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QuilterInVA 04-06-2020 09:52 AM

Steel Magnolias #57
Good morning, ladies! 62 degrees today and sunshine.

I really getting lazy and putting off my chores in favor of reading and sewing.
​​​I am going to get groceries this week.

Hospitals are low on tests so we don't knowhow many cases of Covid-19 there are anymore.

Grandma, the arthritis in my feet is collapsing my arches. I have to wear ortho shoes with total support (sole does not bend). My feet feel much better with them.

Jean, stores here have tape on the floor every 6 feet in the checkout lanes. I haven't been in a store in a month so I haven't seen it.

Hi CeeJay!

ceejay52 04-06-2020 11:08 AM

I haven't been to many stores because of the virus. Sis and I went to the grocery store yesterday and wore mask and gloves. Missouri is supposed to peak on May 18.

I've noticed sis's hair is getting white around the roots but we will all be looking that way before long. It doesn't bother me. My hair is like daddies and he never did go completely gray. I have enough silver in my hair to make it look like I've have been to the beauty shop.

Hi Jean
Sis and I watched virtual church yesterday from Atlanta. Then went to the hardware store and the grocery store and then worked in the flower beds. I'm going to mow the front lawn with the push mower this afternoon Sis was very unhappy with the outcome of the riding mower. Don't think she has an inkling of how the yard is supposed to look after it's mowed with a rider. I told her to let me do the yard and she keep to the flowers. She will see a difference this week end. My nerves have been on edge this whole week end because of this
Had my weigh in over the phone Friday. And was still the same at 190. However, over the week end I'd gained a couple of fluid pounds up to 191.6. This morning I weighed l91. I'm determined to lose 2 pounds this week.
Have a good day.


Jean 04-06-2020 06:34 PM

Good Afternoon! It's been a gloomy day in my neighborhood and cooling down this afternoon. Rain showers are in the forecast for tonight. I discovered a damp spot on the wall in the basement last night. Of course it is the wall which contains the pipes from both bathrooms and the kitchen. Bob called the plumber first thing this morning and finally talked to him a few minutes ago. He’s coming to look at it tomorrow. Bob took part of the wall apart and it is copper pipes. :hyper: Also last night Bob went to get ice from the freezer and it looked like someone sprayed water in there around the ice maker. The repairman happened to be at the store when Bob stopped and said most likely the drawer didn't get closed tight and it should fix itself in a few days. I have my fingers crossed on both! I went to Bob's north office this morning to sign papers for transferring money around between RMDs and mutual funds, etc., etc., etc. I can't say I understand all of it but signed my name by the x's. Then we went to his south office (different building his manager wouldn't let him move to) to deliver their mail from the north office. For some reason the home office can't get the agents and addresses straight. :mad: Bob's business computer is at the south office so most of his customers look for him there. After lunch I picked up my nail stuff and food from the vet for Ernie to the tune of $70. I stopped at Dollar Tree to pick up a couple sympathy cards, not sure why it is open except they do have food. That store is such a junk hole but they have nice Hallmark cards and they are cheap, two for a dollar. I will let the cards sit for a few days and washed my hands extra long when I got home!

”Gma,” it is a toss up between politics and the virus on FB these days. I scroll past those and look for the animal videos! Pink sandals sound so fun on this gloomy day! You will have fun going through your cruise clothes when it is time to pack! I have heard that some hair dressers, who have a shop in their home, are still working on select clients. I sent a text to our gal to put us on the hair cut list as soon as she is open again. Either we aren’t “select” or she is abiding by the shut down. Our Good Will and SOS stores are both closed. I have a couple boxes ready to go and in the basement waiting. Bob’s tooth pain turned out to be a cracked wisdom tooth on the back side. The surgeon comes here and Bob would like to wait until the virus scare is over to have it out. His pain seems to erupt for a day then settles down again. Weird!

Susan, thanks for starting the new thread. I haven’t been there but have been told our WM has one door open and so many people are allowed inside. I’m sure that doesn’t sit well with those who try to bring the whole family along to shop. The drug store did have a sign and the clerk was asking people to stay behind it until the person checking out was out the door. When my feet hurt, I hurt all over. I had to wear the funny shoe after toe surgery and hope not to ever do that again.

Ceejay, I started turning gray in my early 40s and decided coloring was too much trouble. In later years was told coloring and perms were hard on hair. My hair is thinner on top o opted for the perm. I know wigs are a pain but sometimes wish I could wear one occasionally. Did your sister think you should have mowed in a different pattern with the rider? Bob mows a different pattern every time he mows, even tried crisscrossed, like a baseball field, one time. Maybe she wants to do the mowing herself, or not?

I have towels to fold and another load ready for the dryer. Hope you all have had a marvelous Monday! :wave:

ceejay52 04-07-2020 01:59 PM

Sis is hard to please and even if she hired someone to do it she still wouldn't be happy. She is a perfectionist and expects everyone else to be also. Oh well. I've decided not to mow until Friday and I think it's suposed to rain Thursday and it will be to wet to mow on Friday. Sis misses her dh who did mow just right!
Ugh on the wet basement. Hope there is not a broken pipe.
Seems lke there was always something to sign when I was working.

Not to much going on this morning. Doing a couple of more loads of laundry and then I may get outside for about 20 minutes. I've also cleaned up the kitchen. At least sis likes the way I clean.
Thinking about getting a new fitbit. I have a zip and it's going obsolete. I like the zip because I can wear it on my shoe.
It's time for lunch.
Have a good day.

Jean 04-07-2020 04:16 PM

Good Afternoon! It is 73 degrees, sunny, and no wind -- a beautiful day in my corner of the world! I braved WM this morning and I HATE that store more than ever! There is only one door open with an employee standing guard but not counting the people going through. Several Mexican families were shopping during the "senior" time slot. So much for one person per cart and family! :mad: No one seems to enforce that rule around here. I went after Kleen-x, got the last three box bundle plus tp which we don't need but both kids have said their stores never have it when they can go. This store has several empty toothpaste shelves, that must be the next thing to hoard. :rolleyes: Anyhow, Kolby's birthday is coming up and he asked for a PlayStation game which they had under lock and key. No clerks in sight for eleven plus aisles :mad: so I got out my handy dandy phone and called customer service. But the time I jumped through the hoops, listened to the sales pitch and said my piece, three guys came from three different directions. Two checkers working and I chose the shorter line because the customer knew what he was doing and so did the checker. I am NOT going back while the virus warning is active; maybe not then either! Lots of people heading to the door to go in and the guard still wasn't counting. Bob is tearing the wall apart in the lower bathroom and has found the leak between the kitchen and bathroom drains. He is vacuuming wall board chunks with the shop vac and Ernie really doesn't like the noise. He is trying to take a nap! Now for the plumber to come and fix it. The freezer seems to have less frosty flakes today so that's good. :cp:

Ceejay, I think it would be hard for me to live with a perfectionist, and keep my mouth shut. What does your sister do for a job? The plumbing pipes are copper so they are 57 years old! I just hope the upstairs bathroom doesn’t spring a leak while we still live here. :crossed: The shower pipes are under the floor! We don’t plan on moving any time soon, or at least that I know of.

Ihave laundry I could do but hate to get in the way of the plumber if he has to go between the basement and bathroom. Hope you enjoy the rest of a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

ceejay52 04-08-2020 11:25 AM

I didn't do a lot yesterday. My allergies feel like they are turning into a cold. Hopefully not covid19. My main job yesterday was more laundry and I'm completly caught up on that. On my last blood draw my tsh was a little high and I'm suffering from the sides affects of that, fatigue. I have hypothyroidism. And I think the stress from moving and trying to keep up with the stats from the cv19 has taxed my thyroid. I'm trying to stay away from the news as much as possible. I need to go to the store today and get some more Cokes, tomatoes and salad mix.
I uninstalled my fitbit app in hopes that when I reinstalled it, it would sync better. It took 2.5 days for it to download again. Think I will get out and work in a flower bed this afternoon.
It got really warm in the house yesterday from the 82 degree's outside so I turned on the a.c. and cooled down the house. It's supposed to be 84 this afternoon. and thunderstorms tonight.

Sis is a nurse practitioner with a pain clinic in Branson. She's good at what she does and gives 120% at all things she does.
Will you replace the copper/lead pipes with plastic pipes.

Hellos to gma and Susan :wave:

Jean 04-08-2020 06:19 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun finally came out this afternoon but it is cooler than yesterday. The plumbers finally came around 11 this morning and ended up taking part of the ceiling out just to be sure nothing was leaking from my bathroom. None of the new pipes and spacing line up with the old; I hope they get it put back together today! Poor Ernie hid in the drawer under the dryer to start and now I don't know where he is, probably under a bed or in an upstairs closet. The saw is very loud and annoying! We did go out for lunch, a picnic in the pickup!

Ceejay, I hope it is just your allergies and not a cold! Our nightly weather person gives the pollen count and I try not to listen. I think it is mental for me! Today has been a good day for me which is rare. There was a thing on FB about the media promoting all the political and virus hullabaloo. If they would just not be so opinionated! Kudos on doing the laundry! We are finally getting more nurse practitioners in our clinics. So far I‘Ve been able to keep on a regular six month rotation with my doctor for med and lab checks trying to stay healthy as possible. Plastic is definitely replacing the copper pipes! :D

I have been working on my nails to get the acrylic gunk off and what a pain! They are a mess but I need to keep working on them. Next up is a couple coasts of strengthener which won't do any good as they are paper thin. I just hope the salons are back in business sooner rather than later! Hope your day has been a good one! :wave:

gma22 04-08-2020 08:43 PM

Evening gals! Sunny and in the 80ís today, but weíre in for a cold front soon. Weather just bebops around so you never know what youíre going to get. The lawns and everything else looks like heck because the lawn service isnít working. We have weeds in front of the garage now too so weíll have to do those this weekend along with the yard.

I got the most beautiful tank top and overpiece today. It looks like a sunset. It is prettier than the picture was. I also got a really pretty aqua combo. I should get two pairs of shoes tomorrow and had to order a new mopping set because I cannot get the container out of my current one. I even stood on the mop part and pulled but it is stuck. It wonít be here until Saturday though.

I put in my Kroger and Fresh Market orders for the weekend. Kroger is not limiting how many can be in the store so I decided to just do a pick up. Jack sad when he stopped at WM neighborhood market they were doing counts at the door but he said there was no one in the store. He got Kleenex but no paper towels. Glad I bought the washable ones when what I have runs out. My bff is now out of work indefinitely and she lives on a fixed income pretty much; part time job, SS, and a small pension from her deceased husband. Sheíd be ok, but he was stupid and let the ex wife bully him into getting the majority of it even after he died! I sent her $300 in Visa gift cards and cash so I hope it can tie her over with the stimulus, unemployment, etc. This has become a mess.

CeeJay: Maybe part of your sisterís dissatisfaction is she misses her husband who used to do it so sheís critical of anyone else. Maybe itíll settle after awhile. The weeds may strangle us before we can get the cleaned up. Neither he or I can sit and pull them so best we can do is take the weed eater to them then spray weed killer. Donít stress too much about the weight thing right now. Itís tough to try and lose weight when youíre stressed and limited on food buying.

Susan: Thanks for starting a new thread. I am sure it is difficult for you, CeeJay and Jean to be tied to the house more than usual. Youíre all so active all the time. I got invited to a KAL on FB, but I am not participating. I just donít work on stuff all the time and they wanted me to buy this really expensive yarn to participate. I am not spending $25 a skein to make something I have no use for or to give to anyone else. Besides, I am persnickety about colors and wasnít a fan of what was available. :lol:

Jean: I hope Bob can hold out with his tooth. Jack has been having trouble with the arthritis in his ankles. This wet weather doesnít help. There arenít paper products here anyplace. People are still hoarding. I have thin nails that crack and peel. I have tried everything to help them out but to no avail. I sent the boys their $50 each and a card for Easter so Iím done until June now.

Everyone have a good evening!

Jean 04-09-2020 11:09 AM

Good Morning! The sun is shining but it was a cold 28 degrees early this morning. The never ending wind is blowing and there is a wind advisory for most of the day. This is day #2 of waiting for the plumber to come. They "fixed" the leak yesterday but created a new problem. None of the pipes and floor boards fit together so they had to be creative. The screwy way this house was built has part of the upstairs plumbing that doesn't line up with the rest so there was no cold water upstairs last night. Hope they figured out how to fix that today. Cleaning up under the sink and getting the vanity drawers out was a trick. I have cleaned the drawers but could never get them off the track. Bob did and there was enough dust and grit to plant a garden! I am :o! The laundry is piling up so that will be my project when the plumbers finish.

”Gma,” our WM is a ‘come one, come all’ and no distinction between young, old, kids, families, etc. :mad: So far Bob’s tooth is fine thank goodness. Did see a hint about using coconut oil or peroxide for pain. I have both on hand just in case. You are a generous Easter Bunny! :D I started sending a two dollar bill in holiday cards when the kids were babies. Zowie is saving hers while Kolby spends his asap, not sure about the other two. He told Beth he couldn’t find much $2! :lol:

Plumbers are here so I’m heading to Bob’s office. Hope you have a terrific Thursday! :wave:

ceejay52 04-09-2020 05:14 PM

I've been feeling so so this week. Yesterday was the best day so far. Today my joints hurt like crazy which is probably due to the cold front that came through last night. The high today is supposed to be in the 60's. Yesterday it was 84 and had the a.c. on. Not today though.
I'm in the sun room which is where I've put the laptop for now. It's out of the way. My neighbors are both mowing. My bil used to kid about the one neighbor did mow more than once per week. Maybe tomorrow. I want sis to see what the yard looks like after I mow.
I'm sure you are correct that sis misses her dh doing things around the house. I'm glad that you that you sent your bff some money to tie her over till this stuff passes. I wonder if the cv19 ever will. leave.

Glad the plumbers made it back. Sorry you are having to do some extra cleaning

Hi Susan


QuilterInVA 04-10-2020 12:44 PM

Good morning, ladies. Cloudy and in the 50s today.

Doing housework today. Got my grocery order yesterday and everything but pasta sauce, rice and couscous. I usually make my own sauce but wanted a jar because I was being lazy. Today is a day of fasting and abstinence so I am making potato and leek soup for supper.

Schools are having graduation in July or August. Grades for all kids will be what they had on March 13 or that plus their at home work whichever is higher.

I have started reading Louise Penny's Gamache series again.

Jean 04-10-2020 05:23 PM

Happy Friday! It's a gloomy windy day in my neighborhood today. We had money to count at church so I dug out my winter coat again. Crazy weather! It didn't take long to count but we had some big checks as well as the automatic bank contributions. Came home to put a load in the dryer and another one in the washer which should be done drying now. There is some pressure being directed to our governor to put the shelter at home in place for the state. I know some are getting together regardless of the warnings and I've been told WM is still letting families shop together. Nothing has been said about extending the store and school closure beyond April 30th. The wind yesterday blew down a couple of larger branches but not the one Bob really wanted down. He keeps threatening to climb the ladder and see if he can lean far enough to loop a rope around it, then pull it down. It is hanging by a thread but is caught on another branch. He wants me home when he does so I can call 911 if he falls off the ladder. I told him to call Jason and Ian for a road trip!

Ceejay, I hope you are feeling better today! I wish the weather would just settle into a nice predictable pattern. One nice thing about the water leak, I have clean organized drawers and cupboards in the upstairs bathroom! :D Will wait to do the downstairs bathroom after the sheet rock and painting is done.

Susan, The Sioux City schools have cancelled their proms for May. All three high schools hold graduations in an auditorium using staggered times. So far no decision about that. I’m glad Maddy is only a sophomore but she is sad about no spring soccer nor the final show choir performance. South Dakota schools are out until next fall so Ian will miss out on his junior prom unless they plan something during the summer. He most likely doesn’t care one way or the other because he doesn’t have a steady girlfriend. Last year he had a chance to go with a couple of junior or senior girls but he turned them down. He told me he wasn’t into “fancy.” :lol:

I need to check the dryer and do some dishes. Bob is thawing a huge pork loin for Sunday; we'll be eating leftovers for a week! Have a nice rest of your day and enjoy! :wave:

Jean 04-11-2020 04:36 PM

Happy Easter Weekend! It is another gloomy day in my neighborhood but it's not cold nor is the wind blowing. The rain is supposed to start early evening and turn to snow during the night. Depending on which weather channel we choose to believe the prediction is for "a chance," and anywhere between 5 to 8". I'll take the first choice! I have gone from one thing to another and can't seem to settle down to anything today. :hyper: I did do a couple loads of laundry and talked to a friend on the phone this morning. We touch base on a weekly basis and nothing was happening at her house either. I ordered a fun t-shirt on Amazon for Kolby's birthday. It came yesterday and the fabric is so thin you can almost read through it, very chintzy. :( I decided to send it back and after jumping through the hoops was told I didn't have to return it, they would issue a credit to my account. :cheer: I'll tell Kolby if he doesn't like it he can give it to the Good Will. I need to unload the dishwasher and then maybe read for awhile. I'm not a huge sports fan but miss the background noise if Bob is watching something on tv.

Hope to see some more visitors here today! Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

ceejay52 04-11-2020 07:45 PM

Ugh on th snow. I have seen it snow around this time in April before but can't remember what year. I was still working. Yeah on getting those drawers cleaned out even thohg it wasnt't by choice.

sis and I went to the grocery store with sis this afternoon and they had 6 feet markers and one way isles, either up or down. Several ppl had on mask and gloves. Sis and I were one of them.

Hi gma :wave:
I started to mow the yard yesterday with the rider but it wasn't doing well and come to find out the tires were really low. Sis is going to get some one to check the blade and under side of the mower before we use it again. I pushed mowed the big side yard and sis did the front and smaller side yard plus part of the back. Niece came out and mowed the rest of the lawn. The lawn looks 100% better than last week. I'm going to use the push mower until it get's to hot.
It rained earlier this morning and had thunder and lightening with it, Didn't stop sis from getting out in the flower bed.
This is about it for me

QuilterInVA 04-12-2020 12:30 PM

:easter2: 76 degrees and sunshine today.

Jean: you can keep your snow! I hate ordering clothing online because you can't feel it. Maybe the short will do for summer.

Ceejay: You get lots of exercise with your yardwork.

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