Steel Magnolias — #61

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  • Good morning. Our temps have stayed mid 90’s for awhile now. We are going to continue in this vein for awhile. We need to buzz weeds and spray but the heat and humidity are so bad we just have to wait. It doesn’t cool off much at night.

    Jack is waiting for ortho dr to get all tests back. Dopes at the doctors lost his urine specimen so he had to go back in again. In the meantime, the knee is getting worse. He is limping pretty badly now all the time. The foreman has been kind to him not giving him climbing jobs and thankfully they haven’t been busy.

    Our back patio was laid as concrete mixed with those tiny stones. From what I understand, decades ago my son in law and friends built a wooden frame deck over the concrete slab. It now has started rotting and needs to be torn up. The guy that’s going to do it is older and it’ll be hot work so with current temps we’re going to wait until temps go down some. It needs to come up, but not at the expense of a guy having a heart attack.

    Hope everyone is staying cool and safe.

  • Afternoon
    Church yesterday inside our church building. Afterwards we had lunch at Braums. Then sis took the nephew and his children home. I love them and I got to have my baby time. Just takes up a lot of time. We are getting them hopefully this Friday night and part of the day Saturday. It's mandatory that his mother/sis be with the kiddo's because of the drunken episodes of nephew..
    Other nephew and his wife and daughter came over Saturday. Their daughter is beautiful, no brag just fact.
    Sis and I mowed the lawn yesterday also. The yard was brown in spots.
    We got some much needed rain last night.
    Had an eye doctor's appointment today and all went well. I don't have my eye's dilated anymore since they have the technology to take pictures of your eyes. I have to pay for it but it's more simple for me. Just have dry eyes. Eyes are healthy and still 20/25.
    Now i need to find a dentist that is close to home.

    Hello's to everyone.

    Think it's time for me to go sit outside for awhile. If it's not to humid.