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ceejay52 06-10-2020 10:18 AM

It's windy today and cool. High today of only 73. It's misting rain.
It seems I'm out of my realm today, what ever that realm may be. Think I'm just in a don't care mood.
I went to the grocery store yesterday and that was about it.
Today I'm going to find a routine and stick to it.

The umbrella does fit into the table.

Sorry to hear that you've been having gut issues again. Feel better soon.

Jean 06-10-2020 05:55 PM

Good Afternoon! It's another very windy day but the sun is shining and no rain. We got over 2" last night along with wind warnings of up to 70 mph. Bob moved all my deck flowers and the patio chairs into the garage. This morning we got up to some smaller twiggy branches and lots of leaves down. I braved the grocery store this morning and prices have gone up again. I don't know how families with growing kids can afford just the basics. We do have a lot of "free" food available and the parade of cars is long every time. I saw on FB where the Iowa State Fair has been cancelled and there are some irate comments. The last time we went Beth's group danced in the talent competition and she was around 11/12. It was so hot, they danced, and we left! This afternoon I addressed several church birthday cards, dusted another round of picture frames, and called it good!

”Gma,” I hope you are feeling better by now! It’s too bad a doctor can’t figure out the “why” and a “fix it” for you. I think the specialist dentists, like the root canal dentist Bob saw in Sioux City, took patients in an emergency, mainly being in a lot of pain or accident type situation. He could have had the tooth pulled over there, but by then he wasn’t in pain and they come here so decided to wait. Regular check-ups with the local dentist were all rescheduled. Her husband has some health issues so I’m sure she is extra cautious during the pandemic. We need to shampoo the area rugs again. Bob does it for me but he has to be in the mood. :lol: He likes to walk around in his socks but I’m the one who is bad about shoes.

Ceejay, I left the house and had about twelve drops of rain on my way to the store. It never did actually rain, we don’t need any more right now! I hope you are back in your realm this afternoon. :D

I have dishes to put away and then unload the dishwasher. Not sure what's on tap for supper, maybe Bob will offer take out. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

ceejay52 06-11-2020 10:29 AM

You made me smile when you mentioned 12 drops of rain. Mother's number was 13 drops. I'm going to clean the kitchen and living room this morning and then mow this afternoon. I also need to go to DG for a few things.

Hello to gma. :wave:

My life has been dull these past few days but I'm going to spend Saturday night with my nephew and the children. The news has been full of the riots and protesters. Therefore, I try not to watch that. It makes me sad too.
The sun is shining this morning which makes me happy. Think all this rain has made me sad and depressed.
I'm officially down 10 pounds. I'm happy. It's taken me a while to get into a good routine but I'm finally here.
I made some soup last night which had green beans, carrots, and tomatoes in it plus beef and potatoes plus seasoning. It was good.

Jean 06-11-2020 05:55 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and not quite as windy as yesterday. I've done some laundry and pitched a bunch of recipes I printed from years ago when we got out first computer. I never made any of them so pitched the whole pile without even looking at them. I need to do more pitching without looking but I'm afraid I might pitch something important.

Ceejay, every once in awhile I will remember something my mom would say. Good memories! :congrat: on losing 10#s! :cheer: You are doing great! The last couple days have been soup kind of days here. Your’s sounds delicious! I noticed the grocery store still doesn’t have many choices of Campbell soup. :( I’ve want the oriental flavor of Ramen noodles for a salad and haven’t found that either. There is every other flavor imaginable though. This is when I wish we lived in a larger town/city with more shopping choices. A weekend with the kids will be fun! I hope you have nice weather.

I need to think about something for supper. We have gotten into the habit of cheese, meat, and crackers, popcorn, etc. Not a good habit for the waistline. Enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

ceejay52 06-12-2020 11:41 AM

I did cut the grass yesterday but need to weed eat on the East side of the house. I also watered sissy's flower garden.
I'd bought a new 50 foot water hose yesterday but it's too short. :sigh:
This morning I'm doing laundry and cleaning the living room. I cleaned the kitchen last night before I went to bed. I still need to "swiffer" the floors.

I decided that since I don't have much space here at sissy's I'm going to start going through my clothes and boxes of stuff that I thought I wanted but really do not need. All I need are my clothes and my favorite DVD's. I'd like to get my key board out here soon.

Jean 06-12-2020 04:29 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and there is no wind today! It is warming up again, for the next few days, but just bouncing around the 80s which is delightful. I spent the morning doing more laundry and making a potato salad. I forgot to take meat out of the freezer so opted for BLTs for lunch. I am a messy cook! It seems like I manage to get every bowl, pan, plate, spoon, etc., dirty when I make something. Have the kitchen cleaned up again and seriously thought about making a rhubarb "something" yet this afternoon. I have to go pick the rhubarb first so maybe later.

Ceejay, I have found things I forgot I had when I am looking for something. It is fun to reminisce! My dad loved puzzles and had lots of them given as gifts over the years. Of course they all came to our house after my dad died. Bob took some to the retirement home but he found another box in the storage area above the garage. Kolby likes puzzles too, so took the box to him assuming it was all puzzles. Beth called and there were three dolls in the box. One poor doll is kind of creepy. Her body is hard (no clothes) but covered in cloth while the head, hands and feet seem to be some sort of ceramic Porcelain material. The head is all cracked and she looks like she has a disease of some sort. :lol: Another is a tiny baby doll with a crocheted bonnet and dress. Both belonged to my mother. The last doll was mine, made by my grandmother when I was a year old. It is a two headed doll (no legs); one is has brown hair, brown eyes, and a red dress, flip her skirt and the other doll has yellow hair, blue eyes, and a blue dress. I loved the brown haired doll, her dress is in shreds, and her stuffing is coming out along the seams. The other doll and dress are in perfect condition! When Beth was beyond the doll stage my mom happened to find a pattern for the same doll and started to make another doll for me. It was all done except for the yarn hair when my mom died and my neighbor graciously offered to finish it. I can’t part with the dolls just yet! I read somewhere to take photos rather than hanging on to an item.

Hope you are enjoying a nice day where you live and doing something you enjoy! :wave:

Jean 06-14-2020 12:05 PM

Good Morning! It is sunny but very windy in my neighborhood this morning. We have been to church online, had breakfast, and a load of laundry is in the dryer. The online church said no in person service for at least two more weeks. Since we are locally the hot spot in the nation, I doubt we will be back together any time soon. :( Plan for the day is another bag for the Good Will! I will find the bottom of my piles yet! :yes: I made a rhubarb crisp yesterday so that will be part of leftovers for lunch. It was a recipe I found on FB and turned out delicious! Wish there was more rhubarb but think this is it for this year.

I need to scoop Ernie's potty box and check the dryer. Hope everyone has a super Sunday! :wave:

ceejay52 06-15-2020 10:18 AM

Proud of you for the continuing decluttering. I need to do the same thing.

We kept the nephew and his children this week end. Oh that baby is so sweet, except for Saturday night when she had a tummy ache. I didn't sleep well that night.
I will be glad when they will be able to spend time at his house. But right now this is how it is according to the divorce decree.
I have a dentist appointment this afternoon in Branson so I'll spend the night with sis. and come back tomorrow. I'll be watering the flowers and veggie garden this week.

ceejay52 06-15-2020 10:24 PM

On the tablet
I came to Branson this afternoon for a dental appointment only to find out it had been canceled. I'm spending the night at the condo with sis. I m going back in the morning to take nephew to his office for a key card for his computer.
Nothing new.

ceejay52 06-16-2020 01:03 PM

Yesterday the dentist office rescheduled me for 9 in the morning and I called this morning and told them I had a conflict with that date so I have the 29th at 2 pm. which is better for me.
Came home and the pasture next door is filling up with those big round hay bails. I love this area.
I watered sissy's newly planted tomatoes and squash yesterday and today they look amazing.
I'm going to get out later this afternoon and dead head some roses. and water again.
Everyone have a great day

Jean 06-16-2020 01:39 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and it's getting hotter as the day goes along. I went to the grocery store early, mainly for some fresh fruit. We haven't seen a decent strawberry yet. I buy cantaloupe and watermelon that has been cut so I can see what it looks like inside. Some have been good and some not so good. I've washed another load of laundry and need to get it in the dryer. Tonight is our backyard goodbye visit at the pastor's house. I saw the list of people who will be there when we counted money so we won't be the only ones. I won't last long because we are supposed to wear masks and mine drives me nuts after two minutes! Our Wal Mart is closing at 2:00 today! No reason why, nor for how long, but maybe they are going to disinfect the joint. . . . .it's about time! Our positive virus numbers are still going up. A former student asked to be FB friends and I accepted. She came to the special ed. study hall for extra help on assignments, not the brightest student but lives on her own and works in the grocery store bakery. I think she got talked into something involving a money scam and she invited me to join. All I have to do is send this guy a request and he will give me $100,000 free! I tried to convince her nothing is free and asked if she was getting money from him for referring people. She said no and it is legitimate. I told her to let me know when she gets her money and can retire. She kept bugging me and I finally told her to quit as I wasn't interested.

Ceejay, I can sneeze just reading about the big round hay bales. Barns I and I don’t do well together. :no: I am confused, you have talked about a house then a condo. Does your sister live in one or the other? Your nephew is in your house, right? It’s nice you get to spend time with the children. It’s too bad your dentist didn’t let you know about your cancelled appointment but glad it is rescheduled. I think a lot of that had to be done with things being closed down. My flowers are dry with all out wind. We water them in the evening when the sun is starting to go down behind trees and they are in the shade.

Bob is home for lunch so better get moving. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

ceejay52 06-16-2020 06:01 PM

Sis has a house and the condo. She lives in Branson during the while she works. and home on the week ends. She also owns the house that I lived in and nephew lives in now.
I also like to water near the end of the day.
I've been lazy this afternoon. I back in that weird mood feeling. Don't like it.

ceejay52 06-18-2020 09:36 AM

Checking in. to say hello. nothing new.

Jean 06-19-2020 04:57 PM

Good Afternoon! It's cloudy and much cooler today. We got 1 1/2" of hard rain last night. My flowers really took a beating. This morning I went to the grocery store to pick up a couple things I forgot on my last trip there. It's a good thing we live close to town! I've done a couple loads of laundry and am trying to talk myself into dusting and vacuuming. Then again may do that tomorrow if we don't go to Ian's afternoon game. I have to brag because he hit three home runs the other night and made it home on his last hit. He's not been a consistent hitter so we were thrilled for him! I didn't know this but the home run ball goes to the kid if he wants it. There were two other home runs so it was a fun game in that respect.

Ceejay, now I understand the house and condo situation. As long as you know where you are going all is right in your world. :lol: ;) I hate “that” feeling too. Hope you are feeling better today.

The dryer should be done so I can pair up Bob's socks and put them away. The kitchen is cleaned up from lunch so I'm hoping either a sandwich out or popcorn for tonight. Maybe Bob will offer to cook. Enjoy the rest of the day and do something your enjoy! :wave:

Jean 06-21-2020 03:28 PM

Happy Sunday! The sun is shining and the afternoon is warming up after a cool cloudy morning. Rain is predicted for late afternoon but there is not a cloud in sight right now. I always thought the 21st was the first day of summer. According to Mr. Google, summer began on Saturday the 20th and will be official on Monday the 22nd. I'll stick with the 21st. We counted money at church yesterday and after I couldn't get my "new" computer to cooperate, I ended up on the secretary's computer which always seems to work just fine. After lunch we took off for Ian's game which was iffy because of the weather. It had rained all morning there but the sun came out so the game was on after being delayed an hour. We were told the bleachers would be closed but we normally take our own chairs. It was their first home game so there was a pretty good crowd and people ignored the bleachers closed sign and sat there any way. Ian had some good hits but no home runs this time. They had played this team in a practice game a couple weeks ago and got beat big time. Yesterday they turned the tables and won; it was a fun game. I'm so glad the kids get to play this summer! There are three games next week but think we will go to just one. It's times like this I wish we lived closer but glad we can go when we can. Today we went to church online first, then Bob shampooed rugs after I vacuumed. While he did that I dusted some things that haven't been dusted in a very long time. I am :o :o :o !!! Now he's out mowing and I've cleaned up the kitchen. I told him he was like the energizer bunny today. Ha ha! Not much else is newsy from here. Hope you are enjoying a nice day and doing something fun! :wave:

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