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Jean 05-19-2020 02:33 PM

Good Afternoon! It's another cloudy and gloomy day. :( I made a trip to town this morning to pick up Zowie's birthday picture from the newspaper office, she turns 15 tomorrow. Then I stopped by the Hallmark shop for a couple graduation cards. Bob's hometown is planning their graduation ceremony for July and a shortened edition of prom the same weekend. Graduation here was scheduled for next weekend but we are invited to a drive by celebration. I think we will be invited to the back yard festivities while some will drive by and honk their congratulations. The smaller towns around us have come up with some clever ways to celebrate their graduates so it's been interesting to watch on FB.

Susan, our restaurants are the same 50% capacity. However a good share are still doing the carry out procedure. We have “dined in” a couple times which was nice. Both times there were a few other people in the restaurants also; everyone is tired of being cooped up at home.

”Gma,” how frustrating for Jack trying to get his hair cut! I agree on the Chinese restaurantS using different cooks! Twice we’ve gotten the divided styrofoam carry outs with an egg roll included, and once the traditional looking containers and no egg roll! The dinners were slightly different in contents also but still good. We still haven’t heard anything about summer baseball for Ian, but I am betting on none. It will be a quiet summer!

Ceejay, supposedly our WM has started counting people but I haven’t seen that early in the morning. The last time I was there the Mexicans were still shopping in groups, with over loaded grocery carts and one open checker. That does test one’s patience! It’s nice you enjoy being with the kids, they do have the energy! Please share your warmer weather! My furnace is still running daily!

I have a load of clothes in the washer that should be done so better keep moving. I could easily take a nap, it's that kind of day. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

Jean 05-20-2020 12:24 PM

Good Morning! It's another gloomy day in my neighborhood but no wind and no rain, at least so far. I have dusted and vacuumed the living room and tv area so far this morning plus Ernie's potty box which I scoop every day. The weekenders, across the street, were here last weekend and left a junky van parked on our side of the street close to the neighbor's driveway. I want to call the police and say it's been abandoned but Bob doesn't think I should. It has a different county license plate so how would I know who it belonged to. They all park on both sides of the street even though they have a double garage and driveway; I have parked in front of our house so they can't. I can be kind of ornery. :lol:

Not much newsy from my corner of the world today. I should think about something for lunch since it is about that time. Hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

ceejay52 05-20-2020 01:33 PM

I mowed the lawn yesterday afternoon. When I started the neighbors did too.
This afternoon I'm going to weed around the blueberry bushes.
Today I'm using the oven clean to clean this nasty oven. It's going to take a while. The first time I've used one like this.
I'm also doing laundry today. Always something to do here.

I think you should call the police. The neighbor should be more respectful.

gma22 05-21-2020 11:56 PM

Good evening. I saw Jean on FB and realized I have not been in here in days again. It’s easier when your life actually has you doing different things. I get up eat breakfast, chores, etc, etc. I still have not left the house. I am waiting for a call for a hair appointment. I will not go out looking like this. We are in for days of rain and temps near 90 the rest of the week so it’ll be fun. At least we’re finally getting steady warm temps for summertime.

I have ordered Jack’s Father’s Day gifts, got one, have been waiting for nearly three weeks for the other. Of course they charged me for it and it’s custom so I just have to wait until it gets here. I bought him a book written by one of the last survivors of Pearl Harbor so at least he’ll get that. What’s on order is a tshirt with his old ship’s logo on the front and the air craft carrier’s info on the back. He loved the USS Kennedy. He served on it three years.

I fell off the wagon. HSN had a sandal sale and I fell in love with a pair and ordered them. Hey, what can I say they double whammied me. They sent me an email and were on tv when I channel surfed. :lol: At least they were on sale.

We have a house key hanging in the garage in case we get locked out. It’s been there for years since we got locked out and had to break a window to get in. Anyway, Jack left for work a couple days ago and forgot his keys. He thought I was asleep so used the extra key but never put it back. I know why because it hangs on the back wall of the garage and hard to get to if my car is parked in the garage. So. I decided to do something to make it easier. I ordered these magnetic key discs. It has 3M adhesive on one you stick to the wall and then the magnet sticks to it and your key sticks to the magnet. They’ll be here tomorrow so we’ll see how they work.

Jack had to go out tonight and ask the people next door to get their friends to move their car from in front of our garage. He came in and said they now have an auto bodyshop in their garage. That is the third one here on our street. We are mixed zoning so doubt the management can do much. It gets so incredibly noisy here and it goes so late into the night sometimes. They are all renters, but the landlords won’t tell them not to. :mad:

Jean: I asked Jack if WM still had an employee in front and he said yes but she doesn’t enforce anything. We have mandatory face masks here but he said half the customers don’t wear them. I look forward to going out to eat once I get my darn hair done. Well I glad the kids get a ceremony and such. We have to get going again.

CeeJay: You need your own landscaping company! :lol: Our donut shop here just opened up a week ago and it’s been nuts. This shop has been featured on several tv shows, “The Best Thing I ever Ate,” “Chowdown Countdown,” and two or three more I can’t think of. Their donuts are very good and always really fresh. If you know who Alton Brown is from food network, it’s his favorite place for donuts. :lol:

Well, I need to get to bed. Have a good dat tomorrow and nice weekend.

Jean 05-22-2020 12:15 PM

Good Morning! It's another cool and gloomy day in my neighborhood. Part of the "weekenders" across the street showed up yesterday and the junk van has disappeared. A couple at the other end of the block has a moving truck called "Two Men and a Truck" :lol: at their house. They are moving to Omaha where their daughter lives. The lady helped in the gift shop and I will miss her. I have been to church to count money and the most user unfriendly copy machine decided to not cooperate again today. :mad: It's a good thing there weren't many checks to copy. When the secretary got there she said she had called the repair/salesman and he admitted they have had nothing but trouble with these machines. So either fix it or replace it with something else! Our church was to have a 150th anniversary celebration in September which has now been cancelled. Members of the different planning committees didn't want to get together because of the virus, our new pastor isn't coming until September, etc., so guess it will be 150 years plus 1 next September! I stopped at the coffee shop for a reaspberry lemonade on my way home. :T

Ceejay, I was definitely going to call the police about the junky van if it was here after the long weekend. The problem with the “weekenders” is some live an hour away, one couple comes from Missouri, and there are some with the same local county plates. If they all gather for a long weekend there are cars on both sides of the street, kids on bikes and running around the yard, plus a couple loose dogs. :( I’m glad we are in the back of our house most of the time! Hope your oven is now spic ‘n span clean! :D

”Gma,” I was hacked on FB. :mad: Did you get the supposed video message from me? I wish there was some way to punish the hackers! Right now there seems to be a big FB to-do about face masks. To each his own opinion and I have friends on both sides of that one so keep quiet. I keep one in the car if I need it but after awhile feel like I can’t breathe and need to get my nose out. Besides, my glasses steam up. I’m sure Jack will love his Father’s Day gifts! :yes: Bob gave a talk on his tour in Vietnam to a class at the college. The professor gave him a book on the Vietnam “war” which I came across in one of my sorting endeavors. I feel for you with your renter neighbors! We were just talking about our renting days and how we took care as if we owned, tried to be good neighbors, etc.; definitely a different mind set now. One thing about the salons being closed, everyone was shaggy looking and in the same boat. I would call your salon and beg! ;) It seems like every time I turn on the Food Network it is the Diners, Dives, and Drive-ins or whatever it’s called. I can’t stand that goofus and turn it off!

Now I need to get busy! Hope you all enjoy a fantastic Friday! :wave:

ceejay52 05-24-2020 09:08 PM

The oven is not spic and span. It's been awhile since sis cleaned it. But it is better and I'll do it again very soon. I hate to bake in dirty ovens.

It doesn't feel like Sunday any more. We have a committee that is searching for a new pastor. Some churches have gone back to having services but I'm a bit leery.
We had our gathering yesterday and it was nice. Nephew A had his kids out here. His wife wants them to have supervision and I can't blame her on that. We baby sat with baby O Friday night and the I kept her while sis and nephew went to pick up the kiddo's. She was a lot of fun.
This is about it for me.

QuilterInVA 05-25-2020 10:29 AM

Good mourning ladies. 62% and cloudy.

Same old stuff happening here...chores, walk, lunch, read and quilt, dinner. Excitement last Monday because I had a doctor's appointment. New rescue inhalers coming this week. Wednesday I have dentist's appointment for a fitting in my new partial. That was supposed to happen March 10.

Jean, our church is having one mass beginning Saturday. Only 100 people, a

Donna, my hair is terrible too. My bangs are in my eyes so I tied them back with a piece of ribbon. We only have Krispy Kreeme and Dunkin Donuts here. I haven't had them for years.

Jean, renters can be a real headache! Masks should be washed every time you wear them. Our church is having one Mass beginning on Saturday at 5:30. Everyone over 3 must wear a mask. Limit of 100. Everyone over 65 is to stay home.
Livestreaming Sunday mass.

Ceejay, I have a self cleaning oven. I won't be without one. It is nice you have family near you.

Have a great day!

Jean 05-25-2020 12:07 PM

Good Morning! We have had the strangest weather this weekend! Saturday was supposed to be rainy and it turned out to be a beautiful sunny day. I think everyone who owned a boat was on the lake, except us. We got up to heavy rain, wind, and hail Sunday morning. It didn’t last long but we got almost an inch of rain. Then the sun was in and out all day. We had a drive-by graduation in the afternoon and the sun did shine for that hour. It is supposed to rain again today but the sun is peeking out right now. Beth wanted to come over and fish with her dad but in trying to second guess the weather she gave up. I haven’t accomplished much over the long weekend. I bought ham loaf meat to fix in case Beth did come; I am so disgusted because it has no taste to it. Bob’s mom used a recipe of ground pork and ham; when I have tried to special order that, the meat man tells me that is exactly how they mix their ham loaf. Well, it doesn’t taste the same and they sprinkle red “something” on top of their mix. :mad: I miss a good meat market!

Ceejay, I try to wipe up oven spatters as soon as they happen. I don’t like dirty ovens either and Bob says mine looks like it’s never been used. :rolleyes: I haven’t heard if we will be back in the church building in June or not. The Sioux City church we watch online will require masks; we really wanted to go to their Easter service but I don’t think I can stand a mask for that long. The babies are at a fun age and I’m glad you get to enjoy them.

Susan, we still haven’t heard the “official” numbers from the local virus testing. I would be more interested in the packing plants testing than the general public. :yes: It was impressive to see the helicopter pick up the tests to take to the University lab. A doctor from our clinic was on ER duty over the weekend and posted on FB that the ER had been extra busy treating COVID cases. The Sioux City hospitals won’t take any more patients from here and our local hospital is using all the virus designated rooms. I have mixed feelings on the masks, I find it interesting that people wear them in the car when they are the only person in the car. Are you walking outside now?

“Gma,” What are you doing today? Hope you have sunshine! :flow1:

I have a load of towels that should be ready for the dryer. Also need to get the vacuum out and chase the dust/fur hunks. Have a marvelous Monday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 05-25-2020 09:46 PM

It's been a busy day. I suggested a walk this morning and sis was all for it. We went down to the park which is very close.
Around 10.30 this morning I got on the rider and started mowing. I was trying to beat the rain. Sis did the push mowing. And after I did the weed eating. I was relaxing and all of a sudden a cloud burst opened and poured. Guess that will teach me to put up the mowers and other garden things.
I'm a tired woman

Littlefoot come from a children's movie I think but not sure which one.

Hello's to Susan and GMA

Jean 05-26-2020 12:56 PM

Good Morning! It's another CRAPPY, seriously raining day in my neighborhood. :( Ok, enough about the weather! I needed bread and milk so made a quick early trip to the store. More people were not wearing masks than were, and we are supposed to be a hot spot right now. I am in the process of cleaning the coffee maker so the house smells like a pickle. :lol: While I was waiting for that to do its job I refilled a months worth of meds for both of us. Glad that is done, not my favorite job. :no:

Ceejay, I wish I had someone to walk with! You are lucky to walk with your sister. :yes: Years ago my backyard neighbor and I would meet at the corner and walk together just about every day. She moved away and that ended my walking commitment. Bob walks too fast for me to keep up so that’s no fun either. Every neighbor around us mowed at various times, in between the rain showers, over the weekend. Bob started, then it started to sprinkle so put the mower away. I think we got a dozen drops that time and it quit, so he got the mower back out and finished. Everyone’s grass is growing fast!

I have a load of towels that should be done drying, ready to fold, and put away so better keep moving. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

ceejay52 05-27-2020 10:54 AM

I've had my shower. My used to be neighbor called and told me that my nephew was getting in the back of an ambulance. I knew he'd been having some blood sugar problems and didn't think to much about it. I called his mom and from her I found out that he's been drinking again. I've been so proud of him. But it seems like he can't go for more than 3 months. I'm sad.
We've had a little rain shower so my little tad of yard work will have to be later on this afternoon.

I'm not sure if I'm going to keep ordering my med's or start using a local pharmacy.

Hello's to gma and Susan

Jean 05-27-2020 01:04 PM

Good Morning! I am watching the electric company install a new pole across the street. I hope it has a light on it because our long block is very dark. The weekender's house has a yard light that used to automatically come on when it got dark. It has worked off and on since they bought the house a few years ago; I'm not sure why he doesn't either replace it or fix it. Anyhow a light in the middle of the block would be nice! So far there is no sunshine but it's not raining either.

Ceejay, I hope your nephew will be back home soon. I’m so sorry he has been drinking again. :( Our mail delivery is so irregular I would hate to trust them to deliver our meds. Our Walgreens pharmacy is easy with a drive up window.

I need to think about lunch as it is about that time. Enjoy the rest of a wonderful Wednesday and do something nice for yourself! :wave:

ceejay52 05-27-2020 02:21 PM

I'm fixing lunch as soon as the oven heats up to the right temperature. I've used Walgreen's for years until my insurance company insisted that I use their mail delivery. Thinking about going back to Walgreens.
Me too on nephew's account.
Made an appointment to get the oil changed for next Monday which is the earliest I could get.
My other nephew C with the 14 month old is looking for a new sitter for her. I would love keep her but am to far out to go get her and bring her back here. I don't want to live with nephew A because of the circumstances plus the bad experience I've had. But his location would be ideal for that.

gma22 05-27-2020 07:53 PM

I have got to get back to a schedule, etc. I don’t get in here then days later realize it. My cleaning schedule is off, haven’t been away from the house, etc. Good news is I have a hair appt tomorrow. We have to wait in our car, get our temp taken, wear a mask and she can only have 25% occupancy, but thank you Jesus I can look human again. I can also make a waxing appt and go to the nail salon. I think we are going back to going out for our groceries in a couple weeks and going out to eat.

The city came out today saying everyone who works for the city loses 30% of their vacation days immediately and they’ll be paid for them instead. Good thing we’re not cruising this year or I’d be pitching a fit. Our mayor is a total dummy. The guys at the plant are livid over it. We’ll just pay on the cruise with it. :lol:

Jean: I did get a video, but didn’t open it. I quit opening them because so many people were getting hacked from them. When we moved into the condo from across town we used two men and a truck. They did a great job. One of the neighbors does something that blows our electricity. Their stupid auto bodyshops in their garages. I am always lagging behind Jack. He has really long legs so his strides are long.

CeeJay: Bummer! I know you all thought he was coming along so well. Someone needs to figure out what his trigger is to help him stop it. His sponsor if he uses him. We use Express Scripts unless it’s a short term prescription like one time, etc. We pay $10 for 90 days generic and $29 for brand name 90 days with Express Scripts. Walgreens or other allowable pharmacies only will fill 30 days. Hope you got your yard work done.

Susan: My oven is self cleaning or steam cleaning. I only do it winter months because it makes the kitchen so hot. I have to get eye appt, mammogram that never got rescheduled, dr appt, all by fall. I should go to dr in July but I am waiting until Sept. It is a large practice, lots of medicaid and frankly they’re pretty careless and no one makes them follow the rules.

Everyone have a good evening.

Jean 05-28-2020 02:34 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing. I spent the morning sorting through a closet and wondering where all the stuff came from. I need to practice the idea of pitching something if I buy something new. A teacher friend is asking for furniture and "extras" to help a new teacher set up an apartment. I am making a list! I fixed tacos for lunch, dishwasher is full so now have a counter full of dishes to wash. "My" black fuzzy furball kitten/cat has at least two new babies in the cat/bird house! She takes off with her mom and sister but as soon as I open the door she comes running back.

Ceejay, have you considered moving back to your house and telling the nephew he has to move out? I can’t imagine the hopeless feelings he must deal with. That is so sad. I know you would enjoy babysitting! :)

”Gma,” Bob had a dentist appointment this morning and they called him yesterday with all the required questions. Then today he was to call from the car and the dentist would come to the car to evaluate him and take his temperature. She was double masked, gloves, long lab type coat, and face shield. When he got inside there were plastic sheets over all the door ways, something about the water spray and aerosol (?) spreading germs. Our county virus numbers jumped to over 600, still not counting the €^~§*# packing plants. :mad: Hope your hair appointment was on schedule and you are beautiful once more. Jack loves you any way you look! I don’t understand why city employees lose vacation days. Are they short handed or second guessing the virus? I was surprised at your Walgreens, we both get 90 days worth or meds.

I guess the maid is not going to do the dishes, must be my turn. :rolleyes: I better get busy. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

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