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  • Good morning! Now I know I did a whole post yesterday. Hmmmm . Ahh well. It is cool but sunny and supposed to get into upper 60s, which is great! Jack forgot to turn the furnace down last night so it ran all night. I imagine my utility bill will take a hit on that. I wondered why I was so hot last night.

    Well, all the shopping is done and put away, clocks reset to right time, and a load of laundry is in the wash. I am going to try out the new Bounce wrinkle guard to see if it works.

    I have been working on the prayer shawl and the colorway on the pastel isnt what I expected, but Jack saw it and commented how pretty it was. Im going to do the darker one while were on vaca I think.

    CeeJay: I am so terribly sorry about your bils passing. I know those last couple weeks from your last posting he seemed to be going downhill faster. The poor man suffered so much and I know you all are grieving so terribly much. I send prayers for all of you. I know being with your sister full time now will be a comfort to her. I hope your nephew realizes what hes been given, especially all the hard work you have done with the house. If you get a chance, message us and update us on your current address since youve moved.

    Jean: I think its ridiculous they wont pay for the cyst removal. Well see how the antibiotic stuff does though. Right now Jack has a tag that is driving him nuts so hes going to Walgreens when he goes to get his haircut and get some Compound W. They say you can use the freeze type to take off tags like you do warts. Well see. I set us a shopping budget for vacation. We have $400 on board credit we have to use, but that will go quick, it usually does. We arent doing port shopping, though Vicki might. If she does, were Lysoling everything when we get it back to the ship. I told Jack well get off take pics for her to have, but this cruise were not wandering around with crowds and such. They havent had any issues in the Caribbean that I know of but well ere on the cautious side. Seems like you get to our age and there are funerals left. right, and center, but people are living a lot longer.

    Everyone have a nice day today and a good week next week. Dr appt for me tomorrow with another new doctor.
  • gma
    Hope you like the new doctor. Yes, please be extremely careful while on your vacation. My sis that left to go back to Georgia wanted some hand sanitizer and some Lysol wipes to take on the airplane to wipe down the tray table etc. You can't be to careful. I will message you my new mailing address.
    Also let me know how you like the new wrinkle Bounce. I need some for static.

    I didn't go back to look at the previous post.

    Church was okay this morningI Sis and I went out to lunch and then back to the church building to do a few things. We then went to the house and had some left over cake. She's a bit overwhelmed still with all the stuff/things she has to deal with and she will not let anyone help her except one of her sons.
    I do missed bil but so far have not shed a tear. I know how miserable he was on this earth and he was ready to go. He's no longer suffering. I may in the future grieve but so far I haven't.
  • Good Afternoon! It’s been a cold rainy day; cold enough the car door handle was crunchy and there are icicles on deck railing. Today was a typical Monday, sort of. The church has a new copy machine which is not remotely user friendly! The old machine had all the choices on one screen while this one is a hunt and hope. I probably wasted at least a hundred check copy sheets that weren’t right and needed to be shredded. When the secretary finally came I asked if the new machine arrived on Friday. (The old machine was sitting in the middle of the room.) “Oh no, it was delivered early last week!” Then I said it would have been nice of her to call me and I could have come in for a lesson on how to run it. I was and she knew it. She did apologize which didn’t help my mood much. I wasted a lot of time and frustration! I took checks to the hospital after lunch and have done a couple loads of laundry. Bob had singing practice at church and now at a finance meeting.

    “Gma,” let us know how the Bounce worked. I tried one, Downy I think, and couldn’t tell any difference. Bob likes to listen to FOX news in his truck and said there is reference to the coronavirus scare being a political move to detract attention from the candidates. I’m tired of hearing about both! I hope you like your new doctor and he/she has something new for you to try.

    Ceejay, you will shed your tears when you least expect it. At least that was my experience with both my parents.

    I need to think about something for supper since Bob will be home in an hour or so. Enjoy your evening!
  • I have eaten a home made bowl of soup and I feel full for now. I was up only a pound at weigh in this morning. I was extemely happy.
    I washed my sheets this morning and nedd to get them back on the bed. Need to do another load.
    I've been working in the office area and have partially cleaned out the closet. I'll need to briing in some boxes to put some more things in. I don't know what to do with
    part of it. I do plan on taking some to Goodwill. Some are puzzles that I haven't gotten put together yet. Guess I will pack them up and take them with me.
    I went to the gym this afternoon but my favorite machine was taken so I rode the Matrix bike. Still got in a good work out.
    I'm loving daylight savings time already. It's 7 p.m. and still light outside.

    Have they cancelled your cruise?

    I'm wondering if this corona virus is a hoax! My bil's sister had no trouble getting out of Italy. But she may have trouble getting back in. I haven't heard.
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