime this weekend. So I am hoping that is my problem. I have changed my eating habits, am working out and I feel that it is all nothing. I am so sick of always coming up on the short end of the stick. I am sorry to cry on your shoulders, but after the week I have had I needed some good news and didn't get any.
Well I am going to call it an early night and just go to bed early. Talk to you ladies over the weekend sometime.
Take care,

HatterasMermaid 03-26-2004 10:01 PM

WHAT a day! TGIF! Talk to you this weekend...I'm off to bed! Kerry, chin up, Woman! :) Take care!

KAR73 03-27-2004 09:55 AM

I am back to being a normal person today! LOL I think what really set me off last night was my DH made a comment about my stomach and it hurt my feelings. But instead of letting roll of my back, I let it piss me off and then thought about it all night long. But today is a new day and I will do better today. That is my promise to myself and to you gals! I just came back from Curves so I am feeling a little more postive about myself today. Thanks for letting me boo hoo last night. Have a wonderful day today! I have to get my brakes fixed on the van and then go birthday shopping for my twin SDS's birthday party this afternoon. SO I might just buy me something too. Take care,

HatterasMermaid 03-27-2004 12:17 PM

Men. MEN. MEN! Do they think? I love LOVE my guy. BUT dear LAWWWD. He really never says anything about me, my body, or whatever that comes out NICE. His compliment of "You're not nearly as fat as you usta be." Just doesn't give me too many warm fuzzies. THAT is truly his idea of a compliment. ARGHHH! In my DH's case.... I know that his "compliment issue" is a heredity thing. His parents are um...odd. Anyway... YOU are not alone when comments hurt feelings. There. Like that helps! Ha.

Ginny, HOW do you do it? or is it WHY do you do it?! LOL I battle all day with my 23 yahoos... and then I send them out to the buses. To mix and mingle with 40something of their closest wildest multi age friends. HA! NOT in a million years! And there the sweet bus driver sits. Trying to battle the road rage of those who LOVE to get stuck by those damn ...darn...bus lights(I'm a fan...can you tell!) Trying to keep the big ole yella monster between the lines out of the trees and rolling in a safe manner...with 63 kids sitting primly and properly behind her back! Running into the loving arms of their June Cleaver mommies who meet them at the bus stop. O M G. The only thing that I could compare your job to would be those women who work in the cafeteria during lunch time monitoring the children's behavior...the Lunch Women. WHY do they come to work? 3 hours at $3.00 an hour. WITH flying cafeteria food items. NOPE. Thank you for what you do for our kids. What you do is so very important and so often overlooked or worse..laughed at! NOW, bring your bus with you. I've got a few toxic stops for you to roll on...I mean make! hehehehe

Summer, hair...religious reasons? Come on now?! Church of Jose Ebair? (I can't spell that name...ya'll know who I mean..right?!) Church of MissClariol?! Whatever... church or no church. Are all the lice and absences worth the hair? That momma needs to take her lice/nit comb with her to church and comb out his coiff as she sings her praises to Matrix. She also needs to properly treat the house and all of his stuff. Religion or not. I guess since your class is not required, then the kid and their house (and you KNOW his siblings and parents) can remain full of bugs. GROSS! You might be thankful that he doesn't come back for a while and infect the rest of the class and all of the classroom things. One year one of mine had lice ...that were HUGE... I'd never seen them the size of moths before. It was discusting and horrible. Her mother claimed that she got them at school ...right... for many reasons which, well... I won't go into here, the family advocate made a home visit... LICE were the least of this kiddos problems. From that 1 home visit a spiral thing happened that ended up with her mom spending some time ...really... in the looney bin...and her father (army) being sent home from his duty station and eventually being put out of the army. It was sad. Lice tho were the least of the problem. Poor baby and her 4 sibs. I still wonder and worry about that sweetheart. :( Anywhoo...

Regarding Miss33DaysOutOfSchool, I have done EVERYTHING in my power this week to point out the attendance record for the year. To also explain that this child (over 20 of these absences have notes that say she was sick...written by mom) has never appeared to be ill or so near death that she needed to miss 9 days of February. OR 12 days in November. OR every Wednesday in October...(I could go on but will spare you!) I've taken a school calendar and marked her absences in red and turned this in to the assistant principal. I've also made copies of her First Step (-47) and Kindergarten (-50) report cards AND discussed this history with the counselor, the attendance clerk (yippee...) and the assistant principal. I'm done. If they do anything yahoo. If they don't, well, I tried. I have no power. Her attendance is reflected on the report cards that I've written all year and will continue to write. I'm sick of screaming about this with NO one listening. SO... I'm done ranting about this ...Oh except to say...she is at -35 after this week. Second grade will not be successful missing this much time.

Okey...I'm off to face my weekend. Our oldest is on a BoyScout campout. The youngest is LOVING being an only kid. By tonight tho, he will be truly missing his brother! I've got housework and laundry to do. I've also got report cards to do. This is the 3rd quarter we've had without any school time / work days at school to work on our stuff...Isobel continues to haunt us. I've got two weeks before spring break. For whatever reason they didn't take our spring break to make up the time. I'm sure that it was becuase they were sure that they wouldn't get enough subs to cover all the teachers who are going to be gone during the week.

Geesh , I type a lot....

ya'll have a great weekend... Make the most of it!
make a plan and stick to it! I will also fit exercise in to my schedule!

take care,
Robyn...the long winded this morning! :)

HatterasMermaid 03-27-2004 12:22 PM

Yeah, yeah, yeah...me and my mouth....I didn't even post what I really came here today to show you...duh duh duh....I'm typing and I can't shut up!

Okey... go look at this photo....
And then MOVE your butt!

:) Robyn who had to edit the address for the photo 3 times...geesh... :dizzy:

Summerlover 03-27-2004 11:30 PM

I have been super busy since I last posted. I flew out of school on Friday to pick up DD, feed us (chicken nuggets and fries...the only thing in the house and quick to make), get to my hair appointment, get to DD's art/read aloud/pajama night at her school, and hit the hay. This morning was spent cleaning, doing Sunday school plans...then had lunch, went to Staples, movies with DD and DH, walked nutty dog who must pee on each and every tree/bush/hydrant/leaf bag, helped DD ride bike, bathed DD, ate linguini with red clam sauce, two glasses of wine, and insalada mista, played Disney monopoly with DD, put her to bed, and crashed in front of the tv. I am exhausted, but can't relax my body enough to sleep, so here I type.

Robyn, thanks for cracking me up yet again. I could really use you across the hall at school. But the commute would be too hard on you, so I will settle for our thread.

Kar, read Dr. Phil's book. He talks about how our body doesn't always show how hard we are working on our diet/exercise. We retain water for a multitude of reasons. We weigh more when we have more muscle. I'm probably not telling you anything new. I'm glad you feel better now, just remember these things the next time you have doubts.

Ginny, everything Robyn said about busdrivers...ditto. You go girl!

Okay, I'm beat. I've gotta try to chill so I can sleep. Gotta get up early for the little kiddles at church.


Summerlover 03-28-2004 04:16 PM

DH went grocery shopping a little while ago, and was given very strict instructions about what to get. I am weaning off artificial sweeteners because a coworker told me that nutrisweet converts to formaldehyde in the body...YIKES!!! I already know what sweet n low does. So I requested flavored selzer instead. He got low sodium/low fat hot dogs. He did pretty well.

HOWEVER, HE BOUGHT CREAM CHEESE TURTLES WITH CHOCOLATE, CARAMEL, AND NUTS, a favorite of mine saying that it was for DD who by the way hates nuts!!!

SABOTAGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!AAAAAAHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What do you do when the man you love who wants you thin, or so he complains with his words and looks, sabotages your efforts?!

CRAP! This will require willpower. I don't have much.

Well, I had one pancake for breakfast, leftover spaghetti with clams for lunch...didn't have the bread or any pizza with it! For dinner we are having barbecued chicken.

I will be taking a long walk later.

Take care one and all. Have a great week.


Summerlover 03-29-2004 10:43 AM

Well, thanks to the nightmare on I95, my school had another 90 minute delay. This is cool!!!

I stayed in bed a little longer (the family doesn't let me sleep in, God forbid!). I was able to get some laundry done. I brought DD to school while my DH was able to get into work an hour early, getting some much needed O.T. I tried to talk DD into walking to school...it is only 1/4 of a mile, but she refused. However, after I dropped her off, I had over an hour to myself, so I took a walk on my own.

Now tomorrow, if we have another delay, I'm hitting the gym after I drop off DD. Starting school at 10am is sooooooo cool! I love having time to get stuff done before school, because after school, I have no energy left. And since I am not a morning person, when I get up early to exercise, it is a real chore. This 90 minute delay stuff is fabulous!!!

Yesterday, I increased my walking time to 45 minutes. That is a big deal for me, because not long ago, I couldn't handle more than 20. I gradually increased to 30...and now 45. By summer, I'd like to be at 60 minutes.

Well, I'd better get my butt in gear and get to school.

You all have a great day!!! :coffee:


ECmom 03-29-2004 02:25 PM

Sorry, this is going to have to be short.....had to get our taxes done today and getting ready for that took up a lot of time. I got my walk in this am (I am an animal if I don't). Got a lot of laughs reading the posts from this weekend. Now I know that tomorrow, I'll have to leave some personal info on myself...
Hope everyone has a great day!!!!! And hang in there- spring break is coming!!!!!!!!

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