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  • Good Afternoon! The sun is shining and it’s a beautiful day in Maui at 79 degrees. I woke up at 3:30 because of the time change and finally got up at 5. I had trouble going to sleep, my brain just wouldn’t shut down. We’ve been to breakfast and the grocery store, put groceries away, and now enjoying the mom and baby whales performing for us. We are on the 3rd floor so have a great view! There’s also a big turtle bobbing along the shoreline.

    Ceejay, I admire you for telling your nephew “no.” Tough love is hard on the whole family. A trip to visit your sister in Georgia will be a fun thing to look forward to. I’m sure no one notices any mistakes when you play in church except you. We had a bell piece where I had several notes, had to change hands and pick up different bells, plus turn the page. I finally went to the bell room and practiced by myself as well as making a copy of the page turn taping the first couple measures to the bottom of the page. It all really helped. My piano teacher always said, “practice, practice, practice!” The Valentine Breakfast at church sounds nice, and so great the men will do the cooking! on another 3#s gone forever! What color is your new quilt? I finally gave up and put mine away because Ernie likes to lay on our bed if I am upstairs, always in the same spot. I can wash a blanket easier than a quilt.

    ”Gma,” I had a packing meltdown the night before we left and Bob came to my rescue. I’m either bringing fewer clothes or my new luggage is larger than my old one because I was having a hard time. As it turned out everything shifted down anyhow so will be wearing a few wrinkles. I will have room to take some new things home. I forgot my nylon jacket so made a quick trip to WM, of all places, on our way to the hotel in Omaha. No nylon jackets but did find a sweater sort of thing that will do. I was afraid the plane would be cold and it was but we had blankets! I would have to share Jack’s taco salad except for the jalapeños. It seems lately that mayo, sour cream, or salsa don’t much settle well in my stomach. Last night I ordered lasagna from a table cloth and flower in a vase type restaurant; it was very good and a huge piece so brought half home but I felt overly stuffed and uncomfortable the rest of the evening. That could also be part of the reason why I had trouble falling asleep. Does your WM deliver groceries? I saw on FB someone felt they got food poisoning from fresh fruit/veggies there; it wasn’t our store. I never buy anything except boxed or canned things there.

    We are going to check on whale watch tickets down at the harbor. Have a great day!
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  • Evening
    It's been a long day. First church, in which I'm not proud of my piano playing. Jean, yes practice, practice practice. I'm going to give it one more try and then I'm asking J to please come back and do it. The arthritis in my thumbs are a big part of it but the keyboard is another part of it. It's hard to transition from one to the other. It's the feel of the keys that get me and not being used to the sound is the other. This one is set for a grand piano which is okay but I'm not used to that richer tone/sound. I told bil I was going come out Friday to practice but I don't have a key to the church. He said I could use his. He's not there all day.
    Bil called a meeting with the Elders to talk about his retirement. Sigh. I knew it was coming. He will participate as long as he can but he wants to hire an interim pastor to help him when he needs it. and let us get used to the new pastor before he completely retires. I think his decision will be based on his next CT or MRI scan.

    Sis told me this afternoon that nephew has gone to a different rehab facility in California. and before that he rear ended a car but he was not drunk at the time nor had alcohol in his system. So thankful for that. She is wanting to try a different approach for recovery. I looked it up on line and it sounds great. I told sis it was like he couldn't handle the outside world after the recovery. We shall see if this one works. She still doesn't believe that he drew a fist, but that's okay. The least said the better.

    Ah a warm 79 degree day in Hawaii sounds divine. It sounds like you have a nice view too. It's been cold and wet here today. Sis in Atlanta had snow last week!

    Did you get the information I sent you? Silly me didn't include my name. I will send that in a bit. Have you started a new project or will you wait till after vacation?
    this is about it for me tonight.