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Jean 03-12-2021 05:05 PM

Steel Magnolias — #5
Good Afternoon! It's sunny, breezy, and 50 degrees this afternoon, a beautiful day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rogers would say! I had to go to WM this morning for something I forgot on my last trip and I am pleased to say there were two longer checkout lanes with checkers in place! I was so happy! I went for my second COVID shot and so far so good, I feel fine. *fingers crossed* I visited with a friend who is wintering in AZ a couple days ago and she said they were told to swing their arm around to get the vaccine moving through their system faster, and to drink extra water. This morning another volunteer went in with me and she said someone told her to do the chicken dance and drink extra water. Bob offered lunch by the lake so we did a drive through from Hardee's. Most of the ice is gone and the geese are returning. The guys came to fix the seals around the garage doors this afternoon so another thing to cross off the list. Our local newspaper just printed the latest vaccine update and ONLY 40% of the local packing plant employees opted to take the vaccine shots. How STUPID is that since they are responsible for our being a hot spot. I would think the company would mandate they have it unless their doctor wrote an excuse not to.

Ceejay, I’ve been getting calls on my cell phone lately but never a message. I try to take the landline with me when I sit down, then press “talk” and “off” so it won’t go to the answering machine. I thought they would quit after the election but no such luck. Iowa is now open except it seems like the small chain restaurants are still drive through or carry out only. Our favorite “dining” restaurant still isn’t open because they lost most of their employees and can’t hire anybody. They also do carry out and delivery but it’s just not the same. Our positive COVID numbers are slowly on the rise again. :(

I have the gift shop money to count so guess I will get that done. Hope you are enjoying a nice day and have a good weekend! :D

ceejay52 03-13-2021 04:07 PM

A lazy Saturday for me. Sis has been overwhelmed today trying to work through her to do list. She is like she was in school. She would hold it all in during the day and after school she would come in hooping and hollering to get rid of her anxiety. It's almost the same today except she cries and whimpers around all day. I've learned what she is doing so I leave her be.
Went to WM yesterday for groceries and got some little cutie oranges. I got one out last night and it was rotten. I checked the bag and the whole bag was that way. I took them back. Ugh
I have a new ailment. My right arm feels like it's going numb at times. It tingles like your foot does when it starts waking up. Sis thinks it is a pinched nerve from the arthritis in my neck. I'll see what the doctor says at my next appointment.
My order for the MRC products came today. I'm happy. I'd like to start going back to the center but I'm not sure if it's a good thing for me.
I'm a happy camper today. I checked my bank account and COVID relief check has been deposited and my IRS refund is back. :woohoo: I have plans for it. I told sis I want to get new storm doors put on the house and get a new ceiling fan in the living room. I like the one in the office in which I do not need in here so I'm thinking about having some one to take it down and put in the living room.
And some very good news. My niece, Nephew A and C's sister, is engaged.

The nurse that gave me the COVID shot did tell me to move my arm around. My arm was really sore with in a couple of hours.
Sis wants a hamburger tonight so I offered to take her to Braum's. We can go inside. But they have the booth's marked off so we are separated.

Jean 03-14-2021 01:20 PM

Good Morning! It is raining and we do need it, but it sure makes for a gloomy day. Yesterday when I came downstairs to feed my one remaining orphan, there were two instead of just one. One that we transplanted to the farm came back! I would love to know her route to get here. It's not that far but we had a lot of snow when we caught and moved her. The other cat is getting fatter by the day. :( I reset all of our clocks yesterday as well as the tv in our bedroom that I use to wake me up. For some reason it didn't come on this morning, so I did sleep in later than usual. We opted for church online from Sioux City this morning. We are in a snow warning but so far it's just rain. It's not cold enough to snow, at least not yet.

Ceejay, the grocery store I usually go to finally put the little cutie oranges in an open bin so one can buy as many as they want. I like that as I would rather make a couple trips to the store for fresh fruit and veggies than have a larger quantity that we won’t use right away. I had to make a return trip to WM and was thrilled to find two longer, “femaled,” checkouts open! :cp: :cp: :cp: I told the checker how glad I was to see her and she held up her her hand with fingers crossed. I wonder if the manager got complaints about self checkouts only. :dunno: I know they get their orders from the powers to be. Congratulations to your engaged niece! A wedding will give your sister something else to think about. ;)

I have a kitchen to clean up; my refrigerator needs to be scrubbed but will wait for a warmer day to do that. Hope you enjoy a nice day! :luck2you:

ceejay52 03-15-2021 12:44 PM

It's a beautiful day with sunshine and I'm going for a walk a little later.
Sis had a good week end. If she can keep to her schedule she's good. I try not to interfere. We are doing pretty well living together. And she mentioned she liked living here. So maybe she will after she retires. Right now it's better for her to live in Branson if she plans to continue to work there.
I got my stimulus check this week end. That was fast.
My yard has gotten green and has started to grow since the rain this week end. I'm going to buy another electric lawn mower. I really need to get out in the so called flowerbed. It was neglected last spring/summer while nephew A was here.

We had a dog that dad took to the country to a relatives house and it came back with in a couple of weeks. It surprised me. They know where they want to be.
I'm still planning on trying out the humane society to see about volunteering. And I'm hoping against hope that Littlefoot and Sarah will still be there. If they are I'm bringing them back to live with me. I didn't live with them at the time and was having to drive an hour just to take care of them. This time it will be different.
Have a good day.

:wave: Hope you are okay.

Jean 03-16-2021 10:45 AM

Good Morning! It is very foggy here this morning, even our back yard looks soupy. I have cat chores to do for four days but will wait until after lunch as I have to travel a few miles on a busy highway. Yesterday we went to look at a house that was for sale a few weeks ago and the sale fell through. It is ready to move into as far as painting and carpet. It is a long ranch style but a quirky thing is one way to get to the basement is from the garage and the other is a spiral staircase right inside the front door. At one time the laundry room had been in an upstairs bedroom but moved back to the basement at the opposite end of the house from the bedrooms. It is more living space than we need, the expense of moving the laundry room, and lack of a nice sized yard are on the negative side. Looking out the window over the sink is the neighbor's family room. We know them but not sure we want to be that chummy. Ha ha! I have the dishwasher and washer both running and need to decide on what to fix for lunch later.

Ceejay, I am surprised at how fast the checks are being issued. Glad you got yours! I can’t help but feel we will end up paying it back in taxes eventually. I hope I am wrong. I think/hope the people who really need the money will use it wisely. If “your” two cats are gone from the shelter, I hope they went to the same home. :crossed:

I promised myself I would do another Good Will box today so better get moving. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy your day! :luck2you:

ceejay52 03-16-2021 01:10 PM

I agree with you in paying back the checks in taxes. I didn't realize that you were looking for a different home.
I told sis that I would wait till she gets home to go for my walk. I went with her yesterday but my stamina wasn't there so I only walked one time around on the trail. I had walked twice around earlier in the day. It's really been nice but a bit windy.
I made up a concoction with my MRC products that was pretty good. I don't always get in my protein nor veggies but they have a powdered fruit and veggie blend and used that with a protein drink with some crystal light and it was delicious. I can have that for an evening snack, or for breakfast. I've been craving chili dogs so I'm going to go get one at Sonic a bit later this afternoon.
My recently engaged niece also was accepted into a college in Florida. I'm so happy for this young lady.
I have a bunch of things I need to be doing but not in a mood. I do have a load of clothes in the washer so that is a start. It will depend on the ground if I go out and work cleaning off the flower bed.

Hi gma :wave:

ceejay52 03-18-2021 01:27 PM

bumping us up.
Nothing new

Jean 03-19-2021 02:36 PM

Happy Friday! The sun is shining and it's a cool 43 degrees with a 15 mph wind. I've been to the grocery store before lunch, picked up the gift shop money, and vacuumed the fur bunnies. Bob got a new grill when we were in Sioux City so grilled chicken for lunch. I have a load of laundry in the washer which should be done in a few minutes. One more time to do cat sitting chores today and I am done with that.

Ceejay, Bob thinks we should be in a one level home as we get older. I like the bedrooms upstairs but we do not have a bathroom on the main level here. The housing situation is very limited in the more desirable houses and sections of town. The packing plant stink covers a major portion on the opposite side from where we now live. A developer is coming to build some low rent homes but assume we wouldn’t qualify even if we would consider it. Moving doesn’t sound like my idea of fun. Wish I could find a protein drink I would like, preferably thick like a malt. :T Some taste gritty like the powder isn’t mixed in or dissolved. Florida is a nice place to visit. ;) Does your niece live close to you now?

Not much newsy is going on from my corner of the world. Hope you are having a super day and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 03-19-2021 06:56 PM

Not a lot going on.
Sis has been shopping for the condo this afternoon with the interior designer. The condo is going to be spectacular. Can't wait till it's completed.
Haven't done much today. I'm just lazy. I did practice the piano and that was hard on my hands. Arthritis is acting up big time.
Tomorrow is the first day of Spring :dance:
We are having trouble getting rid of the other refrigerator. I've been looking online this afternoon and have found a couple of promising leads. I'm going to call Habitat for Humanity on Monday. and the other is where a friend from church works.

My niece lives in Florida. Can't wait till COVID is done so I can go visit. Never been to Florida. I'd hate to be going up and down the stairs at my age especially at night. Hope there is a night light on or near the stairs. My nephew A and his wife have stairs but like 5 so it's not bad. Their house is split level. I like it. But their family is growing and need more room.

more later

Jean 03-20-2021 12:43 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky, and it's supposed to hit 55 this afternoon. Grass is starting to turn green and the greenhouse marquee says, "see you soon!" Yesterday Bob caught a cat in the trap without even trying this time. He had it set up on the patio, to put on the deck around 4am, and when he went to move it there was a cat in it. I don't know who was more surprised. Bob took it to another farm in the opposite direction from the first time as I was pretty sure it was the one who came back home. He reset the trap with the same game plan and caught a raccoon this morning. He/she now lives north of town. I have laundry going and did some more cranny dusting. I am ashamed of myself for not doing a better job of housekeeping. The move is on to fill another SOS box of collectibles I thought I needed over the years. :cp:

Ceejay, our house is considered a tri-level because of the hall, bedroom, and bath on ground level, same as the garage. It’s five steps to the basement, four steps to the living room, and eight steps on up to the bedrooms. None are “steep” but could be a problem. I do have a nightlight at the bottom of the stairs but we don’t need to go up or down during the night. There is a ceiling light in the hall at the top so I turn that on if I am carrying laundry up in the dark. We spent two weeks in Florida a few years ago, in February. Bob likes to walk in the morning and wore shorts and a t-shirt. The “natives” were out warming up their cars before leaving for work. He still laughs about that. That weather was so nice and we bought lots of fresh strawberries from trucks along the roads.

The washer should be done then I need to make a salad for lunch to go with grilled hamburgers. Hope you have a nice weekend and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 03-20-2021 01:46 PM

A beautiful Spring day with abundant sunshine. I'm loving it. I even heard a lawnmower, and yes my yard needs mowing. I want to be outside but the air is still chilly. I did check on my peonies and they are coming up. I'm ready to clean that bed and get some more flowers in it. My nephew A had planted some black eyed Susan:s and some partridge pea and they were so pretty last summer and my the butterflies that it brought in. May get a butterfly bush as well.

Have you thought about a 55 plus community? Let some one else mow the lawn etc. That's what my sis and bil in Atlanta did when they retired. They love it.

ceejay52 03-22-2021 12:49 PM

Bumping us up.
Going to mow for the first time this season. Got a new electric push mower and my nephew C brought the rider back yesterday but it has a flat tire on the back. and needs to be serviced. I can start with the push mower.
I hung a couple of hooks in the guest bathroom this morning.

gma22 03-22-2021 10:28 PM

Good evening to you both. I hope things are well for you.

Jack and I have both gotten our 2 covid shots apiece so we are done with that. I have a sore arm, but Jack doesn’t. It should be fine in a few days.

We had lunch with our grandson on Saturday and enjoyed it very much. He is such a sweetheart.

Jack’s knee and hand are completely back to normal so he’s having no problems at work anymore.

I knitted a hat and mittens for my sil for her bday and sent her a pretty sterling silver necklace. Next is my sister, whose bday is in April. I bought her a fossil handbag several months ago when Macy’s was having a sale so I hope she likes it. I bought my bff a gray woman’s tshirt, one of the sterling necklaces and am making her a pink short sleeved sweater to go over it. Several months ago I found this adorable pink flamingo pin with a pearl in it to go on her sweater.

Anyway, just wanted to check in. Hope you have a good evening.

Jean 03-23-2021 03:33 PM

Good Afternoon! It's raining, windy, and cold in my corner of the world today. It started raining yesterday afternoon so it's been gloomy too long. I had lab work this morning then met with my favorite doctor. All my numbers are good which is good. I always get a little nervous about the glucose part. His family, along with his nurse and her husband, go to one of the Hawaiian islands every year. They went to Maui this year and said many of the restaurants and shops were closed but they saw more whales than they have ever seen on trips before. Seeing the more whales makes me want to go back even more.

Ceejay, our population is 10,000, give or take, so there is no 55 plus housing. We do have adult condos but Bob still likes to putter in the yard. Enjoy your new lawn mower! Our grass is turning green from all the rain.

”Gma,” it’s so nice to see you today! :cp: The picture of you and Thomas on FB was so good! I’m glad you got together for lunch and a visit. You have been knitting a lot! I’m sure everyone will love their gifts.

I have clothes in the dryer that should be about done so need to fold and put them away. After being gone this morning, I have NO ambition this afternoon. This weather makes me tired! Hope you are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

ceejay52 03-24-2021 12:04 PM

I slept a little later this morning after sis left for work.
I went for a follow up appointment yesterday for the breathing problem. His Oximeter showed 99% so that was good. I'm still getting very winded when I walk so he is sending me for a stress test. Not sure of the date as that office will call me. My lab work was very good except for the calcium and glucose, and my hdl is on the lowest point. Don't know how to raise that. Was hoping exercise would do it. Sis has raised hers with flax seed so I'm going to try that this year to see. May try the flax seed oil.
I'm very happy that our church building will open it's doors again on Palm Sunday. I'm excited. I have nothing to wear. Guess that means shopping this week.

The population of my city/town in under 6,000. But Springfield is just a couple of miles down the road.
I like to putter in the yard too. Still need to weed eat.

Glad to see your post. Been missing you.

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