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  • Afternoon
    It's muggy out today. Area's above and below us are getting rain.
    I did mow with the rider yesterday and need to push mow later this afternoon. Hip is bothering me some today so I may wait till tomorrow.
    Also doing laundry.

    I have been standing my ground with sis. She doesn't like it but I do any way. Told her she has opinions an she speaks them. Told her I had opinions and I will speak mine. We are finally getting on the same page. I realize that she is still grieving over her deceased husband and I try to over look some things.
    Supposed to take nephew to the dmv today. I don't really want to go. May calla and beg and ask for tomorrow.
  • Good Morning! It doesn't seem possible that it has been 19 years since 9-11 happened. It was such an unbelievably horrific day! It is another drizzly cold day in my neighborhood. My furnace is humming away as I type. The electric blanket is washed, dried, and ready for the bed even though we are supposed to be back in the 80s next week. Tonight we are heading to a football game to watch Kolby march in the band. We will leave after the half time show. Ian is playing another hour north of "home" so we wouldn't have gone to his game any way. I guess bell choir is going to start next week, with masks of course. I'd rather wait a little longer but not my choice. It might be time for me to bow out. We got a letter from our new pastor saying his pastor wife will be ministering to two small area churches. We really need her in/at our church but it is what it is. I don't look for them to be here very long.

    Ceejay, I’m glad you are voicing your opinions to your sister. You are a nice aunt to give your nephew rides to where he needs to go. I am ready for some sunshine!

    Not much else is newsy from Iowa. Hope you are having better weather than we are, enjoy a fantastic Friday!
  • Jean
    I can remember 9/11 as though it were yesterday. I had turned the t.v on and the news was breaking about the first of the planes hitting the trade tower building. I was shocked to see another plane coming around the building to plow into the next building. I had a hard time believing that this happened.
    Our temperature is changing. At day break it will be 57. Ahhhhh Nice cool air. The a.c. is still on but tomorrow I may open some windows.
    I mowed with the rider today and weed eated the West side of the house and the front lawn. Tomorrow I will push mow on the East side of the house. I had to buy another weed eater. The other started smoking at the prongs. I put the new one together as well this afternoon.
    The magnificent willow tree will be coming down some time this week. I hate to see it go but according to my nephew C it is diseased and waiting for a good wind to bring it down.
    I put the license plates on the vehicle today. I feel like I'm legal now. Just waiting for the new title to arrive and I will be legal. Who would have thought that I would buy a California vehicle in Arkansas.
    Sis had a very hard time Sunday afternoon. We went to church and it just isn't the same. I love the people that attend there. I thought she was having a nervous breakdown. She cried so much. I know most of it is grieving. She even asked me if I thought she should have something for depression and I said YES. She later talked to her daughter and she asked her the same question. Her daughter told her to talk to a psychologist. Either would be beneficial. I feel like I would benefit from a psychologist.
  • Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny with a light breeze and low humidity. Bob took my car in early for an oil change then picked me up to go get it about forty five minutes later. I spent the morning making a casserole for lunch, dusting the most visible spots, and washing summer blankets that were on our bed. We had our P.E.O. meeting in the park yesterday. It was supposed to be a social meeting (no business conducted) with lunch in a restaurant. We opted for no lunch; it was a nice day to just sit in the park and visit. Ian and Zowie have a twenty minute band concert tomorrow night which will be on Utube, then a soccer game Thursday which we will miss because Bob has an in person church meeting, and a football game on Friday night. I hope it stays this warm for the game!

    Ceejay, I was sitting in a high school classroom when 9/11 happened. For some reason we still had the tv on even though the bell had rung for the first class to begin. I think everyone who is old enough remembers where they were when the news broke. I also remember when JFK was shot, I was sitting in a college science class. Getting some professional help might be a good idea for both you and your sister.

    Otherwise, not much newsy from Iowa. Hope you are enjoying a terrific Tuesday!
  • I started this on my laptop but the tree cutters are back to trim the pine tree away from the transformer. They cut the willow tree down yesterday. It was growing into the over head wires and diseased. The back yard is so much bigger now. Watching them yesterday was my source of entertainment. I hear a chainsaw so they must have figured out a way to start.
    Not much else is going on in my neighborhood.
    I need to finish the yard this afternoon when the tree cutters are through.

  • Good Morning! The sun is shining, wind is blowing, and it is cooler this morning. We just got a text that the football game is postponed/maybe cancelled for tomorrow night. The guess is the other team has or been exposed to COVID. That seems to be happening often around Iowa. Next week is an away game and further away so we will miss that one also. I have laundry going and need to do some more sorting. The PEO chapters plan to have a "junk in the trunk" sale in our church parking lot the last Saturday of the month. It is to raise money for a scholarship awarded in the spring. Usually there is a game night in a church, and chapters have their own fund raisers, but because of social distancing the planners decided to do this instead. I have gotten rid of quite a bit of stuff already plus I am not big on garage sales. Cars are to be parked around the lot with trunk lids open to display items. Nothing is to be priced and all money is considered a donation. I am hoping we have soccer tournaments that day! Not much is going on otherwise; I should drag out the vacuum and attack dust bunnies. I think Ernie is hanging on to his fur planning for a winter coat. Hope you enjoy a terrific Thursday!
  • Afternoon
    I'm going to get outside around 2 o'clock to finish the yard work.
    I'm fixing broccoli to go with the left over meatloaf.
    I've cleaned out the refrigerator of leftover and uneaten food and need to wash the inside.
    My cousin has come down with COVID. He's been very sick but I don't think he's gone to hospital yet. . Nephew thought he had it but was tested and was negative. Thankful for that
    The load of towels in the dryer are finished. so I'll fold them and put them away..
    Our one year old is having a birthday party on Saturday and I'm not sure I'm going. Her mother likes to throw big parties. And I don't want to be in a large crowd.
    This is about it for me.
    Hi Demaris Welcome. Join if if you want too. I'm not really on a diet but do try to watch my food intake. I'm single and 70.years old


  • Happy Monday! It is a windy, cloudy, gloomy day in my neighborhood. The thermometer says it is 72 outside but it feels damp and chilly, rain is on the way said the noon weatherman. There wasn't much money to count at church this morning so I was done and out the door before the office officially opened. The students come in another door so never hear them. I have laundry in the washer and dryer, we have had lunch, and Bob is heading to the farm for a trip to the elevator. I have more sorting to do for the SOS store and should vacuum.

    Ceejay, I hope your cousin, with COVID, is on the mend and feeling better. I hope the birthday party was small enough that you got to go.

    My dryer should be done so can fold towels and put them away. Also could do some ironing but maybe not. Hope you enjoy the rest of your day!

  • Jean
    I text with my cousin's wife Saturday night and she told me that he was doing good except that he got tired very easily. We opted not to go to the birthday party. Nephew A, children's dad, said he was still sick and didn't feel like going. So we stayed home.
    The weather is beginning to feel like fall which starts tomorrow. The high today is supposed to be 77 degree's. I'm loving it. I don't think that we will get rain this week and things are getting dry.
    I made my version of minestrone soup this week end. Sis had some different chicken broth that really enhanced the soup. I'll be making this again. Sis made cornbread. I had soup and cornbread today for lunch.
    Sis had another grieving session on Saturday. The crying episodes are so deep and long that it bothers me. I got out side and let her go. I cut the fennel patch down. Now I need to cut up some branches that I picked up and cut off some trees earlier this summer. Then I can clean up this area of the yard.
    I've been looking at changing my vision and dental plans but think I'll keep them for now. I didn't like being restricted as to what Dr's I could use but I've been with the same ones for 4 years so what's the difference. I am changing pharmacies. I don't like the mail ordering style. I' going to use one in a town next to ours.
    The cows have been roaming the pasture today. They go from one end to the other.
    I've also got some laundry in the washer that needs to be transferred to the dryer.
    My car dealership called this morning and told me the extra key was in may go tomorrow to Harrison, Arkansas and pick that up. Then spend the night in Branson with sis. This will give me an outing.
    Think I'll go for a walk in the park. I need to get outside.
  • Surprise! I finally have things calmed down and getting back to normal. What a crazy few months this has been.

    Jack is doing well with his knee replacement. He’s two weeks out from his surgery and is climbing stairs now and his therapist says his knee bend is 130 degrees which he says is fantastic. He gets his staples out today, which are driving him nuts. He has two on his thigh and two on his calf, which are where they placed the electrical stuff for the robotic arm then a whole long row down his knee. He says skin on right side of knee is numb and that is permanent because they had to cut nerves.

    I am doing ok, but tired all the time. That’ll get better eventually but now we go, go, go for all his appts and he can’t drive himself. I have been working on a new knitting project. It is a cap sleeved hip length vest in gray, pink and white stripes. It is for my bff’s bday next year. It’s an easy project so I take it with me on appt days because I don’t need the pattern. I have to sit in the car because the office doesn’t allow anyone but patients.

    CeeJay: I hope you are doing well and I’ll catch up on what’s going on.

    Jean: Thanks for your emails. Glad the kids and grandkids are doing well.
  • Almost afternoon here and we have for the next couple days due to tropical storm sweeping up and around. Jack wrenched his back putting air in back tire yesterday so no rehab today. Can’t say I’m sorry. I’ve been vegging this morning but need to get laundry and dishes taken care of at least. I made myself a little individual pizza for lunch and burned it because I forgot to adjust temp fir convection oven. I ate it anyway. A little charcoal can’t hurt.

    I’ve been scouting out hotels for next year. We are making it a full 2 week vacation since we haven’t been able to even take weekend trips this year. I’ve changed my mind about a couple as it irks me to spend $190 for a hotel in Chattanooga of all places, but same hotel in Ft Lauderdale is $148 and in Miami is $104! I mean geez why is Chattanooga such a hotspot. So am going with a remodeled Homewood Suites for Chattanooga about $70 less. I’m keeping an eye on airline prices even though it’s a good 6 months before I can book my bff’s flight. I want nonstops and certain time frames. She has to drive to Chicago a good 2 hr drive so don’t want her and family to have to get up in the middle of the night to go. We have one more month and RCCL will be cruising again. MSC started cruising a month ago and not a hint that they’ve had virus issues and you know that’d be all over the news if even one was on board.

    Well lollygagging is done. Have a good one.
  • Good Afternoon! It is another beautiful day in my neighborhood! I typed a post three times yesterday and finally gave up! Half way through the post would just disappear never to be seen again. I've been to get my nails done and to the grocery store this morning. There were a lot of empty shelves and I mentioned it to the checker about panic buying again; she said other people have mentioned that too. She had heard it will be Pinesol this time around. There were no paper towels, Campbell's cream of mushroom soup, and very little tp. I may head to the other store this afternoon or WM first thing in the morning. I haven't been able to get that Ramen oriental flavored soup since March, maybe the Chinese quit making it. Kolby is marching at the homecoming game tomorrow night, no parade this year. They were scheduled for three home games but one has been moved out of town so we will only go twice. Two weeks ago it was a rainy day.

    Ceejay, I am glad your cousin is feeling better and hope your nephew is too. Our funeral home offers a several week course In grieving. I have heard it is very helpful and maybe something like that would be available for your sister. I know everyone handles death differently. How do you like your new car?

    ”Gma,” it’s good to have you back with us! I’m glad Jack is doing well with his new knee. I had to chuckle at you eating charcoal pizza crust. I wondered what project you have been knitting. I get the urge to do counted cross stitch again but have a Christmas stocking I started many years ago I should finish. Neither will most likely happen. I have been sorting through clothes and getting rid of clothes I either don’t wear, don’t like, or doesn’t fit. I went through a phase of thinking I would lose weight and fit into something I bought because I liked it. Now it fits and I don’t like it as much as I thought I did. Not too smart on my part!

    I need to get back to my sorting project and keep thinking I will work in the basement when the painters are upstairs painting. Some aren't willing to come while our virus numbers are climbing again so have no idea when that will happen. Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Wednesday! September is winding down fast!
  • 9/23/2020
    I'm using my tablet this afternoon. Didn't want to wag the laptop around with me. I made my trip to Harrison, Arkansas to the dealership to pick up my extra key. I'm now at sissy condo in Branson. I will be spending the night. Tomorrow I need to pick up nephew and take him to urgent care. He's having a hard time getting rid of some MRSA. He treats it then it comes back.
    I'm loving they new vehicle. It drives so well. I think it is one of these cars that will drive itself cause when there is as curve it senses it.
    Glad to see you posting again. I forgotten about your dh having knee surgery. Glad he is doing better.
    She just called and told me they had Godfathers pizza delivered for lunch and she could bring me home some leftovers. Yum
    more later.
  • I came in and posted yesterday and lost it and didnít have time to do it again. Jack had an early morning dermatology appt we had to get to and I got tied up doing things the rest of the day. Today is another rehab day then I have Saturday free and Sunday I have to take him for a haircut. I think weíll go out to lunch after if he feels up to it.

    Heís feeling the pinch of being home all the time I think. He is doing very well though. He took a shower yesterday and that means getting in and out of the tub. His ortho dr is extremely impressed with his range of motion. Heís doing some chores again even though he still uses a cane just in case. No more hip and knee pain though so thatís big plus having it done. Heíll have to wait a year then he can get the other one done.

    I ordered a pair of these hard soled booty style slippers to wear in the house and they are great. I have been having ankle problems lately because of arthritis and these give me more stability because they come up over the ankle like a boot. They arenít the most gorgeous things ever, but they work and thatís all I care about.

    CeeJay: I didnít go back and read posts. What kind of car did you buy? We are going to buy a new one after the cruise next year. Our MKS is 5 yrs old and only has 40,000 miles so between that and the new car we should be set for years then. Jack wants the new car pd off before he retires. He has the Mariner to drive back and forth to work. Weíll have the MKS and the new one for everything else.

    Jean: We still have on and off problems with paper towels and I havenít been able to get Lysol Laundry Sanitizer for months. Of course no hand sanitizer. I made a batch of my own with alcohol and aloe vera gel. Itís less thick, but it works. We did a grocery pick up at Krogers on Monday and there were about 10 police cars and police tape surrounding the whole gas station. A 16 yr old kid was dead and another in hospital. Some guy at the pump had dropped his key fob and walked away from car to see where he dropped it. A couple in a black Suv, which itself was stolen, tried to steal the car. So much for blm as they all were and an innocent 16 yr old who just happen to be there. We found a bullet hole in our garage the other day! All our neighbors are the same. Itís disgusting every place has become a war zone.

    Everyone have a good day. Going to bounce on morning chores, get breakfast, and get the day going.
  • 9/25/2020
    I'm using my tablet again this morning.
    I bought another Rav4. This one is dark gray. And it's loaded. I'm loving the backup camera and it's all wheel drive. My other rav4 is 10 years old with 83k miles on her.
    I called nephew yesterday to let him know I was on my take him to the doctor but no answer. Called him again half w.ay there still no answer. When I got there I rang the door bell but still no answer. The door was open so I called to him and no answer. I finally saw him on the couch. Kicked the bottom of his foot to wake him up. Asked him if he were ready to go and then I saw he was in no shape to go anywhere I asked him if he had been drinking but he said no. I told him from your actions you are doing something. I asked him what he was taking and he told me. I never heard of it so I looked it up on the internet
    I hated to leave him in that state but I did. When my sis called she asked about the doctor's trip. I told he was in no shape to go. And told her he was stoned.
    I'm through with the whole mess. Rehab doesn't do him any goof.
    Our weather will be more like Fall next week. On the drive back yesterday, I noticed that the trees are beginning to change colors, and that made me smile. Its 62 this morning and I'm loving it.