Steel Magnolias #63

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  • Good Morning! So far it is a gloomy cool morning in my neighborhood. Supposedly we will have sunshine and mid 80s by this afternoon. Bob just left for the office to check messages and do some paperwork for his gal Friday to finish on Monday. I have laundry in the washer and have done my critter chores. The two momma cats were here for breakfast but they left and no babies have been around to check in. I need to go pick up a couple anniversary cards, one being for a 60th. They are a sweet little couple from church. Ian and Kolby's football teams both won their games; next week is a home game for Ian so we will get to go. Kolby is done marching for this fall.

    “Gma,” I’m glad Jack is getting along so well with his knee. I went to the grocery store that I don’t usually go to, and they had everything my regular store did not. It seems like we go through a lot of paper towels and they were fully stocked of different brands. They also were full of Campbell’s soup. I guess the tp shortage when the pandemic first started has me a little spooked about what could be in short supply at any time. I remember the good old days when a paper sack full was $5.00. Not any more! Stores are not allowing the recyclable bags around here. I use the plastic ones for multiple things so glad to get them. That is too bad about the 16 year old in the wrong place at the wrong time. Just reminds me I am glad to live in rural Iowa, but it could happen here too. It’s too bad manners, morals, and respect have gone by the wayside.

    Ceejay, some of our trees around the lake are turning bright orange but then some are just brown and dropping leaves fast. We have a neighborhood tree that is always the first to turn and always bright orange. There is a local debate about trick or treating; the college students always invite the kids in and they have been threatened with lockdown because of COVID. The general consensus seems to be no trick or treating at all which will disappoint a lot of Halloween costume lovers. We will see what happens, I had decided to skip it this year since we don’t get many. I feel sorry for your family in dealing with your nephew’s addictions. A sad situation.

    On to get going on the rest of the day! I need to do some serious dusting and corner vacuuming today. Otherwise, nothing too exciting is going on here. Hope you enjoy a nice weekend!
  • Jean
    I would love to see the bright orange trees. Orange is my favorite fall color.

    Today has been some what productive but then not so productive. Part of it involves going to nephews house to help sis decide where to start with selling this house. I'm going to begin cleaning and disposing of all my belongings that I left there and clean up the house and then she can start making some of the needed repairs to get it on the market. She may live here for awhile as she makes improvements at the condo. Nephew will not be living there any longer.

    This is about it for me today.

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