Trying to get healthy in Canada

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  • MeRoMo

    I just got the WATP's last weekend based on Zanne's recommendation and I love it. I bought the 1 mile and 2 mile ones. The one mile is super easy but the 2 mile one is great. The moves are really simple and you dont feel like one foot is over your head while the other is up your [email protected]#. The 2 mile one makes me feel like I excersized without killing myself.

    MeRomo : We have more than hope we have each other!!!! and our stupid diets I hope your day gets better and better.

    Have a great day!!!
  • Thank you Trixi (and everyone else!!) for the support! Today was just one of those days...

    I think I'll pick up the DVD tonight! Thanks for your input.

    Only 50 more mins to go until I get to go home (now that's enough to put a smile on anyones face )


  • Hi MeRoMo, and gang!

    Thanks for the welcome. I had a day like that yesterday I perserved though , and did my exercise, although half way through I was thinking, screw this. I'm thinking its the mid-winter blues. Not much to look forward to (except summer!) and its cold dreary.. blah. I was reading in Shape magazine its called something like SAD, seasonal-something-something and its related to this time of year. Hopefully it will pass soon for all of us.

    I have the 2 mile walkaerobics DVD, and its been great for me. I got the 1 and 3 from the library and to me they seemed outdated (hair, clothing). It doesn't matter much in comparison to the workout, but for me, I usually can't get past all the neon and big hair. I definately recommend the 2 mile. There seems to be quite a few out there, the one I have is shown here (

    I got my aerobics out of the way today, so all thats left is our nightly walk. It doesn't look too cold out there so thats very happy . We've been out there in some doozies..

    Nova Scotia
  • Hi Girls

    Hi Heather..welcome to the group WOW, you have done really really well to lose all that weight already Congratulations!

    Well, after taking a sleep aid last night to help me sleep (which it did'nt) i got up today and felt terrible..headache..tired no energy so i have'nt exercised and the "diet" went out the window again did a lot of comfort eating and did'nt really enjoy any of it i'm just hoping i feel better tomorrow so i can get back to it
  • Cat, I know exactally how you feel. Yesterday was just one big bad day I hope by the time you read this you'll be having a better time!

    I didn't get up to the mall last night to get the WATP DVD, but I'm headed there after work so I'll let you all know how that goes...


  • Today IS a new day, and a great one at that...Friday! I give myself the weekends off of exercise so its a real big deal to me, but they always go by so fast! Oh well! At least the weather LOOKS warm. One more walk and aerobics session to go, to which I am procrastinating on as we speak. Nothing new there. I like to give a consequence for not doing my exercise, which for me happens to be it getting dark. I workout in my living room and when it gets dark people can see in (sheer curtains), which means them seeing me jumping around like a freak so I try and get my exercise done by 5PM least the aerobics part. The walking my husband and I do every night with our dog. We don't have people freaking out on us about the dog peeing on their lawns at night.

    I've been using Nytol Natural Source sleep aids for my sleeplessness lately. I'm a seasoned sleeping pill person, have always used them, but not to the point of addiction. I found that the natural ones didn't give me that awful groggy feeling in the morning that the medicinal ones did. And they seemed to work better than medicinal ones did too, faster. Just a thought anyway.

    Today I'm feeling mostly good. Hubby's home so I may have to fight for the tv, which is rare since he never uses the tv, but for some reason he's in there. That's okay, aerobics take priority over any "casual" tv watching anyway.

    Yesterday I stayed within my limits (closer to the high end of my calories). All of my numbers were good except for my fiber which is always too low it seems.

    Time to start thinking about meal prep, I'm and breakfast is the most important meal of the day!

    Good luck to everyone today. Stay motivated!

    Nova Scotia
  • Hi Girls,

    Well, today was no better i've had stomach and kidney pains all afternoon i just had a soak in a nice hot bath and that seems to have helped a bit..i'll be lying on the sofa in a min with a hot water bottle in my lap don't know why i get this problem from time to time needless to say i have'nt exercised again hopefully i'll feel up to doing some tomorrow I weighed in this morning and that pesky varmint is trying to tell me that i've GAINED 3LBS!! I can't believe it will weigh in again in the morning for a second opinion I'm thinking about trying W.W. again next week, i'll decide over the weekend
  • Hi everyone.

    Yaaaa it is the weekend. Sounds like a few people have had a bad week. With all this cold and snow I am sure there are alot of us feeling tired and blah. On the bright side January is almost over so we are 1 month closer to the summer.....yaaaa

    Well good news for me, I met my 1st goal. I day late but I will take it. Since Jan 4th I have lost 9 next goal is another 9 by the end of Feb. I am trying for 9 lbs a month which is only a little over 2 pds a week. I know that is alot and will get harder once I start losing but since I have alot to lose it worked for January anyways. I want to be at 145 by the May long weekend so I have to try and push it.

    Well gotta go, as usual daughter has a hockey game. Everyone have a great weekend.
  • Way to go Hockeychic!! Congrats!

    I hope everyone is having a good weekend so far. I'm actually drinking my weekend h2O which has been somewhat difficult, so maybe this will be a good week.


  • I am having a lousy weekend for motivation anyway. I have been really bad for the last four days and I can't seem to stop. Tomorrow I HAVE TO get back on track. I just got the stretchy bands to go with the WATP dvd and I vow to start again tomorrow. I am all set. I bought a new scale (ditigal) and all my vitamins, fish and the rest of the food for the week. I AM going to be good all week and I am not stopping.

    I hope eveyine is faring better than me at this point.

    CAT I am sorry your feeling so bad I use to go through that alot until I had my hysterectomy. I would be bedriiden for at least 3 days a month. I hope you feel better soon.

    Hockeychic CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! on making your goal..Thats great!!!!!

    MEROMO Kepp up the great work with the water!!!!

  • wtg hockychic
    cat hope you're feeling better soon
    i stayed the same at the scale today. glen
  • WOW! I just finished my first WATP workout...I really like it! It's hard, but no so hard that you have to stop half way through it.

    The stretchy band part was a little tough but I fought my way through. I feel so good right now!

    I hope everyone is well


  • Hi All!
    WHEW! It's been a while since I was here. Not very much going on with me. I still have a stupid virus, but it's not as bad as it was. I AM GOING TO START MY CHALLENGE TOMORROW--NO MATTER WHAT!!!!!

    Figuring out "k-counts" has been difficult, but I think I'm starting to get the hang of it. So I've been doing a little planning of meals.

    I'm quite happy because when I got on the scale this morning, it was still at 170. I am amazed because TOM is here and I usually bloat up about 5 lbs. (Mind you, I'm having a REAL easy time this month--I can totally relate to the being in bed for 3 days)

    SORRY GLEN for the "female" talk.

    My eating has also NOT been the greatest. I even caved last night and got some fries and gravy to make for dinner! My water consumption has been really good tho, so maybe that's contributed to the weight staying where it was instead of going up.

    My only exercise this week has been shoveling the snow and today the family went toboganing! That was a blast!

    So I REALLY have to get on track tomorrow. Less than 2 weeks to V-day! I've gotta look good in whatever I'm wearing.

    TRIXI and MEROMO--The stretchy bands sound interesting! My DVD's use hand weights. Glad you like WATP.

    HOCKEYCHIC--That's a great loss! Sure and steady. Keep up the good work.

    CAT--Hope you're feeling better now.

  • Hiya Girls and Glen

    for the well wishes i'm feeling better but still not 100%, i'm going to do some exercise today as i've not done any for the last 4 i hate it when i start to miss as it takes me so long to start back up again will have to weigh in in the morning as i know that i've gained i can 'feel' it i still feel bloated and sore but not as bad as it was.

    Susanne hope you are feeling better too

    Hockychic..well done with the weightloss

    Trixi, that makes 2 of us that have had 4 lousy days i've got to get back on track too

    Hi Glen, well done on maintaining
  • I just did this whole huge post and lost it all because of my stupid computer....I must go to bed and I will post it again tomorrow....I just wanted to make sure I said hi all..