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Jean 03-23-2020 01:23 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #56
Good Morning! It is misting, foggy, and chilly but warming up to 50 . . . . maybe. I needed kitty litter so talked Bob into going to WM early this morning to get the 40# bags. I can get them to the bottom of the cart but not up into the back end of the car. Anyhow, WM had LOTS of TP! :cheer: There were no signs posted but at the checkout the checker said there was a limit of one so I bought one and Bob bought one. The lady ahead of me bought a different brand that had twice as many rolls as mine so I could have had two for her one. Go figure. Downtown is a ghost town with no cars parked anywhere. I went to the post office and came home. I am so thankful we don't have toddlers to keep entertained!

Susan, viewing a church service online sure isn’t like being in church but better than nothing for sure. I hope your hands and feet are feeling better today. :yes: Congrats on doing the Silver Sneakers exercise video. That is a cute name.

Ceejay, did your sister make the beans and ham hock into a soup? That and cornbread sound good. :T Today is another soup kind of day here.

“Gma,” maybe Jack’s scar will heal enough so it is hardly visible. Does he wear glasses? I switched to “Fiber Strong” shampoo and conditioner by Biolage. The fine print says for fragile hair; mine is thinner on top. I haven’t used it long enough to tell any difference. :dunno: When we moved here in ‘76, the Presbyterians held summer church at the drive in theater. We thought that would be fun but never went. Now the theater is farm land. I think I will pass on okra. I have only had asparagus once where I liked it, my stepmom made it when we were at the fishing resort one summer. I tried to make it a couple times and it was gross.

Guess I will put together a salad for lunch then warm up leftovers when Bob gets home. Have a marvelous Monday and stay healthy! :wave:

Jean 03-24-2020 12:37 PM

Good Morning! It's another cloudy day in my neighborhood but no wind and 41 degrees. Rain is again in the forecast. :( When I got up this morning I actually wondered what day it is. Since our regular schedule of events is on hold I lose track of the days. I did cancel/postpone card club for this weekend. Everyone agreed it was a good idea. Bob went to work and then was going to go buy a piece of cedar to remake the squirrel feeder that fell apart. Our lumber yard is closing which is really sad. I made copies and delivered emails to a PEO member who doesn't have a computer, nor cell phone, nor caller ID on her phone. I have no idea how old she is but she wants nothing to do with technology. The party neighbors' son, behind us, has moved back home with huge dog they tie up in the back yard and girlfriend. The dog got loose last night and was on our deck eating cat food; the dad came over to apologize. He was three sheets in the wind and couldn't put a complete thought into a sentence. Now I remember why we don't socialize with them. It was dark so hope he was able to find his way back home.

Ceejay, Iowa keeps reporting new cases of the virus but so far they are all quarantined in their own homes. I drove by the grocery store this morning and the parking lot looked about like it normally would. I was glad! I am working on box #3 for the SOS store! I’m sure they will be super busy when they reopen. Good luck with the bloodwork. :D

So now on to the rest of my day. I want to eat, eat, eat, and that is not a good plan! :hyper: I think I will go for a walk instead. Hope to see you all here today! Have a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

QuilterInVA 03-24-2020 02:29 PM

Good afternoon! 54 and and cloudy.

Governor has shutdown all nonessential business for 30 days and schools are closed for this year. I am about site crazy.

Grandma, we are a hot spot because we have more cases and deaths than anywhere else in VA. More and more. NC is also bad. Poor Jack! He will look like a pirate! I feel for your knee pain.

Jean, your neighbors must be awful. It is bad enough to have a dog running lose without a drunk involved.

CeeJay, it will be good when you are all moved and settled.

Have a great day!

ceejay52 03-24-2020 02:56 PM

I've been to the doctor. Was assessed for my Medicare wellness. Had my blood drawn and went over to have a chest x-ray. I've been having shortness of breath but I don't think it's serious but sis wanted me to have it checked. I told him about when I was working and opened a faulty cholorine cylinder. (water treatment) It got me in the face and gave me instant brochitis and the doctor there told me I might have scar tissue. Also had the prevnar13 pnuemonia shot. So I'm caught up there. I almost laughed when he asked me if I had enough tp. He was grinning.
Sis was late in calling me last night but later called me around 9.30 p.m. I took the nephew and niece the cord to the t.v. that they took. The cord was left in Ash Grove. Come to find out that nephew had threatend to hit some one in his ex wife's family. so sis had to go drive to Battlefield from Branson. put out that fire and drive back Sis has enough to deal with other than him. Ugh. I'm glad I'm not involved anymore. I've blocked the exwife on my phone to where I do not have to deal with her anymore. I'm not mentioning this to my sis.
I woke up to thunder and lightening this morning and had to drive in a hard rain to Springfield.
I want to go look for some things at Dollar General.

All I want to do is eat. Think it is the weather and being isolated. I will ride my bike a little later this after and work on a couple of more boxes.
Thanks for starting the new thread.

gma and Susan

Jean 03-25-2020 11:06 AM

Good Morning! It's another gloomy foggy morning with a few raindrops falling. I've been outside to feed the critters and it would really feel nice and warm if the sun were out. I don't know about everyone else but I am getting tired of being in the house! The dishwasher is running and there is a load of laundry waiting to go down to the basement; those chores won't take much time to do. All but one of the basement trickles have dried up so that is good. Sump pumps continue to run, one more than the other. Guess I could tackle another tub of clothes or a cupboard, neither sounds very inviting. I really should vacuum. Bob woke up in the middle of the night with a tooth ache. It's the same tooth that gave him fits before we went to Maui but settled down just before we left and hasn't bothered him until now. He called the Sioux City dentist and their answering machine said it was recommended dentists close their offices for at least three weeks but to leave a message. I hope he can get in, would hate to see him in pain for an extended period of time.

Susan, the mall in Sioux City closed their doors yesterday. It is around 40 years old and has lots of empty shops but Penneys, Scheels, and Barnes & Noble all have their own outside entrances. They were shut down too. The neighbor dog(s) are always tied up and thank goodness they don’t bark. I feel sorry for them in that if they are inside the house they are breathing cigarette smoke.

Ceejay, I hope your chest X-ray is normal. Anything out of the ordinary, at our age, is scary! Life with your nephew seems to be one adventure after another. It’s nice you can distance yourself from it when you want.

I need to get busy and do something! Hope you all enjoy your day! :wave:

gma22 03-26-2020 05:28 PM

Good afternoon! Gorgeous here in the 80ís today. Jack should be home in just a little while. Looks like heís not going to have to participate in the 12 hour/84 hr 7 day on 7 day off thing at work. The main boss and the foremen got together today and decided Jack, a man a yr older than he, and a man with very serious diabetes could continue to work regular schedules. I am really glad but, but ordered Bento style boxes and a 20 piece cheap set of flatware for him to use for his evening meals. He said to just keep it and heíll use it for his lunches.

My sil that owns the food truck says some of the stores have no meat and those that do you can buy one package and they have armed police because of violence. I said all along the hoarder would end up causing violence or looting. I saw a video of Vegas and itís a ghost town. The casinos are boarded up and no one is on the strip or Fremont street. Everywhere are taking big economic hits.

CeeJay: I had a bil that would go out and get drunk every holiday. I remember as a kid driving around with my mom and sister looking for him. He was violent when he got drunk too. She stayed married to him and when my nephew was 16 his dad committed suicide in his sonís bedroom with his sonís rifle. My nephew quit school, became an alcoholic and drug addict and when his mom died, a few months later he cut his wrists. It really screws with your head thatís for sure. I hope one day your nephew will get sober permanently.

Susan: I was just wondering why your area seemed to have so many concentrated. It isnít huge. Hopefully it will settle down with things being closed and such.

Jean: Good grief you have some neighbors. :lol: Cat haters, dog loving drunks. As busy as you are I bet you are going stir crazy. I have several friends who say their husbands arenít working, are bored, and driving them crazy. Oh gosh, poor Bob! Toothaches are the worst. Hope he can get in to see someone.

Everyone have a good afternoon.

ceejay52 03-26-2020 10:51 PM

Still unpacking a bit. This morning I did a small load of laundry and this afternoon I mowed this huge yard. I'm glad that sis brought the rider. I could never mow this with a push mower. I still need to weed eat and push mow some area's. The rider is supposed to be a mulcher but it wasn't mulching today. This yard looked like a hay field. A neighbor saw me out raking and brought his rider down that had a grass sweeper on the back. The yard looks amazing now. I'm pooped.
Had a weird dream this morning/ Can't remember what it was about but it was disturbing. I woke up with a jolt.

Glad Jack is having to work those long shifts. 12 hours is enough.

Hope the rest is doing okay.

Jean 03-27-2020 12:11 PM

Happy Friday! It's another gloomy day in my neighborhood, windy and colder with rain on the way. Guess I will stay home. :woohoo: I bought a muffin mix when I was at the grocery store the other day, and made them. They smell really good, kind of fruity. :T I have clothes in the washer and they should be about done. My challenge for the day is to decide which cupboard to sort through. Our Good Will is also closed now so will have boxes lined up in the garage for them also.

”Gma,” I wish you would share your gorgeous weather please. I’m glad Jack doesn’t have to work the 12 hour shifts. :yes: Our Hallmark gift shop is now closed. I haven’t heard about $1 Tree or $1 General; they both have food. Years ago the party neighbors used to congregate on their deck. They talk loud and their music was loud, but a couple years ago a hunk fell off one end (Bob thought the wood probably rotted) so they party inside. I see the dogs are outside. Bob’s weird tooth quit hurting again. He has a Monday appointment with a root canal dentist in Sioux City. He is going, hurting or not!

Ceejay, you are a good sister to mow! We have a rider but I don’t know how to start it or anything else about it. :o It was nice of the neighbor to help you. I can imagine you were tired!

I need to get busy on another cupboard; it will be the one full of coloring books, construction paper, crayons, and markers! Make it a fantastic Friday and enjoy! :wave:

gma22 03-27-2020 08:43 PM

Good evening! Very warm here today. It was near 90 heat index. We turned on AC for a bit because the house got so warm. I fixed salmon cakes and crab cakes for dinner. I bought them prepared and too salty for me, but the flavor was pretty good. Itís crockpot roast day tomorrow.

I got some new meds from Express Scripts today so weíll see how they go. You never know. I donít foresee any issues though.

Been watching ďLottery Dream Home.Ē Always so fun to see people buy their dream home even if some of them are idiots not thinking that the house they spent all their money on, has property taxes, higher utilities, etc. Some have brains and use caution.

CeeJay: My weeds are going at it, but weíve had so much rain thereís no getting out and killing them. Glad you were able to sit and mow. I hate those nights. Iíve been having dreams about deceased family members. Nothing scary, but disturbing because theyíre gone.

Jean: Oh glad Bob can get in to see someone for his tooth. Our Dollar General, etc are open. They are considered necessary so who knows.

Have a good weekend.

ceejay52 03-27-2020 10:30 PM

I've had another busy day. Dead headed the rose bushes, and pulled weeds out of that bed plus by the house. If it is not raining tomorrow I will get out and do yet another bed and weed eat. Met another neighbor. Aso watered the inside plants and washed a small load of white clothes. Had a consultation with one of the MRC staff this morning. They will be doing this until this virus breaks. It's scary to think about and I'm probably a bit panicky about the economy right now.

We can go outside just not get out and run around like normal. Can go to the grocery store once per week It was spooky while ago when I went to grab a sandwich. Things were already closed down. Something I'm going to get used to. Watching Dateline.

I like Lottery Dream home too. I did the online ordering for my scripts too from my insurance company. I got them today.

I didn't realize your state was so involved din the COVID19. Stay safe.

QuilterInVA 03-28-2020 10:24 AM

Good morning, ladies. Another day of sunshine and 75 degrees. Everything is covered with pollen.

My friend's husband has Covid-19. He is in the hospital on a ventilator since last Saturday. The tried to take him off it Tuesday, but had to put him back on it after 4 hours. Thursday he had a mild heart attack. No visitors allowed and my friend is quarantined for 2 weeks.

Grandma, I think we have a lot because of the military and seniors who travel overseas. A navy ship returned from Italy a month ago with 3 infected sailors. They didn't quarantine the ship and they went out into the community. The first Peninsula cases were a couple who returned from a river boat cruise. They live in a retirement community. Air Force and Army have cases. I am glad Jack can keep his normal schedule.

Jean, $ General is open. Seniors only from 7-8 am. Dollar Tree is also open. I have stuff for the thrift store too.

CeeJay, yard work is beyond me but I have a nice man who does it for me.

Have a great day!

Jean 03-28-2020 01:10 PM

Good Morning! It's another lovely day in paradise: foggy, windy, cold, and rainy. :( This crappy weather is just hanging on. I've delivered an email to my PEO friend then on to church to count money. There were just a few checks but they totaled $7800! Our local law enforcement is letting prisoners loose because of fear of infecting those who come in contact with them. They are mostly repeat offenders: owi, bad checks, not paying accumulated fines, etc. I don’t know if I agree with letting them go or not, but would hate exposing the jailers, and others, to the virus just in case.

“Gma,” you’ve had your air on and I just turned the furnace up a notch. I am so ready for some warmer days! :yes: Are your new meds new to you or just from a new place? Either way, hope they agree with you. Bob’s tooth isn’t bothering him today which is good. It will be interesting to see what the more detailed X-ray shows. This has been so weird!

Ceejay, you are becoming quite the lawn and plant caretaker! ;) It’s nice of you to do that as well as giving you something to do. The Main Street downtown had one pickup parked in front of the bakery when I went to church. There are apartments above the stores so there are usually a lot of cars parked up and down the street. It’s kind of eerie to not see people out and about.

Susan, I am jealous of your sunshine! I hope your friend’s husband recovers from the virus. :crossed: I feel sorry for family members who can’t be with loved ones in the hospital. The main Good Will center, for our area, is in Sioux City and is now closed. I assume that means our local store is also closed. I take most of my “better” things to the SOS store and well worn clothes to GW.

Now I need to accomplish something at home; wish the dusting and vacuuming fairy would show up so I could do something else! Wishing you all a super duper Saturday! :wave:

QuilterInVA 03-29-2020 10:14 AM

Good morning, ladies. Sunshine and temps around 85 today. Good day to go for walk.

Local fish mongers are selling at car side. I am thinking about going to get 10 pounds of fresh flounder for $60. I will bag it individually and freeze it.

I keep my hair very short and I really need a haircut. Good thing no o one sees me.

I am getting bored with my activities. I may try a crochet project just to do something different.

Jean, we are having televised Mass again today. I send my donation on the first of the month for the entire month. We have a church here who makes candy Easter eggs. They always sell out. As soon as the schools were closed, they posted on Facebook they would do curbside sales and sold over 2,000 in 2 days. When I retired, I took all my work clothes to the women's shelter. I called first and they really wanted them because they could get job interviews for the women but had no suitable apparel.

Hello! Donna and CeeJay.

Have a blessed day.

gma22 03-29-2020 11:27 AM

Good morning! We had a heck of a thunderstorm blow through last night. Our power winked on and off but we never lost power. Would have been uncomfortable because it was warm enough to be very humid. It is cool but sunny this morning. I cooked a roast in the crockpot, but Jack never got hungry so I took out the liner container and put it in the fridge. Iíll stick it back in this afternoon and weíll have it for dinner.

Well guess I learned my lesson about that formulated shampoo I bought. The bottle came yesterday and it is small. I paid nearly $30 for it! Phooey!

One of our fans went belly up so the new one should be here today. My meat order should ship the middle of the week and when it gets here I am packing part of it in ice and overnighting it to my sil. They have that food truck and canít get meat for it. She said they desperately need hamburger and skirt steak. I know I got several lbs of burger and I believe skirt steak too. They can sell because the food trucks are takeouts. She goes to the hospitals because she was a cardiac nurse for 40 yrs and says the cafeterias can leave them hanging because they have short hours. It worries me but I know theyíll take precautions. They have to get out there or theyíll lose their truck because they wonít be able to make payments, etc. So weíll see what I can send to her. Lubbock is so bad they have armed guards at stores I guess!

Susan: Oh thatís terrible about your friendís husband. I never thought about the ships coming back. Thatís a lot of fish! :lol: I have been reading a lot, but have three knitting projects I bought yarn and one has beads, which Iíve never done before.

Jean: She just changed dosages on my meds so technically theyíre not new. It took forever to get them straightened out so any meds from now on Iíll get paper prescriptions and mail. I had 4 of one prescription and none of the rest, then it took days to get it all straightened out. One of the gals on my FB page was griping the number of cars on the road, they arenít following orders, theyíre causing the trouble, etc. I told her off gently because she was out driving so how could she complain about others. I thought about it and deleted it. People are going to do and say what they want about the whole thing. I just wish people would quit reading crap. For example, the CDC came out in the beginning saying not to take NSAIDS of any kind. Now theyíre saying it has no adverse effects. The media is being the media, reckless and wanting sensationalism. If people would avoid media reports including statistics and just follow the stay home rule, wash hands, etc most will be fine. Reading this stuff about the dead, the numbers, etc wonít keep you from the disease nor will it give it to you. For instance, you see on the media a person at a Kroger warehouse tested positive, you panic because you shopped at Kroger. Just how could someone do something about it? They canít.

CeeJay: I need you at my house to clean up my mess in the back yard. :lol: Sounds like youíll have the yard gorgeous in no time. Jack went to get the oil changed yesterday and said there was one lady and she sat on the other side of the room.

Everyone have a good day!

Jean 03-29-2020 06:05 PM

Good Afternoon! We had sunshine this morning but the clouds are trying to take over. The wind makes it feel colder than what the thermometer says it is. We went to church online this morning; split between the church in Sioux City and our previous pastor. Both were very good messages. The SC church is going to celebrate Easter whenever it is we get to go back with the other people regardless of the date. I like that idea. I’ve done some more decluttering of my cat figurines on the living room shelves. I hate to part with them since they all have a memory to go with them, so will pack some away. I have a box of pig tea sets, and some Maui pictures, to take to Beth tomorrow. We’ll meet her at her office after Bob’s dentist appointment.

Susan, my nail salon is set to open April 7. I hope to be able to get an appointment online. I will need a fill badly although they still look pretty good. I probably will need a hair trim soon too. I feel bad for anyone trying to do a fund raiser now. I know several that are doing phone orders and then will deliver or people can pick up in a parking lot. There was a FB picture of young ladies sitting, 6’ apart, in the open back of their SUVs, wrapped in blankets, and having coffee. I thought that was a clever idea. I imagine working moms are really stressed having to stay home all week with their kids.

”Gma,” I’m sorry about your shampoo. Did you order it off a FB ad? I vowed I’m not going to order anything FB advertises; famous last words. OK, what is steak skirt, never heard of it. It’s nice of you to send meat to your sil. I think the media has influenced the coronavirus, and politics, way too much. I was happier not knowing and try not to pay too much attention to the national news on tv.

I need to get back to my cats! Enjoy the rest of your day. :wave:

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