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ceejay52 05-11-2020 12:50 PM

OH,my, So so sorry to hear that you have had friends to pass with COVID19. What a fun thing to do to meet up with friends on Zoom! I keep in contact with bff through messenger text.
Our small church has been having online services through you tube. We don't have any special equipment, just the use of our cell phone camera's.
Our mother's day celebration included 2 birthday's also. My nephew's brother C, had a birthday on the 4th and his daughter had a birthday on the 2nd. He had a cook out on Saturday. It was very enjoyable. My nephew, A, the one who has stayed with me, had his three children so we had two babies. I got my baby fix. and an announcement was made that nephew's C's wife is expecting in December.
I'm doing laundry this morning. and am going to re- pot a plant that has out grown its original pot. I should probably do two more plants this way too. These are plant from bil's funeral.
Have a good day.

Jean 05-11-2020 06:49 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining but it's chilly. We have covered flowers for the last three nights and the flowers are beginning to look a little smushed. We had a nice weekend and it flew by; went to SD on Saturday for lunch with Jason and his family while Beth and Maddy came here yesterday for lunch. Will hurt his back at work so was bonding with ice packs and Kolby was miserable with allergies. I received more flowers for the deck and one inside flowering plant that Ernie thought would taste good and promptly dumped it. I've been doing laundry most of today, not sure how I got so far behind. Bob is getting his tooth pulled tomorrow morning. It began to hurt again on Thursday and he tried the oil pulling along with Excedrin and ibuprofen. Same thing happened as before, after a day of being miserable it was the fine. It has been so weird doing the same thing but three plus months is long enough and it won't get any better. While we were at Jason's we got a call that Bob's ex sister-in-law had died. She is the one who thought she was still part of our family and came to all the family get togethers. Anyhow, she had been babysitting grandkids and started with a cough. It kept getting worse and she made a doctor's appointment. The night before her appointment she couldn't quit coughing so moved to sleep on the couch and her husband found her the next morning. Bob's brother thinks/hopes they will do an autopsy because she hadn't been sick at all.

Ceejay, I’ve never heard of blackberry winter. I wonder if that is a southern thing. I thought Fitbits were watches. Goes to show what I know, not much. I wear just a regular watch. I’m glad you enjoyed your weekend. Seeing the babies is always a plus! :D

”Gma,” I made a quick trip to WM for orphan food and Ernie treats. There was not one bag of Ernie’s kind to be found and the rest of the cat food choices were pretty sparse. One checker and people lined up with carts full of groceries. They did have cream of celery soup but no oriental flavor ramen noodle soup. The chicken flavor I used was gross, no taste to it and a weird yellow color. They have arrows in the aisles now but no one was paying attention to them, me included. Going early there aren’t many people shopping. We still have to wipe down our own cart. :mad: I personally think it will be awhile before people quit wearing masks. The checker had gloves on which I didn’t like and they say that is the worst thing to do. We have had really green bananas lately but no “good” strawberries. The stores have put a limit of meat purchases also.

Susan, I am so sorry about the loss of your friends! Our local numbers are going up but they aren’t saying it is from the packing plants. I am guessing it is. However, the newspaper said the number of hospital admissions in Sioux City is down. That’s good since that county was a hot spot and still shut down. There is no need for Spanish speaking greeters to explain the one shopper rule to the Mexicans. They all speak English but play dumb. :mad: Good luck finding your cat food!

Not much else is newsy from here. Hope you are enjoying a marvelous Monday! :wave:

ceejay52 05-12-2020 01:55 PM

It's raining today and supposed to all week. It's chilly enough to have the heater on.
Our church board sent out an email for us to take a survey as to resume services starting the 17th. I haven't heard back from it.
Need to go to the grocery store or to DG.
Nephew is interested in buying my vehicle. He tried to start his vehicle on Saturday and after I saw the front end I don't think he can drive it. Sis is going with me to where she bought her vehicle for me to look. I told her we may not qualify but I will look. I'm also going to go ahead a fill out the paper work online to see If I'm qualified. My car would be perfect for nephew. I need to get the oil changed and clean it up.
Blackberry winter is something I've always grown up with. Grandpa would comment around the time the blackberries would bloom that it always got cold, therefore blackberry winter. I think it is a southern thing or maybe just a northeast Arkansas thing.

Hello's to gma and Susan

Jean 05-12-2020 07:41 PM

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