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Fat in Hong Kong 10-31-2003 02:54 AM

Dot, so sorry about your break-up, I agree with Lorraine, offer to be available to talk to him as a friend, but not about your relationship. I really hope he manages to sort himself out and you a both able to lead a healthier, happier life ... whether it be together or apart.

Lorraine, you are not alone ... I've had a terrible, terrible, TERRIBLE week!!!!! Just haven't been able to stay on track at all ... and as if I wasn't already finding it difficult, TOM decided to arrive and I have had the mother of all chocolate cravings for the past few days!!!!:ink: :mad: These cravings I have been able to control for the past few months, but this week has more than made up for all the chocolate cravings that I haven't had over the past few months!! Of course, having all the Halloween goodies stocked up hasn't helped ... and yes, I have even stolen some of those!!!:s: Let's hope that next week will be better for both of us.

Wishing you all an enjoyable Halloween ... don't eat too many goodies:s: (the kids around here will be lucky if I've got any left by this evening!:lol: )

Have a great weekend everyone!:)


happy dance dot 10-31-2003 11:37 AM

Hi girls Happy Halloween!

Thank you Lorraine and Nichola...it sounds like a great suggestion...I will try that...it is hard for me to just cut him off. He called today and is actually in rehab now..so he made it through detox (I had a feeling he would-I don't think he's that far into alcoholism, yet far enough to need some help). He says he's been to meetings and stuff so I hope it helps. I believe its an impatient rehab so that's good.

Girls I know you can pull yourself together on this diet thing. And know we're here for you...I'll try to stay away from all the candy too. Geez, so many holidays on their way.

Oh boy I gotta go work is crazy here...talk to you later.


RaffaellaBella 10-31-2003 05:07 PM

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! :fr: :joker: :chef: :queen: :twirly: :yikes: I was trying to find all the smilies that could represent Halloween.

Right now I am dressed as a cat for the trickotreaters. Damn I'm cute. :lol: And so are they.

I want to congrats all you losers and maintainers, including myself, and want to give encourage to anyone who is feeling blue.

I just signed on to an OA email loop. Which is great because the Staten Island OA has become a cult now.

Dot - Its great that Andrew is in rehab. I'm assuming he's going to attend AA meetings. You can go also, and you should go to Al-Anon. It will help the both of you.

Everyone else ~ Stay well and keep up the good work.

Take care,

happy dance dot 11-01-2003 10:19 PM

Hi girls just checking in quickly had a fun halloween hope u all did too. Once again thanks for all the advice about Andrew. His mom called today and it sounds like he is doing good in there. I've been avoiding to think of the relationship part, but told him he can call and stuff. I haven't decided if I wanna stick around for him or not...I know I have to make a decision on it, but need some time to tackle that choice down.

Okay girls take care and by the way any plans on how to get through Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays...all the yummy food.

RaffaellaBella 11-02-2003 11:00 AM

Hi All! Lost another lb this week. At the rate I'm going I'll reach goal weight in 5 years.

Nichola and Lorraine - Sending you my love! Hope you get back on track.

Lightweigh - Give my congrats to your hubby!

Well running off!
Take care and stay well,

happy dance dot 11-02-2003 01:20 PM

Hi girls I too lost 1 lb this week, I am a bit frustrated because I just got over TOM and Yet this past week it decided to revisit!! I have always had an irregular TOM because of my PCOS, but my gyn had put me on mircette bcp to help regulate it but I think they're too low in hormones, yet I don't think I can go on pills that are too high in estrogen because of the PCOS grrrrr I need to call her and ask her what to do. Anyway at least I still lost something, I was hoping on losing more though because I had been extra good this week and even lowered my plan by 1 pt.

Congrats Raff ;)

Lightweigh- wow a fistful that's the size one's stomach is supposed to be like hehehehe I know mine must be bigger from all the food. I will keep that in mind when I eat next time.

happy dance dot 11-02-2003 08:18 PM

hehehe yea bet your dog is lovin you guys. So tell me how long have you guys been on this diet and how much weigh have you lost so far? Sorry don't recall if you've already mentioned this before.

Fat in Hong Kong 11-03-2003 01:31 AM

Hi Girls,

Hope you all had a great weekend!:)

Congrats to Dot & Raff on your losses ... Raff, don't forget ... 'little baby steps'!!!!!!:D You can't (and shouldn't) expect big losses every week. A loss is a loss, so give yourself a pat on the back and keep doing whatever it is your doing, because your doing it RIGHT!!:)

As you all know, I've had major problems trying to get back on track since my parents went home. I weighed myself again this morning and have gained another 1.5lbs since last week!:o I think (or should I say 'hope'?) that I have finallly got my head together and I'm starting over again this week. I'm not going to make myself any promises or unrealistic targets because this puts me under too much pressure (which I can't handle!) ... I'm just going to take it one day at a time and see how it goes.


NicoleNYC 11-03-2003 10:28 AM

I'm in the 240s! I'm SO excited! Guys, I've been trying to see the 240s since "Desperately Need A Diet Buddy #1" - way back when. YAY! :cb:

Now to play catch up - as best I can :o :

Lightweight, what you're doing seems somewhat like Weigh Down (only possibly more Catholic-spicific). Am I close?

Nichola, one day at a time is an excellent idea. I know sometimes when I'm trying to think too far ahead, it all just seems either too vague or too much! Best of luck to you!

Dot, congrats on your 1 lb! WONDERFUL! In making your decision on how to deal with Andrew, don't forget that YOUR well being counts just as much as his. If it's bad for you to be his support system, it's ok to honor that for yourself. Good luck and I will be thinking about you.

Raff, congrats to you too - better to be at goal in five years than gain over the next five (which is what I would do if I gave up! I was averaging about 10 pounds a year for about ten years - can you imagine!). You're doing SO well and we'll all get there sooner or later. And please give details about this Staten Island OA and it's cult status. I'm getting all sorts of visuals on that one.

Lorraine, I'm sure you're back on track by now, hope whatever it is that derailed you has passed.

Mari and Volley - hi! Hope things are going well with you guys!

Well, I'm off! I still can't believe I'm actually in a whole new weight "decade" - I'm so excited!


happy dance dot 11-03-2003 10:56 AM

Nicola- one day at a time seems to be a good route girl. Like brandy said it is better than gaining. I was a bit frustrated this week because I slowed down from my usual 2.5lbs to only 1, but in the end you know what, it is better than seeing a gain on the scale.

Lightweigh-keep up the good work...ur doing good.

Brandy-whoooohoooo girl good for you. You must feel awsome...I can't wait to be in the 150's I mean I am sooo close yet I just can't wait:lol: . I am also really hoping I accomplish my mini goals all the way through New Years. Oh boy, this is exciting and having you girls to talk with (write to) makes things a lot easier and pleasant.

Come on everyone WE can do this...lets kick some bootie!!:cb: :high: :grouphug:

Oh and by the way Andrew's mom asked if I could go visit him this coming Saturday, but I am really considering not going, maybe just sending a letter with her, I don't think I am ready to see him yet.

volley11 11-03-2003 11:16 AM

WAY TO GO Brandy!!! All of you ladies are wonderful!

I don't want to talk about this past weekend... just want to focus on the future. You see, I am a recovering Bulemic and the hardest part is forgiving yourself and moving on after making mistakes.

On to the really good holidays, eh? Although, I love this upcoming season, family is going to drive me to drink. I have got 5 siblings with families of their own and my hubby has 5 siblings as well with families of their own. Both sides refuse to draw names and I just don't have the dough or energy to purchase gifts for every person. My oldest sister (sort of takes on the role of the "Godfather" of the family) insists that we buy gifts around $10 that are meaningful --- YEAH RIGHT! Not only do the bucks add up, but HELLO, "meaningful?" But let me tell you ladies, she scares the bejevers out of me!

Hi ho, hi ho, it's back to work I go, sniffling and coughing the whole way... really getting tired of this cold/flu stuff.

Best of luck and wishes to all you losers :)

HealthyMari 11-03-2003 12:24 PM

Hello Ladies!

It was just one of those weekends that passed waaaayyy too quickly and yet, I didn't do a single thing. I spent two full days in my jammies.....ahhh, wish every day could be like that!

Dot - Congrats on your loss! You are doing great! Hang in there! In terms of Andrew, if you feel apprehensive about visiting, send a nice card with his mom......it's always better to go with your gut on these things.

Brandy - :cp: :cb: :cp: :cb: :cp: Great job, girl! What a milestone for you! A big congrats from me!

Raff - Congrats on your loss! You're well on your way, girl!!! :strong:

Lightweigh - Good job sticking to your plan! And congratulations to your hubby! I'm very proud you stopped at 2 slices, b/c it's more than I could do! Pizza is my weakness!:jeno: :jeno: :jeno:

Nichola - Brand new week for you! Good job focusing on the current, no sense to harp on the past that can't be changed. Sending you good vibes for this week! :goodvibes

Volley - I hear you on the gift thing....but be creative, I'm sure you can find something fun for everyone! As far as staying away from the holiday food, I think this might be a good time to implement the "fist" measurement that Lightweigh uses. Enjoy the holiday food, but in small amounts......don't deprive yourself either. No one wants to feel left out!

Did I miss anyone????? Went a little crazy with the smilies, I know, sorry about that. Once Halloween passes, I start to feel very holiday-y, and it just gets me giddy!

Have a great week, keep it up gals!


P.S. I don't think I say this often enough, but I really appreciate all you gals on this thread. Reading your posts helps me stay motivated and really brings a smile to my day!

ecchs 11-03-2003 01:12 PM

Hey all!

Slowly but surely, I'm gaining back my composure. Might even join WW again this week, depending on our money situation...For now, I'm staying OP (for 2 whole days now! Yay me!) on my own and taking it one day at time.

Lightweigh, sounds like you're doing great on your plan. Glad you've found something that works with your lifestyle and something that you can do with your husband. A buddy always makes things go easier (THANKS TO ALL OF YOU BUDDIES GUYS!)

Volley: How about board games as gifts for the whole family? Not sure how old the families are, but board games are pretty reasonable, and everyone seems to like them. Just an idea.

Brandy...fantastic job on the barrier break. I love blasting through a number like that. So much motivation to keep going.

Dot...good idea with the letter. I always find writing a letter lets me say what I REALLY want to, without the worry of sociability. Good job on the loss too!

Mari...mmmm 2 days in pjs...that'd be great. I had a nice brunch with my sister yesterday, and she gave me two tickets to see the symphony and lovely scarf. Was supposed to have a nice supper with dh last night, but he got sick. Ah well...it's hard to be disappointed when your honey is double up in bed. He'll make it up to me. ;)

Raff...how goes the online OA? Sounds like you weren't enjoying your other meetings. I meant to ask you a while ago about the Staten Island Ferry crash...hope everything is ok for you...I hear you on the time issues and the one pound loss a week. I guess we didn't gain all this weight in a year, so it makes sense that it take a long time to come off. Just frustrating though isn't it? I think that's the part that makes perseverance the hardest. If I could go really hard for 2 weeks and lose say, 15 pounds I think I'd be able to stick with things a lot longer (even if my loss tapered off to one or two pounds after that...) But as I'm not willing to have my stomach stapled or take some wicked nasty drugs to do it, I think I'm destined to lose it the slow and healthy way. I just need to commit my lifetime to it, that's all... :D

And last but not least, Nichola...hope you've had a chance to regroup after your weekend. You had a really good run of losses a couple of months ago (pre-U.K. visitors)...what was your motivation then? Maybe looking back on some past posts will help you get back on track. We can do it!!!

Jo...I know you're out there...hope things are going great for you all! We miss you here...drop us a line.

Ali?? Where are you??? Hopefully you're enjoying your new life...I can't even imagine how fantastic that must feel. Come and tell us how you're doing hmmm???

Daniell? Kap? Did I miss anyone else???

Well...off to bake my birthday cake with my munchkin...30 years sure went fast...here's to 100 more!


happy dance dot 11-03-2003 03:30 PM

Lorraine-glad to hear your getting back on that horse girl. Good for you. And yes, I actually wrote the letter, in which I said nothing about us. I just wrote about how happy everyone is that he is doing this, wished him the best of luck, and told him I would write again, I also gave him a summary of events I thought he might like to know. I just want to make sure its a friendly letter and not a love letter type u know.:)

Mari- wow I envy u girl...2 days in your pj's...lol just teasing about the envy part that is. This weekend was hectic for me. Yesterday I went to sleep at 3:30am..today i guess lol and got up at 7am. I was helping my sis with a poster...last minute thing so of course being the graphic designer in the family I offered my help...I almost regreted it but she has gone out of her way for me several times too. As she left the house though she told me "hey thanks I owe u one...anything you need just ask" soooo that is always goood with me:s: :s: :s: :lol:

Volley- I know what you mean I have a huge family, mostly kids. Fortunately last year we adopted the secret santa tradition and now I only have to worry about the kids and only one adult:D.

okay girls take care gotta run ...bye

happy dance dot 11-03-2003 03:31 PM

oh but before I forget Brandy update your stats girl I wanna see them 140 there ....sooo proud of you girl...your awsome!!

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