Steel Magnolias #5

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  • Good Morning! The sun is shining but it is very windy again today. The weatherman just said it feels like 32 degrees outside. There is a possibility of frost tonight and tomorrow night. We went to Ian's makeup game yesterday; very windy and it got colder as the game went on. I am still cold! I should have known better. They played on Saturday and Ian played that whole game. Another kid played his position yesterday and Ian rotated in during the last inning. They lost 6-5 but gave the other team a run. Jason yelled "Homer" at the ref on a couple calls. Bob agreed but didn't yell at him and I was glad. The church copy machine is giving everyone fits, me included. It's rented with a contract so our tough luck. It is so aggravating and my patience is nil with it, I'd like to take a hammer to it! I need to do some ironing and fold some dress shirts for the SOS store. I sometimes feel like all I do is spin my wheels and accomplish nothing. It was late when we got home last night so maybe a nap after lunch.

    Ceejay, I hope your nephew continues to do well and can stay in rehab a little longer. I think we will have to cover the flowers that are coming up if the frost warning holds. Crazy weather!

    Hope you are enjoying a good start to your week!
  • Morning
    Sis and I babysit with nephew C's 2 year old and 4 month old on Saturday. They were really good. We were both tired.
    Sunday was church. Smaller crowd.
    Yesterday I pushed mowed the backyard and used the weed eater. Rider has not come back home yet from being serviced. I'm tired this morning. I'm doing laundry later and that it's. for the day.
    A past co-worker called last week to tell me that another co-worker passed/died with an aneurysm. It had been six years since I've talked with her.

    I know what you mean by spinning your wheels.
  • Good Evening! We had sunshine this afternoon but wind, wind, and more wind. It was 29 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. It is supposed to freeze again tonight. I was glad I didn't have to go anywhere today. It was kind of a ho hum day for me. I am so good at starting something then get sidetracked into something else. That just creates more messes to deal with and I need to get my act together! The root is too much stuff!!!

    Ceejay, keeping up with a two year old will keep you young! I’m sorry about your coworker’s death. One just never knows that’s for sure.

    The dishwasher is done so will unload it and let the hot air out. Enjoy your evening!
  • Called about the riding mower. It's still 2 weeks out so I'll have to push mow again for the next two weeks. Exercise.
    Not much else is going on. It is raining today but not very hard and not all day. Just in spurts.
    Vacuumed the inside of the vehicle this afternoon.
    Had my hair frosted and cut yesterday. I really like it. So did sis.
    We are keeping nephew A children tomorrow till Sunday afternoon. It will be good to see to see and visit with them.
    Sis has gotten on eharmony and is talking to a couple of men. Hope she knows what she is doing.