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Thumbs down

Hello and welcome to the Thin Group! We are a great group of ladies (but men are welcome if there are any who care to join us) who have one thing in common. We are all working together toward our goal of being healthier in our daily lifestyles and to lose weight in 2000. There are all different ages and backgrounds here and we all have different ways of losing our weight. We all love to have fun and laugh, but we also give a lot of support, encouragement and motivation for one another. Please feel free to post with us - just jump right in and believe me, you will be welcomed with open arms. The more the merrier!

Please feel free to check out our website and learn more about us at:

Love, CJ
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I see the SON in Texas
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Talking Thursday Night

Hi Ladies

I'm getting things together here since we'll be away until late on Saturday night. My 'baby' turns 21 on Saturday and wants to go to Shreveport. UGH! So DAD was so willing to say "let's go!!!" So we'll leave at 5pm, get there around 8 or 9 (probably 9 with the Dallas rush hour traffic) and then have dinner.....Chris will be walking in legally at midnight.....can you believe that this is his birthday wish, to be in the casino at midnight????? Anyway.......

CJ ~ Happy belated Anniversary girl. I'm so, so sorry for missing it. I am so bad about looking at the website but will try to make an extra effort to do so from now on, I promise......are anniversaries on there???? And don't worry about that little week, it will be gone PLUS some more.

Sherry ~ yes, I love your images. I have no earthly idea how y'all do it....I'm such a dummy with this computer thingy. So, where DO you get those things???

Hi to everyone else....hope you are all having a great night....have a wonderful Friday and Saturday and I'll be back Sunday. Hopefully, heavy, rather than lighter.

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Sorry haven't been around much.........but got a dreaded sinus infection....that pretty much knocked me off my has really been the first day I can stay in the upright position without getting light headed and flopping over.........soon it will be gone......I HOPE......

as for the eating thing....I am one of those when I am sick.........I can't even think about food........I don't want to hear smell it taste it...nuttin......and I know that is just as bad as eating too daughter was sooooo sweet though.....Mom do you need anything Mom can I get you something from the store........she is a good kid.......and she did make me eat........she knows that if she makes me something I will how I have done this week.....I have no Idea......but like I said I am feeling better.....and should be back to my stunning self......L.....

Hope everyone is doing well

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CJ 1/2 lb. could be that last glass of water you drank or something not digested. Don't worry about a half pound. Remember this time we are going to win. It will take some time. You are doing great! I myself worked to long today and when I got home I grabbed whatever I could find. Therefore I am over my points for today. But I will be better tomorrow. This thread is very hard for me to figure out or I'm awful stupid one of the two. I couldn't find us tonight until I extended my search to the last 5 days instead of just today. Did that make sense? Anyhow be good to yourself and in a day or two that 1/2 pound will be gone.

Zoe Zoe I'm always curious about your "son of Texas" I'm sure you've explained it before but I missed it. Would you do it again?

Kelster I'm glad you're feeling better. I feel the same way when I am sick but I sure do recover fast when it's over.

Well I'm having my grandbaby this week-end and my daughter (my baby) home to celebrate her 22 birthday, so I may not get back until Sun. or Mon. Everyone have a safe and on plan week-end. Love Carolyn
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soon to be goddess
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Default sorry....plum forgot.....

Hi Ladies....I can't believe I forgot to check in and post my stats!!!....well thats a first, I say...just plum forgot. I usually do it wed pm...but took a day of R&R and I guess it really
But I'm glad to say that I've lost another 4 lbs...hard work and sweat I tell ya'. Hope everyone is geared up for the weekend, they're predicting more snow (can't believe it...must be true, I'm looking out my window and can't even see too far across the fields...UGH!!!)
Stay on plan and be strong! I'm going to play catch up on everyone's posts over the last few days...we are a bunch of busy ladies...bye
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Veggie Princess
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Hey gals,
Just had to brag a little bit. My newest nephew was born last night - Skylar Lane. Skylar arrived at 7:17 last night. He is 9 lbs 6 oz and was 22 inches long. His proud Aunt Gina just happened to be right outside the door when he was born and got to hear his first little cry.
Pretty cool to hold a newborn again. Sure makes me want one of my own though! Better get over that quick.
Also I weighed in this morning. I am now at 231. Which from 244 at my first weigh in brings me to 13 total lbs so far! Woohoo! Of course I am still 13 lbs away from where I was a YEAR ago and 60 lbs from my goal weight. . .but let's not get negative.

CJ - BRAT! Sorry about the allergies and the fact that you didn't win any $$ maybe next time. I sure wish Allergy season could just pass us all by. I am already tired of being sniffly.

Zoe - I didn't know you lived in Dallas! I lived there for two years. I still miss it. I even miss the traffic sometimes. I hope you have fun in Shreveport!

Gotta run now. Looks like it will be a crazy day. I probably won't check in again until Monday. I'm going to go see a hockey game in Tulsa with a bunch of single guys. . .
Go me!

Love you guys
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Good Morning to Everyone! How are you all doing this morning?

I see Ms. CJ has been busy again. Go CJ!!! A belated Happy Anniversary to you and Dick. Hope you have many, many happy years together. Can't wait to see the bracelet - what a romantic gift.

Sharon, thank you so much for the encouragement. I really needed it. Been having such a hard time getting onplan lately. But, yesterday was a good one, so thanks again for helping me along.

Ch - WAY TO GO GIRL!!!!!!!! You are doing so terrific! Lucky you having Rachel for the weekend and your daughter as well. Have a wonderful time - and I know you will.

Gina, Congratulations on your new nephew. So very nice that you were there for his birth. That's really special. Have fun at the hockey game and have a good weekend.

Angel, what a thrill to lose 4 lbs. You are doing great! Hearing about your snow makes me feel guilty for complaining about having to do yard work this weekend. Our weather here on the West Coast is heavenly. The lawn needs mowing and everything needs cleaning up, so I guess that will be what we are doing this weekend.

Kelster, sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well. Let's hope your suffering has a bright side and you have a good loss, although, when you are feeling better, everything will taste twice as good. It's great that you lose your appetite though - I never lose mine. On my death bed, I will probably want just one more piece of cake.

Zoe, I remember when my baby turned 21 too. They do grow up so fast - and now he is getting married in May. Lately, it seems, time is flying. Is it just me, or is that how it goes? Hope that you have a wonderful time at the Casino and a terrific weekend too.

Sherry, I love your images. I have tried to post some, but they don't print out. Only once did it work. Don't know what I'm doing wrong. Will have to take some time and experiment a bit. Glad to hear that your brother and aunt have improved. Must have something to do with all the TLC from you.

Katie, are you still out there? You have been on my mind the last couple of days. Hope all is well with you - I miss you.

To all of you, hope your weekend is just great. Will try to pop in, but if not, see you on Monday. Hugs to everyone. G
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I only worked a half day today so I have some time to post a message. I'm glad to say my back is feeling better. My husband and I vistied 9 wineries during the last two weekends. We tasted and bought lots of wine and got some recipes for the delicious foods they served with them. Not low fat!

I also am a fan of Survivor. Alicia made a big mistake when she jumped off that post in the middle of the water. If she had gotten immunity, her tribe would have been in control, but now they are the ones getting kicked off.

CJ, brat! Happy anniversary!

Gina, congratulations on your new nephew.

Kelster, hope you are feeling better soon.

CH, it sounds like you have a busy weekend planned with your daughter and granchild. Have fun!

Jo, sorry to hear about your divorce problems. I hope your ex comes to his senses soon.

My husband has a conference in Orlando next week, and "partners" have been invited, so I'm taking a vacation and going with him. It should be nice. It's being held in a very nice 4 star hotel, and I plan to relax by the pool and catch up on my reading. We also plan to go to Sea World and Disney's Animal Kingdom when the conference is over.

I still have some packing to do before we leave on Sunday, so I'd better get busy! I'll try to check in again before we leave. Have a great weekend!

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Thanks Ladies....I am feeling much much better today... are soooooooo right.....had a sandwich today you would swear I had never had one was sooooooo good.......L

Well ladies the weather was beautiful today but they say it will be cold this weekend.....YUCK.....but I am sure in no time the temps will just keep climbing......

Everyone have a Fabulous weekend....
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Hi everyone! I got to thinking,(see the smoke) lol, I haven't really lost a whole lot of weight since I started here. Well, I guess I have lost about 20 lbs. But that was awhile back. But here is the thing, I check in here when I can and listen to all of you talking about the weight you have lost and start to feel sorry for my self. That is really stupid of me! If I want to lose weight, I will just have to get myself on the ball. I have NOT gained any in at least 4 months, so I will be happy with that. You have all helped me to keep from gaining. Now I just have to lose a little more so you can help me keep that off too. I can do it!

My son has moved back home. There were problems with the couple he was living with,not with him but them . He came home and they got back together again. Now he can save for a car.

My husband had a echo cardio gram done. They found out he has a defect that he was born with tha shows up later inlife. One of the areas of his heart has a thickening of the lining. This is what some of these athelets die instantly from. He is in no danger now. They changed his blood pressure med and he goes back in a month. This is a condition that is not caused by BP or colesterol and anything you do. The worst case senereo is that one day he may start blacking out. They will then have to go in and scrap some of the lining off so he can have proper blood flow. This is hereditary.

Gina: Congrats on your nephew. I know he is handsome!

CJ: Happy belated Anniversary too. Hope it was wonderful.

Well, it is late and I have a long day at work tomarrow. Talk to everyone later. Mary Kay
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Default Its the weekend!!!

Hi Ladies, what a long week. I'm soooo looking forward to todayand tommorow. We take the boys to see "Disney on Ice-Beauty and the Beast"-can't wait!! We've been to other performances....and spectacular.
Got the munchies a little last night while watching the pairs skating, ate a little Lays ultra low fat chips....not too bad really..(sort of like a pressed together chip though), they are baked not fried..anyone try them?
Other than that little munchie-fest, I've been staying on plan...I now weight 204!!!ta da...I even put a skirt on that fits now after 8 yrs!!!Now I know what you're thinking...what the heck was she keeping clothes that are 8 yrs old? right...well don't we all have fat and skinny clothes hanging around? well...finally I fit into them again..and there's lots more stored too. Since having my son 7yrs ago...I haven't fit into any of my old here's to "before kids clothes" yipee!!!

Gail- I've been meaning to ask 3 questions to you.Crocuses??Grass?? Yardwork???---not fair!! Where is Abbotsford? Last nov, dh surprized me by flying me to Toffino,BC for my 40th birthday. Had a lovely time...stayed at the Wiccaninnish Inn for 3 fabulous days and then went back to Vancouver for a day. And you'd think we would leisurely sleep in (as we were kid free) but we were up at 6 am to see the sunrises every morning....Mike took some fabulous pictures!(his hobby)

Ginabob- Congratulations on a new nephew. Be sure to give him extra hugs! Also wtg on your weight loss!

Trish-Your hubby's conference sounds really rough! Great that you can tag along...some R&R sure sounds
good right about now!! My husband also goes there for conferences every year but spouse are not allowed, boo hoo.

Sassy- Also been meaning to tell you how cute those happy face angels are...I LOVE THEM. ~~sigh~~ sure wish I knew how to do those.....hint,hint....

Phew...along one...but it had been awhile. Have a GREAT WEEKEND everyone. Stay on plan and be strong!!!bye
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Hi Guys!

Hope you are all enjoying the weekend. I am taking a break - been working all morning. The weather isn't quite as nice as it was yesterday, but still pretty good. They said it may rain this afternoon, but doesn't look like it yet. Anyways, the grass is cut, the Christmas lights are finally down and put away and now Ken is working in the flower gardens. He said he will putter around out there for awhile. I have had it myself for today. Will work inside now.

Angel, Abbotsford is one of the outlying suburbs of Vancouver. We are about 35 minutes from the ocean and close to the mountains. We love it here - country living but close to the city too. Glad to hear you enjoyed Tofino. Very beautiful on Vancouver Island. Can't beat the climate out here. You are doing so great! What a wonderful feeling to be able to get into clothes that you've had hanging in your closet for so long. That is so inspiring.

Kelster, great that you are feeling better. I laughed at your remark about the sandwich. Isn't that just the truth.

MaryK, nice to hear that you are still around and you're doing well too. You sound so happy to have your son back home with you. I'm sorry to hear about your husband's health problem. It's lucky that they have diagnosed it and can keep a watchful eye on him now. Hope you will post more often. We have missed you.

Trish, enjoy your wonderful vacation - sounds dreamy. Take care and have a really good time.

Well, guess I had better get the lead out and get back at it. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. Talk to you soon. Love, G
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Default Come out, come out, wherever you are!

Hey, where is everybody?

Well, I had a bad weekend foodwise and felt pretty low this morning until I gave myself a really good talking to - tried for a BUTTKICK, but have a sore back from all the work I did this weekend.

Seriously, this has been a very low period for me and I have to get myself back on track for more than one day. One day at a time is great, but I need a few in a row to get the ball rolling. Do you ever have times like that where you just can't get going?

Thanks Sharon for being such a good buddy and pushing me along. I really needed that. You are an angel. For sure!

So I am recommitting today! I will do this - I have to do this!

I'm glad this place is here to come to. You guys are my lifeline right now. I know you're out there whether you're posting or not. So come on everyone, let's SPRING into action.

You all have a good day now. Love, G
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On the Move Chickaroo!!!
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I do understand.....ever since I became sick last week...and not being able to eat.......I feel I have fallen into a slump......sigh......I think some of the problem is I feel sooooo overwhelmed at work.......and it keeps snowing........yikes......but I like you........have to find the determination that brought me to where I am.........and I know it is in I know you have it to..........and I also agree 100%......this is a fabulous place to come to.........

I know you can do it.......You Are Worth it!!!
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Hello Friends...

Sorry I didn't get to post this weekend.I was so busy running around getting things done and spending time with my Mom.

Over the weekend I did something VERY GOOD!!! I stopped putting "all that" sugar in my tea! I figured if I didn't comsume that much sugar,I would lose weight more.I started using Sweet-N-Low! I'm STILL trying to get use to the taste.Someone told me today that I might like Splenda .Going to find it at the store and try it.I'm proud of myself because I love my tea!! I'm not a soft drink ( some) person at all.Could live without them.Here in the south...we call all "sodas" matter what kind it is!! LOL...

YES!! I know how u feel!! I guess we ALL have those days! But you know what???? Push all those no-no's out of your mind..and start back fresh! In order to survive this weight loss thing, I guess we all have to have those days! I guess the main thing is to get right back on track!! RIGHT?? I KNOW you can do this!! Since nicer weather is getting here...we can all take those nice walks!! Hang in there girl and when you're down...POST!! We'll try to make you smile OR even laugh!! Luv ya!!!

Now for all who asked or e-mailed me wanting to know how to do the images......Here goes.....

These are called "art clips".Just go to the web and type art clips in the box.Once you find one that you like....hold your mouse on the picture and click the right side.Then when a menu pops "save as picture". Then after you post.....hit the "browse" button at the end of your post...then click the images you want.Thats will show up after you hit Submit.

If none of this sounds right or if I don't make sense, e-mail me @ [email protected] I will help you!

Better go...Oh By the way..My first day back at work from having Spring break went fine.I didn't have trouble at all waking up after sleeping in late all last week!! hehe

More later..
Sherry (Sher-Bear)
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