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gma22 03-09-2020 11:44 PM

Steel Magnolias #55
Evening all. It is rainy and warm here this evening. I have my fan on. Seems like we’re moving into spring. The dogwoods are blooming all over town and they look so pretty.

The doctor was nice enough, the appointment not so much. I get really irritated when people my age are treated like children! They have this thing when they send in an RN to discuss your health then she starts calling you every month to see if you are doing whatever it is they suggest, for me losing weight. She asked me a bunch of questions about eating habits then ask me if I ate fruit. I was telling her about fruit I eat and she ask me if I ate prunes. Ok, that irked me and I was steaming by then. I was so angry I forgot to drop a package off at UPS. She scheduled my first, “phone talk,” but after I go in the 23rd for a BP recheck, I am sending her an email setting her straight and that I am perfectly capable of taking care of weight loss without being checked up on. They only do this with seniors and that bugs me too. On top of that, even though I asked them 3 times about my meds, they sent them to the local pharmacy instead of Express Scripts. I called and left a message, they called me back and said they sent them to Express Scripts, but they’re still screwed up so mow I have to call the med nurse at the clinic to get her to send them and to send the one new med she put me on to the local pharmacy to try it, which they didn’t do. They also filled part of them at Walgreens but I don’t want them as they are way too expensive. They want $109 for my test strips, which is ridiculous. So I have to to fix the screw up. I let it all out to Jack when he walked in and asked me how it went. Poor man. I did apologize. :lol:

Jean: Sounds like you has an irritating day too. The whole thing about this virus is it’s just another strain of something that’s been around. The deaths have been elderly with issues too. Everybody is panicking over something that the media is making deadly and it isn’t. Irks me. I saw an article that listed every election year back to 2004 I think it was and there was a virus scare of some kind each election time.

CeeJay: No, we’re still going. Royal Caribbean has put in place strict guidelines and sanitizing issues. We are going and going to enjoy ourselves. I am sure some little thing you’ll see or hear will remind you of him and bring a tear. I hope your sister doesn’t just wipe herself out trying to do it all herself.

Everyone have a good night. It’s bedtime for me. Nighty night.

Jean 03-10-2020 10:51 AM

Good Morning! The sun is shining brightly but it is a cold morning although no wind which is nice! It is supposed to warm up this afternoon so I hope it does! I need to continue the sorting in the living room shelves and cupboards. I am hosting crafty club next week and then couples’ card club at the end of the month. The curio cabinet is on my “to do” list for the weekend. The doors are on the side which is not handy at all and the glass shelves are a pain. But it is sparkly and pretty when everything is washed and clean again, once a year! The sales clerk said it was dust proof. Yeah, right! :rolleyes:

Ceejay, home made soup sounds good. Today is definitely a soup kind of day here. :yes: Will you still be able to go to the gym when you move to your sister’s home? You are so faithful! I agree about daylight savings time! Our state officials have keeping it year around on their agenda but they can’t seem to make a decision about anything. :( Using cell phones while driving has been discussed every year and still not enforced.

”Gma,” thank you for starting the new thread. :cp: Bob’s doctor has him coming every three months since he (the doctor) put him on diabetes watch. He admits Bob is doing well except for losing weight which varies from 5 to 15#s each visit. I maintain the visits are strictly to charge Medicare and insurance! :mad: This time the nurse asked if Bob had fallen in the last three months. So far neither one of us has to put up with phone calls from the nurse. Maybe we are too old! :lol:

I need to get busy and accomplish something this morning! Hope you enjoy a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

ceejay52 03-10-2020 07:46 PM

Maybe I'm not old enough to have doctor's or nurses discuss things on the phone with me. I do use their app so maybe that's why.
I've cleaned out almost two closets and thought about taking some things to Goowill but I think to make things easier on myself I will just dump every thing in to the garbage can.
The ants are back in full force. I've had to spray in the kitchen and am having to diligently clean in there on a daily basis.
I've had to reboot this small surface pro tablet and power it up but it's working great. Couldn't remember the password so I had to go online to figure out how to get to the settings so I could reboot it. May take this one out to my sister's tomor

ceejay52 03-10-2020 07:51 PM

Maybe I'm not old enough to have doctor's or nurses discuss things on the phone with me. I do use their app so maybe that's why.
I've cleaned out almost two closets and thought about taking some things to Goowill but I think to make things easier on myself I will just dump every thing in to the garbage can.
The ants are back in full force. I've had to spray in the kitchen and am having to diligently clean in there on a daily basis.
I've had to reboot this small surface pro tablet and power it up but it's working great. Couldn't remember the password so I had to go online to figure out how to get to the settings so I could reboot it. May take this one out to my sister's tomorrow. Going to accept a bed on Thursday.
I'm looking at some possibilities for an exercise facility. It will not be a Planet Fitness.
Glad you are still going on the cruise.


gma22 03-11-2020 05:21 PM

Good afternoon. Waiting for Jack to get home. Heís going to stop at Walgreens on his way home, but itís just across the street from the condos. We had wicked thunderstorms today, but theyíve rolled through now. Itís not cool, not warm right now.

I am putting scalloped potatoes in the oven and fixing pecan crusted pork chops. Donít know how theyíll turn out. I have never fixed them before. I bought them at Fresh Market just for a change of pace.

I sure hope they donít cancel my friendís flight to Florida. Seems like people are canceling their flights making planes empty so in turn airlines are canceling flights. It hasnít happened yet so am keeping our fingers crossed.

CeeJay: Moving is always so stressful even if you arenít moving furniture and such. We moved every three years for 20 years and I sure learned a system. Itíd bout kill me now I think. I bought bait traps for ants and it got rid of them fairly quickly. I donít know, Iím 66 and theyíre driving me nuts. Frankly, my health/weight is my business not theirs, doctors or not. I hate being treated like a child.

Jean: I wish everything was dust proof. Itís the job I hate. Jack does all the high stuff for me, thank goodness. This new doctor wants me to have what she calls a well woman physical. I ask her why because I have no female organs. She kind of hemmed and hawed, but before I make an appt for it, sheís gonna tell me. I have tests, shots, visits out the wazoo already and donít need more of it.

Well, better go. Jack should be home soon.

Jean 03-12-2020 07:21 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has been in and out most of the day with dark clouds blowing on through. It's 50 degrees but quite windy as usual. The lake has been open since last weekend. I had lunch bunch yesterday and we watched the wind blow some card table sized ice chunks to the shoreline. It's always interesting to see how the ice breaks up. Today I returned books to the library and braved WM which I've been avoiding. There was not one roll of toilet paper to be found! SAM's Club was out last weekend according to the office secretary. That wasn't on my list so I didn't care. When we were in Maui the condo coffee maker made coffee that didn't taste old or burnt if it sat for awhile. I have looked online everywhere I could think of to get one like it with no luck. Believe it or not, I found it at WM this morning! It was the $200 dollar store this morning by the time I bought the coffee maker, ink jets for Bob's office printer, cat food, and snack food for crafty and card clubs. The college basketball tournaments have been cancelled in Sioux City, another tournament in Omaha, nursing homes around the area are closed to visitors, not sure about the hospital. I was there Monday and have to close the weekly paperwork tomorrow if I can get in.

Ceejay, I use the same combination of letters for passwords on everything. I hate it when I have to come up with a new one for a new site. Hope your move to your sister’s home goes smoothly. :yes:

”Gma,” how did your pork chops turn out? I bought frozen potato soup from a fund raiser and should know better. :rolleyes: It was ok but not Bob’s favorite; we have enough left over for at least a week. All I ever had for the yearly check was a breast exam and the doctor felt around on my stomach, (he said he was feeling for any abnormal growth/tumor) heart, lungs, eyes, ears, and blood work. Now it is a “feel me and see if I’m warm.” I think they do minimal just to charge Medicare and insurance!

I spent too much time visiting my at Bob's office when I delivered the ink jets so he offered to take me to lunch. Now I need to put away my WM purchases; I've been cleaning the old coffee maker and getting the new one ready for tomorrow. Hope you enjoy the evening! :wave:

gma22 03-12-2020 09:59 PM

Good evening! Warm in the house today so it must have been outside too. Havenít been out.

We just had a hamburger for dinner. I didnít feel like cooking. It was BK and Iíve been burping, ďflame broiled,Ē all evening. :lol: Jack ate chips, but I stuck to just the burger.

Took me since Monday calling everyday to get all my meds filled. The last one finally was sent and got there today. Next time Iíll have them print them out and Iíll mail them in. Iím not messing with this nonsense again. I know itís the clinic because they had to send my one to Walgreens more than once too.

Well, I got mad about the whole care coordinator thing today. She sent a whole big packet of stuff, 2000 calorie diet, exercise routines even though I told her I have to do chair exercises because I canít walk or even do water aerobics anymore, nutrition about diabetes, logs to keep, etc, etc and It irked me. I donít let Jack tell me how to take care of myself so someone who is at least 50 lbs overweight herself isnít going to monitor me. I called the number, got a VM told them to cancel the phone appt, I didnít want to participate and that I was not senile and could do what needs to be done without monitoring. I also said I did not want to be contacted about it. My new doctor says something about it and Iím going to tell her that I follow advice, go to my appts, get all my shots, tests, etc, but I am controlling my health needs not her and if that is not acceptable, Iíll go elsewhere. I know exactly how I have to eat, how many carbs I can eat, what I need to do to lose weight, etc. If I donít do it, it is I that suffer the consequences no one else. My last doctor was helpful and encouraging, this one thinks she knows it all and thatís not going to fly. Just got my dander up.

Jean: About how far back from the lake is your house? Those chunks canít hit it can they? Pork chops Jack loved, me eh. I thought they were pretty bland and way too thick. I ate about 4 oz and my carb and veg and that was it. They were pretty expensive so it will be a once in awhile treat for Jack. Iíll buy a plain chop for myself. I noticed they canceled the rest of baseball spring training and are delaying the season by two weeks and that sports stuff has come to a roaring halt finally. St Judes is restricting visitors and such thank goodness as those sweet things donít need to be exposed when theyíre already immune deficient for most. Iíve gotten emails from my bank, hotel corporations, groceries, etc about the steps they have taken too. I think it will die off now that they have done all these things. People just need to be sensible. Jack has a Keurig because I donít drink coffee at all. He bought one for his area of the plant where the technicians, mechanics, operators hang out. Everyone brings their own pods and this way pots donít get left on and such and no waste, no contributing to a coffee fund. Heíll leave it down the road when he retires, but by then it will have probably worn out. Hope you like your new one. Hated the handbags so theyíre both going back. :lol: One was ugly and the other the opening was so small you could barely get your hand in.

Everyone have a good Friday and weekend.

Jean 03-12-2020 11:14 PM

“Gma,” I hope your blood pressure is back down after your got your dander up! ;) ;) I wonder if your new doctor (resident?) has procedures she needs to follow according to her supervisor. I don’t blame you for being upset. :no: Trying to get your meds filled would be hassle enough! How long will you have this doctor if you stay with her? The ice chunks were where we were eating lunch, on the other side of the lake from where we live. There are houses across the street from us that border the lake so we really aren’t that close to the water. Whichever way the wind is blowing determines where the ice will end up. Sometimes there are piles along the shore and sometimes it will break apart and sink depending on how thick it is. This time the wind was from the south so the south shore still had pretty thick ice while the middle and north parts were open water. As the weather got warmer the ice broke apart and chunks were floating to the north shore.

There is talk of closing area schools and daycares for two weeks. Do I need to describe the general chaos going on about that? “Working mothers can’t take two weeks to stay home, yadda yadda yadda!” On the news tonight it was said Sioux City will lose $10 million from cancelling their tournament. I suppose hotels, restaurants, shopping, the casino, etc., are all affected by the cancellation. We have high school tournaments going on right now and there will be no fans allowed after tonight’s games. Jason didn’t play but our town went twice when he was in high school and we went to the games. We didn’t stay overnight because he had a paper route but did eat several meals while there, not cheap even years ago.

I’m going to preheat the bed and head that direction to read after the news. :yawn:

gma22 03-14-2020 10:27 AM

Good morning. It is raining here right now and a bit cool. Jack is on hold with Royal Caribbean to get our reservation moved. I canceled hotel reservations last night so everything will be done once RCL moves our reservation. Like I said the only irking thing was not getting refund on plane reservations when they said you could cancel even non refundable and get refund because of corona. I just want to get it done, put everything away and get on with things until next year. I am not surprised the cruise industry got pressured into this. So many things are taking a big hit from sporting events to concerts to broadway, etc. Jack went to Chick fil a to get breakfast and they are all wearing disposable gloves. Employees are more at risk than patrons as they deal with dozens of people everyday. If this will shut this down I have no problem with a bit of nuisance, but I still donít think itís as horrific as media has made it.

I dread putting everything away and such. Such a headache. Ahh well. Jack was groaning he had to make another haircut calendar. He was down to one haircut. :lol:

Jack has his face surgery Tuesday, but it is just a local and done in the office. They did say heíd have a scar. I told him itíd make him rakish. :lol: I have a bp check on the 23rd and thatís about it for me.

Jean: Ya, my bp went back to normal. :lol: They called me back and left a message they had ďunenrolledĒ me from the program. Well my problem with her was it was more demands not encouragement. You want someone to do something you donít start making demands. The supervisor comes in every appt so I know her pretty well. She is a first year so Iíll have her 3 years. Weíll stumble along. They closed schools here until March 30. I imagine thereís a lot of parents scrambling to find childcare and day care centers are no better than them being in school, maybe worse. Itís such a mess. I feel for working parents.

Jack is still waiting. :lol: Gonna be awhile I imagine. Have a good day!

gma22 03-15-2020 12:00 PM

Good morning! Rainy and cold today. Jack ran an errand early and said though temps were in 40ís the rain made it colder. I am staying in today. Jack is snoozing in his chair at the moment and when Iím done here have a load of laundry to fold. Jack went yesterday and picked up some laundry from the dry cleaner I had pressed for vacation, but guess Iíll just hang it in the closet for now. He finally got through to RCL after being on hold over an hour. They cancelled our cruise and said it would take about 2 weeks to get our cruise credit then we have to all again to have put on the current cruise.

I started my grocery lists for next weekend, but truthfully donít know if thereís even a reason to try. People are hoarding and being idiots like weíre all going to be quarantined for months. I tried to buy bandaids and couldnít even get those! I canít get bottled water anywhere so will have to start drinking water from fridge tap or sink I guess. I drink bottled because I know how much I drink that way without always measuring.

Starting tomorrow I am going to buckle down and get my house thoroughly cleaned. We are also committing to getting all those closets and such cleaned out, stuff given away or sold. We just donít have enough space. We canít use garage because they canít afford to fix the leaks around the bottom, our attic isnít floored in so thereís not much you can do up there either. The closets are rinky dinky too. So I have to get myself organized!

Have a good day everyone. :wave:

Jean 03-15-2020 11:16 PM

Good Evening! We had church this morning because our "not on the ball" minister didn't see the email from the bishop suspending all Methodist Church activities for the rest of the month. We did have more people than usual, maybe because Bob's group sang. After church Bob helped me clean the curio cabinet by taking the glass shelves out and cleaning them plus all three sides of glass. A year’s worth of accumulated dust. :o I washed all the dishes and said a prayer I wouldn't break anything. I always think of my grandma and how the cut glass items sparkled in her dining room. Otherwise it was a pretty laid back day, cloudy and gloomy. It was warm enough to melt a lot of the 3-4” of snow we got yesterday.

“Gma,” I’m glad you got everything cancelled or switched around for your cruise. I am surprised the airline wouldn’t give you a credit with a time limit in view of the fact your cruise was cancelled. We are still having school and I’m betting it is because of our high percentage of “free” breakfast and lunches served. :dunno: I don’t understand why people went nuts over toilet paper when the coronavirus isn’t a stomach issue. Our stores are out of bottled water too. Good luck to Jack with his surgery!

I need to unload the dishwasher and get ready for a busy week. I have something on the calendar for every day. :hyper: Enjoy the rest of your evening! :wave:

QuilterInVA 03-16-2020 10:20 AM

Good morning ladies! 47 degrees and cloudy this morning.

We are a "hot spot" for Corona Virus in VA. 3 deaths last week. 8 cases they can't trace back to others so they don't know how it is spreading. All VA schools are closed, YMCA, Senior Center, etc. are closed for the next 2 weeks. No groups of more than 50 people. The YMCAs are providing child care for hospital and medical workers for free. They have made arrangements to get food to kids on the free lunch program. The grocery stores have shortened their hours so they can clean and restock. My doctor called and said if I thought I had it to call him and he would admit me to the hospital without going through the ER. With all the military here extra precautions are good. A ship returned from Italy 2 weeks ago and a few days later one of the sailors came down with Corona Virus.

With all this going on, I plan to quilt and read the time away. Casper is happy to have me home all the time.

Grandma: I am sorry your cruise was cancelled. When I go to the doctor, he asks me if any of the answers to the Medicare questionnaire have changed. I tell him no and that's it.

Jean: I would like to see the ice going out. Stan and I went to Niagra Falls once to see the ice break-up. It was spectacular.

CeeJay: sympathy for the death of your brother-in-law. I don't think I could move again. Just keeping my sewing room tidy is a major undertaking.

Have a great day and stay healthy!

gma22 03-16-2020 11:51 AM

Good morning. It is chilly here today and the rain is going to start back up in a couple hours. I think Iím going to have to crank up the furnace today. We havenít needed it in awhile.

You know this whole panic is screwing with peopleís lives so very much. People are being let go with no way to earn a living. I have two nieces who are school teachers, one in CA and worry theyíll be without a paycheck if they close the schools where they are. Though sad because we planned this cruise over two years ago, it is nothing when I think of people going without food or their needs met because of foolishness. Canít say I remember in my lifetime anything like this happening with any other viruses over the years. The media has amped up unnecessary reporting to panic people into doing things they normally wouldnít do. Jack takes a sandwich to work every day and I told him yesterday he might have trouble finding a loaf of bread when his current loaf is gone. Itís ridiculous and no one seems to think about the fact they are exposing themselves standing in line for hours at the grocery store with their hoarding. No, theyíd rather hoard. Itís disgusting and shame on anyone who is doing it.

Susan: Good to see you! Jack is working everyday and they havenít had any issues and itís mostly men, who tend to have poorer hygiene habits than women. The mayor came down last week saying the plant had to be sanitized, but it was a one time thing so it wasnít was a waste of time in my opinion. With your severe respiratory problems caution for you would be of utmost importance. The reason we canceled our cruise was because they wouldnít have allowed us on board even healthy. Jack is over 70 and had heart surgery 10 years ago, and I am diabetic. They were disallowing people like us aboard and since we didnít know if the restrictions would continue past the 30 day cruise shutdown, we thought it best to cancel and rebook rather than possibly losing the $10,000 we had on this cruise.

Jean: The toilet paper thing actually started before the virus thing, but ramped up with virus hoarding. Be interesting to see if anyone who attended services gets sick or if your school system has a mass outbreak. Have you settled back into routine now youíre back from vacation and have it all put away? Geez we have to put it all away and we never got to enjoy anything! :lol:

CeeJay: Hope all is well with you.

Jean 03-16-2020 06:58 PM

Good Afternoon! We’ve had snow flakes, rain drops, fog, but no sun today. :( We balanced on the first try at church this morning. :cp: I only had to argue with the copy machine three times until “I” got it right, thanks to the endless patience of my co-counter. I wrote the buttons to push down on a piece of paper and hid it where no one else (I hope) will find it. We copy several checks on one large sheet so have to decrease their size. There are too many paper choices and we don’t have that many drawers. I tried to activate my new debit card over the phone on Saturday, and couldn’t get it to work so had to visit the bank. The bank where the church banks is closing their lobby as of tomorrow so I suppose the rest will follow suit. Iowa schools are closed for a month which I think is a bit much. Parents are scrambling for sure! :eek: I also stopped by the grocery store and the parking lot was almost full as well as the other store at 10 am. People are plain crazy and rude! Lots of kids and elderly in the mix, not a good combination. I wonder how long it will be before violence takes over. Scary!

”Gma,” our local school is handing out free sack breakfast and lunches. The buses are delivering them to various neighborhoods around town. There is still no tp in town but I did get pb, jelly, bread, milk, and fruit. We have a freezer full of meat so won’t starve. I think the media coverage has escalated this whole mess. People should have been covering their nose, mouth, and washing their hands in the first place! I must admit I don’t sanitize door knobs like I should. :o

Susan, it’s nice to see your post today. :yes: Usually it takes longer for the ice to disappear here but we’ve had warmer weather than usual. It has been fun seeing the ice houses out on the lake but they sure high tailed it off when the ice started turning dark and there was open water along the shoreline.

Ceejay, did you spend the weekend moving? I hope it went well. :dance:

I have card club tonight. One gal cancelled because of the virus but the rest of us agreed we weren’t worried. :crossed: Hope you enjoy your evening! :wave:

QuilterInVA 03-17-2020 09:24 AM

Good morning ladies. 45 headed for 67degrees today and sunshine.

We had another death due to Covid-19 yesterday. 2 out of 31 so far on the Peninsula. The first had been on a cruise and came into contact with 150 people after coming home. The second is a mystery. The hospital now has drive through testing. There are 3 tents. The first takes your temp and history, the second gets symptoms, and the third does the test of the think you have it. VA is has a plan to pay wages to people who have to stay home to care for sick or children.

Grandma: I am sorry you had to cancel your cruise after making so many plans. Our stores are getting regular delivery of bread and milk. Hopefully the hoarders have run out of money so things can get back to normal.

Jean: all my quilting activities have been cancelled. Busch Gardens theme park opened Saturday and closed yesterday. You have.inspired me to clean out my china closet today. Do you ever hear from Maggie?

Ceejay: Don't fire yourself out too much moving.

Have a great day.

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