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Jean 07-20-2020 07:37 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #62
Good Evening! Itís been a nice day in my neighborhood today, a little cooler and sunny with the exception of ten minutes of rain this morning. I dusted and vacuumed plus washed a load of towels. Otherwise it has been a ho hum kind of day.

ĒGma,Ē it was good to ďseeĒ you today! After so many days in the 90s it almost seems like a cold wave has hit here. Iím not complaining but love having the sliding doors and windows open. So far no one is mowing tonight, nice and quiet. Iím sorry about Jack having to go back to the doctorís office again. You begin to wonder if anyone does their job right the first time. :( We replaced our wood deck with vinyl and now some of those boards have warped. There are a few puddles if it rains enough. There is a corner post that is loose and Bob said the inside post is supposed to be in cement. Knowing the goofus who built it makes me wonder about his ability. The guy did a half a** job of replacing four oak steps in the living room and Bob tore them out then redid them with new.

We are going to try and hook up the laptop to the tv so we can watch Ianís last ball game live streamed. Otherwise will be watching it on the laptop. Hope you all enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

Jean 07-21-2020 01:52 PM

Ceejay, sounds like you are keeping busy with church, seeing your nephews and their families, mowing, and eye appointment! I always am glad when the different appointments are done. I have one with the dentist in August, Bob says she wears a “hazmat” getup. :lol: Enjoy your day today! :wave:

ceejay52 07-21-2020 06:19 PM

Jean small
I do like to keep busy and one of the reason's I moved here was to be around family. I still need to find a different dentist that is closer to home. The one in Branson that I've used for 2 years has never called me back and I'm tired of waiting. I should finish the weed eating but wanted to weed the tomatoes for sis. She has a small tomato and a small eggplant. Was going to weed the strawberries but to many new runners. I know how to plant them but to be on the safe side I'll let sis.

Going to try a different way of eating. I've looked up a arthritis food plan and will try that for a week and also try to do some yoga moves that is supposed to help with arthritis. I hate these painful flare ups. And try either walking and or bicycle for a while to see if that helps. Even though right now walking hurts.

This is about it for the day. Have a great evening.

Jean 07-22-2020 01:00 PM

Good Morning! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood; sunny, 72 degrees, and quiet. I have laundry in the washer and dryer right now and that is the sum of my morning efforts besides getting dressed. I need to make a serious grocery list, visit the Verizon store to get my phone alarm "bark" back on instead of a weenie ring, and stop at Walgreens. Not sure if I will do the errands this afternoon or tomorrow after a pedicure.

Ceejay, our new neighbor planted tomatoes in large flower pots and the plants are huge. I haven’t seen any tomatoes yet. The neighbor on the other side has a large garden and has always shared with us. I tried to talk Bob into building an above ground garden box but he didn’t take my hints. We drive by one yard that has several boxes when we go to Ian’s games. For some reason we are seeing lots of sunflowers this year. Good luck with the new eating plan. I hope it helps it helps the pain. I have a sore heel right on the edge and don’t know that I did anything to cause it

Not much exciting from my corner of the world today. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

ceejay52 07-22-2020 04:03 PM

It's 91 degree's but it feel's like 98. That's too hot for me.
We had some clouds roll in but no rain. Will need to water later on this afternoon.
Nephew A called and wanted me to take him to the office this morning, laptop problems again. I'm seeing a pattern here that matches the last alcohol problem. I'm hoping that's not true.
No other news.

gma22 07-23-2020 01:06 PM

Good morning. Itís pleasant right now but not going to last long. Jack took a sick day because he had an ortho appt. His surgery date is August 26th. They are doing it at St Francis, which is nice because itís just down the road and itís where all my surgeries were done so we know the hospital inside and out. He has to go for blood tests, CT scan, pre admission stuff. He ran to grocery store afterwards for a couple things and came home having spent $90! :lol: Cookies, cinnamon rolls, creamed chipped beef, etc, etc. Yippee I got rice, margarine, and thatís it.

I have a darn headache this morning, probably because I need more water. I easily get dehydrated and more than likely I didnít get enough water yesterday. I lined up some bottles on the side table to make sure I drink them all today. It doesnít help itís raining like crazy at the moment.

CeeJay: All kids are adorable. I miss my boys being little, but they do grow up. I sure hope your nephew eventually turns himself around permanently. It can be done. Hope you find a good dentist.

Jean: It has been so hot and humid here. You feel like you donít want to do anything. No one seems to care about how jobs are done anymore. I was talking to Jack about that the other night. Hope Ian wins his last game!

Everyone stay safe. I decided to make a one night reservation at the Hyatt Place across the street from the hospital. That way I donít have to fool with putting the scooter back on the lift Iíll just ride it across the street and leave the car parked in the hospital lot. I can order in dinner from Grubhub and have it delivered and eat breakfast at the hotel.

ceejay52 07-23-2020 09:59 PM

It's been hot and humid today. To hot to work outside.
Nephew A called and asked for another ride to the office. More computer problems. sigh. Makes me want to trade cars so I won't have to go into town that often. I have a couple of vehicles that I really like, the subaru outback and the chevy Equinox.
Nephew C called while I was at the gym wanting to know about some flowers he planted this weekend. It's hard to work out wearing a mask. Throat got really dry and I forgot my water. I bought some as I left the gym. They have covers over the water fountains. I just now sent him some pictures. This wild flower bed looks amazing. Wild flowers gathered by my nephew.

Good idea to book a room across from the hospital.

Jean 07-24-2020 10:39 AM

Good Morning! It's another bright sunny morning and warming up to 99 degrees this afternoon. The next few days are supposed to be hot and we are already very dry. We are on a local mandatory water conservation plan as of yesterday. Alternate sides of the street can water flowers and yards between 5AM and 7AM according to their house number. Those that do not take the local newspaper nor listen to the radio will have no clue. They do as they please anyway with no consequences. :mad: I need to pick up gift shop money this morning, another employees only sale this week. Christmas items are starting to arrive but no volunteers allowed in the building to mark prices so boxes will go to storage for now. After a trip to the bank, I need to drop books off at the library, and pick up a tomato for BLTs over the weekend. Maybe I will remember what else I forgot :rolleyes: on my last grocery trip before I get there. It's good we live close to town!

”Gma,” I had to :lol: at what Jack brought home from the grocery store. When Bob goes with me and we are at the check out, he always says, “I wonder how that got in the cart or who picked that out?” If I send him for something specific that’s all he usually brings home. Now that we have to wear masks he doesn’t want to go. August 26 seems like a long time to wait so I hope it goes fast for Jack; waiting is the hard part. It’s nice you can stay across from the hospital when Jack has his surgery. Grubhub is a cute name for a restaurant. Ian’s team was invited to play in another tournament but unfortunately the town is even further away. I’m hoping they will video it. I don’t know why the home town doesn’t host because they have such a nice new complex, concession stand, clean restrooms, and a central playground for younger kids not interested in watching the games.

Ceejay, I’m sure your nephew appreciates the rides you provide. It’s too bad his tech support can’t fix the problem when he is home. I just read on FB all the health problems prolonged mask wearing can cause. But again, one can’t believe everything they see on FB! I would hate to have to wear one for an eight hour job. We’ve had teachers already say they will resign if the situation is such with crowded classrooms and mandatory masks. I’m sure the district would have to provide the students’ masks. Scary for sure. The district is asking churches to provide space for classes but want the church to provide the janitorial and disinfecting duties. We have a part time janitor who relies on volunteers to help what he can’t do. I’m sure all schools and colleges will struggle with decisions. Good luck on car shopping! :D

Hope to see you all post today! Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 07-24-2020 01:05 PM

It's almost noon and I have no idea what to have for lunch. One of the disadvantages of living in a small town is that I can't run to fast foods but I like it.
I'm cleaning and doing laundry once again. Getting ready for the kiddo's tonight. Going to meet them in Battlefield for pizza.
Since I've not been stressing over calories I've been eating better and have lost a couple of pounds the past couple of weeks. I had to many heavy snacks last night and that I'm going to change.
I'm getting my allergies under control. They almost got the best of me at the first of the week. If I'm working out in the yard I'm going to have to wear a mask.
Have a great afternoon.

Jean 07-26-2020 06:46 PM

Good Afternoon! It's been a cloudy and very humid day in my neighborhood. Mid afternoon the heat warning was 87 degrees feeling like 99; I'm glad the sun wasn't out! We had a short rain shower this morning and another few drops this afternoon. Strange weather continues, it is supposed to be cooling down. We went to church online again this morning. Our local church is planning church in the park services the last three Sundays in August. It will be bring your own lawn chair, water, no hand shaking/hugging, and no singing. Otherwise I washed some dishes I don't put in the dishwasher, and read my book. I think I've read it before but don't remember "who done it" and forgot to initial the inside pocket. :(

Ceejay, I hope you enjoyed your weekend with you great nephews and niece. :yes: I’m convinced the more I think about what to eat or not to eat is much more stressful than just watching portions and being aware of getting appropriate food groups. I’m sure I have probably asked but what do you take for your allergies? I finally quit taking anything thinking nothing really helped much. Some days are better than others but as long as I can sleep at night I won’t complain. Even though I wear a mask I get the urge to sneeze when I’m in a store. I shop fast! :lol:

I need to put dishes away and clear off the counter. Also need to make a "to do list" and cross things off! I am so good at putting things off! :rolleyes: I want to make an appointment with the cemetery marker guy this week and need to get Ernie to the vet to get his claws trimmed, ears cleaned, and blood checked plus work on Maddy's birthday list. Hope you have had a good day and enjoy your evening! :wave:

ceejay52 07-26-2020 08:36 PM

I take over the counter Allegra and use FLonaise I have to be careful though cause these things do make my blood go up. Plans changed Friday afternoon as sis called to tell me that the middle child had a fever. And sis and I do not need to be around that. However I was coming down with something and didn't feel worth a dime. and Saturday things went from bad to worse. My coughing got worse and my throat got sore. I've lost my voice so I didn't go to church this morning. I'm feeling better but I' still don't have much of a voice. However, my throat doesn't hurt as bad . I must of strained my larynx when coughing, Sis said she could hear me all over the house Saturday and closed the door.

Not much else going on. Atill hot and humid.

gma22 07-26-2020 09:25 PM

Good evening! We had a whopper of a rain storm today. We were watching the Cubs play. I think the whole MLB thing is idiocy, but what do I know. They stick cardboard ďpeopleĒ in the stands and have canned music, applause, etc. Soooooo dumb.

I bought a stand type fan for the kitchen so we could use the oven. Because the downstairs is so open, you use the oven and even with AC on it heats up. The fan helped a lot. I put it at the end of the kitchen facing towards laundry room so it push hot air towards pantry instead of into living room. So, I fixed meat loaf, scalloped potatoes and baked beans. Itís one of Jackís favorite.

I had to order more masks just in case. I have a waxing appt tomorrow and you have to go up to the door, follow the directions then wait for your gal to text you to come in. It is a bugger for me because, parking is very minimal and the curb is very high making it hard for me to get up and down, but once I have the info, future apots I can sit in the car, check in and wait until sheís ready for me. I havenít been since February because of closing then was ill two appts and had to cancel. Luckily, my brows are light colored and donít grow much.

CeeJay: Youíve become a regular taxi service it sounds like. I think weíre going to buy a Pacifica the end of next year. It should last a long time as weíll just use it to take trips or grocery shop. Jack will keep the Mariner for work and the MKS only has 35000 miles on it so itís good for awhile too. We want to go ahead and buy another new car so it can be pd off by the time Jack retires. Where do you go for pizza? I donít think we have good places here. My two favorites are in IN. I bought these throat lozenges at Amazon that are honey, lemon, and silver. They are great without being too strong. I get slight sore throats from Gerd and they take care of it right away.

Jean: Jack had to go back to store today because he forgot lunchmeat for his lunches on Saturdays trip. He came home today with Mounds candy bars, chocolate cookies, cheddar potato chips, and cinnamon rolls. :dizzy: He was supposed to get a ham steak, lunchmeat, sliced cheese, bread. :lol: He reminds me of the kid on the commercials who grabs stuff of the shelves and tries to hide it. :lol: Grubhub is a delivery service here. You order online from their restaurant choices in the area and they pick it up at the restaurant and deliver it to your home or whatever. Iíve never used them before because Jack doesnít trust delivery to get things right, but I have no choice, really. The restaurant Iíll order from is just down the street so it should stay hot. If not, the room has a microwave.

Everyone have a good week!

ceejay52 07-27-2020 08:47 PM

Not much is going on today. I did start with a 10 minute bike ride this morning on my personal bike Then gathered up some more cardboard boxes and put them in the trash container. And then straightened up my small corner of the garage. I'm going to work out there some more in the morning. Some things can be organized to give more room. I transplanted my peace lilly into a bigger pot. It looks very happy.
Nephew A called to see if I could take him to the doctor. His knee has been bothering him. Not sure what happened but it is swollen. We have to wait outside so I waited in the car and it came a down pour. It was raining when I left the house ,and rained again after I got home. The rain was much needed.
More later
Hello's to all.

Jean 07-28-2020 11:51 AM

Good Morning! It's a cloudy morning and 57 degrees when I came downstairs early this morning. There is just a slight breeze blowing, wish it would blow in some rain. I made a WM list over the weekend and Bob added a couple things for the office. Somehow I misplaced my list and was determined I wouldn't go without it. My car is clutter free except for library books I need to return but I even moved the seats thinking maybe it landed underneath somehow. I cleaned out my purse, no luck there either. I jotted down a few of the things I remembered then dug out the junk paper recycle bag. There wasn't much in there because yesterday was recycle day but there was my list! I'm the one who goes through the junk mail so am sure I tossed the list in the process. I will plan to go to WM first thing tomorrow! Our church is pushing “free” backpacks full of supplies again this year. Because of COVID the parents had to call the church and set up an appointment to pick up the backpack outside. There was a Spanish speaking gal on one phone line, second language on another, and English on another. They had so many calls coming in it over loaded the system and set off the fire alarm. The secretary lives out in the country and had to come in to turn it off. I’m not sure why the fire dept. couldn’t come but maybe they would have charged for the trip. I have laundry in the washer and dryer, have fed the cats and critters, and now on to making a potato salad!

Ceejay, I hope your cough and sore throat are gone, or at least you feel better. Allegra makes me think of music; maybe I will try that. I need to sort through my OTC boxes and pitch the ones that are almost gone. I’ve had a few really good days so not taking anything right now. I had to smile at your peace lily being happy. I hope your nephew’s knee turns out to be nothing too serious. Good for you on the bike ride and cleaning in the garage!

“Gma,” We had the Cubs vs the Twins game on the other night. I wasn’t paying any attention so don’t know who won and Bob fell asleep so doubt he knew either. He has been live trapping baby possums and transplanting them to the country. Having seen pictures of mommas with babies on her back, I think he will be busy for awhile. I could share Jack’s grocery loot with him except I like caramel rolls better. Our WM has a few shelves, where you first walk in, full of all the gizmos advertised on tv. They have closed one entrance but the doors will still open so people have been going in and ignoring the employee telling they have to go to the other door. Stupid!

My eggs and potatoes are waiting so need to get busy. Hope you all have a good day and enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

Jean 07-28-2020 11:54 AM

Funny weird thing, the second language I typed in looked like a swear word. :woohoo:

ceejay52 07-30-2020 12:12 PM

Weird things happen on this site. It wouldn't surprise me in the least what will happen next. Cough and sore throat are just about gone. Still have some lingering hoarseness episodes. But this too shall pass.

I love Godfather's pizza. I think it's the sauce they use.

I went into Battlefield yesterday morning to check on nephew A. He's been having some depression along with anxiety issues. It bothered me. He was okay. I bought his lunch and then came back home.
He's a big baby when it comes to his knee. He said he hurt it playing softball. He slid into second base.
Nephew called this morning to go take him to the office but some one was going to the house.
Told sis last night that I'm getting a new vehicle for my birthday.
We got some much needed rain yesterday. And last night the rain was hitting the roof of the house hard. Laid in bed listening to it.

Jean 07-30-2020 12:58 PM

Good Morning! It's a beautiful cool morning in my neighborhood! The "cold front" came through last night and areas around us got some much needed rain, but not us. :( We need it badly, the crops are beginning to look stressed as are the farmers. My sliding doors and windows are open, love the fresh air blowing through! I need to make a grocery run; my once a month coffee friend, whom I haven't seen since March, had her hip replaced and I want to make some food for her. She put it off because of COVID and I thought indefinitely until things settled down but not the case. She is so organized, always cooks then freezes individual servings for herself. I have a small load in the washer, Bob is going on a tractor ride and wanted his shirt with his tractor picture on it. I was waiting for more things to wash with it but time is running out. The ride is Saturday.

Ceejay, Godfather’s pizza is my favorite too! :T Unfortunately ours closed. You are such a caring aunt and sister for your family! I hope they appreciate all you do for them! Have you decided what kind of vehicle you want? Bob made the comment his pickup is quieter than my car. I really notice the road noise on the interstate and not sure if it is the type of pavement or the car itself. We downsized last time so that may be part of it. I really notice how hot my lap is when it’s sunny and hot outside. He said because it is smaller and we sit closer to the windshield. I’d go back to a Buick in a heartbeat but the local dealership is not locally owned anymore and their customer service stinks. Bob blew his top when they tried to charge us for something they shouldn’t have and won’t go back there. I can tell when he is ready to trade because we start driving through car lots “just looking.” :lol:

My washer should be done and I need to think about something for lunch, leftover grilled chicken for starters. Sometimes I feel like all I do is fix food, clean up the kitchen, then it's time to do it again. Hope you all have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 07-31-2020 12:00 PM

I saw where the CEO of Godfathers passed away this week with the COVID
Not much else is happening. I'm going into Battlefield this afternoon to take nephew A's son to the dentist. We will not be getting the kids this week as the oldest boy has a 102 temp. Last week it was the middle child.
Nephew C sent me a text yesterday asking me not to go to the gym until this whole thing is over. I'm so blessed to have these people in my life. I rode my air bike yesterday It gives both an upper and lower body work out. It is similar to the NU STEP.
We have been getting an abundance of rain but we needed it. We had thunder and lightening last night and early this morning a heavy rain woke me up. We are having Fall like temperatures this week and I could get used to that.

If I had space in the freezer I could prepare meals like your friend does. Sis has the freezer full of food.

Nothing else going on.

Jean 07-31-2020 12:38 PM

Good Morning! It's another cool sunny morning in my neighborhood. I have checked my recipes and been to the grocery store; there seemed to be more masks today. A neighbor a couple houses away is putting a new deck on his house so lots of banging going on.

Ceejay, I’m sorry you won’t get to see the little kids this weekend but you won’t have to worry about catching whatever it is they are passing around. :) I wish you could share your rain with us, we really need it! Scattered rain showers are predicted for tomorrow but I’ll believe it when I see it.

I need to cut up watermelon and cantaloupe for lunch so better get that done. Hope you all have a nice day and do something you enjoy! ​:wave:

Jean 08-03-2020 04:36 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has been in and out all day and it is much cooler today. I wore a jacket this morning to run a couple errands and Bob just came inside to change from shorts to jeans. He is cleaning out the shed to get to the lawn dethatcher (?) a guy wants to borrow. We have had a kitten explosion! Momma #1 had hers on Friday in a junk pile underneath an open deck behind us. Why she didn't go to the enclosed deck next door is beyond me. Momma #2 had hers in the kitty house yesterday. #2 has at least three and they cry up a storm when she comes out to eat. The early summer kitten belongs to #2 we think. He/she keeps trying to get in the kitty house with the rest. He/she will let me pick him/her up and has been inside the sliding doors for a bit, then wants back outside. Ernie isn't too sure but "Baby" tries to love him. I have been doing laundry, dusted, and vacuumed this afternoon! Yesterday we were invited to my stepsister's for lunch. We hadn't seen them since the funeral for her mom in January. They are in a hotspot because there is a prison there but they are like us, wear masks when shopping and social distancing otherwise.

My dryer should be done and ready for the next load so better keep moving. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

ceejay52 08-04-2020 10:05 AM

Not much going on . It's a beautiful day with sun shining ,low humidity and a North wind. I've been working outside.
I see a few cows out in the pasture next door. Maybe they will come up closer to our side of the fence. I'd like to make a picture of them.
Will post more later. I started this yesterday and am trying to decide if I want to go vote.

Jean 08-06-2020 11:36 AM

Good Morning! It's a beautiful morning in my neighborhood and warmer than yesterday. It is supposed to be in the mid 80s this afternoon and tomorrow. This morning Ernie went to the vet for a glucose check, nails trimmed, ears cleaned out, and more expensive food. I figured we might be looking at $200 range but it was only $58. Because Ernie is so big he travels in a larger carrier and Bob goes along to carry him. We still have to wait in the parking lot but the vet came out to talk to us. All is well except his weight is a bit high at 18#s. Since the SOS store will be open tomorrow, for donations, I have several nylon jackets waiting for the washer, and some nicer clothes I no longer wear to sort through for them. I have lots of greeting cards I have purchased just to have on hand and need to sort/organize those. They have outgrown the original box and I can never find what I am looking for. :rolleyes:

Ceejay, you mentioned voting, what was the vote for? I have found it interesting to see voting by mail pros and cons on FB. I especially liked the Florida cat who was notified and it had been dead for 12 years. My stepmom just got her stimulus check and she died in January! Makes me wonder about the people hired for jobs. We have a school vote coming up to extend some sort of tax that renews every so many years. Iowa doesn’t tax food and I think they should because everyone eats! ;) The local paper said they are having trouble finding poll workers so I can imagine how chaotic the presidential election will be. I think people need to vote in person with a photo ID! Absentee voting would be the same, in person or forget it. :dunno:

My washer is finished so on to the next load. Hope you have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 08-06-2020 02:04 PM

Our election was for state officials etc.

Weather has been beautiful. It's a little warmer today but there is a slight south breeze. I've finished the weeding on the patio. Now onto the garden to weed there. It didn't look to bad yesterday and saw a green bell pepper and a few tomatoes. Something has just about eaten the leaves off the eggplant. The asparagus is looking very good.

Jean 08-08-2020 01:12 PM

Good Morning! It is a cloudy humid morning in my neighborhood, it's a good thing the sun isn't shining or it would be really miserable. Counting at church this morning balanced in short order but then the computer wouldn't print out the reports. My friend does her one page report first then I do my pages after I have entered the money to the correct person or account. Lucky for us the secretary's computer and her printer worked fine, it just took longer for me to redo my part. One our very generous members gave $25,000 for utilities! He has done that for the last few years. I stopped at the grocery store on my way home and noticed several items I buy have gone up in price. We got our water bill yesterday and it was $81 where usually it runs around $60. Bob called and the reading was for 45 days instead of 30. :mad: I have a 9" cake in the oven and sheets in the washer.

Ceejay, I bet the presidential election turns out to be a major mess! I am so sick of the two gals on the local tv calling each other liars! I now understand why my dad said he wore out his mute button! :lol: Bob finally mowed and had to go back and bag the grass it was so long. The place where he can dump it was closed so it was fermenting in the back of the pickup for a day. Stinks!

My cake should be about done so need to make the frosting. Hope you enjoy a nice day! :wave:

Jean 08-09-2020 04:25 PM

Good Afternoon! After lightning, thunder, much needed rain during the night, and a dark gloomy morning the sun has come out and it's very humid and sticky. The air and ceiling fans are back on! We went to church online again, wish we lived closer so we could attend there every Sunday. Next week our own church is supposed to have church in the park. We'll see how that goes with no singing but the band contributing the music and a collection box for money. I have been sorting through greeting cards and will sort again to donate what I know I won't use to the SOS store. I like cards, and used to send a lot of them but not so much any more. Momma cat moved her kittens back into the cat house during the night. Her first spring baby keeps trying to get in too and has "helped" bathe the tiny newborns when momma brings them out on the deck. Makes me nervous! :hyper: I have rescued more than one and put them back in the house but she took all three back to the woodpile a little while ago.

Maddy turns 17 on Tuesday and we are going over tomorrow night for a birthday supper. We were always at the cabin and made home made ice cream for her birthday. I need to get back to my sorting project. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

ceejay52 08-10-2020 04:06 PM

Afternoon on this hot day
I pushed mowed what sis was supposed to except for the ditches. I refuse. Think that's where I hurt my hip cause you have to push the mower on a slant and stand below it. I took several breaks but I did get my steps in for the day. It's not that big of a deal to mow, just the ditches. I need to trim some low branches on a couple of trees so I can get closer to the with out losing my cap.
We had company yesterday afternoon. My nephew C came out and brought the girls. One is 10 and the baby is 17 months. The 17 month old is talking some now. C brought some more plants to put in his flower bed. Gave me instructions to make pictures when they bloom and send it to him. and keep it watered!!!
We are supposed to have a severe thunderstorm this afternoon, early evening. Any thing to break this heat. I got spoiled last week with the gorgeous weather.
The organ at church finally gave up the ghost. I offered to let them have mine to use. I haven't learned how to play it and it's just sitting in the way at my nephew A's. I'm not coordinated enough to play.

Have a good afternoon and stay safe from the COVID and stay cool.

ceejay52 08-11-2020 09:48 AM

Looks like the rain is skirting us again but it is overcast this morning.
I missed a phone call this morning from sis stating that nephew A called an ambulance last night to take him to the doctor. She suspects him to be drinking and told me not to have anything to do with him today. The only way for me to do this is to block him on my phone.
I trimmed one of the tree's yesterday and it looks a lot better. Now to get the other tree done.
The neighbors cows have been up next to the fence but have moved back down the pasture. I love country living.
My small load of whites are finished washing so I'll put them in the dryer. and start my bed sheets. always something to do.

Jean 08-12-2020 06:42 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has been in and out all day long; it is more hot and humid as the day progressed. I ran some errands this morning and had my nails done. Our daily Sioux City newspaper has gone digital on Monday and Tuesday with a recap of those two days on Wednesday. Neither one of us read it online and don't feel like we missed much after reading it today. This afternoon I did some much needed dusting and will vacuum tomorrow. The dryer vent came off the wall yesterday and the laundry room felt like a sauna! My washer and dryer sit on pedestals so a pain to work behind. My hero vacuumed and reattached the hose again. Not sure what is going on with Ernie but he has diarrhea, a puddle yesterday and again this afternoon. He wouldn't eat his tuna fish last night so didn't get his insulin. He did eat the canned this morning but don't think he has touched his hard food at all. I called the vet about 4:30 but haven't been called back. Probably won't until tomorrow now. :(

Ceejay, there was a major storm south of us on Monday. It was called a redecho but the pictures look like a tornado to me. Where my stepsister’s daughter lives, in Eastern Iowa, is still without power, cell phones, etc. There were pictures of corn fields laying flat, the destruction is so sad! We were very lucky, just dark angry clouds and some rain. Also sad about your nephew. Playing an organ is definitely different than playing the piano. Can you make friends with the cows who come to visit you? ;)

Bob just got home from working on his tractor so guess it is time to think about supper. Enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

ceejay52 08-13-2020 09:18 AM

I worked in the yard yesterday. It was in the 80's and was really nice. I got a lot done. At least I will not be losing my cap when I go under tree's. Told sis I was going to be like Absalom whose hair got caught on a tree branch and hung himself. (Old Testament Bible story}
It's cloudy this morning but the rain is skirting us again. I watered the veggie garden and flower beds yesterday so they should be good.
I made a meatloaf for dinner last night. It was good.
Today I'm going to be doing laundry and cleaning house.

I've never heard of a red echo. When I made the picture of the cow they were close to the fence.but when the saw me they went in the opposite direction.

Jean 08-14-2020 12:07 PM

Good Morning! The humidity is hanging on, sun is shining, and the temperature is going up. Thunderstorms are predicted for later this afternoon. Zowie's first soccer game is at 5 so hope it either gets rained out or the rain waits until afterwards. Ernie ate a couple bites of his tuna fish last night so got his insulin. He still isn't peeing as often nor pooping normal. [img]/dir-icon/0/2/frown.icon[/img] I have to pick up gift shop money after lunch then we are counting church money this afternoon. Tomorrow is the free backpack giveaway and we didn't want to get caught in the middle of that. It is by appointment and drive by only so will be interesting. I know the gal in charge has put in many hours shopping and putting together individual bags for specific children. Sunday is our church in the park so will see how that goes. Two more weeks and our real live pastor is supposed to be here.

Ceejay, as I see more pictures of the storm damage in eastern Iowa I just can’t imagine the destruction. It did not made national news so help was slow in coming. County fair animals are going for state showing; I feel bad for the kids raising these animals and knowing what will happen to them. I could never do that. All my farm animals would be pets! Bob says cows are good pets ;) When you mention meatloaf you inspire me to make one. Mine just never turn out as good as they used to. :(

I need to address some church birthday cards so better get that done. Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday! :wave:

ceejay52 08-16-2020 07:02 PM

I've been to church. We had approximately 25. Afterwards sis and I ate lunch at home. She put a roast in the crock pot. It was good. About 2 got out and mowed. Had to air up the riding mowers tire. It registered 11.5 pounds and needed 14. Love sis's air pump. She pushed mowed. I'll weed eat tomorrow. Sh'e working in her flower bed. Think she's realized she's done more than she can keep up with, even with me helping. Her hubby did most of the work for her. I'll do some but not all.

My deceased bil's daughter lives is Cedar Rapids, Iowa. She said they didn't had a tree left and no power at home but the house was not touched. She's supposed to send pictures as soon as she can get her phone charged. She said her work was okay.

Hello to gma.

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