Steel Magnolias #57

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  • Happy Easter! It is seriously snowing here and the wind is blowing hard. Ground is now covered and my birds are digging to find the food we put out earlier before the snow started. We went to church online in Sioux City and then switched to our former pastor in Des Moines. Bob's comment was he has attended church a lot in the last few weeks! He is going to pull the grill in the garage and fix a pork loin for dinner. My contribution is baked potatoes, corn, and 7 cup salad. Nothing else planned for today except maybe some dusting and more decluttering. I think the clutter appears faster since we've been home more.

    Ceejay, Beth’s birthday is the 24th and we had cold and snow that day 42 years ago. Our one grocery store had one way arrows and one person per cart posted on the door. Two couples went in ahead of us and another followed us in. No one was following the arrows either. The store wasn’t busy, I suppose because it was early evening. There were lots of bare shelves! Good luck with the rider mower next time!

    Susan, I couldn’t believe how chintzy the shirt fabric is. Granted, it wasn’t terribly expensive but for $20 I expected better.

    Hope you all enjoy a happy day even if you can't be with all of your family and friends.
  • Hello ladies! It started raining here yesterday evening, had some terrific thunderstorms overnight and into the day. We are gonna get slammed again tonight it looks like on the radar. Jack went to pick up our grocery order and she said she called us right before 9, which she didnít, to tell us it wonít be ready until tomorrow. Jack told her he cannot pick it up until 3:30 and she hemmed and hawed about it. He ask me what if they put stuff back? It was $270 I doubt theyíre going to put 75 items back! Anyhow, I was not happy as they have had the order since Tuesday!

    We are just keeping home. Jack took his car to the auto carwash yesterday, but they wouldnít let you use the vacuums. I imagine it got wet going to the grocery this morning. I have been reading a lot not knitting. This weather really has my arthritis acting up and itís hard to even hold a stylis let alone knitting needles.

    My allergies are really kicking in too, but then the rain kept us from getting the weeds taken care of again.

    CeeJay: All this rain is making everything grow quickly. My ipad is acting up and I hope I donít have to replace it. Geez what did we do without all these electronics? Hope you dry out so you can finish. The lawn service hasnít come around here at all and everything looks awful!

    Susan: Do you use broth or cream base for your soup? I need to make Jack potato soup. He really likes it but I havenít made it in a long time. I was looking at the series you are reading. Let me know what you think of it. I have read a couple whole series lately. I have Kindle unlimited so have been looking for series stuff. I am reading a Seniors cozy series right now, but dang, she is 40 and thatís not a senior imo!

    You ladies take care!
  • gma
    I agree, 40 is not a senior. We got to mow Friday and I pushed mowed. The yard looked 100% better. I wished I liked to read but I don't. t.v. is my main go to. I have been doing some more rearranging/unpacking this morning. I found a shelf in the bathroom closet that I could use but had to move some items to my closet. I just need space and sis isn't in the mood to do any of that so I take it upson myself to do it. If we but heads so be it. It's to cold for me to go outside to work in a flower bed, maybe tomorrow afternoon. The sun is shining but the wind is out of the north and it's cold.

    My cousin moved to Montana last year when she retired. They have snow there too.

    Hi Susan

    Sis and I had church on line again yesterday. Our normal church routine had been rescheduled at 2.30 yesterday afternoon so we opted for another church service. We had ham, scalloped potatoes, green beans, deviled eggs and pistachio salad for lunch yesterday and drove to the kid's {nephew and nieces house, my old house) to take them lunch.
    Sis was really missing her dh as Easter was a big day for him being a pastor, and the kids couldn't/wouldn't come out for our traditional Easter get together. When she gets snippity she can cut like a knife and she was blaming me for something I had no control over ( the online church service) so I got up and went to my room. It made me nervous and was shaking like a leaf. She later apologized but have mercy. She can forgive and forget, I can forgive but it takes me longer to forget. I didn't sleep good because of it last night. I just have to remember she is still in the grieving mode.

    Have a good day. I'm getting back to my normal routine little bit by little bit. Instead of losing 2 pounds I was up two pounds Friday.
  • Good morning, ladies! Cool 60 degrees and sunny.

    Donna, I have read the Gamache series several times and still enjoy them. They need to be read in order. Grocery delivery here is overwhelmed and it takes 4-5 days now.

    Jean, what is 7 cup salad? You always make interesting things.

    Ceejay, grieve is hard. My husband passed away May 4, 2008 and I miss him even more today.

    The newspaper article today said if restrictions are lifted June 10, Covid-19 won't peak until August. By then I will be crazy. I have lost 3 pounds and not even trying.

    Have a great day!
  • Good Afternoon! I just typed a long message and it disappeared into cyber space. It said my time had expired...didn’t know there was a timer on typing. The sun is out and the snow is melting. I am sporting a not so beautiful black and blue eye today. I tripped over the electric blanket cord and landed on my face, bending my glasses, and pealing off a layer of skin on my arm. Graceful I am NOT!

    ”Gma,” I hope you finally have your groceries and everything that was on your list! I have been buying paperback books since the library won’t let us in and I haven’t kept a list of what I have read. I love potato soup! I have saved many soup recipes over time but none taste like what my mom used to make. Nothing I make tastes like her’s. What all do you put in your soup?

    Ceejay, what do you like to watch on tv? My favorites were the I Love Lucy, Carol Burnett, etc., type shows. I hit and miss on America’s Got Talent, Dancing With the Stars, NCI, etc. Bob’s brother lives in Billings, MT. He says the snow usually blows over but if they get much it doesn’t last long. I hope your sister’s attitude improves and she is kinder to you. Grief is no excuse for being nasty. You will have the pesky 2#s gone in no time!

    Susan, The salad is actually five cups, not sure where seven came from. It is very easy: 1 cup pineapple tidbits, 1 cup mandarin oranges, 1 cup coconut, 1 cup mini marshmallows, 1 cup sour cream, and maraschino cherries (cut up) to taste. Drain the fruit and mix everything together. It is best if made the day before or at least several hours before serving. I had no idea your husband had been gone so long! I do remember it at the time though. If we are quarantined until June we will all be goofy!

    Bob thinks it is getting to be food time again. I feel like all I’ve done is cook and clean up the kitchen. Hope you have all had a nice day!
  • It was a warm 49 degrees this afternoon. I had on my thermal underwear as my sweatshirt this afternoon and stayed warm. The sun was shining and barely a wind blowing. I was going to weed another flower bed but sis wanted an over grown bush cut back so I did that instead. It took me all afternoon. So I got plenty of fresh air today.
    Also washed my sheets this morning and need to put them back on the bed.
    Also rode the bike this morning for 30 minutes.
    Good grief- Think a bird flew in to a window. I jumped out of my chair.

    The salad sounds good. I like simple things to make. Sorry that you tripped over the cord. And ouch on the black eye.

    We have been lucky so far with the storms. They drift down into Arkansas and then start moving East. Our time will be coming though.

    I've only had to deal with losing my parents and now a bil. And I know that isn't the same as losing a spouse. Think this is part of the reasoning behind me coming to live with her is to take up some of the void.

    Have a good evening.
  • Good Morning! The sun was out early but has disappeared, it's a couple degrees warmer, and huge lazy snowflakes are falling. They're not staying on the ground so that's good. I am so tired of this weather . . . must be Trump's fault! Ha ha. Well, the sheet rock project is on hold and we're waiting for the plumber again. Bob has decided the basement smell, which was much worse last night, is a sewer leak from the downstairs bathroom, when the toilet has flushed and water running in the sink. The water coming out of his basement plumbing tube to the drain is clear but has the smell. He has been trying to blame my front load washer but I was sure that wasn't it. He is hoping they won't be digging up the patio but it will have to be fixed no matter what. The sewer line goes under the hunk we added on 25 years ago.

    Ceejay, on the bike ride this morning! You have been getting your exercise working in the yard. I would like to put in some bushes in front of our house. We had some years ago but also had a multitude of garter snakes that liked to hang in them. We have a large open back yard and they liked to go there and lay in the sun. We were told to get rid of the bushes and put in rocks because they don’t like rocks. I don’t like snakes! My black eye has gotten bigger today and I’m not leaving the house!

    I do have laundry in the washer that should be done so need to finish that. Hope you all enjoy a nice day!
  • Jean
    I don't like snakes either or worms for that matter.
    Think I over did the yard work yesterday. I could barely get out of bed this morning. My SI joints still hurt but I'm going to take an Alieve for that.

    Think I worked to long in the yard yesterday. I'm tired today.
    I got my covid19 check
    Missouri govenor stated today that we were going to be 2 more weeks at least on stay at home situation. He stated that the curve here was flattening but wanted to make sure it was safe.
    Still don't have the sheets on my bed so I will do that before I go to bed.
  • Good morning. Jack left for work about 15 minutes ago and I decided to balance my checkbook, etc so did that and remembered to come post. Your days kind of run together when you are in this situation. Granted, I donít go out a lot, but I havenít been out of the house since my dr appt March 9. The weather is so freaky. It has been quite chilly at night here than usually 60 or so. It should be warmer than that here now.

    Jack used all the double A batteries and I went to get some the other day and all I found were empty boxes! So, I just ordered a box online along with a new toilet mat. They should be here today or tomorrow. They keep delivering farther and farther from the back door. Pretty soon theyíll be delivering my stuff across the street to the neighbor! I mean, geez they donít have to come in contact with me if they dump it at the back door! I mean, except for the mailman, no one knocks to let me know anyway.

    Been the weirdest thing. We use I Canít Believe itís Not Butter and no one has any. When I got our groceries I got this teeny little carton because thatís all they had. Jack checked WM neighborhood market and I checked WM online and no one has any. I told Jack to check Kroger again Saturday when he goes to get the oil changed in the Mariner. He has been dinging so he needs to get it in.

    I wish theyíd quit putting out suppositions, opinions, etc not facts. They just keep people stirred up. I saw day before yesterday some nitwit said social distancing until 2022! Now you know people are not going to put up with it much longer. Theyíre already fed up.

    Susan: Jack says Republican governors are going to start ďreleasingĒ the restrictions soon and Democrats not. He said this is going to rev up because of the election soon and I figure heís right. They need votes so they have to make the public happy one way or the other. Jack says it wonít be long and people are going to start suing to get back into the work force and such. I like series books more than anything. I read historical to the quirky and everything in between.

    CeeJay: We got our check on Wednesday. It just makes me sick to think of people out of work and no money coming in at all. We give to Navy Relief monthly so maybe I should bump that up for awhile to help military people have access to grocery money, etc. I love my sister, not sure living together would work. We are only a couple years apart and always had to share rooms and weíd fight a lot growing up. My siblings are spread out as the oldest was nine yrs older than myself, I was next, then my sister who is two years younger, then my brother who was 6 yrs younger. The sister closest to my age is the only remaining living one. Jack and I lost our parents when they were in their 50ís except my mom, who was in her early 70ís when she died. My sister lost two husbands so it is tough, especially when you live in the same house. I imagine your sister can get territorial when sheís cranky. Itís good you roll with the punches so to speak.

    Jean: Oh no I hope your eye feels better soon. Jackís scar from his skin cancer makes him look like someone hit him all the time. I slipped in the bathroom last night and yelled and scared Jack half to death. Snakes I can deal with, rodents no. Iíd freak out if your outdoor cats would bring a dead mouse or rat up onto the porch. Euwwww! Gosh I hope they donít have to break up your patio to get to whatever is leaking. I told Jack this weekend we need to take the trap out of the dishwasher and clean it again. The dishwasher kind of smells and the cleaner stuff when I ran it didnít help. My soup is just potatoes, onions, salt, pepper, chicken broth and evaporated milk. Then when itís ready to eat we put stuff in it we want like crumbled bacon, grated cheese, scallions, etc.

    Well gals, I need to take my meds and eat breakfast.
  • Good Afternoon! When I tried to get in here it kept dumping me off! If I disappear I tried! It's another gloomy day in my neighborhood. My excitement for today has been a trip into town to deliver PEO emails, a stop at the bank, and lastly a stop at the newspaper to pick up Kolby's birthday picture. They won't let you come inside but have a drop box to leave an item, then have to call the office in order to pick it up again. A load of laundry and a visit with the bathroom worker rounded out the morning. Lunch was leftovers so that was boring. I just can't seem to get motivated to do anything constructive this afternoon. I sent the grandkids Easter cards and all got them except Maddy. I wrote her a note and sent her another $2 bill today; told her if the first card ever showed up she would be $2 ahead of the rest. UPS truck just pulled up, more excitement for my day! I ordered something from Amazon, for Kolby's birthday so hope that's what he is bringing.

    Ceejay, I don’t like worms either! That’s why if I am invited to go fishing I say, “only if someone will bait the hook and take the fish off!” Bob just rolls his eyes but he is a good sport. Glad you got your check!

    ”Gma,” there was a post on FB about when we were little and our undies had the days of the week on them. We laughed but not a bad idea! I think most people in general are tired of being quarantined at home and social distancing. We are so rural but have two cases in our county. One wasn’t even here when diagnosed and “cured” before coming home. That news came from the local clinic. Most of the virus seems to be in the southeastern part of the state around the University. I just hope the elections are not by mail, what a disaster that would be. Also wish a photo ID would be mandatory but that will never happen here. My goose egg isn’t visible but still tender and the purple is further down on my cheek. I need to have my glasses adjusted but may wait until next week. I can do a cute little mouse any day, before a slithering snake. Bob found the leak in the pipe where the upstairs toilet, showers, and garbage disposal drain into another pipe. Plumber can’t come back until next week. I’m hungry for potato soup!

    I need to clear off the kitchen counter and address a couple sympathy cards so better get at it! Hope you are having a terrific Thursday!
  • Well pooh. Said I wasn't connected to internet and lost my post.

    Not much going on here. I did venture out to WM in Springfield. and they were pretty well stocked. Think I'm going to make it a habit to go at least every two weeks.

    your potato soup sounds really good. May make some tonight or tomorrow.

    Every one have a great night.
  • Good morning! Ok going to see if I get booted or not since you both had trouble. I bought a wood bathroom cabinet for the living room and it came yesterday. I couldnít find what I wanted in living room furniture. I want it to store stuff like bandaids, lotion, Tylenol, etc so we arenít running up and down the stairs all the time.Jack said it was heavy so I told him he could wait until the weekend to take it out of the box. It has no legs and I want to sit it on top of something else so weíll see how that goes.

    I have a new pair of sandals coming tomorrow. Weíll see if I keep them as they are wedges. It is this new brand I bought so I am hoping they work better. I didnít realize this company was a true orthotic company where you buy the expensive things to put in your shoes. I only know they work for me in their shoe line and itís the first ones that havenít made my feet hurt instead of feel better.

    I got addicted to an online ďgameĒ called Design Homes. It is amazing what awful taste some people have. You are given a certain number of $$ and diamonds to purchase real furniture, rugs, lamps, etc. You are then given a choice of cities and each one has a type of room to decorate. They give you the parameters and what must go into the room and what you can add then you design it. You room is judged by the other participants and let me say, some peopleís taste is only in their mouth. There was one where it was a babyís room. This one dope used a wall decoration that was wine bottles and glasses! Anyway, itís fun.

    Well, we switched our cruise over from them to a travel agent to see if they can get the ball rolling to fix the mess they made. Right now they have shorted us $1900 from the rollover when we had to cancel and two weeks ago I got an email saying itís be 30-45 days before it could be fixed. Yesterday they came out that they were furloughing 26% of their people, mostly southern Florida, which is where their admin and call center is. We had been thinking about changing after talking to an agent with a company in CA that we were impressed with. When this happened yesterday, I texted Jack and said to call her and transfer it. She jumped right on it and is trying to get it straightened out.

    Jean: Well Iím glad at least you arenít tearing up your yard to get to the leak. I donít know how, but these condos were built so wonky that when the dummy next door clogs up her sink putting bacon grease down it, it clogs the non disposal side of my sink! I found out what she was doing because the board president owns it and told Jack about her clogging the sink with bacon grease. The thing is, I can do nothing to fix my side when she does it and itís happened more than once. She rarely uses her disposal because it vibrates my sink when she does so I know.

    CeeJay: The only thing that creeps me out are any type of rodents, rats, mice, gerbils, even squirrels. Just gives me the willies thinking about it. Even dead ones. Glad you found groceries.

    Everyone have a good weeknd!
  • Happy Friday! The sun is shining, and it is supposed to do so all day. I hope it got the message! Another day at home, but tomorrow I go to count money at church! The builder is replacing four oak steps from the lower hall to the living room. After 25 years they were looking pretty sad. Anyhow, absolutely everything on both levels is showing a layer of sawdust. Probably even on upstairs to the bedrooms but I did close those doors. Glad I hadn't done any deep cleaning a couple weeks ago! I am dressed, fed the outside critters and cats, started the dishwasher, have a load of laundry to ready to go downstairs, and now need to get busy! I have Kolby's birthday gifts to wrap and maybe deliver this weekend. Hard to believe he turns 15 on Sunday.

    Ceejay, I’m betting your WM is much nicer than ours. Bob had to go yesterday to get printer cartridges for the office and multiple Mexican families were shopping. I wish they could be stopped at the door and only one adult allowed in, at grocery stores too. Aggravating when most of us follow the rules! Sioux City has two WM stores and Beth has said, more than once, what a pit they both are. Beth goes across the river to South Sioux City, NE, and shops at their WM which is much cleaner, more organized, etc.

    “Gma,” I have not heard of your online game but it sounds interesting. I am looking for a color to paint the upstairs bathroom. Am tempted to go with white so I can change the color of towels, etc. There are three pictures of multiple colored flowers so any color works. They are actual photos, blown up, from my stepsister’s flower garden, taken years ago. I am back to coloring online again, can spend way to much time doing that rather than my chores. Good luck with your cruise problem! It just reinforces that some can’t seem to do their job right. Bob said not to use my garbage disposal until we have a new sewer pipe in place. Now I am questioning the dishwasher because when I was in the basement to clean the cat boxes, water was gushing out Bob’s pipe. Makes me very nervous, and just hope the old pipe holds together over the weekend. The lower bathroom drains into a lower pipe below the leak but I am so used to going upstairs I forget I am supposed to go downstairs. *sigh* For as old as your condos are, I am surprised they weren’t better built. The ones we lived in in Ohio were rock solid and we never heard anything from either side of us. We had enclosed screen porches on the back side and once in awhile if our inside sliding door was open, and the neighbors would slide open their door we would hear it. I would love to go back and see them now. Probably now a ghetto area.

    I need to get my body moving and accomplish something this morning. I think it is going to be a tuna and noodle casserole for lunch! Hope you all enjoy a super duper Friday, have sunshine, and enjoy yourself!
  • Morning
    It's very cloudy this morning but nothing on the radar to show for more rain which we had over night I'm not sure what I will do today. I've eaten breakfast and done up those dishes.
    Sis is coming home today so I will and see what she is going to do. I personally think it will be to wet to mow.
    My weight is steady going up and I know why. I'm over eating in the way of snacking at night while watching Perry Mason. Need to quit that

    Hello to every one and have a great Friday.
  • Good Afternoon! It's a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny and 68 degrees! My sliding doors are both open and the birds are chirping away. I am waiting for potatoes to boil for potato salad. Yum! We counted money at church this morning; some people are giving more than usual and have made the effort to bring the checks to the church office. We just found out who our new pastor will be and his name is Kiboko I. Kiboko. He is from the Congo in Africa originally. I found out a friend went to college with his wife, back in the 90s, and helped read the assignments to her because she spoke very limited English. I'm sure he will have interesting stories to share with us. My potatoes are just about done so will let them cool and finish my salad.

    Ceejay, sorry to hear you and Perry have been snacking. Snacking is a hard habit to break but you can do it!

    Hope you all are enjoying a nice day too!