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Jean 05-30-2020 12:20 PM

Steel Magnolias — #60
Good Morning! The sun was out early this morning but has disappeared now. Rain is in the forecast for today and tomorrow both. I have sheets in the washer and went to church to count money. Our excitement yesterday was to purchase our cemetery plot in Sioux City! We have talked about doing that for several years and finally did it. We can have the above ground marker and it's in a sunny spot so I will always be warm when the sun shines! :D Now to work on the marker! We thought maybe we would be back in church tomorrow but guess not. Haven't heard the official word on June yet.
I need to dust and vacuum sometime today so better keep moving. Hope you enjoy your day! :wave:

gma22 05-31-2020 11:53 AM

Good morning! Beautiful sunny day today and hot temps starting tomorrow. I rearranged boxed, baking, etc supplies, did a load of laundry, and am going upstairs and clean in just a bit. I am fixing smoked pork chops and scalloped potatoes with fresh tomatoes for dinner.

My hair looks great, but the salon was so sad. She lost 7 stylists, cost her $3000 to get the salon the way the state, county, city and cdc regs required. There were 4 employees and 4 customers. The place is usually hopping. I hope she can recover. She let all the stylists that didn’t want to come back out of their contracts. She is a great lady and I feel so sorry for her.

They are finally letting guys take vacation so Jack is taking 3 days over a weekend. He really needs time off poor guy. We still have trip plans for Atlanta over Labor Day. We’re going to the aquarium and the Coca-Cola museum and maybe a bit of shopping. :lol:

Jean: Sometimes you feel like George Orwell’s book. I think you should adopt the one eyed tabby. He was cute. I got a belly laugh about your fun trip to pick cemetery plots. It is finally getting into summer temps. I need to go to the nail salon, but not ready to face that craziness yet. I do need to make a waxing appt and soon.

Everyone have a nice Sunday.

Jean 05-31-2020 07:17 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun was out this morning, then the clouds rolled in for most of the afternoon, and now the sun is back out. Crazy weather continues! We are supposed to hit 90 tomorrow! :dizzy: I have been very lazy today! We went to church online in Sioux City, still haven't heard if our church will open in June or not. Bob offered to cook dinner which meant chicken dinners at a dine-in restaurant. Mashed potatoes and gravy, yum! :T We went early and were the only ones there but watched a steady line of drive through vehicles. This afternoon I washed Bob's garage towels and took a nap. I didn't think I was tired but guess I was. We have not had any update on the local virus numbers but I'm sure they are rising. The second plant hasn't been tested yet. :mad:

”Gma,” what happened to the stylists who didn’t come back to your salon? That is too bad for the owner. Bob had a dentist appointment and she told him they had virtual training they had to pass in order to open again. She can’t use water and air suction in fear of spreading germs/virus critters. It takes extra time to sanitize between patients so they had to rearrange all of their missed appointments to allow for that. Glad Jack will get his vacation days back! A trip to Atlanta sounds like fun, something to look forward to! :D If I didn’t have “special needs” Ernie I would consider another cat. The problem with that cat is his long fur. The funniest part of our cemetery visit was a tombstone we happened to drive by and I noticed the name. When Bob was in Vietnam, I graduated from college, did my student teaching, and started my first teaching job. One of his best friends was in the activated army guard and sent to Colorado so his wife and I spent a lot of time together. My apartment was the upstairs of an older house owned by a retired teacher who took care of a disabled sister. When Kathy would come over or we would leave together the landlady was always, and I mean always, peeking out through her closed drapes! We got so we would wave at her and she would slam her peek hole shut! :lol: The tombstone I spotted was her’s, and I assume her two sisters! I moved to a house before Bob got home again but he has heard the stories about her. I want to stop and read it next time we are there. This is a huge cemetery, kind of hilly, and a lot of people walk the different roads. Lots of decorations out for Memorial Day and it was so pretty.

Bob just asked if we were having supper so guess I will dig out some leftovers if he asks again. Hope you all enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

ceejay52 05-31-2020 09:08 PM

Starting yet another adventure tomorrow. "Babysitting" my 36 year old nephew to try and keep him sober. I told sis one screw up and I'm gone. And the one thing I'm afraid of is that he will leave at 6.30 in the morning and come back to sleep it off on the couch. I could kick myself for volunteering for this. I'm getting very depressed.
I also told my sis that I'm not selling nephew my vehicle. Simply because he wreck my bil's vehicle the night bil lay dying and before that he had wreck his own vehicle. He can't stay sober. He's not getting that privilege from me.
On the other hand, it's been a beautiful day. The sun has been out and the birds have been singing.
I've got to wash a load of clothes so I can take them to my nephews to spend the week. At least sis is coming on the week end.
I'm getting the oil changed tomorrow afternoon.
Hopefully I will survive.
We still haven't heard about our church reopening either.

Jean 06-01-2020 07:41 PM

Good Afternoon! It is 91 and 25+ mph winds blowing as I type. I am NOT complaining about the hot! This morning I went to get my nails filled after I did a quick trip through with the vacuum. Dusting is a waste of time with this wind today. This afternoon I did some laundry and sorted a box of clothes for the Good Will. Bob had an online board (zoom?) meeting for the nursing home. None of the residents have the virus but ten employees tested positive. All are part of a packing plant family. :eek: One got fired because other employees saw her at WM without a mask after they were explicitly told to not go out in public without a mask.

Ceejay, good luck with your nephew! I hope he cooperates and doesn’t give you any trouble. :crossed: No church news yet, but guess there will be baseball. I happened to see that on FB, no personal message from dil. :rolleyes:

Bob is home so guess it is time for food . . . . . again. Hope you all enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

ceejay52 06-02-2020 08:13 PM

So far so good with the nephew. He's been working both Monday and today. Except today there were issues from his work computer.
We went out and watered the flowers at sissy's house
I have company at the computer. The cat named Littlefoot is keeping me company.
This morning I cleaned the kitchen and cooked breakfast. His was eggs and bacon and my was oatmeal and yogurt.
Need to run the dishwasher.
Also cleaned out my car and washed it.

I got an email yesterday that stated we are starting church back on Sunday. But it will be social distance in the sanctuary. Not loitering after services until we get outside. It got to 85 here this afternoon. So far it feels good to be back home. Just hope it continues this way.

Hello's to gma and Susan.

Jean 06-02-2020 08:43 PM

Good Evening! We hit 95 today and the humidity shot up so the air is on. Guess maybe it is time to take the electric blanket off the bed! :lol: Beth came over early this morning to go fishing with Bob. They had a nice boat ride but neither one even had a bite. It seems like the fishing is good at times and then nothing. I went through a pile of paperback books to donate to Beth and what she didn’t take goes to the library.

Ceejay, I’m glad the plan is working with your nephew. I like your nephew’s breakfast menu better than yours. Oatmeal goes in cookies! ;) We still haven’t heard anything about returning to church and I am surprised. I thought we would at least we would know one way or the other by June 1st. We usually have a pot luck or a “good bye” coffee when a pastor leaves. Ours is leaving July 1st and I’m wondering if we will be able to do anything.

It’s time for ice cream and strawberries, Bob is cooking! :T Enjoy the rest of your evening! :wave:

Jean 06-04-2020 05:33 PM

Good Afternoon! It's a sunny, more humid day today and my air conditioner is humming along keeping the house cool. My college roommate has been trying to do a FaceTime chat and the first time I didn't realize what it was and dumped her. Then somehow she got Bob's number and called him. He knows less about FT than I do and got all flustered. Beth ended up talking to her on his phone while I was going to the vet for Ernie food. She and I have been playing phone tag ever since. I went for a much needed pedicure this morning; I finally decided sandal time was really here. Bob offered lunch down by the lake so I didn't have to cook. What a nice guy! I am washing clothes that have been packed away and are heading to the Good Will store. I am mad at myself for not keeping up with that over the years. Not much newsy from Iowa today; our COVID 19 numbers continue to rise. :( Hope you are having a terrific Thursday! :wave:

ceejay52 06-05-2020 10:41 AM

I'm back home for the day. I'm going to try and mow this afternoon if it doesn't rain. Springfield had some wind damage yesterday morning when some straight line winds came through before the thunderstorm. The wind laid down around 13 utility poles all in a row.

Nephew did great. He's found a girlfriend. I got tickled at him . He stated that he could not stay out till midnight and go to work the next day. I started singing the old song that says you are to old to cut the mustard. He laughed. They went to dinner last night and he sent her home by 9. There is a 10 year age gap. She's 26.

I'm not up on the FT and What's app. My sis that live in Georgia would like to do more of that but I'm going to have to learn how. Nephew and his kids do it on a nightly basis.

Need to get some laundry started. I want to get outside around 11 if not raining.


Jean 06-05-2020 04:59 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining, the breeze is blowing, and it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! We had lightning, wind, rain, and hail during the night but other than a few leaves down we had no damage. I slept through it but Bob was up a couple times to check water build up on the patio. When it rains very hard for very long we get the run off from the houses behind us. One time it flooded the lower level bedroom and bathroom. Bob was expecting hail damage phone calls at work, but had none when he came home for lunch. I had sent a sympathy card to our niece in Arizona on May 8th and got it back yesterday "unable to forward." The zip code was one number off, bil's mistake not mine. So I made a trip to the post office this morning and then the hospital to pick up money from the gift shop sale. After lunch I deposited that money then headed to the vet's office to return seven cans of cat food! I asked for three cans and got ten. :rolleyes: At $2 a can I'm not going to keep the excess when he only gets a tablespoon a day. The date on the cans was May, 2020. The dry food is expensive too. I just printed off the bank statement for the gift shop so need to balance that.

Ceejay, the cable company we have now, gives weather warnings from east of us. Our weather comes from the west! All last evening the tv would mute the show we were watching and run the warning three separate times, then again fifteen minutes later. It was so annoying! We have had the straight line winds a few times and they are scary! Glad your nephew has had a good week! Hope it continues. :yes: Do you have the same plan for next week?

I need to get busy and balance the checkbook! Hope you are enjoying a sunny day where you live and doing something you enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 06-06-2020 01:23 PM

Sis has gone into Battlefield to get nephew and then to Nixa to get the children. I'm doing laundry.
It's going to be hot this afternoon. High in the 90's with heat index of 100. Guess summer is here.
Think I have an ear infection. I'm going to call the doctor's office in the morning to see if I can get an appointment this week, Hopefully tomorrow.

I really hope that I do not have to stay with nephew this week. It takes a hunk out of my chore time and I get behind.

Jean 06-08-2020 08:33 PM

Good Evening! It's been another hot and very windy day in my neighborhood. June is marching right along, hard to believe. Ian will be playing baseball but haven't seen any spectator rules yet. Locally the bleachers are off limits so bring your own chairs and no concession stand. I feel like I spent the day spinning my wheels and accomplishing nothing except to wash a load of towels, dried them, and put them away. :rolleyes: I am not making much progress on getting bedrooms cleaned out! :(

Ceejay, I hope your ear is feeling better! :yes: Earaches are not fun! Do you have to spend the week with your nephew again?

Not much is newsy from here. Hope you have had a good day today. :wave:

ceejay52 06-09-2020 10:58 AM

It was hot yesterday but I did weed eat some. Still like a little on the East side of the house.
I'm going to the grocery store in a few minutes.
This morning there is a breeze but I haven't been outside. I need to go for a walk and may later on.
Sis ordered an outside umbrella for the patio and it came yesterday. It's a beautiful teal blue. We put it up but with the storm coming in we took it down. The base of this thing weighs 60 pounds.
We had rain last night from the tropical storm and may have thunderstorms later on today.

My ear is a lot better. Think I had fluid behind my ear drum. I took some Claritin and that cleared things up.
Things are going to be different for awhile.
Our church met Sunday but we didn't go. We had nephew A and his three kiddo's and we were suppose to wear a mask. Getting the kids to wear a mask would not have been easy specially the baby.

Jean 06-09-2020 12:28 PM

Good Morning! It's cloudy and cooler here this morning, looks like it might rain which the weatherman also hinted it might. The wind was supposed to blow again today but so far has been pretty calm. The last three days were windy enough to last for a long time! I've been outside to pick dead blossoms off my plants, they could use some water but will wait to see if it rains. The tiny flies (?) have found the oriole feeder and there is probably a good inch of drowned bodies at the top. The orioles keep coming so must still get juice. They don't like the new feeder which appears to be bug proof. I made tuna salad for lunch sandwiches and have a few dishes to wash. I found a couple rusty spots on the dishwasher rack so have been dabbing the fix-it goop on them.

Ceejay, does your new umbrella fit in a table? They don’t get along with the wind very well. ;) We are still having church online. The one we have been watching announced masks will be required when they open their church again. I don’t think I can stand a mask for an hour. Our pastor leaves June 30th and has asked people to visit him at the parsonage back yard. “Bring your own lawn chair, food, and drink for yourself but nothing to share.” There are nine different days to choose from, all at 7:00 pm. I suppose since Bob was official lay leader when he came, and I “work” in the office we should go. Maybe it will rain. :crossed: I am wondering who will be “in charge” until our new pastor comes the end of August. He has a prior commitment and can’t come with the regular change and moving of pastors.

I need to do some serious dusting and vacuuming so better get at it. Have a terrific Tuesday and enjoy! :wave:

gma22 06-09-2020 09:56 PM

Good evening. I have not fallen off the truck just been dealing with my gastro issues so much haven’t felt up to doing anything. We’ve had a lot of rain again, but Jack was able to get out and whack weeds and spray weed killer. The neighbors have weeds as tall as the 6 ft privacy fence so Jack is going to have to contact the condo manager again. I sometimes think that’s why our weeds get bad is because neither neighbor will put any effort into killing theirs. The other side is just as bad.

I haven’t been back out since my hair apt because I just didn’t trust my gut not to cause me trouble. Jack is taking Thursday through the following Tues off so we are cleaning the fridge completely, shampooing rugs, trying out the commissary again, etc. He said he didn’t mind the honey do chores because at least he wasn’t at work.

I cleaned the kitchen today and will sweep and mop tomorrow than upstairs and dust. I am leaving vacuuming until the day we do the carpet cleaning.

Jean: No idea what the stylists that left did. They were going to run into the same issues with any salon because they all have to follow the same rules. No one opened earlier than anyone else so changing salons wasn’t going to get them back to work any faster. She’s a great boss and they can make great money so I think they’re fools but what do I know? Geez, what the heck were the dentists doing with emergency patients, telling them to suffer? I understand caution, but criminy. We had chicken tonight.

CeeJay: You are a great aunt to try again. Hopefully, you were able to go back to church and enjoy it. Glad your ear is better. I think earaches and toothaches are the worst. They seem to make your whole head hurt.

Everyone have a good evening.

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