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Jean 08-18-2020 01:01 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #63
Good Morning! It was a very cool 51 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. The sun is shining brightly now and it has warmed up, just a nice pleasant day with no wind and low humidity. We went to Zowie's game yesterday; the other team was rude and rough, shoving our players on purpose. The ref never called them on it so think he must have been from their town. :mad: Beth and Maddy wanted to go since Beth is on vacation this week. The game was at 4 so left earlier to pick them up, then went out to eat afterwards with Beth, Maddy, and Jason's family. It wasn't that late when we got home but I was tired. :yawn: Today I am waiting for a call back from the vet. Ernie still isn't on a dependable eating, drinking, pooping, and peeing routine; it's been a week now. He doesn't act sick so that's good.

Ceejay, I hope your sister appreciates all your cleaning and yard work that you help with. Iím sure she realizes how much work a yard can be. :yes: Did she put vegetables in the crock pot with the roast? That sounds good but Iím never sure when to put the veggies in so itís all already to eat at the same time. Cedar Rapids is finally getting help. A trucking family from here took two semi loads of water bottles over almost right away. My step niece took pet food, diapers, and formula/baby food donations around from various businesses.

I need to get some laundry going and another box sorted for the SOS store. Hope you have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 08-20-2020 01:05 PM

Yes, sis does appreciate all that I do. This week I haven't done that much in the house or outside. Just haven't had the want too. Think I over do things and need to catch up on my down time.
Do you live in Cedar Rapids? My step niece lives there. They had tree's uprooted and no electricity but their house has no damage.

I've been taking it easy this week. Still having some "ouchiness" in the lower back and hip area.
We have been having some nice weather this week. I'm loving it. Days are getting shorter, sigh
This is it for me. I'm doing laundry this morning. May get outside this afternoon.

Jean 08-21-2020 02:46 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and no rain is predicted for another week. We really could use a whole day of gentle rain! I have been doing laundry and went to pick up the gift shop money. Bob is at an auction hoping his plow will sell so he won't have to take it back to the farm. I made a quick trip to the "other" grocery store to pick up a few things my regular store didn't have yesterday. Both stores had quite a few empty shelves of various items. Prayers are very much needed! Amanda's dad was found unresponsive next to his semi this morning and life flighted to a hospital in Des Moines. He has had a heart valve replaced, a mild stroke, and survived cancer; no details yet. So scary!

Ceejay, no we donít live in Cedar Rapids. We are in the center of the northwest corner of Iowa, Storm Lake. It is my step niece who lives there. Iím glad to say that Ernie is back to ďnormal.Ē :cp: It was a long week trying to figure out what was wrong. I told the vet maybe kitty flu or kitty covid, she laughed. Hope your back and hip are feeling better!

My dryer should be done so need to fold some of Bob's farm clothes. Then I am making a broccoli salad for me! Hope you enjoy a fantastic Friday! :wave:

ceejay52 08-22-2020 05:39 PM

I am feeling better.

Sis is out with the nephew and grandchildren. Nephew's x didn't want them to spend the night to keep me safe from the virus. They tested negative. Her brother has had it but getting better. So I elected to stay home today.
I couldn't figure out why I didn't have internet but I think it is because I was spelling the password wrong. I finally remembered how to spell it and it went through.
I'm having to by a new battery for the laptop. This one has 2% power left. It's needed one for a long time. So I bought one. I will be delivered next week.
Looks like the cows have been moved. Sigh. I really liked them in the pasture.
Our family is discussing the thought of moving to the country and making it a family compound. Every one seems to be on board. Both nephews are taking the challenge to looking for the property Around 20 acres.
It's time to start dinner. I'm making pork chops. with broccoli and carrots. Gotta get back to eating healthy.

Jean 08-24-2020 07:17 PM

Good Afternoon! It's another hot humid day in my neighborhood. I counted church money this morning, stopped by the Hallmark store for cards, and the hospital to drop off some invoice checks. I've done some laundry and went with Bob to deliver his tractor to our friend's home. His son has organized several guys who go on tractor rides to escort the hearse to the cemetery. Bob is taking another tractor tomorrow for Jason to drive. I have a dentist appointment in the morning and what a rigmarole that will be. I have to answer another set of COVID questions which I already did today, wait in my car for the dentist to come out and take my temperature, then I can go into the office. The check up procedure is different also. After that I have a haircut, then Zowie has a soccer game. Wednesday is nails and a pedicure, mammogram, bone density test, and funeral visitation. Thursday is the funeral and Friday is the first football game. I will be glad when this week is over, too many things going on!

Ceejay, sometimes I think it would be nice to live close to family and other times not so much. There would have been too much drama when the kids were little and the parenting challenges were handled so differently. Bobís one brother is in Arizona and the other in Montana so donít anticipate either one moving. They both lived close until we moved back from Ohio and then they moved a couple years later. I have cousins in Iowa but we never see each other except at funerals and our generation is next in line. :(

Bob just got home from cleaning up his second tractor and heading for a shower. I suppose I should think about something for supper. It is too hot to cook! Hope you enjoy a nice evening. :wave:

ceejay52 08-25-2020 10:58 AM

Just a brief hello. Sis and I are taking a day trip to pick up her sewing machine. It's near lake of the Ozark. I report more later.

Jean 08-29-2020 06:50 PM

Good Afternoon! It's a gorgeous day in my neighborhood. The heat wave broke and the humidity is way down so my sliding doors and windows are wide open! I checked off eight "have to do" things on my calendar and hope we don't have another week like this one in forever. :no: In the mix was a soccer game and a football game; last night was really late getting home because Beth went to the game with us. Ian had six admitting passes but the visitors' side is smaller seating capacity and it was person to person seating. I had Beth on one side and Bob on the other. They won so that was good. It was almost two am before we got home and I went to bed, much too late for this old lady! To pick up Beth we traveled the same road as we had all week, eight trips in all! Out favorite route is temporarily closed to redo the road and just in time for school to start. I can't help but wonder how the buses are routing between the shared small towns because of hills and a river. The tractor escort went well; Bob and Jason were on the only green tractors so took a little ribbing about that. We have church in the park tomorrow and the three ladies putting on the service will add some humor I'm sure. We got a long list of "rules and regulations" for opening the church again. One is we are only allowed to go in one door and will be met by an usher who will escort us to a seat for social distancing, no singing/hymnals, no bulletins, no attendance books, etc. The crazy part of this is, we are a smaller church in the state and these rules come from the head shed conference churches that have much larger attendance. The next crazy thing is we are letting the school district use our Sunday School classrooms and fellowship hall because we are so overcrowded in the school buildings. I'm betting we will have positive COCID cases because 90+% of the kids are connected to the packing plants where the numbers are still up and down. I think Ernie is back to normal again, he is following me upstairs in the morning which he hasn't done for a long time plus snarfing down his tuna at night and treats to go to bed. He is not too spoiled! Hope you are enjoying a nice weekend! :wave:

ceejay52 08-30-2020 04:11 PM

Not a very good day yesterday, even though we had a good rain with some wind and lightening. More drama with the nephew and sis. She's told him to be out of the house OCT 1. She found drugs that belonged to some one else. Sis suspected something was not right. I needed to take his car, my old one, and put it in the garage. Told him when I got the paper work done he could have the keys. After all he paid cash for it. I'm going to try to do the paper work tomorrow . All I have to do is to get my insurance off the car and write up a bill of sale. I printed a blank form off from the DMV . Still can't find the title. Have no idea where it is. I've looked in all the boxes that I have here. Nothing.. I'll have to send in for one of those. Maybe the DMV can help with that.
I did trade cars last Thursday. I purchased another Rav4. It has the back up camera which I dearly love and bluetooth phone radio system and dual cabin controls for heat and air. It's charcoal gray. It also has a thing like On Star but it's from Toyota.
Would like to take the laptop to the Geek Squad on Wednesday. Need to make an appointment for that. It gives me a message that my internal battery is getting very low.
Didn't feel like going to church this morning. Heart was not in to it. and also too many people All this drama has made me a nervous wreck.

Hope that church in the park was a good experience for you.

Jean 08-31-2020 07:27 PM

Good Afternoon! We started the day with a very short rain shower, not even enough to measure on the rain gauge. The sun came out mid morning and it's been a delightful day weather wise. Not much money to count at church this morning, then a stop at the library to drop off a book, the bank for the gift shop deposit, WM for orphan food, the computer shop to discuss what I don't know, the hospital to drop off checks, and Bob's office to deliver his phone which he left in my car. This afternoon I've done some laundry and made a pan of brownies for Jason. His birthday is Thursday and we will see him tomorrow at a soccer game.

Ceejay, I was sorry about your nephew drama. I hope you found your car title and didn’t have to send for a new one. I know how frustrating it is to think you can find something then can’t. There was a cool breeze off the lake for church yesterday. Most everyone had jackets and a couple ladies went to get blankets. I was tempted but by the time I was going to go the service was over. We will be back there next Sunday then back in the church. Bob doesn’t like the rules set for getting into the church, go in one door, usher escort to a seat, wear a mask, leave by escort, yadda yadda. We’ll see.

Bob is at an "in person" board meeting for the retirement community. It is the first one since February and he was looking forward to it. Otherwise they have had zoom meetings. I need to do my brownie dishes and clean up the kitchen. Enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

Jean 09-02-2020 04:28 PM

Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood as Mr. Rogers would say. :) The thermometer says it is 90 but with no measurable humidity my sliding doors and windows are open. Momma cat and her two babies are stretched out on the deck taking a nap. This morning I decluttered the kitchen and living room putting away things I left out yesterday. We left early for Zowie's soccer game and picked up her other grandma, then stopped at a Ma 'n Pa restaurant for a sandwich before the game. It was earlier getting home because her soccer game only lasts 35 minutes each half and a ten minute half time break. Her team won, 4-0 so a good game. When I finish my two cents worth here, I am going to top off a SOS box for Bob to drop off Friday

I need to keep moving before I run out of the motivation to sort through clothes. Hope you enjoy a nice day! :wave:

ceejay52 09-02-2020 08:06 PM

Monday I made a trip to Harrison Arkansas to the dealership where I bought the vehicle to pick up the second fob. Drove in a sprinkling rain but this vehicle drives so good. And then spent the night with sis in Branson.. I wanted to take my laptop to the Geek Squad so the could tell me what an internal battery was. I now know and had ordered one several days ago and now the battery is enroute according to the UPS tracker system.
On the way home from Branson I stopped by nephew's to get some information off the vehicle I sold him so I can send to get a duplicate copy of the title.
Looks like we may get some more rain. I need to mow tomorrow if the grass is dry enough.
This is it for me.

Jean 09-04-2020 03:49 PM

Happy Friday! Heading out to pick up Beth then on to Ian’s football game. Enjoy the long weekend! :wave:

Jean 09-06-2020 07:49 PM

Good Afternoon! It is back to hot here, high was 92 this afternoon. We are so dry and heading towards draught distinction if not there already. We went to church in the park this morning and our new pastor was there, dressed in a very bright multi colored sport coat. I think he is going to add some spice, humor, "vim, and vigor" to our church. :cp: Next week we are back in the church so will see how that works. We had chicken dinners at a favorite restaurant. Bob had masks made out of Oliver fabric and the lady delivered them this afternoon. He went to the farm to check a tractor battery deciding he needed a new one. I spent the afternoon with a library book and took a nap. We went to Ian's football game Friday night. Ian had the most fans there: Jason, Amanda, Zowie, Amanda's mom, sister, brother, and niece, Bob, myself, and Beth! Jason had to borrow tickets from other players to get us all in. They won 54-0, and the game was called at the beginning of the 4th quarter; we got to go home early! It was a beautiful night with a huge moon.

Not much else is newsy from here. Bob just got home so guess it must be time for food . . . . again. Enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

ceejay52 09-07-2020 04:03 PM

We kept the grand kids Saturday night through part of Sunday for A's supervised visit. They are a lot of fun but a handful. Our baby girl will be 1 on the 14th of this month. No church for us. The church has hired an interim pastor but not sure when she will start. Church just is not the same with out my bil as pastor. Sis has been having some rough emotional (grieving) day's and I'm taking the brink of it. It's hard on me cause she can cut clear to the bone with her words. We grew up with a saying that said "sticks and stones may break my bones but words can never hurt me". But,that's false with her sharp tongue. I will sometimes snap back when she gets really nasty It's always "only" her when something has to be done. I just don't care anymore. I go my own way.

This morning I was doing some weed eating on the side yard and my weed eater started smoking at the electrical plug on the machine. I'm going to borrow my nephew's tomorrow to finish. And I'm mowing this yard again so sis will NOT have too. I may break my back BUT i'm not listening to her complain about I'm the only one that does anything. She hasn't done anything in the house since I've come here. I'm sorry for the rant, I'm done.

Jean 09-09-2020 04:49 PM

Good Afternoon! It's day two of 44 degrees, wind, and rain! Our rain gauge must have a leaf or something in it because it didn't register the amount; another agent told Bob we got over an inch yesterday. It has finally quit for now but more is on the way. Too bad it is too late for this years crop for the most part. We went to Zowie's game yesterday in spite of the weather. I was smart enough to layer clothes and topped them with my winter jacket and a quilted nylon blanket around my legs. I'm so glad we have stadium seats so we aren't sitting on cold metal bleachers. Her game was at four so we went out for supper afterwards and we were home early. Friday night we go to watch Kolby march at the football game. We get to leave after the half time show. :) I've been doing laundry and seriously thinking about putting the electric blanket on the bed again. I haven't seen an oriole for several days but had a flock of robins come through on their way south. Also have had steady hummingbird business drinking oriole orange juice. It does feel like fall!

Ceejay, I’m sorry about the way your sister is treating you but stand up for yourself. If I were in your shoes I would cut way back on the things you do for her and take care of myself. Easier said than done most likely.

Ceejay, I’m sorry about the way your sister is treating you. Feel free to rant here. :yes: Babies grow up too fast and it seems much faster than when our kids were little.
The dryer is beeping so on to the next load. Enjoy the rest of your day and keep warm! :wave:

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