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  • Good morning ladies,

    First of all good thoughts and prayers to you Annie for a successful surgery, speedy recovery and healing with minimal pain. I hope it also takes care of the pain and problems you were having.

    I know what you mean about nothing much going on. Cases have shot up here - went from 13 last month to 51 yesterday. Might not seem like much if you live in the city but since our population is small - that's a big deal. Not sure if it's young people partying and causing the issue. But we have had 2 situations with businesses I deal with - both times their employees were exposed to positive Covids so they have to quarantine and shut down the businesses. Not good. We have taken some outdoor trips for DH's camera shots but avoiding the public as much as possible with even minimal grocery shopping. The trump signs are popping up all over too which probably explains the rise in cases as these are the people who are anti mask, anti vaccine and very loud mouthed and obnoxious in general. It's as bad here as when I lived in Tennessee. Bunch of yokels. I should have moved further south downstate... God help us come November. I hope we can return to sanity and we don't all die off but I'm not hopeful anymore.

    Things are starting to peter out. Can see subtle little changes in the seasons. It gets twilight earlier, the nights are a shade cooler - we have actually gotten into 40 degree temps at night a few times. The flowers have peaked and are starting to fade a bit. Haven't seen trees turning yet but expect to and even some of our hummingbirds have already started their trip south. There's a noticeable drop in the population. Tuesday we took a very LONG (9 hour drive) to find a grist mill DH wanted to take pictures of. We hadn't intended to be that long but got waylayed by a detour that was very poorly marked. We were with 2 trusted friends and all agreed it was a nice trip but a bit too long. We found a nice park and walked outside and enjoyed the nice day and getting out a bit.

    But the sweet corn from the farm is finally coming to market. We have one farmer here that EVERYONE waits for his corn. Lines were 45 minutes long when he finally came to town last week. We will be enjoying that for a while!

    Yesterday I went to aqua physical therapy and really liked it. Worked for 45 minutes and then did laps in the pool for 25 minutes. It felt good to get some exercise. I pinched my back - sciatica - last Thursday so was hobbling around and grumpy for the last several days. I am a tiny bit sore today but things are improving. I will go to therapy once a week. It's only offered on Wednesday so that makes it kind of inconvenient to go to the fitness center. When I am in the pool, DH walks the walking track above the gym area. He did 3 miles or 59 laps. Said his calves are sore but he enjoyed it too. When I was in the pool I was looking at the exercise room opposite of me. The gym is very very stringent about mask wearing and safety and sanitizing. You must make an appointment so they can distance. But there were 4 people in the room on treadmills and steppers and they were all going like demons, panting and all of them had pulled their masks up to expose their mouths. Now what good does that do? One lady came into the thrift shop and said she has problems with masks - masks are required in this state even though people are flaunting it. She was offered a disposable mask and refused and pulled a net - literally an open net out and put it on her face. My favorite volunteer - a stern but loveable German woman in her 80s gave her the stink eye and said "now WHAT do you think THAT is supposed to do?" People like this do not have a legitimate medical issue, they are just being ignoramuses. I'm so tired of people.

    Because of the growing Covid numbers I told them I won't do bingo any more this year - not even outdoors stuff. I am content to stay at home. DH wants to plan a few trips to catch some fall colors, not sure I want to go with him. They are overnight trips around the area several hours away. We'll see.

    Shoot, phone rang and I need to take this call. Will post and come back and catch up later. Bye guys
  • Morning all,
    Nothing to report here. It seems that we have dodged a corona virus bullet from those hookers lying their way back to the sunshine state. Thank goodness for that. And for our Premier closing our border with NSW due to the number of idiots who don't think that they can't be caught falsifying papers. Really people, don't you understand that big brother is now well and truly watching and you are well and truly traceable.

    I'm getting on with the garden and Happy is right, the seasons are a changing. The dawn breaks earlier and the sun goes down a bit later, but it is still cool overnight and fair middling warmth in the day. Very cool winds at the moment too. I don't think I will get three crops out of the garden this year. The tomatoes aren't ripening as fast and the broccoli went from leaves to flowers with little in between. I'm still getting beans and beetroot and cauliflower although they will soon be finished. I put in another lot of beans yesterday. If they take as long to flower and fruit as the last lot did it will be October before I can pick. I let one of the Cos lettuces go to seed and now have them popping up everywhere - even in the lawn.

    Apart from that and visiting a few friends and videoing with the granddaughter not much else is going on. So I will sign off and go paint some window frames and then go shopping for a couple of pots for the bathroom plants and then plant a couple of 'bargains' I got from the local Bunnings Hardware Store last weekend. No dog this week as his dad is doing night shift - most unhappily but doing it anyway. Dog is doing a bit better on the new diet food he is on although not gaining much weight back but he is happy and active and always hungry.

    See you - better go get a cuppa and then tackle the plants and go shopping.
  • Surgery went well. Not much pain after the first day. Friday the 14th I get this wrap off and stitches out. Cannot come soon enough. Was a bit tired and lazy over the weekend. Just felt out of sorts. Of course C fed off of me and was feeling badly too. OMGosh man up. Do you have to do everything I do? That part is so annoying. Was up with bathroom fits all night so I got very little sleep. Now a bit exhausted here at work. 4 pm cannot come soon enough.

    Bout it for me. SOSDD.

    Love youse.
  • hello's to all.
  • Hi all,

    Not much going on in my end of town. The Covid numbers are rising substantially here. I do wish they'd give more information than just numbers - is it young people, group gatherings, certain areas? Our county is quite large so could be 40 miles from here or right in town. Very frustrating. In any event I am staying close to home. I go into town when I need to, mostly picking things up from the farmer's markets to enjoy the fresh stuff while we can. DH has gone to Duluth to get the car worked on - new tow hitch - and I decided not to go with him. We do go out to eat - there's a few places we feel safe at - eating outside or very serious safety measures in place. It will be bad enough when they start to shut down things again - and they probably will - so trying to enjoy the last weeks of summer and outdoor freedom. I realize we are surrounded by staunch idiots here in this town. People who are beer loving, gun toting, sheeple who think this whole Covid thing is a way for the government to chip and control us and they fight any good common sense. That's part of the reason the numbers are rising. The bars here are packed solid. I hate to even drive past these plague ridden disease shacks. And most of the bar owners are staunch trumpies because the republican party is for business and looks the other way to regulations as long as they get their taxes. That's also why we have so many continuous drunk driving violations - they look the other way. The world is a frustrating place now a days. I went to therapy yesterday and gave blood and went to the farmers market. Anyone driving a car was a menace - they either park crooked on top of you, cut you off or are driving with face in lap and phone. We had an accident last week at the road you turn into to my house. 3 fatalities including a younger child. Woman driving crossed the center line and hit head on to another person coming around the corner. They were from downstate and 3 of the fatalities were in her car - she killed her boyfriend, son and sister. The woman she hit only had broken ribs. People here speed excessively and don't pay attention. I am so glad the seasonals will be going back home soon.

    I am having trouble with my knee again. It started on Saturday as I was doing my exercises. Knee is tight. Physical therapist said the knee cap is still and not sliding like it should. So I am limping around and back to the walker again. I was out of breath yesterday but that was from the blood donation. I swear they took a gallon - that bag was awfully big and fat compared to the other donors! It was freezing cold in the blood bus too and they could not give you a blanket because of Covid and santiation. Ok, well then don't crank the a/c to sub zero levels. When I sat down the vent above me was blowing my hair all around. The nice nurse gave me a water bottle she heated in the microwave and that helped distract me from shivering.

    Not much else is going on. It's getting hard to talk to my Mom. She really can't hear and uses the speaker phone. Her cordless phone and crappy phone wiring cause horrific loud screeching in my ear from feedback. She can't hear with just the handset - even though it's turned up as loud as it will go. But I don't want my ear blown out either. I tried using my speaker phone too but I also get feedback. Yesterday I could only talk to her for 25 minutes before it got to be too much. I felt badly because all she can do now is pretty much talk on the phone. Can't see to read or hear the tv well. I'd even pay for hearing aids for her but she won't have any part of them, just like her walker that sits in the corner and gathers dust. Sigh.

    Annie - I'm glad you made it through surgery ok. I'm sure it's your dominant hand. Are you in a sling. Has to be hard moving around. Hope it fixes the problem. Yes, I understand all too well about the guys feeding off of you. DH used to be unsympathetic until I yelled at him and started to ignore him when he whined about his sorrows. He is better now about asking - not sure he cares but at least he asks how I'm doing Is Sam going to be homeschooling again? This is a mess with the kids and school - I think the teachers should be able to make the decisions. I know it's hard on the kids and the parents. What did we do to deserve such lunacy???

    Shad - I think you still have more sense in your country than we do here. But money does make people make foolish decisions. That is glaringly apparent. You do have quite a few nice vegs in your garden. We had 2 patio tomato plants. Got a few tomatoes but they both got knocked about quite a bit in a few strong rainstorms we had. They were determinates - grow to a certain size, produce once and then get ugly and shrivelled so we plucked what we could and sent them to their rest. Sounds like you continuously grow things throughout the season. How is the water situation? Do you plant any flowers besides roses? Our flower gardens were quite lovely this year. Best ever. Now things are fading and getting spindly.

    Hi Ceejay - are you enjoying life in the country? Is the COvid situation better where you are now in the rural parts? Sounds like you are at least getting outside and enjoying fresh air.

    Hello to Laura

    How's the shoulder coming along Susie?

    3FC certainly has lost a big following. I was looking at some of the threads and they are dead. Not many people on here anymore. I guess it's outlived it's usefulness or people follow some phone app instead as they do now a days.

    Time to tackle Mt. Washmore. I have some corn to freeze also. The first few pickings are the sweetest so want to freeze these before they get more starchy and tough. Stay healthy chicks.
  • Afternoon all. I started a post sometime last week and never finished and posted it. Nothing much going on with me and not much going on around my area is good. Chicago had some looting overnight Sunday into Monday - revenge against the police injuring somebody. What is this city coming to? Sad. We had strong storms come through a couple days ago. Some people will be out of power until Saturday, for Pete's sake! And one city neighborhood had a tornado!

    I'm still rather busy as work. At least the days go quickly... I took last Friday off work. I had my allergy/asthma appointment which was nothing at all - couldn't do the breathing test due to regulations and my doctor didn't even do an exam (e.g., look at my nose, ears, listen to my lungs). That was odd. Whatever, I felt fine and he refilled my rx's. I also picked out eyeglass frames and ordered glasses on Friday. I took home the contact lens samples, but have yet to try them out. Maybe tonight for an hour or two. I had my mammogram on Monday after work and the results came back normal. Still have to schedule a physical exam and a colon screen before I'm caught up. Oh the fun!

    Annie - Glad the surgery went well. I think it was too long before my stitches came out and so skin started growing around them. When they were removed, it left a mess. I scar easily, so I have 3 dark areas of scars that will probably never fade, or will take forever to. Hope you get a good night's rest tonight.

    Happy - Horrible accident with all those fatalities! Yes, you'll be relieved when the tourists leave. Hope you get to enjoy the rest of your summer and that it doesn't end too quickly. Sorry it's so hard to talk on the phone with your mother. We're in a similar boat - my mom's hearing is very bad and it's particularly difficult when I'm at her place trying to have a conversation when I'm wearing the mask. I heard a hearing aid radio advert with Walter Jacobson (remember him on Channel 2?) the other day and he said people with hearing problems don't realize how much they relied on reading lips - I think that's true with my mother. Over the phone is okay in terms of hearing, but whatever memory or worse old age disease that's now affecting her is making conversation difficult t- she moves randomly from topic to topic and it's hard to have a real conversation anymore.

    Shad - Three crops of veggies in a year - how about that! All I have to show for my efforts is two basil plants which I cut back last week and hopefully I can sucessfully root the cuttings to have more plants. The tomato seeds I took from some store bought tomatoes sprouted and grew a bit at first, but really nothing since then, so that experiment was a big flop. Next year I think I'll go with plants from the garden center next year or seeds from a catalog. Since the basil is doing okay, I might try other herbs now. I'll be able to use my little greenhouse and grow light in the basement. A while back my mom passed along a catalog/online garden store credit to me and I really should see if it's still able to be redeemed - maybe I can buy some bulbs for this fall.

    Hi Ceejay, Hi Susie.

    Okay, I must get this posted and put my nose back to the grindstone. TTFN.
  • Hello Everyone!

    It is Saturday morning and I'm posting before getting my day started. I usually do all my cleaning on Saturday but with DH home a lot of it gets done (him doing it, me instructing) durning the week now. It's very nice, I still clean the bathroom and do the dusting. It is good to have DH home doing the chores. He usually goes ot the grocery but we are doing that today as I need to stock up on some things I want and I need to get out of the house and my backyard. That is about all where I have been for quite a while.

    We finally got unemployment straighted out and going again. They paid the pack pay as well. I am happy that is all in place and taken care of.

    I am still working from home. We are waiting to see what September brings. We know we are home until Labor Day and we are waiting to hear what will happen after that. I like working from home and I would be ok if we continued to stay home.

    Update on my shoulder: I had the MRI and I do not have a torn roator cuff but rather an impingment, which if left as it is will greatly increase the chance of a furture torn rotator cuff.

    The impingment is due to the severe arthritis I have in that shoulder as well as bone spurs. There is not room between the scapula and the tendon running under it and it is rubbing and getting inflamed. I need to have arthorscopic surgery where they shave the bone and take off the spurs so that there is space between the scapula and the tendon. I also most likely need to have the bicep tendon that connects in the same area reattached in a slightly different area.

    It was a lot for me to take in. I think you all know that I have major issues with general anthesisia (they have a hard time waking me up....it has been pretty scary in the past and they can't figure out why). With shoulder surgery they always put a block in so that it helps the pain during the first 24 to 36 hours after the surgery to keep the pain donw and there are cases where they have done the surgery with just the bock and no general anthesisa; I did my hysterectomy this way and did wonderful with it. However my ortho doctor says he won't do it that way. When I asked him why, he said a matter of his preverence. I can't tell you how angry it made me that he took that tone with me.

    So, I told him I would think about it and get back to him. I have a friend who is a surgical nurse and works with Ortho's all the time in surgery. She talked to a couple of them as she knows they have done the procedure with just the block and I go see one on them in a couple of weeks to talk it with him. When I have the surgery I will be off work for 6 weeks.

    That is enough about me.

    Annie: I didn't realize you were having surgery on your wrist. I am glad it seems to have gone well but I am surprised you are back to work so quickly. Will you take physical therapy to help strengthen the wrist?

    Laura: Did you get something different with your new eyeglass frames? What type of contacts are you trying out?

    Happy: Our cities seem to have issues with the bars as well. They are supposed to close at 10 but it hasn't helped the crowds.

    Shad: I smiled when I read that you are stilll gardening, painting and taking care of the dog. In all this worlds crazyness it is nice to have some things still staying the same.

    Ceejay: Hello!

    I need to get off the computer and get started on my day. It was good to visit with all of you.
  • Happy Friday! I just finished up and I'm ready to begin my weekend. I was really busy the past week, but I think I'm finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel with all of these projects.

    Susie - How nice to had your DH taking on a lot of the household chores! I'm glad the unemployment benefits got straightened out and back pay was paid. I hope that carries him a good way to his planned retirement date in December. == I'm so sorry you need to have surgery for your shoulder. I hope you can find a doctor to do it without anesthesia - how scary that it works *too* well for you! It sounds like you need to get a new doctor anyway given his response to you about all this. == For my eyeglasses, I went with a darker frame color - but not black. For the contacts, I'm trying out monovision - one lens for distance vision and one lens for near vision. I'm ashamed to say I've had the samples for a week now and haven't tried them out yet - they gave me a 10-day supply but I just haven't been thinking of it. Maybe after I post this I'll put them in and wear them for an hour or two and go for a walk, watch a bit of tv, and do some reading.

    Hellos to the rest of you! Hope you all have a nice weekend.


    Nothing much to report in my world. As I said, busy week at work. Glad it's over!

    I had a hair appointment yesterday after work. This is the 2nd cut I've had since this COVID stuff, and I once again forgot about the fact that since they aren't allowing the use of blow-dryers in the salon (is it the same for the rest of you??), all the little hair snips remain in my hair, and once the cape is removed, they just fall out of my hair and down my shirt (and bra). Nice and itchy!! Next time I get a cut, I'm going to try and shake out my hair before they remove the cape and see if that helps. Otherwise, like yesterday, I'll go home, blow dry my hair, and change clothes.

    No big plans this weekend. The eye doctor phoned yesterday to tell me my glasses are ready for pickup, so hopefully I can run over there tomorrow to get them. I think they're open Saturday mornings.

    It's going to be pretty warm this weekend, but hopefully not so humid, so maybe I'll get out on a bike path for a bike ride. Otherwise, there's plenty to do around the house, as usual.

    Okay, I'm going to post this and put in those sample contact lenses before I forget again.

    Stay safe and have a great weekend!
  • Laura - no they don't have a problem with hairdryers over here. They self distance you and wear the appropriate gear and the scissors, razors etc get sterilised after every use (as they should anyway) but otherwise all is normal.
  • Good morning all,

    Life is quiet up here. Covid infections are raging. They try to blame the tourists but from what contact tracing they can do it appears to be a community spread. Like it's here and people are passing it around to each other. They say it's from family gatherings and picnics that people who are asymptomatic are infecting others who spread it. The numbers are jumping substantially and several restaurants have had to shut down and deep clean due to infections or contact. Unfortunately up here many people lean towards the trump version of the news meaning they think this is overblown, masks are there to control you, don't get a vaccine because they will chip you and because our hospitalizations are low and no deaths (so far), it's nothing worse than a cold. Long term effects be darned so they are going about their business living life. Disgusting. They try to blame the tourists but when I do venture into town I see people all around wearing masks. I think it's the bar flies that are the worst. Many dining establishments are trying very hard to follow guidelines and there are a few in which we feel safe to eat. It's the crowded bars that are bad. So I stay home an awful lot. DH has ventured out a few times for camera jaunts but I stay home. He does a lot of hiking which takes me out of the game so I am home to care for the animals both inside and out and believe me, they are a demanding lot.

    The leg is coming along slowly. Had a few setbacks. Working on it.

    Mom, sister, DH, everyone doing fine at the moment.

    Laura - they started blow drying and styling hair the last time I got my hair done - July??? I got used to it being longer so set my appointments for 8 weeks instead of 6. Was nice to walk out of there feeling like I actually got my hair done. I thought it was kind of stinky that they charged the same amount for services when I didn't get a blowout and style. Now they are raising prices because they said supply costs are rising. Have you tried the new contacts yet? What do you think?

    Susie - oh my - that is really scary about your sensitivity to anesthesia and possible surgeries. I hope they can come up with something to allow treatment without danger to you. I'd be nervous also. Keep us updated. Glad all the financials are straightened out with DH.

    Annie - how is your recovery coming along? Are you doing physical therapy?

    Shad - how are things down under? Gearing up for the return of spring? I see the bugs are trying to eat your produce. We had 2 patio tomato plants. They kept getting blown over in thunderstorms and getting more spindly as they were determinate plants so we pulled the remaining green tomatoes off the vine and set them on the drink rail of our deck railing. Only to find much to our surprise that the many butterflies we have were putting their proboscus into the tomatoes to suck out the juices! I guess water is water when you're an insect! It was the strangest thing to see. We have set out slices of orange, banana and sugar water in the past and they ignored it, but tomatoes they seem to like. This has been a strange year for sure. Now they are talking about the possibility of not one but 2 hurricanes / cyclones hitting the Gulf Coast area at the same time next week. Never in history had that happen again but this is the year of Armageddon.

    I did watch the Democratic Convention last week. It was refreshing to see reasonable people talk again. I miss that and hope for our future. Will not be watching the clown fest next week.

    Anyway I have been waiting for the rain to move on so we can go to the farmers market and get some tomatoes and such so time to get dressed and ready to go. Summer is waning - trying to enjoy what time is left. Yesterday I made a bigger lunch so was not that hungry come supper. Made DH some fried eggs along with fried leftover sausage with bell peppers and jalapenos. I had a "stir fry" of sorts with fresh mushrooms from the mushroom man at the market, young tender red onions, tomatoes and fresh sweet corn. It was an experiment and came out really tasty. I had one egg for protein also. It was light and hit the spot. They cancelled our CSA farm box for the rest of the season as one of the partners contracted Covid. They are doing well in recovery but I will have to get my vegs from the farmers markets the next 4 weeks - no problem there.

    Hello to Ceejay Stay safe and healthy people.
  • All things going well. Still safe and not venturing out to much and when I do venture out wear a mask.
  • HEy all.

    HAPPY...no PT on wrist. Amazingly all is good with no swelling or big scars. I give that to keto way of eating. haha. Glad to hear you are slowly on the mend. I look at it as we have the rest of our lives to achieve most anything, even if it is healing. I am full of bs today. OUr numbers on covid go up and down, more up than down. I just don't think we know the entire equation on the numbers.

    SHADDIE...love hearing about your garden treasures. My tomatos have started to come in ripe to the tune of about 20 at the moment. Only 2 jalapenos, 1 pumpkin and a mass of cucumbers.

    LAURA...I too, need new glasses. Mine are about 3 years old and have a few slight scratches on the lenses. Plus I just want new ones.

    SUSIE...nice to have housework done. That is how I feel when Sam does my housework during the day while babysitting. Yay! Glad you got DHs unemployment straightened out. Hope all goes well with the new ortho doc appt and they can do the surgery with a block.

    CEEG...hey there!

    Work still stinks. Still considered essential. Still doing more things than my job description, plus some of it probably not supposed to do but get is assigned anyway.

    Like I told HAPPY, my wrist is great. No pain. All motion recovered. I am so happy about that. I go for my final post surgery appt this Friday.

    Royce has started fall baseball. I know how do you do that and stay compliant with covid? All spectators bring lawnchairs, social distance and wear masks. It is kind of a funny site. No dugout for the boys, They have to go sit with their parent when they are up for bat. Outfield is no problem as everyone is more than far enough apart and the boys are so young that there is rarely a runner or actions that would put them in harms way. hahahaha. 6 year olds are fun to watch. Boredom. Swinging around in circles. scuffing dirt. or watching the spectators and not the game.

    Jacob is too smart for his own good. Does not really like sports. He is more of a book worm so to speak. All about the xbox games tho.

    C is C. Still hanging in there. SO am I, I guess, with him.

    Samantha is still doing what she does.

    Bout it for me. Love youse.
  • Evening all. Today I spent a good amount of time preparing for a presentation in which I have only a small part Ė just a few slides to discuss. I found an error that required a last-minute change to one slide, and then the boss asked a question about another of my slides. The admin was apparently in a snit about it and two different times said that if we had any further changes she needed them ASAP/in the next few minutes. Sheís working from home - not catching a train or meeting her ride home - and sheís acting like that? Last minute stuff like this isnít a frequent occurrence, so I think it was uncalled for. And we should all be grateful for our jobs, not acting like that. Iím glad the workday is over because I had enough of it today. Tomorrowís meeting will be a breeze compared to the past couple hours.

    Enough of that rant.

    Shad Ė I donít know what the protocol is specifically for salons here in my state, but itís interesting that you and Happy can both get your hair blow-dried and I canít. I wonder if thatís just a step my salon opted for just to be more stringent in this battle against C-19.

    Happy Ė Yes, COVID rates are rising in areas outside the city and immediate counties surrounding the city and there are going to be rollbacks to tighter measures. In IL masks will have to be worn in restaurants during all interactions with wait staff. Sounds like a challenge - so when you have to flag down the server to request a beverage refill you have to get that mask back on your face? BF and I have been mostly avoiding eating inside restaurants and havenít even eaten on restaurant patios all that often, so I suppose that will continue now. I donít spend much time watching the news or even on social media these days, but I can only imagine the complainers about masks continuing to whine. Canít wait for the vaccine protests. == Iím glad the leg is coming along. Keep working on it! == I generally donít get my hair blown out/styled because Iím usually either going home in the evening and to sleep within an hour or two, or itís a Saturday and Iím not doing anything special (unless laundry and housework count, LOL) to warrant spending the extra $. == The vision in the sample monovision lenses was better than I thought. Reading isnít perfect, but much better than with my current traditional contact lenses. I only tried them the one day for a few hours in the evening, so I know I need to continue the trial. But not tonight or tomorrow. Maybe Friday.

    Hi Ceejay. I liked the FB photos. Nice you got out for a bit. Yesterday I got out only to pick up dinner. Bleh.

    Annie Ė Iím glad your wrist is healing well and feels alright. Yay for that! == I agree with you about the COVID stats Ė Iím not sure how reliable they are. Or maybe itís the test results behind the statsÖ.== Sorry work stinks. Just keep the paycheck and benefits in mind and hopefully that makes it more bearable. == Still funny to hear you describe Royceís baseball games. At least thereís some entertainment value to make up for the lack of game action, LOL.

    Hi Susie. Hope allís well.

    Nothing much to report for me. Iíll be happy when tomorrowís workday is over. Friday will be okay as two in the department will be out in the afternoon and the big deadlines and the big meeting are out of the way and things will be calm for a little bit. I thought I might also take Friday off work, or a half day but I think Iíll just push through. Next week Iím taking Friday off, so thatíll be fine.

    I picked up my new glasses on Saturday. Theyíre okay, but a bit loose so maybe the earpieces need to be adjusted. Iíll call to set up a time to get in there.

    The rattan loveseat in our 3-season room is sagging after using it for about 15 years. The cushions are still in great shape and I briefly thought of stretching out and re-stapling the webbing that supports the cushions, but the colors really donít work with the room. We only had it because it was a hand-me-down from bfís aunt and we only kept it because it was comfortable. Now that itís notÖ out it goes! I hauled the frame down to the basement and dragged up a comfortable chair & ottoman, which actually goes better in that room.

    Pathetic, but I canít think of anything else. Anything positive anyway. More civil unrest, not in Chicago, but in a WI town thatís close to the IL border. Two hurricanes heading for our Gulf Coast Ė one of which shares my name!!

    Okay, Iím going to post this and shut down the computer before more emails come my way. TTFN and stay safe everyone!!
  • Happy Birthday Ceejay!

    Happy Birthday Ceejay. Hope it's a wonderful day and a great year to follow!!
  • Happy birthday Ceejay - hope you have a most wonderful day today.