Steel Magnolias #55

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  • Good Morning! The sun is shining and it is supposed to warm up this afternoon. We still have a yard full of snow to get rid of and the trickles have started in the basement. Makes me grumpy but it is what it is. We just finished listening to the live sermon broadcast from our previous pastor. Both of us commented how much we liked and miss his sermons! We still haven't heard who our new pastor will be but he has to be an improvement over the one we have now. I have a load of laundry waiting for the dryer. Being stuck at home I should be accomplishing more than I have. I did run across some old recipe booklets that our newspaper used to publish once a year. I recognize a lot of the contributors from the 1985 one I am currently looking at. Also found a clipping of a neighbor who has moved away and I am going to send it to her. The date on that was 1981!

    ”Gma,” can non-military people shop at the commissary? I vaguely remember going a couple times when Bob was in Vietnam. It was on the base located on the edge of town opposite from where I lived. I just remember buying cartons of cigarettes for Bob’s dad because they were so much cheaper. I guess I didn’t eat much because grocery shopping wasn’t very exciting. I hope they have everything you need. My goulash is supposedly German with potatoes and kidney beans along with the hamburger, onion, and tomato soup. Bob thought “his” was good yesterday even though it has green peppers in it. I have used the recipe before but maybe left them out. The loose meat sandwiches are called different things in different parts of the state. Where I grew up in eastern Iowa, they were MaidRites, Sioux City had taverns, then there are sloppy joes, and loose meat sandwiches in between. I’ve never had okra, what does it taste like? Is the senior control technician in charge of scheduling or has the most seniority? I think they should rotate the shifts to be fair to all the guys. I guess in this day and age it is good to have a job!

    Ceejay, it just takes time and energy to move. The boxes will be waiting when you are ready to unpack. Do you think your sister will try to influence your decisions of how you want to do things? I assume she is younger because she is still working.

    Bob just said it feels like lunch time. Hope you all enjoy a nice restful day!
  • Jean
    Yes sis is 2.5 years younger than me and still working but I'm getting the privilege of decorating my own room. She might try to influence me in certain things but all in all I make my own decisions. I watched the church program where my sis goes in Atlanta. It was a good service. Sis will be making white beans with ham hocks with cornbread later this afternoon.
    Susan and gma

    Everyone stay safe
  • Good morning, ladies. 48 degrees and rain this morning.

    Covid-19 is bad here on the Peninsula. We are the hot spot of VA. 3 more died yesterday. I have a feeling we are going to be sequestered longer.

    Our Bishop live streamed Mass yesterday. I have been having a rheumatoid arthritis flare. My hands and feet are very painful so I have been reading a lot, drinking tea, and thinking about what I should be doing.
  • Right now I am reading I D Robin's Connection In Death.

    Jean, there was a notice in today's paper that only those with military ID or children under 10 can go in the commissary. Okra is a southern thing. You have to be careful when you cook it or it gets slimy. I put it in soup. Some deep fry it. I have gotten rid of a lot of stuff but there is more. Mostly crafts I haven't touched on years.

    Ceejay, have you decided how you will decorate your room? I am doing SilverSneakers videos to get some exercise in.

    Hi Grandma!
  • Good morning! We had rain yesterday and then rain again overnight so everything is wet outdoors. Jack just left to go to Fresh Market and get produce and see if they had any of the meat or seafood I wanted. They have the best pot roasts there. He took a vacation day today and is off tomorrow to get his stitches out. The swelling is down so they are sticking straight out from the incision. I have to clean it twice a day with hydrogen peroxide and then put polysporin on it. Today is the last day for that. Heís gonna have a humdinger of a scar under his right eye though. He told one of the gals at work I clocked him because he told me I couldnít buy any more purses!

    My knee is still giving me trouble, but probably from the rain and chilly weather. Just have to gimp along on it for the time being. I wanted to get the kitchen cleaned today, but not going to happen. I had trouble walking to the bathroom.

    I ordered this bottle of shampoo thatís made just for my hair type, etc. We shall see if I like it of not. My darn hair is thin and very fine so Iíd like something to give it some oomph.

    CeeJay: Worst part of moving, unpacking boxes. My husband cringes at ham hocks, but we had them as kids and the meat is like the most delicious ham. Jack hates Navy beans except in baked beans so we donít eat them. He grew up in NM so only likes pinto beans and his mom always cooked them with sugar. A lot of churches here are doing streaming or tv services, but one church was doing drive up. I told Jack youíd be in trouble if you had to go to the bathroom because public restrooms are closed everywhere.

    Susan: Have they said why it seems to be a hot spot? Oh I am so sorry your hands are hurting. I know it sounds funky, but have you tried acupuncture? From what I understand it releases a lot of endorphins that way and helps with pain relief besides standard methods. Of course you canít do that right now, but it is something to consider. I hope you feel better soon. I have a chair seating exercise video. I usually put on 60ís music and bebop to it sitting down to get my heart rate up.

    Jean: Each commissary is run according to the base COís wishes. Some have ID checks when you walk in the door, others, like ours, you just have to have an ID when you check out so letís say, Thomas could go with us. Right now though they are doing checks at the door. No ID, no coming in to try and cut down on the number of people through the store. Back in our younger years, all the commissaries were ID only, no visitors. Okra is very ďgreenĒ tasting like asparagus is. Soup is a good place to use it or sliced, rolled in corn meal and deep fried. Most people donít boil it as it gets slimy like itís covered in snot, (forgive me, but truly is like that.) Cajun food like gumbo has okra in it. It is a pod vegetable.

    Everyone have a good Monday.
  • I have the house to myself till Thursday afternoon or Friday. It's really quiet in this neighborhood.
    This morning I slept late. I seldom do that. I ate a bowl of cereal with milk and started in on a closet in my bedroom to rearrange it. Sis just stacks things in a hurry. That side is safe now and my niece did a good job on cleaning out her child hood things. There are built ins in that closet and I'm happy about that. I will use the drawers below my head. Not going to climb. I know I shouldn't but I'm going out to get some shelf paper so I can start unpacking some boxes. Tomorrow I'm going to keep my doctor's appointment in Springfield for a blood draw and stop by nephew's house to get a few more things. Not many things left.
    We've had a few cases of covid19 in the Springfield area but not bad. They are saying it's going to get worse before it gets better. I'm going to get some cleaning supplies and milk.
    I'm ready for some sun shine.
    One of the church members were going to order palm pron's and easter lillies for pal sunday and couldn't order them. We get them from florida and they are about to shut down. Its scary.

    I'm a pinto bean girl myself and I don't personally use the ham hocks when I fix ham and beans. I used the ham cubes and pinto beans.
    That's funny that Jack told one of the gals at work that you hit him.
    I haven't thought about Silver Sneakers streaming video's. I may try those for a different routine.
    Don't worry aboutcleaning if you are not in the mood. I'vm just in the mood today to do something productive.

    Everyone hav a good day.