Steel Magnolias — #58

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  • Good Morning! The sun is shining and it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! I have been to the grocery store and they had tp, regular kleen-x, and paper towels. Kleen-x was making me nervous because we use a lot and all that has been on the shelves had the lotion which doesn't help allergies nor cleaning glasses. Bob uses them on his glasses but I don't. The store wasn't all that busy so it didn't take long.

    Susan, I saw on FB where someone referenced when we were little and had the days of the week on our underwear. Some days I could use that! The plumber is coming tomorrow! He finally called Bob yesterday afternoon, after Bob had left several messages, but we were out of town to pick up the plow Bob bought. “Oh well....” I am going to tell him it is not good PR to ignore messages. His wife runs his office so she could at least answer text messages even if she doesn’t know the answer!

    Ceejay, I had to giggle at the neighbor thinking you might be your sister’s mother. I’m glad the rider is fixed for you to mow the large yard. Good luck car shopping if that is what you end up doing.

    Now I need to put the rest of my groceries away and address a couple of church birthday cards. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday!

  • Goos afternoon. It is warm here today, near 80. Hopefully it will stay that way. We had rain all weekend so no weed killing. They’re going to overrun us soon! Jack bought cordless trimmer and a battery operated weed killer so first sunny day or at least dry one we are going to kill weeds!!!

    Sadly my shoes have to go back. They fit but when I stand up there is no support with the straps and my foot slides sideways off the shoe. Jack said he’d mail them back Saturday. I decided to buy a pair of water shoes to wear on the beach, the ocean and the pool. I will not walk in the ocean barefoot. Gives me the creeps even though the water in the caribbean is clear. I also bought a solution for jellyfish stings just in case. Jack wants to snorkel when we’re at Coco Cay. We decided to spend the money for a cabana at the beach club so there’s less chance of any of us getting sunburned. I am taking loads of high sunscreen so we have plenty to reapply, but it is very easy to burn when in the caribbean. They have this fancy restaurant for your food when you’re at the beach club, but they also have your “fair” type food outside of the club. Our suite on the ship allows us access to the specialty restaurants for free so I think the day we’re at Coco Cay we’ll make reservations for the hibachi restaurant. I’m the only one that’s never been and since we don’t have to pay if we aren’t super hungry this will fit the bill.

    Jean: I sure hope you can get your plumbing issue resolved. I don’t know why these were built so shabbily, but they sure were. Our travel agent is a gem. She had it straightened out in a couple hours and our balance is correct. She even checked on our refund of the taxes and gratuities which they credit back to your credit card and my $550 in on board credit. I got a text from Jackson thanking me for the money. They have bought a new house so he didn’t get the cards right away. He said he is bored being home. I imagine when you’re an only child there’s only so much video games you can stand to play by yourself. I told him Nonny looked like a freak since she couldn’t get her hair or nails done.

    CeeJay: I think one of the very hardest habits to break is eating and drinking while reading or watching tv. At least it is for me. Oh dear not sure how I’d feel about someone thinking I was my sister’s mother. We are about two years apart but my health issues make me look older. I once had someone think I was Jack’s mother! People can’t believe he’s 70 almost 71. I think it’s because he never lets stress get to him, ever.

    Susan: Our WM stores are awful. I don’t shop in them much anymore, but my nail salon is in them. I have gone through 4 series of books since we’ve been on “lock down.”

    Everyone have a good afternoon!
  • Morning
    We have a light rain this morning.
    Yesterday afternoon I worked in the yard for 2 and a half hours and can just see a dent in this flower bed. I think it's a flower bed any way. I worked around the peonies. I thought I smelled like wild onions but sis said it was chives. I still need to weed eat the rest of this area to see where I can go with the lawn mower. I shouldn't of let it go this long. I did find a border on one side. Sis said this bed was my bil's.
    This morning I'm doing laundry and watching 600 pound life. Not a lot going on. I did talk to a neighbor for a bit in the front yard when I went to the mail box. Yes,we did social distancing.

    Thanks for starting the new thread. I on a whim went down to our Dollar General store and low and behold the shelves were stocked with tp, kleen-x and paper towels. I bought some good toilet paper, cause the last toilet paper is rough. Hope your plumbing problems get fixed soon.

    Glad things are getting resolved concerning your postponed cruise.

  • Good evening. More darn rain and supposed to rain all day tomorrow. We are never going to be able to get these weeds cleared up.

    Got an email they were rebooking my friend’s flight because they canceled hers for Friday. Well, I canceled it back in March when they canceled the cruise and they refused to refund my $600 even though they said they would refund. So, I emailed them, gave them a piece of my mind and got an email back with a link about getting a refund, (I am guessing because they canceled the flight.) We shall se whether I get the money back.

    Got my water shoes today and they should work great. They have holes to drain out the water and are mesh on top.

    The scummy neighbors have been roaring their cars up and down the street so I hope Jack can sleep through it. I swear, people have no decency anymore.

    CeeJay: My grandma grew the most beautiful pink peonies. She had a couple big flower gardens, one was all irises and the other was peonies and roses. The backyard always smelled so good in the spring and summer. Glad you were able to get the mowing done.

    You all have a nice day tomorrow.

  • Good Afternoon! The sun was shining brightly but has disappeared. The contractor was here to texture the bathroom wall. I will be glad when he is done and out of here. He can’t just say hello and get to work, has to visit first. The plumbers finally came yesterday morning and I have a bright and shiny new hunk of sewer pipe in the basement. Bob poured bleach down the hole in the wall hoping there are no hunks of anything "bad" floating around. I am tired of the "hurry up and wait game" as well as a house full of cement and sheet rock dust. I'd love to move out for a week and hire someone to come in and clean from top to bottom. In my dreams . . . . . .

    ”Gma,” I’m with you in walking barefoot in the lake or ocean! I wouldn’t put a toe in a river, ever. I’m glad you got your cruise credit straightened out. I was surprised at the price of your friend’s airline ticket. Our tickets to Maui were only $500, think it was a 20 minute special! We had empty seats coming and going. We have a neighbor across the street who is a “young” doctor in charge of our ER. Their yard facing the street is nothing but a junk hole with an old laundry tub sometimes with flowers in it, various mismatched flower pots scattered around the yard, a rusty star on the siding, Christmas lights, and an UI flag. His driveway always has a duck boat, pontoon trailer, ice fishing house, or a side-by-side parked in it. He drives a pickup with loud mufflers and roars up and down the street. Bob says he is a spoiled farm brat junking up the neighborhood. I’m glad I don’t have to look at it on a daily basis since he is a couple houses away from us.

    Ceejay, we had peonies when we first moved here. The kids were little and they were close to the back door with the kids in and out all the time. For some reason the flowers attracted flies which followed the kids in the house. I’m glad you got some “good” tp! That is important!

    Hope you all are enjoying today and doing something you enjoy.
  • It's another rainy afternoon so no yard work for me or sis. It's okay by me.
    Nothing else going on.

    Have a good day.
  • Happy Friday! It is a gloomy cool day in my neighborhood. I made a quick trip to the grocery store this morning; Bob has been hinting he is hungry for goulash. I need to start cutting halved recipes even more as we will be eating leftover goulash for a week. I should have left my locker hamburger in 1# packages instead of going to pound and a half. Live and learn! I did get a load of laundry done while fixing lunch. I need to vacuum and really could dust this afternoon. I think the contractor is done making his mess and next is painting the new bathroom wall.

    Ceejay, guess we all need a rainy day every now and then. Hope you have sunshine tomorrow!

    I have a lunch pan to wash and put away so better get to it. The vacuuming is next! Enjoy the rest of your day!
  • Good Afternoon! We had sunshine this morning but it is raining now. We actually do need a little rain as the farmers were making dust fly as they worked in the fields. We counted money at church this morning and $5000+ went to the bank. The pastor sent out an email plea that pay checks were in question this month. Several people, including us, think he is paid way too much for what little he does as compared to our last pastor. There are two or three others taking up space that jobs could be eliminated to save money. Anyhow, Bob has painted the bathroom and put the medicine cabinet, blinds, and shelf back in place. I've done some laundry and warmed up leftovers for lunch. Gloomy weather sure isn't very motivating!

    I have the vacuum out to clean up saw dust chunks and dust so better get to it. Everywhere I look is dust! Hope to see some more visitors today. Enjoy the rest of your super Saturday!
  • Good morning ladies. 62 degrees and rain.

    Same old housework, quilting and reading everday. Hardly know what day it is let alone the date. I am tired of cooking so I am ordering a pizza today. If it kills me, I'll die happy.

    Jean, my friend Glory is in a mess. She is having hardwood floors out in. She has been living with the bedrooms and hallway floors torn out since March 11. We are in lockdown until June 10 so she has everything from those rooms in her living and family room.

    Hello Donna and Ceejay.
  • Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny and warm with the sliding doors open and birds chirping. Ernie was sitting by the door and the cat food eating robin was sitting on the rail scolding him because Ernie was on the cat food side. We tried to go to the Sioux City church online this morning but they were having trouble with their audio and the pastor sounded like he was speaking in another language. They were going to try again this afternoon so will check later. We ended up going to our former pastor in Des Moines after checking the current pastor's presentation. After lunch we went to the local nursery to get flowers, bought enough geraniums for eight pots in front of the house. Have to decide on flowers for the deck and patio yet. I found the cutest plant called bunny tails and can't decide where to put it so the cats won't play with it.

    Susan, I visited with a friend on the phone yesterday and her comment was, “same sh*t, different day!” when I asked her what she was doing. I think everyone is so anxious to get back to some sort of normal, whatever that might be. I just hope there is some common sense in getting together in large groups too soon. I want to go back to carpet and need to start with three bedrooms and hall upstairs. I have ceramic tile in the kitchen and it is time to replace that, then carpet the tv area and living room. I hate the thought of everything being moved but it has been 25/26 years since we’ve done anything and it is time. Painting will have to come first after I get the stuff sorted and gone. It seems likes every time I sort through one are I make another mess.

    It's hard to believe April is almost over; hoping May is a much better month! Not much newsy from here today. Hope you all are enjoying a special Sunday!
  • Hi every one
    We went to our online church service yesterday morning and then headed to Battlefield for my nephew's son's birthday party. It was an extremely beautiful day to be outside. Got to talk my former neighbor. He had helped nephew with decorating the yard. They got to be buddies when nephew stayed with me.
    Everything went very smooth. I know I shouldn't have but I held both babies. They don't understand the mask and tried to pull mine off.
    Sis worked in her flower bed after we got back home. I took a nap. I've been lethargic and depressed for a little while but when I do this I'm usually low on B12 so I've started taking that again and am beginning to have a bit more energy.
    It's raining this morning. I was hoping to get outside this afternoon.
    I've decided to get a new vehicle but only if nephew pays me cash for mine. It will be another Rav4.

    I'm kinda leery about getting back into large crowds when we try to go back to normal. We only had 10 people at the party yesterday and I did wear my mask. And most of it was outside. Are you going to redecorate as you put down new carpet?

    I'm with you in barely knowing what day of the week it is. Yesterday felt like a Monday.

    Hi gma
  • Good Morning! We got up to rain measuring .15" when the sun came out. Last evening the family cat of three, mom and her two kittens born late last fall, were on the deck when Bob spotted a teeny tiny black kitten coming across the yard. It belongs to either the mother or her twin kitten we call Look Alike because their markings are identical. Both big cats and baby spent the night in the converted birdhouse Bob left on the deck. Baby is sleeping in the birdhouse now while the rest took off to parts unknown. I hope the real mom comes back! I called to vet's office to pick up insulin for Ernie and guess what, they are out! At one point I was assured that they always had it on hand, yeah right. Lucky for them we are not out but getting close. There is another vet in town but they cater to mostly farm animals but would think they might have it. I don't know if it is like people insulin or not. I just had an oriole show up! The pole is out but the feeders are still packed away so will find them when Bob comes home for lunch. Meanwhile, the oriole is checking out the bird seed and potato chip crumbs. Our Methodist bishop is advising no in church building services until after June 1st. Not sure if all the UMC will adhere to that request or not. Some of our smaller stores are opening Friday, dining in restaurants to half of their capacity, but not hair and nail salons. I was bummed!

    Ceejay, I hope the B12 will help you feel better. Since our weather has turned warmer people are out working in their yards, walking dogs, and kids are on bikes riding in the parks. I noticed there weren’t as many early shoppers at the grocery store yesterday. The lady was still wiping carts down though. Now it sounds like there is going to be a major meat shortage.

    Guess I have rambled enough and the dryer should be finished by now. Hope you all enjoy a terrific Tuesday!
  • Good Morning! The sun is shining brightly and the 35 mph wind is blowing anything that is loose around the neighborhood. I have laundry washing and drying while I baked some frozen peanut butter cookie dough. I didn't think it had a whole lot of taste to it, and the date on the box is 2021. I need to have my glasses adjusted but saw on FB where I have to call for an appointment, call them from the car when I get there and someone will come to get me, and I have to wear a mask. I don't have a mask so guess I won't be going any time soon. It's a good thing I have my old glasses or could use Bob's cheaters. I don't have anything planned for the rest of the day except to address a couple of sympathy cards. Our mail delivery has been so irregular lately I will take them to the po after lunch.

    I need to get back to my sorting and pitching project. Some day I might be able to call it done but not any time soon. Hope you enjoy your wonderful Wednesday and do something you enjoy.
  • Afternoon
    We had a loud thunderstorm last night with 60 mph wind. Only one home had damage from our area after a tree falling on a house. Another street had some trees down but no property damage. It's windy and cold today.
    Earlier this morning I did a load of laundry and during that time I get a phone call from my nephew asking if I could take him to the doctor, his therapist. He is having a reaction to one of his med's. rash on upper part of his body.
    Yesterday I was going though my summer clothes and hanging some of those up in the closet. I miss my 2 huge closets that I had in Battlefield. and had some for donation. While I was in Springfield this afternoon I took them to a Convoy of Hope donation collection box. Then I recycled some plastic bags. A productive day for me.
    Yesterday I worked in the yard for about 1.5 hours. I have some areas that I have to use the old fashion hand clippers. Then I got some of the dead stalks out of the fennel bush. I'm not finished with that but will tomorrow.

    I hear that several places like the vet's office is having to wait in their vehicles until it's time for their appointment. A lot of the doctor's office will only let the patient come in. Not even their spouse is allowed. I think I would like the tele-medicine that's being used now. I'm trying to go back through some things that I thought were important to me but I've never even opened that box since I've been here. Like my clothes.

    Hello's to gma and Susan
  • Good morning everyone. I think everyone is fed up with this. Our governor put out the word on Tuesday hair salons and such could open May 5 then did a press conference yesterday saying they couldn’t open until May 29th and anyone who did would be fined and lose their business license. It’s like living in communist Russia. These politicians get their jollies over the power they have. In FL the hotel industry is being forced to stay shuttered until the end of July!!! The reason I know is I was looking at hotels for vacation next year and they all had the end of July for the first dates they were taking reservations. They are going over the top with changes too and some are ridiculous. The only way we are going to know what will happen is to start going back to normal. I ordered masks but only because they are forcing people to wear them. Jack says rumor has it next week is the last week for the idiocy at work. They are making them sit in their vehicles until supervisors come out and take their temps. If they have any fever they will be sent home. This is our moron mayor’s edict.

    I haven’t posted because I have nothing to say. I haven’t left the house since the end of February and every day is the same thing over and over.
    I am glad everyone is doing ok and hopefully we can return to normal soon.