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QuilterInVA 04-30-2020 12:07 PM

Good morning, ladies! 72degrees and thunderstorms. We have been having really high winds.

Dentists and elective surgery resume tomorrow. We still haven't peaked in VA but it looks like another week. I miss the YMCA a lot.

I am hand piecing a throw quilt to keep busy.

ceejay52 05-01-2020 12:58 PM

Not doing a lot of anything this morning. Have a small load of whites in the dryers. Did an hours worth of work in the yard yesterday and I must say it's looking the way my bil had it last year. I'm going to mow some today. Sis has to work today.

I like the quote. So very true. I miss going to the gym also. I may have to look into a small fitness center at the next town over which is about 10 miles . Right now I'm getting my exercise in the yard.

Hello's to gma and Jean.

Jean 05-02-2020 02:11 PM

Happy welcome to the month of May! It's cloudy and cool with a few sprinkles of rain this morning. I've been to church to count money, doesn't take long when there isn't much but every little bit helps. Amanda's birthday is Monday and I asked for ideas on her wish list, one being silicone baking mats. Our Hallmark gift shop is open again so I sent a text and picked those up on my way home. Love their gift wrap, the paper is always so pretty with bows to match. Now I have laundry in the washer and dryer so will think about something for lunch. This afternoon is more sorting and pitching.

Ceejay, I am anxious for our SOS store and Good Will to open again. My better clothes and things go to the SOS store but it is run by retired volunteers so not sure how eager they are to deal with the public so soon. I read a hint about taking a picture of something that you really don’t want to part with but no longer use or have room for. So far I haven’t done that. I have a lot of cat things and most of them have some sort of memory attached and I can’t part with them yet. I have found clothes packed away I forgot I had. :o You are going to be the neighborhood yard work queen!

”Gma,” we now have our first verified virus case at the packing plant. I hope the governor doesn’t rescind our salon opening on the 15th. One plant in eastern Iowa closed and one south of us has cut back their hours. I wish ours would close permanently. I did notice the frozen meat section was pretty bare at the grocery store. They claim there will be a meat shortage. I finally got an appointment to get my glasses fixed. I have to call from the car, wait for someone to take my temperature, :mad: and wear a mask to get into the building. I wonder if they think people are so stupid they wouldn’t know if they were sick with a temp. I do think more and more places will require masks. Both of our grocery stores are requiring employees to wear them. I read on FB that wearing the gloves is the worst thing to do.

Susan, I think Iowa has yet to peak and the governor is opening things little by little. We still won’t have in building church services for the month of May :( but that is by individual church denomination choice. All churches around here are opting to stay with online services. Some restaurants are doing limited dining in but most are staying with carry out. Share a picture of your quilt?

I need to head to the kitchen, the man of the house just came in from the garage looking for food. Hope you are enjoying the day wherever you are! :wave:

ceejay52 05-02-2020 03:01 PM

My plan was to mow the yard yesterday and did part of it with the rider. But when I started with the push mower and got out in the garden area it quit working. Don't know what is going on. I'm going to try again in a little bit to see if it will start. I may have to call some one. My nephew was supposed to come out and help but he and his brother are taking the kiddos camping tonight on my other nephews property.
Waiting on sis to get home. She is dealing with driving nephew around and his wife is being hateful about letting him have the boys. Glad I'm not involved in that one.

More later I'm anxious to get started in the yard but can't. UGH.

Jean 05-03-2020 04:37 PM

Good Afternoon! It's another beautiful day with sunshine and no wind! The sliding doors are open and the birds are chirping to each other. The orioles have arrived as well as the yellow finches and one hummingbird so far. My morning didn't get off to the best start with me dumping my oj on the Sunday paper. The paper did eventually dry out and was readable for what little news was in it. We watched the online church service from Sioux City again this morning. When we are able to actually go to church again they are going to start the first Sunday with their Palm Sunday service and have the Easter celebration service the following Sunday. We plan to go to that one! My claim to fame so far today is defurring Ernie's favorite chair. He is really shedding and I should do that every day but I don't. Vacuuming it works the best but I am lazy about dragging the vacuum out just to do his chair.

Ceejay, hope your mower is a simple fix. It is frustrating when something doesn’t work! Hope your nephews had a good time camping with the kids. I bet the kids had more fun. :lol:

Bob is going to grill and I have fresh string beans to cook. Thinking a veggie salad will call it good. Hope you enjoy a nice rest of the day! :wave:

ceejay52 05-04-2020 12:55 PM

I'm not sure I agree with Missouri's governor about going back to work today. Yesterday Lowe's were full of shoppers and I forgot my mask. Some had mask and some didn't. Sis wanted to go get a few things for her flowers. I thinks she has convinced herself to let some things go until she retires. I will still continue to help but it's hard. It stormed while we were there.
Nephew and the boys had a fun time camping. I'm so thankful that nephew is realizing that his marriage is not good. I know I've been rough on him but I think he is turning to the next chapter. If the weather is good this afternoon I'm going to go pick him up and bring him out here so he can look at the small lawnmower. I think he's backed out of buying my vehicle. The Kelly Blue book is showing a good resale value on it and I don't think he wants to spend that much money on a vehicle at the moment. Fine with me. I didn't want to sell just now.
We are under a severe thunderstorm warning this morning.
Sis and I watched our online church from Atlanta and our small church has started doing some online things too We have some talent in our small congregation.

Hang in there. We are all hoping that this pandemic will be over with soon. I have to look at my phone to see what day of the week it is.

I like the idea of starting the services off with Palm and Easter Sunday. A good way to restart after the pandemic. The one thing I liked about the cat I was keeping for my niece is that while she shed it wasn't a lot.

gma22 05-04-2020 04:45 PM

Good afternoon! Overcast dreary, but very warm and humid today. Jack should be home in about an hour or so. I didnít get much done today except pack up a handbag I decided I didnít like and Jack can take it to UPS on Saturday. I put ribs in the crockpot and am going to air fry some okra and heat up some pre made hush puppies as Jack likes them. Iíll get the ribs out soon and put sauce on them and finish them in the oven.

Our power went out Friday and midnight and didnít get fixed until 3:30 pm on Saturday. It was hot and sticky and boring! I couldnít even read because my books are all on my Ipad and it was drained. I didnít want to drain my Iphone so had to just sit! What happened is some numbskull driving to fast lost control and creamed two electrical poles. Three sousand people without power.

I had to buy a new Ipad as my old one went to Ipad heaven. I had to get a bigger sized one, which Iím not thrilled about, but bought new handbag big enough to stick it in. :lol: Nordstroms was having a huge sale so got my bff and myself straw bags to take to the beach on the cruise. I got a great deal on them and theyíll hold everything we want to take to Coco Cay. Bought some cute earrings really inexpensively too. Hurrah we did get the airline ticket money back so now we have gotten all the monies back from the canceled cruise. We just turned around and put it back into the new one. :lol:

CeeJay: I told Jack heís going to have to respray those darn weeds. I may end up having to pay someone to come in and dig them up as I canít get down to do it. People are just desperate to get out of their homes. I certainly canít blame them. Until my salon can open back up and I can get my hair done Iím not going anywhere. Besides it growing out, the gray is becoming a real issue now.

Susan: Jack needs surgery on his other dominant hand, but it has to wait as the childrenís hospital is the only one doing elective right now or at least thatís the news reports. Iíve just been reading a lot. All this rain is killing my hands so knitting is out right now.

Jean: I got an email Saturday that my groceries at Kroger were ready to be picked up Sunday. Jack went and came home saying they were way behind. He went back at 11:30 and called and said he was waiting because they were just starting to shop for our stuff! He found out from the gal that the computer system went flooey. I bought meat this weekend just in case and rearranged the freezers putting all the meat in the one and packaged stuff like frozen veg, etc in the other.

Everyone have a good afternoon.

Jean 05-05-2020 06:05 PM

Good Afternoon! It's cloudy, breezy, and damp chilly outside today. We have had a half inch of rain during the night and this morning. I made a chicken rice casserole for lunch and needed a can of soup so made a quick trip to the grocery store. From the looks of the soup choices and quantities, it looks like a soup shortage is on the way. I mentioned it to the checker and she agreed saying she noticed the same thing when she needed soup.

Ceejay, this morning there were no customer masks at the grocery store. The checkers had masks on but the carry out kids did not. They carry groceries out to your car either in a cart or by hand. I was surprised the lady spraying the carts coming in the door didn’t have a mask on either. It sounds like things are going better for your nephew and I hope that continues. :yes: It makes life easier for the whole family.

“Gma,” you were without power for a long time! I can always think of so many things to do when a utility is shut off! Hope you like your new iPad, I love mine! I hate reading anything on my phone except short text messages. Super that you got your cruise money straightened out! :cheer: There are now virus deaths in the Sioux City/Sioux Falls area packing plants. So far all are immigrants go to work sick and spread the virus. One plant shut down for “cleaning” and the other cut their shift hours.The paper said to expect many more deaths because of the employees who work there and live with multiple family members. Our one grocery store and WM both do online shopping. I have a friend who tried the grocery store and only got a few things on her list. I go to the store that closes at 7 to sanitize the store area, shelves, and carts.

Not much newsy going on here on this dreary day. Hope you have a nice day and enjoy. :wave:

ceejay52 05-05-2020 11:55 PM

Sis told me last night that nephew was having some emotional upset so I decided that I would go visit with him today. I wanted to go by the bank while there too. I asked him what he wanted for lunch so I stopped by and pick that up and we ate lunch together. He was working. His x called to say that she was bringing his cats over so I got to see the boys. While I was there my other nephew called and told us that he heard a new Family Pharmacy jingle and my name was mentioned in it. My x niece does advertisements etc for a living. It had a stay at home theme The boys told what they missed and I was one of them. Made my day. Then she did the main theme for the advertisement and another of the grand kids sang Family Pharmacy. Do you think she's trying to get back into good graces with us.
I watched a Perry Mason movie tonight so I don't think I will watch his show. I may watch some thing else.

One of the grocery stores in Spring field is limiting the purchases of meat. They do not want the hoard to start with that, like the toilet paper.

gma and Susan hello. I'll be back in the morning to do more commenting

Jean 05-06-2020 05:33 PM

Happy Wednesday! We had sunshine this morning but the clouds have rolled in with more rain on the way. Bob is mowing as are a couple of other neighbors and the new couple next door is having a tree cut down. It is noisy around here! I made a quick trip to town this morning. I needed a a couple of special cards and the Hallmark shop got in another shipment of face masks. I broke down and bought one just in case more stores begin to require them to get in their store. One of our local grocery stores is now limiting the amount of meat purchases. I don't usually shop there and we have meat in the freezer so that doesn't really affect us. I have been trying to balance a bank statement for a couple days and am really frustrated. We switched both of our accounts to a different bank but I use my debit card more than writing checks. I enter IRA amounts months in advance so I don't forget them; whatever I have or have not done correctly is a puzzle. Bob offered to go over it with me so hope he is more successful than I am. The bank says I have more than I think I have so that is good.

Ceejay, it was nice of you to pick up lunch for your nephew. I’m sure he appreciated your company. How fun to hear your name mentioned in the pharmacy ad. Then to have the little boys say they miss you, how special! :love: Is this the niece who is/was married to the nephew you had lunch with?

Hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday washing your hands and staying healthy! :wave:

ceejay52 05-07-2020 10:47 AM

This is the niece that was married to my nephew. Hope you can balance the check book. I'm like you and use my debit card. I don't have checks anymore. My utilities come directly out of my checking account and soon nephew will be paying those. I wanted him to get ahead some on this finances.

wow you are a great friend to buy things for you bff. We had a bad thunder storm the other afternoon and our power blinked but came back on. Some of the other cities were not so lucky.

Hi Susan

I made a trip to WM yesterday in Republic to get some groceries.
I mowed the yard yesterday with the rider and completed most of the weed eating. Boy this is a huge yard. This afternoon I'm going to finish the weed eating around the garden and pine tree and work on getting the grass between the flagstone on the patio.
My fitbit bit the dust. It's been draining the battery too often and I just let it die. I've been wanting a new fitbit so I ordered one last week It came yesterday. I've set it up and charged it last night. I'm wearing it today.
It's a bright sunny morning but a bit cool. It was 63 in the house so I've tuned the heat on to get out the chill.
I'm going to put a load of clothes in the washer and fix breakfast.

Every one have a good day.

Jean 05-07-2020 12:41 PM

Good Morning! The sun is trying to peek through the clouds without much luck. The gift shop had an employees only sale for two days so had a little cash and a couple checks to deposit. Most do payroll deduction. I stopped by the "other" grocery store because they had "new" strawberries in their ad yesterday. The strawberries were huge and bruised - icky looking. Also checked green beans and they were sick looking too. I walked by the toothpaste on my way out the door and there weren't very many boxes, mostly bare shelves. Wonder if we should be stocking up on toothpaste? This grocery has the one shopper, one cart sign when you go in but the Mexicans still shop in groups and ignore the aisle arrows. I ignored the aisle arrows too because what I wanted is right inside the door.

Ceejay, Bob couldn’t figure out my bank statement either so won’t use that debit card nor write any checks from that account until I get the next statement. I write very few checks from that account, usually gift checks or donations.My addition and subtraction figures are all correct but for some reason I don’t agree with the bank! Or the bank doesn’t agree with me. :crazy: Since it’s a new account there isn’t a lot to go back through to double check next month. It does bug me though. Enjoy your new Fitbit!

I think we are going to see Jason and family on Saturday after we count church money. Beth and her family are planning to come here Sunday. I suppose I should do a once over dusting and vacuuming tomorrow. :rolleyes: I have clothes in the washer that should be done so better keep moving. Have a terrific Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 05-08-2020 03:40 PM

I haven't done a lot this morning.
Didn't eat breakfast either. Not sure why but I wasn't hungry till about 11.30 and then fixed a bacon, and tomato sandwich. I'm fixing chicken Alfredo for dinner. Have a taste for that. I do use the jarred Alfredo sauce, but cook the chicken and spaghetti.
It's cold today with a North wind blowing. Supposed to be down to 35 degree's tonight. I think this cold snap is what my grandpa referred to as blackberry winter.
I just read on FB from a reliable source that one of our health care facility is furloughing employees and asking others to take a cut in pay. This is due to no patients. What I say is going on here!. It doesn't make a bit of sense. I'm beginning to believe this is conspiracy.
Can't believe that this is Friday once more. I'm going to clean house and do a load of towels this afternoon. To cold to get outside this afternoon
I'm not sure what our Mother's day plans will be.

I like the new fitbit. I wear it like a watch. And it even tells me how much sleep I'm getting. I slept till almost 9 this morning as I was tired and raining last night.
It showed I had 7.43 hours of sleep.

Hello's to Susan and gma

gma22 05-11-2020 09:23 AM

Good morning! Trying to get used to the new Ipad as the keyboard is completely different from my other one. Slows me down, but Iím getting there. Nothing much happening here. Restaurants are opening. but not much else. They arenít letting salons open without tremendous changes. Personally, I think itís totally ridiculous. If this is as viralant as they say, then I would think just being in a building and cough, etc would spread it and itís not showing that to be the case. Like I told Jack last night, they put markers so you are six foot away from the next customer, but theyíre not facing you. You are looking at his back. If he coughs, anyone around him can inhale it not just each person in front or back and since his back is to you and th person in front of him has their back to him, plain doesnít make sense. They have AC or furnaces blowing air which will circulate any germs. Itís just plain stupid. Same thing with salons. Theyíre making them wear face shields, gloves, 50% occupancy, spread out chairs, etc. If some numbskull goes in sick, theyíll spread it to everyone, not just the person next to them or their stylist. Jack has gone into grocery stores, postal/ups stores multiple times, gotten gas, gone to work everyday so has had multiple exposures and is perfectly fine. These ďexpertsĒ canít see the forest for the trees imo. I think my anger is with the fact people are losing their livelihood and businesses over this. The beaches are open, which they claimed caused so much sickness in Florida. No, idiot kids stuffed into bars getting dead drunk, puking, etc and being positive is what caused it. Doesnít take a rocket scientist to see that. :soap:

The public works director let schedules go back to normal but isnít allowing anyone to take time off and they continue to work holidays. Another bozo in the mix. I mean come on, taking time off means one less person exposed or exposing. Jack says itís because heís afraid people will travel more than 50 miles which is the limit theyíre allowed to travel. Well, hotels are closed for the most part so no staying overnight, entertainment places are closed, so where the heck would they be going? On top of that, they can drive from here to Tunica, which is about 30 miles and catch something from someone who has it. It is moronic. Jack has circles under his eyes from being tired. I mean the man is nearly 71 for goodness sake. He hasnít had any time off except weekends since January. He tries to do chores etc on weekends so he doesnít exactly get rest on the weekends. I told him forget what needs to be done and just veg Saturday and yesterday. You want someone sick, run down their immune system like those idiots are doing to the employees.

CeeJay: I am sure your nephews enjoyed the time with you. They cut 160 jobs at St Judes fund raising section called ALSAC. My daughter works there but donít know if she lost her job or not. I sure hope not. People canít give to charity if they donít have grocery money. We have to have checks as I have to pay our HOA fee with a check. Everything else I pay online. Have to say my checks last a long time though.:lol:

Jean: I have been rounding up for years so my checking account is never ďbalancedĒ per se. As long as I am in the black I don't worry about it. :lol: I havenít been in any stores so would probably be shocked by the changes. I quit buying bananas when we shop online for delivery or pick up. Even if I tell them no bruises, they just pick whatever they want. I bought a 4 pak of fresh corn and they sent corn that had two bad spots that you could see. It was ridiculous.

Time to get a move on. Have a good week.

QuilterInVA 05-11-2020 11:29 AM

Good morning, ladies. 72 and cloudy today.

Virginia has had 2 days of lower number of new cases so hopefully we have peaked. Phase 1 was delayed a week but Friday it begins. Salons will be allowed to open but no walk ins, by appointment only, masks and gloves and sanitizing between each customer. Restaurants at 50% capacity. Other businesses can open. Masks are required.

Two of my friends died last week from Covid-19. I have been really depressed. I have a doctor's appointment next Monday. He is seeing 1 patient per hour so they can sanitize and no one in waiting room.

I am going to the grocery store this week. Half of what I order is out of stock and I have a very picky eater who won't eat but a few kinds of catfood. We have senior hour and I will wear my mask and gloves. As soon as I get inside the front door, I will take all my clothes off get a shower and clean clothes before anything else.

Two of my friends and I have set up a Zoom group. We are making the same quilt pattern using our stash. We set up a meeting from 1-3 pm weekdays and sew together and talk. Fun.

Donna, people can have the virus with no symptoms. The mask isn't to protect you but to protect others. This is a novel virus which means no human has immunity for it.Our hospitals went back to doing elective surgery a week ago.

Jean, I pay bills online and use my debit card 95% of the time. I check my credit card and checking account daily online. Stores need some on who speaks Spanish at the door to keep the Mexicans in line.

Ceejay, you are saving your sister a lot of time and/or money doing that big yard. Your nephew has really had a time. It's nice of you to take care of the utilities for now.

Have a blessed day.

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