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Good Christmas Eve Afternoon! The sun is shining, the wind is blowing, and it is cold, -3 when I came downstairs this morning. It's 5 degrees now but "feels like -15!" Our yesterday's weather turned into a blizzard by early afternoon! We had 60 mph wind gusts on top of the 50 mph wind. It was hard to judge how much snow we got because of the drifting but Bob thinks 3-4". The weatherman warned us it was coming so no big surprise. There were times when we couldn't see the houses across the street. The brown will now be a white Christmas! Since we are going to Jason's tomorrow, everything is wrapped and ready to go. Bob is grilling a pork loin for those who don't care for ham balls. "There has to be a one or two in every crowd!" I have my veggies cleaned, the olives and pickle jars ready, and will make the Snickers salad later. Bob brought home a gallon of apple cider from the office open house so will take that too. A lady was hired to make a goodies tray; it looked good enough for a magazine photo. It had all different kinds of cookies and candy. Yum!

Ceejay, I hope the inhaler will work if you have asthma. I think you need a cat! Enjoy the holiday if you are with or family or not.

I need to figure out what I am wearing tomorrow and pack the overnight essentials. I really don't want to stay but Jason has asked several times during football season. Ernie will miss his evening shot which won't make a whole lot of difference I hope. We plan to be home before noon on Saturday as I am counting church money that afternoon. I'll have to go back Monday to deposit it but that's ok. Have a nice rest of your day!
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Happy Boxing Day! It wax 70 yesterday afternoon and 19 this morning. Quite a change. The sun is out but there is still ice on the water behind my house.

Spent Christmas alone. I fixed ham, backed sweet potato and broccoli for dinner.

​​​​​​Covid gets worse everyday so I am back to ordering groceries online. Our hospitals are.just about at capacity.

My life is boring and depressing.
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Christmas Eve sis and I watched our prerecorded service online. I got to light the candles
Christmas morning was okay. Think sis had been texting with her step daughters and sister in law and got a bit overwhelmed so she went back to Ash Grove.
We got the kiddo's today so that was good. It was good to see them and they were happy to see us. They got to talk to their dad on the phone for a bit this afternoon. They were excited to do that also. Nephew is in rehab again. Went last week mainly to work on his mental state this time. Too much fussing going on right now.
Got to hold the baby boy today and give him a bottle
Finally got my oven element put in this past week.. Can finally fix a meatloaf. I made chicken and dumplings using floured tortillas they were good. But the tortilla's didn't fluff up like the ones you make from scratch but still good.

We had ham, sweet potatoes, and green beans today, and a pecan pie. Sorry that you are lonely and depressed. I get depressed at times.
The COVID doesn't help matters. Our temperatures were great this afternoon too.

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