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  • Good evening. I didnít fall off the planet, just been trying to keep things even around here. I quit FB for the time being as I am sick and tired of this whole thing. Jokes, statistics, games, etc, etc and I didnít sign up for them just keeping it up about the virus. I know what we have to do, know the restrictions, etc and frankly am sick of hearing about it.

    I got a couple of really comfortable prs of shoes delivered. They are an orthotic brand and super comfy. One pr is mule style I bought to wear around the house and the other are a cute pr of pink sandals Iíll keeping for vacation next year. First time Iíve ever gotten orthotic shoes that didnít hurt my instep.

    Jack just keeps plugging away at work. They arenít letting them take holidays until further notice so I told him weíll just plow the overtime into vacation.

    Susan: TN is doing road checks from what I understand and theyíre going door to door shutting down non essential businesses. I have to say my hair is going to have inches of white roots by the time they can open again. I hope the trach went ok and he is doing better. I have a friend from high school whoís grandson has been sick for several years. His disease destroyed his kidneys and he was in the hospital for a transplant, but they canceled it so he is back to dialysis. Heís 13 I think. Heís such a great kid.

    CeeJay: We had just started spring cleaning when this all came up. We stopped because they arenít taking donations right now and we have no where to store boxes. Itíll just have to wait. Weíve had a ton of rain and the weeds have taken over, but it hasnít dried out to get out there and kill them. The deck looks awful, but we have to have some sunny days and with Jackís work situation right now we can only do it on the weekends.

    Jean: Our nail salon, waxing place and hair salon are all closed so I am going to be frightening when they open back up, hairy, white rooted, snaggly nails. Howíd Bobís dental thing go? I didnít see where you said. Jack got bbq take out a few days ago and they were out of potato salad. Such a bummer! I donít make potato salad much because Jack wonít eat it. We try to get carry out at least a couple times a week to help out the businesses. Jack went to get Burger King on Friday and they had no hamburger at all!

    Jack went up to bed and Iíve just been here reading so guess I better head off. Have a good week, stay safe!!
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