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happy2bme 01-01-2020 03:18 AM

2020 - The Worldlie Chicks Begin A Fresh Year
:newyear: Happy New Year to the Chicks and our followers

2019 was not the best year for many, always good to take a breath and start anew. May 2020 see us realizing some of our hopes and dreams and be filled with smiles, good health and fun challenges to help us grow and be our best selves.

Going to do some housekeeping - Here's a link to the last thread in case you need to peek back

happy2bme 01-01-2020 12:39 PM

Good morning chickie friends,

Happy New Year to you all as we are now in 2020 all around the world. I started my morning with a defective Keurig cup which made me think the coffee maker broke (oh horrors) but then we figured it out. Brewed my cup and got the creamer out of the refrigerator and gave it a good hearty shake only to realize that the cap snapped off the other day as I watched a spray of very sticky coffee creamer go all over me, the floor, the walls and cabinets, thus coaxing the first F-bomb of the year out of me. :o Guess the kitchen will be getting a good wash today, never a bad thing. Last night was the first in memory that I did not mark the turning of the clock to midnight. DH was whiny about his illness so I just let him sleep because quiet was preferred. Thought about making myself a drink but thoughts never got further than my brain. No one to kiss at midnight - even the cats curled up and went to sleep. So I washed the dishes and looked around the cabinets and tossed out some things I didn't really need. I think this year's mantra is going to be "why am I SAVING this?" I always think I'm going to use it and I procrastinate so long that it either spoils or I was never really going to use it in the first place. Unless of course, I make quick work of using it.

I am not making resolutions but I have a thing like electronic post it notes on my computer desktop that I use for reminders and my events calendar and things I want to remember. One of them is a list of things I want to incorporate into my regular routine like drinking more water, exercising, hot compresses for the eyes, etc. I have decided that I'm going to start by looking at that list first thing and reinforcing doing a few and hopefully all of that small list of things.

It's going to be a quite day at home. As soon as I finish this I am going to take a shower to wash off all the sticky coffee creamer in my hair. I am going to clean the cat box downstairs and get on the NuStep afterwards. I have to get ready for bingo on Saturday so will send reminders to the helpers, make some accounting sheets and make up some packets of small bills change as bingo is $1 a card and people give us $20 dollar bills all the time. I have 2 hot spot piles I am going to clean up and some laundry to do. And before I know it, the day will pass. We have bits of sun peeking through but it's cold out there and I think the clouds are moving in. I'm glad the holidays are over to be honest.

I thought this was a crummy year for me but I am quite surprised at the number of people who have felt the same about 2019. It's not all been bad - I took some art classes and hope to renew an interest in watercolor painting, we adopted the kittens who are both delightful one minute and maddening the next - you should have seen me last night trying to check all the ping pong sized bingo balls with 3 cats who love playing with ping pong balls. I found the courage to say no and walk away from situations that weren't doing me any good and I have found some of my joy again. I am crazy laughing like I haven't in far too long. At the same time I am sad because I realize some people only kept in contact when I was doing things to help them. I hit a super low point mentally and tried out a psychologist who didn't do anything for me after I had to wait 2 months to get an appointment in the first place. I realized as I have all my life that it's pretty much up to me to fix things. I derailed that train track I was on and I hope the new year brings a sunnier path. I need to take better care of myself - I am tired of being compromised with my knees and such and I can still make a difference although it won't be easy. But the start is the hardest part. I am still alive and while I can't kick far, I can still kick. I am going to try and be kinder and less judgmental this year - part of that comes from being broken and past circumstances and influences that negatively affected me. Going to try and be more mindful of how I spend money too. ;) Anyway wishing you all some inner reflection and a strong conviction to make this the best year you can for you.

Susie - I do hope you reach your goal of ONEderland this year. You have the drive and initiative to do so. I am really glad to see that you decided that while you are a loyal and dedicated employee, that you do not have to give 1000% to the job and that you were shortchanging the most important person - YOU. You have achieved balance - keep it that way and don't let other things deter you from your goals.

Annie - I hope you find something more satisfying and challenging to you on the job front. Work is tough enough - even harder when you are bored. I wish you and C good health and financial stability as well as the love of your family.

Shad - I saw the fires on the news programs and hope that Mother Nature prevails and sends some rain your way. The devastation is horrific for both humans and animals. Could not believe how Little Miss has grown so much. Soon she will be asking to borrow the car :rofl: Wishing you continued good health and look forward to another year of friendship and witty comments.

Ceejay - I hope your nephew finds the strength to chuck his old ways as it is totally up to him to change. Don't enable him. Go and live your own good life and do the things that make you most happy.

Laura - with your surgery behind you, here's wishing you can get back to an unencumbered life again which makes you feel better and more normal. Hope you can settle on choices for the home renovation projects and that work is full of more challenging projects that allow you to shine again.

And now I really need to head into the shower - I keep touching this crusty hair of mine and it's making me crazy. Milk baths are not all they are chalked up to be! :rofl: Have a good day today ladies. :wave:

Laura705 01-01-2020 09:02 PM

Evening all. Wishing all of you a fresh start in the new year/first year of the 20's. (Not sure it's really a new decade...is 2020 the last year of the decade or is it the first?)

I'm sad to say that the past two weeks have been really bad for my family. On Christmas Eve the younger of my two nephews had a seizure, lost consciousness, and was revived once by the EMTs, but lost consciousness a second time and could not be revived. It was related to a brain injury he suffered due to an accident at work. So horrible - he was only 35! He should have had a full life ahead of him. I feel so awful for his mother/my SIL who has now lost her husband and a son. And for my mom who has lost her husband, both her sons and now a grandson. He and his brother live in TX and there will be a wake on Friday and there will be a memorial here in IL at a future date.

My mother could not go to dinner on Christmas Day at my sister's because she was sick - really bad cough with a lot of chest congestion. Then she fell on Saturday morning and couldn't get up (she was able to get to her phone to answer it on my sister's third try) and we called 911. Thankfully she was unhurt. We need to get her to use her darn cane and wear her emergency button thingy around her neck. I arrived while the EMT's were there. The state of her unit made it clear she hadn't been keeping up with housekeeping. but I'm not sure for how long - it might have been the past week when she started getting sick? Her place is cluttered with too much stuff so it's never all that tidy, but there was a sink full of dishes and garbage that needed to be taken to the chute. Whether this is just due to being sick or not, I don't know.

She didn't seem to be getting better after a week. so my sister took her to the ER yesterday. No pneumonia thankfully, but she does have bronchitis. I hadn't seen her for several weeks due to my surgery, but having seen her on Saturday, she seems to have mentally deteriorated since I last took her shopping. I'm hoping she improves once she's feeling better, but I'm not overly optimistic. Her memory had been gradually worsening, and her hearing is really bad now. My sister and I visited with the "lifestyle options " office at her community and we hope to get my mom to accept homecare people to make visits to help her with things such as light housekeeping, meal prep, medication reminders, errands, etc. We'll need to push her firmly to get this to happen. In the meantime, both my sister and I will have to get over there regularly to bring groceries and do whatever needs to be done.

Nothing much else to report on my end. I'm getting around without the knee scooter now, and even without crutches the past few days. I ventured down the basement stairs today to do some laundry. Tomorrow I'm definitely going to test my foot on the gas pedals to see if I can drive. I'm not sure about the logistics of driving - I will not be able to drive with this giant boot, so I'll need to wear something else on my foot while I drive (like the postoperative shoe I wore right after I got the stress fracture nearly 3 years ago). But I do think I should wear the big boot when I'm out and about, so that means I'd have to swap the shoe for the boot in the car before I get out?? Bleh, I dunno.

My NYE was very low key. Bf had a friend over to hang out with. I watched tv and read and together we toasted in the new year at midnight with some prosecco. The distance between bf and I keeps growing and it's hard to deal with him. Dissatisfaction with his life has turned him bitter and he can be very disagreeable and critical at times and I'm reaching the end of my rope with him. I'm very unhappy and have been for a while and something has to change. I know I can't change him and I honestly don't see him wanting to work on himself...So I have to change what I can, and this year has to be the year. I procrastinated on my foot surgery, and I've procrastinated on taking action with this relationship and I really don't want to squander any more precious time.

Happy - I'm so sorry to hear about your DH's infection! Absolutely agree that we have to pay attention to our bodies for any anomalies and listen to what it's saying! I hope he's on the mend and that you both survive the patient/caregiver period! I hope your mom's scan went smoothly yesterday and that it's something easily treated. I think you made a lot of good changes last year and I wish you the best in moving forward with doing what's good for your health and what makes you happy!! I understand your disappointment with people/relationships and hope we can both work through it/get past it.

Annie - Christmas tacos sound wonderful. I'm kind of over ham for the holiday dinners cuz we've done it so much the past several holidays.

Ceejay - Glad your Christmas Day was quiet. How was your Saturday Christmas celebration? I hope you had some quality kid time. Keeping your BIL in my thoughts.

Susie - Sounds like you've been having a wonderful time during your vacation/holiday time. How did you like the movie Knives Out?? Another trip to look forward to - awesome! On to ONEderland in 2020!!!

Shad - I'm glad your trip to Adelaide went well. LOL re the parenting "fun" ahead for S's parents. I hope you're feeling better now after your body complained about the change in the food/eating routine.

That's about it for me. I hope we can all make 2020 a year filled with health and happiness! :)

ceejay52 01-01-2020 10:18 PM

Nephew is no longer living with me. He came home drunk and I called his mom and she came and got him. I hope 2020 is better for him. Bil has had 12 of his 15 radiation treatments. He still is in a lot of pain. So I pray for comfort and peace for him.
Our Christmas celebration on Saturday was great. Bil's daughters were here so he enjoyed them as we all did.
Last night was very low key for me. I was sick most of the early morning from midnight on the 23rd, throwing up. But I survived. I stayed up for the new year/new decade to begin.
Today I was able to eat lunch at Applebee's with the family. Nothing traditional. And got my baby therapy.
My niece is here for a short visit. It was great to see her.
No new years resolutions for me again this year. I always break them on the second day, so what's the use.

Wow, didn't realize the drama going on in your life. May 2020 bring you the best life ever. Hope your mom will accept the help. I would if any one ever offered.

I've learned the hard way that I can only do a couple of cleaning chores per day plus a load of laundry. I started making a just for today list last year and sometimes I can get through it sometimes I can't. I just tell myself you are retired don't do them all at once. I've found that journaling my thoughts play a big role in my mental health. Sometimes I feel the need for a punching bag. :lol:

Annie, Susie and Shad :wave

MyChoice2bfit 01-03-2020 03:55 PM

Hello Everyone,

It is good to read the posts and have everyone back her "talking". I like that we are connected on FB but I don't feel like FB is a place to really "talk" and I'm glad we keep doing the thread.

I went back to work yesterday, Jan 2 and am at work today. Very quiet in the office; I like it that way as I needed to get through email and I'm doing a little bit of organizing myself to hit the ground running faster next week.

I had a 1.8 lb loss at TOPS last night; I was happy to start the year off on the right foot. I haven't gotten back to my exercise; I had a uti or a IC flare up--hard for me to tell which is which, and my doctor has me treat it like a uti and use the same things for an IC flare that I would use for a UTI to be comfortable, for at least 7 to 10 days. If I have issues after that, he wants to see me. I am feeling a little better. I plan to do a gentle treadmill workout on Sunday.

Shad: is it normal to have these extreme tempatures? I know it get hot but this seems very dangerous. I do remember it being very hot for you last summer. Here's to hoping you are having a break in the heat.

Happy: It is a good idea to make list, you should have a plan, if not then you plan to fail. BUT, remember you are retired and some things can wait until tomorrow. You manage your time, don't let time manage you.

What a ordeal your DH had. I hope he is feeling better now. I would offer advice that he should get in to a urologists now to establish himself as a patience. Once that prostrate starts acting up in older men, it seems you deal with it a lot more and I'm sure it was a part of the UTI.

Your new kittes look cute; enjoy them! :)

Laura: Wow you have a lot going on. I am very sad to hear the new about our nephew. That is just horrible and I'm sure you all are in shock and just feel at a loss. My deepest sympathy to you and your family.

Sorry to hear that your mom is dealing with sickness as well. Hopefully she is feeling better. As for having to look at options for more care has to feel stressful for you. I am glad you have your sister to hash things over with; it is hard to make the choices by yourself.

How long has you and your BF been together? Men as they age, tend to get grouchy and hard to get along with. I think it bothers them to age.

I am sorry you aren't happy; I would say that he isn't happy with himself eithier or he wouldn't be going on like he does. I hope you can find the path you want to take and that you can come to your best conclusion.

Here's to making 2020 full or health and happiness for each of us!

Anne: I am looking forward to our time at KI together this year! I am praying for the best job to become availalble for you.

Shad 01-03-2020 07:23 PM

Morning all,
Here it is the 4th of January already. DS2's birthday and he is 44 years old. How the heck did that happen? So today we are off to the Glen Hotel for lunch which is why I need to get this finished very soon.
It's still hot - 32C today (around 94F) which isn't so bad really and a darn sight better than 40C (110F give or take a few degrees). Mostly the fires around our State are under control or out. We've come out of it better than the other States, however it will still take years to recover from this, and we still badly need rain. According to the Bureau of Meteorology there isn't any on the horizon for this month. According to the man with the onion, Onion Forecasting we should get some reasonable rain within 3 weeks. Still we need 5 days of solid rain to make a dent in any of these fires.

Happy - thanks for setting up the new thread. It's taken me a while to catch up with it because I no longer get notifications to go see who has written posts.
Always good to throw some bits and pieces out if they are not being used. I allow them to sit for 6 months. If there is no known use for them at that point out they go. Well diamonds and other precious stuff aside. The kids always get moving when I am cleaning. One was heard to say to friends ' better move or my Mum with think you are some useless ornament and chuck you out'. Still even using that mantra, there is stuff in my life that has no further use or interest and will eventually get found and thrown.
Sorry to hear that DH is not well. Always incredible how close they are to death when dealt a virus or cold. Hope he recovers soon and becomes his jolly ? self again.
Some good goals in your list of things you want to do and achieve this year. 2019 wasn't really a good year at all. I can't think of anyone who has had some nice things to say about it.
Kittens are a great pleasure in life as are all the precious wildlife on this blue rock we live on. Although got to admit, there aren't nearly as many over here now. Mans greed and stupidity has managed to decimate them.
Thank you for the wishes for the new year and I will try to find some witty comments for you throughout the year.

Laura - 2019 hasn't been a good year for you at all. Sorry to hear of the emotional woes with b/f. I agree, you need to take a long hard look at yourself and your relationship. It's no easy task.
And the problems with your Mum. Sounds like she needs more help than she is getting and it can be dangerous with memory and hearing loss as so many things can happen when you forget to turn off burners or can't hear the phone, door or worse fire alarms.

Ceejay - sorry to hear that the nephew is not doing things the right way. He needs to go back to rehab. Alcoholism is not an easy thing to beat and I feel sorry for him. He should never have another drink. At least he is not at your place and upsetting you. Seems there has been some sort of gastric bug going around. Three of us in my street have had it and you seem to have similar symptoms. Get over it quickly I hope.

Susie - Racing around at the office again I see. And congratulations on the weightloss. Heading back in the right direction now.
Yes temperatures up to around 35C (100F) are common in the summer here and there are places out west that regularly used hit the 40 mark. However now it just seems to be escalating and some of the desert out west is reaching up to 50C and we are regularly getting to 37-38C. Add to that we normally have high humidity in the summer and plenty of bugs (don't tell Happy that) and so far this year, a month into summer, we are well down on the humidity, lacking the heat storms and certainly lacking the rain which use to be a regular downpour around 3.pm every afternoon. It's dry, searing heat here now. And although there are some around, there are far fewer flying nasties than what there used to be.

Annie - hope you are all okay at your place.

Okay, that's about it now. I'd better get away and do something else. Dog and I have already walked (5.00am this morning when it is cool) and I have pulled weeds out but it looks like another basket of washing is in the wings again. Where does it all come from???
Oh yes and I had a card from Carla49 yesterday. I had one about 2 years ago and wrote back (then promptly lost her address) and never heard any more. Thought that maybe that friendship might be over but she is still alive and kicking in Ottawa so I will get back to her shortly. I haven't even given thought to the Christmas letter yet, maybe this week???? Gotta go. Stay safe - kia kaha.

happy2bme 01-04-2020 01:14 PM

Good morning and a happy new year to all the chicks,

I agree - so nice to see some regular posts again. I fell off the desk so to say for a while there - I get distracted easily or someone else decides to make plans for me and I did get away from regular posting. Will try to be better again this year. I am also going to try and let this be the year I again send out birthday cards which I haven't for years! And again I stare at my Christmas postage stamps sitting on the table that never got matched up with cards to mail out. :o Sigh. Although honestly, I was just not into the holidays this year at all. And now they are over and I can rejoice that I have no clean up! :rofl:

I do apologize to all that when I set up a new thread I am in a hurry and often miss the tiny details like checking the box that sends out update notifications to you all. I just tend to check online and since there is barely any activity on this segment of the website, check from posts there. I will try and remember to click that box next time - no way to fix it once you've set up the thread.

Shad - all last week every day they had on the news stories of the fires down under. Pictures of kangaroos running and people watering the poor koalas. The blood red of the skies really struck me. I can't believe Sydney did the fireworks although the city there is concrete over the bridge and you are one of the first to greet the New Year. I hope that a good soaking rain comes your way soon. I think we are at a tipping point on totally messing up this big blue marble we sit on. Hoping our orange clown in the White House does not set off a firestorm of terrorist retaliations with his latest plunderings. Anything to take attention away from his foolishness - no need to listen to those long in place to advise on policy and protocol - he knows it all and most of his cabinet is made of incompetents just like him. God save our souls. So nice to hear that Carla is still around. As I remember she would hang in the shadows and occasionally come out for a peek and poke at things. One good thing about our snow here - you can't see the weeds :rofl: Happy plucking!

So Susie - are you liking your "new" job as you've been there a while. Is it less stressful and more satisfying than the last position? I do hope they are treating you better.

Ceejay - Nephew needs to grow up as you have said - seems he's falling back more than making progress. He's going to have to decide for himself to stop giving himself excuses. Sadly some people never do. Hope the BIL is doing better - he's had a rough year. I agree with you that it's more satisfying to at least accomplish a few things than to get overwhelmed looking at a big list of things that only partially get done.

Laura - seems you and I are travelling a very similar orbit these days. My poor sister was sitting at home about to enjoy some avocado toast when she got a phone call from my Mom who she just dropped back at home 2 days ago after the big "Christmas Lump" / CT Scan ordeal. Seems Mom said she had a bad night, had trouble breathing and her blood pressure was "sky high through the roof". Sis dropped her toast, and rushed into the city to pick up Mom and rush her back to the hospital near her. The hospital in Mom's neighborhood in the city is awful - would not take a dog in there. So 2 hours of travel and 4 hours in the Emergency Room. All the while my Mom is laughing and smiling and joking because she is once again, the center of attention as all the doctors and nurses are fussing over the sweet 93 year old lady and my oh my don't you look so wonderful for your age. My sister Facetimed us at the hospital and for someone who hours earlier was so concerned, she looked as if she was the honored guest at the Kennedy Center Awards this year. ;) "Oh I'm not THAT BAD" she said. Turned out she had some fluid on her lungs and edema in the legs. Not from Christmas indulgence of foods but it is the congestive heart failure starting to take it's toll. Sis wanted them to keep her overnight but thanks to those in our lovely government that want to cut back unnecessary programs that maintain the well being of our citizens, Medicare (our insurance program) is making huge cuts in 2020. So patch them up and send them on their way and if they collapse in the street before they get home, we'll just patch them again. So they sent Mom home with Sis. I hope they both got some sleep. Doctor did say that this situation is controllable with medications although they won't be able to contact the cardiologist to adjust her meds until Monday at the least which is why my sister is nervous right now. Like your Mom she refuses to use her walker although she is very wobbly and an immediate fall threat. Would not wear the emergency alert button my SIL got for her, is not eating properly and we are not sure she is taking her medications regularly. Sis and I both feel this is the year we have to make a decision because she can't live alone much longer. So you have all my empathy with your Mom's situation also. If either of us figure out how to get them to listen and be more proactive, we will share that info, ok? I am so sorry to hear of your nephew's passing. How very sad at 35. My condolences to your family.

As for the BF, my heart goes out to you. I can actually see that from both sides. Having been what I felt was disrespected and undermined from a number of people in several aspects of volunteering, I too became incredibly negative, crabby and a constant complainer. I had been hit up so many times that I became hypersensitive and it began to color my whole life - I misread cues and anticipated negatively from places it was never intended. My personality changed and I started to see myself as I anticipated others might see me when I encountered super negative people. Is THIS how I wanted to be percieved? :no: :nono: And it was affecting my relationships with those I loved and was close to also. Something had to change. I was also angry because I felt I was justified in my anger and disappointment yet no one backed me up. No one ever said - yes you should not be treated this way. They all simply said " just walk away from this". Worst of all was DH who I felt never really supported me. He gave me "practical guy advice" which is how guys look at things and not how we as women treat people or wanted to be treated. I really started to resent him. So I can understand from your perspective just how difficult it can be to be around someone who has no joy in their life and looks at everything with dark, clouded glasses. But HE will have to change his perception and if he can't - you have to decide what you are willing to be with. The other side of the picture is me dealing with an aging DH who on his last birthday, decided he's going to start walking down that road headed to the old people's club. He has become increasingly stubborn, can't hear, is fighting the hearing aids, stops listening to me mid sentence because he falls into the thoughts and conversations within his own head and blocks me out. It's not malicious and I have to remember that but it feels like I am unimportant as he is clear as a bell with things that are important to him. It's difficult to talk about this with him because he gets defensive and instead of listening to what I'm saying and understand how it makes me feel, he is instead wrapped up in his perception which I guess is a human trait. Still it makes it no easier for me dealing with him. And I am TERRIFIED he is going to pick up on the things that most frustrate me about my mother - can I be around that 7 x 24??? My mother today is NOT the person she was 30 years ago. Her personality has changed a lot. My BIL who comes up with these occasional zingers that are dead on, said about his 82 year old father "old people get to the point where it's all about them. How does this affect ME? They stop looking at logic or how it affects or is perceived by someone else. It's all about what this will mean for me". I can totally see that happening now. And it frightens me. This recent bout with the UTI, he was blowing things out of proportion, you'd think he was diagnosed with stage 4 cancers all over his body and he was just having a horrible time with everything going wrong and I didn't sign up for this and you may tolerate it but I cannot. So what does that mean??? OMG. When I went to see the psychiatrist and tried to tell her about my concerns, she said that he is having a problem with getting old and his body breaking down and that I NEED TO BE MORE UNDERSTANDING. I said what about how this makes me feel? Does he not have to be more aware of what he is bringing to this relationship also with his behaviors? She said it's up to me to be the one to deal with it - no he did not have to change. So, in my current depressed state of the world is against me and I'M SO WRONG, that just made me feel worse and I said I didn't need this kind of "help" so goodbye lady. :lol: Anyhow, I guess the point of my long story is that I can see a whole lot of what you are talking about in my own relationship. Some things I have come to terms with that I have to accept, others like today we have a conversation where I keep bringing up - you do this and it makes me feel this way - hoping that we both can be more sensitive to each other's feelings. Some days I think it's working, other days quite frankly I go into a pit of despair and wonder what it is I want from life and the future. There are some dark days - more than I ever remember in my life prior to this. Perhaps it is part of the aging process. But despite that I am still hopeful that I can dust myself off and make some changes. So I wish you well as you muddle through your feelings. If you ever want to talk, I am here. :hug:

Hello to Annie :wave:

And now I have to get a few things done before I get ready for bingo again late this afternoon. I hope it goes well and doesn't irritate me! Have a good weekend friends.

ceejay52 01-04-2020 08:15 PM

Congrats on the 1.8 pound weight loss. That's great.

I hope you are not near those horrible fires.

From what you have mentioned in your post is yet another set of reasons for me never to have been married. It' s hard enough for me to deal with my problems and those of my sister's. I can see where this could make any one depressed.

Not much going on today. I've worked on another small list of things this morning. And finally am doing the load of clothes.
I thought my stomach was feeling better this afternoon so I had a ham and cheese roll up and 3 small sweet pickles. Now my stomach is churning once again. I think it's going to need pampering for a few days till it heals. It feels raw inside.
I'm very disappointed with the garbage pick up services in regards to recycle. I decided to recycle so I've added that onto my bill and they've brought out the container but not once have they emptied it. I'm talking to my brother in law who has been paying the bill to see if I can start paying it. I think having two addresses is confusing them.
Speaking of bil, he has 2 more radiation treatments next week and the following Monday will be back to chemo. I've told myself that I don't want this kind of treatment.

happy2bme 01-05-2020 07:15 PM

Good afternoon ladies,

Well I survived bingo last night. I was super nervous about things. My sister wished me good luck before I left and I told her I was thinking it was not a good idea to eat an egg salad sandwich for lunch - was it nerves or gassy eggs :rofl: Possibly a bit of both. We had a good turn out, filled the room. DH was a big help to me. He is feeling better and more like his old self so I'm glad I won't have to leave him in the snow ;) I guess he is worried about bad things happening to him like prostate and diabetes and such and was always one to tell me that he never wanted to deal with some sort of terrible illness. He said if he lost a limb, he would not want to live. Back when he rode his Harley and especially after his horrible motorcycle accident, I told him that he'd better NOT be talking like that. Go and ride a motorcycle and then tell me you don't want to live after an accident. Go take a look at a biker crowd and tell me how many crippled up people you see - it's the nature of the sport so to say. Anyway, I guess he was really hit hard by this infection and it messed with his head. I am glad to see he is doing better.

I had a new crew helping me at bingo. One was fantastic, the other pair were enthusiastic but they never did this before so we had a few bumps but everyone had a good time and we all got through it together. We made over $300 which was nice. People were especially generous about donating extra cash which was very touching.

I wanted to go out today but now that I am home more, and probably because it's cold and icy out, I just don't want to leave the house. Not even for groceries or out to dinner. I kind of whiled away the day today. Some laundry, took care of cats, did a lot of paperwork and counted money - bingo will take about 10 hours of my time each week. Looked at the week ahead to make plans. Tuesday we are going to go take a test drive of the new 2020 redesigned Toyota Highlander. We think it is what we want in our next car but they completely redesigned it and would never make up our minds without seeing it. They were delayed in launching it - I think they have an overstock of 2019's and probably should not have announced way back last April they were redesigning the car because the 2020 has features far superior to the 2019. At least for us. DH is totally frustrated with his Ford. At first he was wavering about getting a Ford SUV much to my shock and awe but luckily came to his senses. We realized the service which is important to us as well as the overall quality of the car mattered a lot and we just would not get it even if we went to a dealer farther away. So he wants to rid himself of the truck as soon as possible. It was another bad spur of the moment purchase. The trucks do not retain their value at all - we lost half on a 3 year old truck - another reason to stick with Toyotas.

Time to go stick my head in the refrigerator and figure out something for supper. Nothing sounds interesting... just figured I'd stop in for a minute and say hello to you all. :wave:

ceejay52 01-06-2020 02:08 PM

Hello Worldlies
Not much going on in my little corner of the world. Things are quiet with out nephew here and I like that.

annie175 01-08-2020 10:31 AM

Hey ladies...

Could use some prayers for Curtis.

He had a massive heart attack this past Sunday. Almost lost him. Was dying in ER. Two stents in the widow maker artery which you normally do not survive and a stent in the artery that goes across the front of your heart that feeds the bottom of your heart. Touch and go for a couple of days. He was too far gone to for bypass.

No personals right now.

happy2bme 01-08-2020 10:35 AM

OMG Annie - hearts and prayers to you :hug: You just can't seem to catch a break. :cry: The fact that he made it through what normally takes people out says a lot. Hang in there sister.

MyChoice2bfit 01-08-2020 01:36 PM

I will do personals later, but just read Anne's message about Curtis!

Anne, praise the Lord he survived it and I am praying for his healing.

Much love to all of you!!

Laura705 01-08-2020 04:27 PM

Afternoon everyone.

Annie –Prayers for Curtis and hugs for you!

Ceejay – Glad things are quiet for you. I hope your nephew finds his way back to sobriety. Lists are a good thing – I need to use them more! I hope you get the recycling pick-up straightened out. Re the medical treatment – you can certainly decide how far you want to go with it – and make sure you have a document done if you can no longer make the decision when one is needed. I do wonder how much money and effort is spent on cancer “treatment” research vs. cancer “cure” research.

Happy – Glad you survived bingo and that the outcome was good. Happy to hear your DH is feeling better. Wondering if you should take a chance on the first year of a car’s redesign… Yes, I think we are in the same orbit concerning our moms. My mother makes everything into a joke – it’s very frustrating. Along with her diversion tactics... As for family relationships and those with our guys…people do change and there’s actual *work* that has to happen to really understand what the issues are and learn how to change yourself - or your response to it. Or learn strategies for coping. The question is - do we want to do the work? Do *they* want to do the work? How very frustrating about the advice you received – you need to be more understanding. We all know that’s not the *only* thing, but what if your DH or my bf don’t want to be a part of the solution?? Sigh.

Shad – Happy belated b-day to your son. Praying that the fires can be controlled, so very sad about the damage to the wildlife. Shocked about the size of those fire areas. Yes, I do worry about what can happen related to mom’s hearing issues! Nice you heard from Carla49.

Susie – Congrats on the weight loss!! I hope you’re back in a groove with your exercise. I do agree men age and start to have regrets and other issues. But don’t we all??? I do know that not being assertive about the behaviors I don’t like hasn’t helped…the squeaky wheel gets the grease and all that… So is your friend who returned to Mexico cooking for you once again? Sounds great.

Thanks to you all for the condolences re my nephew’s passing.

Happy Hump day or Happy Thursday. Working from home again, but I’ll likely go to the office starting tomorrow. My doctor appointment went well yesterday and I have been given the go-ahead to do as much walking as I need to so long as it’s without pain, and take it slow. I can wear sneakers around the house and wear them while driving, but walking outdoors I need to wear the boot. I can also use my stationery bike if it doesn’t bother my foot. Next appointment is in a month.

I have a disability parking placard good through next month. I phoned our village about handicap parking spots closest to the train station. I just have to hope they are available to me on my schedule…or I might have to change my schedule. And maybe get bf to drop me off and pick me up.

I scored a victory with the short-term disability company. Last week a survey was done by the ST disability company and I gave them bad reviews. Supposedly they would have someone phone me…No call came. But today I finally remembered to phone the boss of the claim guy and left a message with her. And of course the claim guy phoned me within an hour or so of my message. He told me what was specifically needed from my doctor to extend my disability beyond the one week they approved. I pointed out that the dr’s progress note they already had stated “She has been nonweightbearing in a splint.” I told him that and he said, “yes, but it didn’t say you would *continue* to be nonweightbearing.” (which I was for at least another couple weeks after that dr visit - GRRRRR). So I was prepared to have to phone the doc to request that info. But then 5 minutes later the claim guy calls me back and says he’s spoken with his boss and that they’d approve disability to extend up to when I returned to work on December 2[/size], [size=3]and I need not request additional info from the doctor. So yay for that. I was so ticked off about the whole situation and was even expecting that I might have to forfeit some vacation days to cover the unapproved time I wasn’t working. So that’s over.

Okay, long ramble, but now I’ll get this posted. Take care everyone!

ceejay52 01-08-2020 05:13 PM

Hug and payers for both you and Curtis.

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