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Jean 05-12-2020 10:12 AM

Steel Magnolias ó #59
Good Morning! A gloomy morning but a bit warmer, no wind, and no rain in the forecast. Just waiting around for it to be time to go to the dentist with Bob. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday and do something you enjoy! :wave:

Jean 05-12-2020 06:50 PM

Bob’s tooth is gone and it took longer to do all the paperwork than to actually pull the tooth. Bob says his mouth is sore from the shots to numb the area but he is ready to eat.

Ceejay, our furnace runs every morning and sometimes even in the evening. Our church is closed through May at least. We have a state wide conference meeting in June where all the pastors and church representatives meet to discuss Protocol, rules, and regulations. It has also been cancelled but the change in pastors to new churches will still happen July 1st. Good luck car shopping. I will have to look but I don’t know that I’ve ever seen blackberries in the store.

I guess supper is going to be scrambled eggs and apple sauce! Since I seem to be in charge of food will head for the kitchen and fill the request. :D Hope you enjoy a nice evening! :wave:

gma22 05-12-2020 07:45 PM

Good evening. Rain, rain go away. Weíve had a whole day of it again. We are moving to some constant 80 temps in the next day or so. Hopefully we can look forward to sunny days ahead. I think weíll get out and weed spray again this weekend if itís nice.

Jean: I must have missed it. What made them decide to just pull his tooth? Iím glad heíll be feeling better and hopefully enjoyed his eggs and applesauce. I made chili dogs for Jack for diner. I ate one, but it is sitting like a lump in my stomach. I think Iíll have a little sorbet this evening. Kroger has that Private Selection brand and they have this yummy mango sorbet. I refer it to ice cream of any kind, but only have a little because Iíve never found sugar free. Hopefully it wonít be long ad you can return to church. I have found blackberries, but donít buy them because the seeds are big enough to play havoc with me sometimes. They also drive me nuts when they get in my teeth. :lol:

Everyone have a good evening!

Jean 05-12-2020 09:59 PM

“Gma,” Bob had a toothache in January and it was bad enough he went to the dentist Right away, and then the doctor thinking maybe he had an ear infection. The dentist took an x-ray but couldn’t see anything. After a couple days of Tylenol and ibuprofen, it was fine. It happened again right before we went to Maui, same thing. Our dentist recommended a trip to a root canal dentist in Sioux City after we got home. It didn’t bother him at all and the day we were to go to SC, the weather was awful and they saying to stay off the roads so we didn’t go. It happened again and we did go to SC the end of March. That dentist has much more detailed computer x-ray equipment and it showed a crack on the back side of a wisdom tooth. The dentist said a root canal wouldn’t fix it and it wouldn’t get any better so needed to come out. He belongs to a travel group and the surgeon comes here on certain days. :)

ceejay52 05-13-2020 03:39 PM

Glad DH didn't have to have the root canal and the bad tooth is now gone. Hope it heals soon. Our church voted for not going till June. I'm glad in a way cause I do't get out in public unless I have to.

We've been having rain too. It was raining earlier this morning but most of the day has been dry. but more rain coming in this afternoon.
I agree with the blackberries. I love them but those small seeds will sometimes play havoc with my digestive tract. I'm satisfied with the blackberry jelly if it is seedless.
I've been doing laundry today and have most of it done. Need to take one load out of the dryer and put in a small load of white in the dryer, then I'm done.
Nephew A text me this morning to see if I could take him to a rehearsal for his son's communion service Sunday. I told him I would if it was not storming.
Fixed a cheeseburger steak this afternoon for lunch and had a salad with that. I'm still pretty full. I'm making a batch of vegetable beef soup for dinner.

ceejay52 05-14-2020 04:46 PM

Nephew called and wanted me to come into town to take him by his office to turn in a paper that was due today. This morning was the first dry day that we've had to mow and the grass has grown. So when I got back I brought out the rider and wouldn't you know I ran out of gas. I put what was left in the can but it wasn't enough. I got home from the gas station and barely had enough time to put up the lawn mower and it started pouring rain. At least I got to mow the big side yard.
The pasture next to the house has cows in it this afternoon. And they are getting wet.
This morning I cleaned the living room and dining room.

Hello to every one.

Jean 05-14-2020 05:30 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has been shining all day, no wind, and it's warm enough to have the sliding doors open this afternoon. Love this kind of weather! I had money from another employee only gift shop sale so made a trip to the bank, post office, and grocery store this morning. Salons are opening tomorrow as well as restaurants are again open for dining in if they so choose. Some are staying with carry out for awhile longer. Bob offered lunch by the lake so I didn't have to cook. This afternoon I have just puttered and sorted through more "junk" I don't need any more. I found a Lands End receipt from 2015, is that bad or what?! :rolleyes:

Ceejay, Bob is back to normal except for not chewing on that side of his mouth. I think the ice pack lasted all of one hour, yesterday, if that. :lol: I did find blackberries in the store this morning, tiny box and I thought quite expensive. Your sister is so lucky to have you do laundry, cook, clean, and yard work on top of all that! You will have lots of stars in your crown when you get to heaven! I’m sorry about running out of gas in the mower, aggravating.

Nothing exciting for the rest of the day; a much needed haircut tomorrow, and new nails on Saturday. I can't wait! Hope you all are enjoying a terrific Thursday! :wave:

gma22 05-14-2020 07:32 PM

Evening gals! It is mid 80ís here today so I turned on AC about 2 pm. I had it on all last night though. I was pretty sick from dinner through breakfast. Am trying out a new gastro med and figure it hasnít had time to work. I couldnít stand the misery so took a second dose and felt better in a couple hours. This one is a twice a day and it has sodium bicarbonate so weíll see how it does. Terrible to have to take one medicine to counteract the reaction of the first, but thatís whatís happening.

My hair salon is not starting appointments until June 1st and setting them up so that people who had the earliest dates booked when they closed get to go first. Unfortunately, my appt was right before the cruise so itís likely I wonít get an appt until the end of June. I am not going out to eat, get my nails done or anything else until I can get my hair done. Itís a mess. I have about 3 inches of gray from my scalp and with my hair being fine and red it looks like I have bald spots. :lol:

CeeJay: You are like the Energizer bunny, I swear. Glad you were able to finish a section before the rain. I like black raspberry jam or preserves. I grew up eating them fresh as a kid, but you canít find them anymore. Jack eats orange marmalade or grape. I like peach, apricot, red raspberry, strawberry. I rarely eat it though because of the sugar and donít like sugar free.

Jean: I thought you had said something once upon a time about a root canal, but then when you said he had it pulled I thought maybe not. Well, glad itís all fixed for him now. I donít know. I had a pair of sandals from then for about two years and they replaced it free of charge when the thong piece broke. Maybe whatever you bought could be exchanged if necessary. :lol: :lol: Our favorite Chinese place opened today carryout only, but we only do carryout from them so Jackís treating me to Chinese for dinner tomorrow. I made meatloaf, baked beans, and hash brown casserole tonight and boy did it taste good. We havenít had that in quite awhile.

We hot part of our onboard credit for the cruise, but they still owe us $450 so hopefully itíll come through soon. We donít need it because the all access ship tour hasnít come up for booking yet. Itís only for Vicki and Jack as I canít do all the stairs and canít use my scooter for it.

Well, everyone have a good evening.

ceejay52 05-15-2020 09:40 AM

A potent thunderstorm woke me around 3 a.m. this morning. Seemed like it went on and on and more rain is on the way too. Luckily yesterday afternoon after the brief thunderstorm the rain soaked into the ground. And I heard another neighbor out mowing so I got out and finished. The grass didn't clump so I finished the yard. Still need to weed eat. The yard was so long that it looked like I had bush hogged it. I did rake up the very front, the side and back yard.
Nephew A, the one I took to his office yesterday inherited their two cat, Littlefoot and Sarah. Littlefoot started taking up with me first then Sarah. While Sarah was up in my lap Littlefoot hissed at Sarah and almost got into a fight. Didn't realize that female cats did this.
While I was raking in the back yard my neighbor Pat came over and brought some fresh baked banana bread. I had some for dinner.

I turned our a.c. on yesterday as well. It was humid in the house after working outside. Hope you feel better.

Jean and Susan :wave:
We are going to have sissy's grandsons and grand daughter tomorrow night.

Jean 05-16-2020 05:53 PM

Happy Saturday to You! The month is half over and summer activities like our July 4th celebration are being cancelled daily. It's really going to be a quiet summer if the local baseball team doesn't play; haven't heard about high school yet. We are rapidly becoming a COVID 19 hot spot thanks to the packing plants. :mad: Bob just received word that one of the nursing home employees also tested positive. Most likely there is a family member working at one of the the packing plants. We have a mobile testing unit in town this weekend plus a separate one that is going to start testing packing plant employees on Monday. A little late on that one since two plants in Iowa have been shut down plus another one in Sioux City and another in Dakota City, NE, right across the border. Rain is heading our way and should have been here by now. I got my hair cut yesterday and new nails today so feel like a new person! We counted church money this morning; Bob found out one of our largest givers is moving out of town this fall when he retires and another very generous giver just put her husband in the nursing home so cut their monthly contribution in half. I don't anticipate replacing either one any time soon. I wouldn't be surprised if we are still out of the building through June. We are living through a troublesome time that's for sure. :(

“Gma,” originally our local dentist thought Bob would need a root canal and that’s why she sent him to the specialist in Sioux City. Her x-ray didn’t show the crack in the tooth. I hate returning anything I have to pay postage for. I just ordered a summer top and it is cut much lower than I am comfortable with. If my mom were alive she would take it apart and take in the shoulder seams. I am not that talented. Most likely I will see if Amanda might wear it to work as it is kind of dressy, if not it goes in the SOS box. You made me hungry for Chinese! We have decided the carry out is much better than dining in. My favorite, cashew chicken, is never on the buffet. That might just be dinner tomorrow! :T

Ceejay, is there a significance in naming the cat Littlefoot? Interesting name! We had an inside female cat then adopted an outside orphan who had three kittens in our garage. Maggie, the inside cat, was not happy when we invited Momma to move inside. They never got to be buddies just tolerated each other’s space. We would hear hissing every once in awhile :lol: but they never actually fought that we know of. Fresh banana bread, what a nice neighbor!

The washer is finished so on to the next load. Hope you enjoy a good day and stay healthy! :wave:

QuilterInVA 05-16-2020 06:06 PM

Good evening,ladies! 80 degrees and sunshine.

Phase 1 started today. Restaurants can have

QuilterInVA 05-16-2020 06:20 PM


Originally Posted by QuilterInVA (Post 5408955)
Good evening,ladies! 80 degrees and sunshine.

Phase 1 started today. Restaurants can have

50% capacity but only outdoor seating. Salons by appointment only and half capacity. YMCA opens Monday but you have to sign up in advance and only 9 in a class. I don't plan on doing anything before July 1.

Donna, sorry about the medicine. No fun!

Jean, glad Bob's tooth trouble is over.

Ceejay, you are such a good woman helping your sister and nephew.

Have a great weekend.b

gma22 05-17-2020 03:47 PM

Good afternoon. Just as Jack was stepping out the door it stating pouring rain. He made an appt online to get his haircut for yesterday, showed up, had to wait in his car until they were ready, had to wear a mask, gets up to the door and she said online appts donít show up at the salon and everyone is furious at them. The franchise owner insists on online so everyone that shows up gets turned away. They have to make a second appt. No wonder people are up in arms about the whole thing when you have dopes like the franchise owner and the stylists take all the grief for it. Anyway, he has an appt at 3.

Jean: I think the Chinese place has new cooks as the order was completely different than previous ones. Itís too bad because thereís nothing close by as the other two went out of business years ago. We never do anything for the 4th as we feel itís too dangerous here. We used to go to the casinos, but after the flooding several years ago they arenít as nice anymore. We just stay home and usually are in bed regular time because Jack has to work the next day. I doubt he even gets Memorial Day off this year as heís had to work the last three city holidays.

Susan: My salon opens in June but with the way theyíre booking I figure I have to put up with bad hair until the end of June.

Everyone have a good afternoon.

ceejay52 05-17-2020 05:27 PM

Some of our business have reopened. Sis and nephew A took the boys shopping and had to wait in line as they were allowing only so many inside.
We had a good family day yesterday. Both nephews were here with kids Nephew A spent the night with his three. and also oldest grand daughter. I might say I'm tired. I enjoyed it. It was fun getting to know baby C. Nephew C helped his mom clean out a flower bed.
Sis went to nephew's church this morning but I didn't.. Needed some time alone. I met nephew C in Willard about 12 miles down the road and he pick up his daughter. She is a joy to be around.
Everyone had a good day.

ceejay52 05-19-2020 11:16 AM

Not much going on. My neighbors must be gone. They have not been outside yesterday.
It's been cloudy and cool this week. Supposed to start warming up this week end.

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