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Jean 12-29-2019 05:39 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #52
Good Afternoon! It's another gloomy, damp, windy day in my neighborhood. Yesterday we had 3/4" of rain; it was cold enough to freeze on the trees in the morning but warmed up enough to melt later. Our snow is gone and I like that! We had one service at church today and hardly anyone came. The band and praise team weren't there so it was delightful in that respect. :cheer: Bob ushers in January and there are only four Sundays. :D I have been half heartedly putting some of the Christmas things in one spot so I don't forget to pack them away with the rest. We usually leave the tree up until New Years Day.

Do either of you have any air fryer? I've read through the "how to" book a couple times but feel clueless on what to do with it. Bob wanted to try french fries for lunch and I didn't think they were anything to write home about. :rolleyes: It takes up a lot of space on the counter! :(

Hope you are enjoying your day and are revved up for the new year to begin soon! :wave:

gma22 12-30-2019 11:59 AM

Good morning! Iím sorry I havenít been in here, but it has just been hard this year. Iíve thought about the kids and grandkids a lot and was sad off and on seeing everyone celebrate with family and friends. So now itís over and I can move forward towards the cruise. It went from the 70ís the last few dats into 40ís today with a windchill. Shock to the system! :lol:

Jack is going to Krogerís in a bit and pick up an order. It is everything WM didnít have when we ordered groceries over the weekend. They really screwed up my order this time. I ordered 4 bartlett pears they gave and charged me for 7, half werenít bartlett. I ordered 4 navel oranges and they gave and charged me for 4/4 lb bags so we have 16 lbs of oranges. They gave and charged me for 5 bananas and I ordered 4, and I ordered a small box of blueberries and got and charged for large. They only gave me one box of precooked bacon when I ordered two and were out of several things. I was irked and told them so. I got a $10 coupon and am waiting to see if they refund me the rest.

I am washing sheets today and going to vacuum and mop downstairs. Jack is off until Thursday as he had leftover vacation he needed to use up. Heís going to help me put the shelf back up in the cupboard. When we moved in here I thought I had changed all the plastic shelf holders to stainless but I missed a shelf. Jack had gone upstairs to shave and shower and I went to get a cereal bowl out and the shelf tipped and stuff came falling out, crashing and breaking. I was holding the shelf and trying to keep the rest of the stuff from falling out. I yelled and thank goodness he had not got in the shower yet. He came running downstairs naked, but helped me to get the stuff off the shelf. Thank goodness somehow he never stepped in glass. Broken glass all over the place. I had to throw out the open stuff that was sitting on the counter because the one corn holder had shattered and there were glass shards everywhere. So, the pegs should be here today and we can get the shelf back in.

Jean: I have an air fryer and we like it. We burnt the one batch of fries we ever made, but we make tots in it and I do chinese spring rolls that really taste great. Iíve made fried chicken. Ok, one thing, do you spray both your basket and the fries with cooking spray like Pam? If not then your fries wonít get crispy. Also, a lot of things you preheat the thing, pull it out, spray, dump in what youíre cooking and spray it and then close and cook the amount of time. I use Yahoo a lot to look up recipes for air frying. Glad you had a nice holiday. Looks like youíre in for some snow and wind today.

CeeJay: Sadly, sometimes you have to hang tough. Since bil is ill, his brother ought to put the screws to him and tell him get clean or leave and to leave the neighbors alone too. You should have to deal with it anymore. You have done over and above what most aunts would do and it has become too stressful for you. You know, when my sister was married to her first husband heíd go out and get tanked every holiday. He didnít drive so how he got places I donít know, but he was a real mean drunk. I was a kid but remember driving around with my mom and siblings in the car and my sister going in to bars to find him. Ruined a lot of holidays for sure. Glad you had nice dinner, etc with family though.

Well the washer is through so Iíd better get it in the dryer. Have a good start to the week!!

ceejay52 12-31-2019 12:32 AM

Started out strong this morning and got a bit done. Then went to the gym and came home and sit down. Been feeling nauseous. I've belched a couple of time but that didn't help. My nephew is driving us all nuts.If this keeps up I'm going to go some place till something is done with him. I simply can't handle any more.
We had a good time Saturday, That's on the good news. I got to play with baby O and hold baby C. That's my therapy.
Niece is coming in tomorrow night for a few days. It will be good to visit with her.
It has turned cold over night after our rain yesterday. The wind has really been blowing.

I'll do personals tomorrow.

Jean 12-31-2019 07:34 PM

Good Afternoon! It's been a much better day today weather wise! The sun came out this afternoon and the wind disappeared, colder but it is winter. The newspaper said the sun (we never saw it) came up a minute earlier yesterday and will set a minute later tomorrow. Spring is on the way! :D I spent the morning back at church working on the money to deposit. The same gal who bailed us out last week worked with us today. We had to "rob Peter to pay Paul" because we had more money than receipts. She just moved money from one account to another one. I took it to the bank and they agreed with our totals for cash and checks. One more week and my co-counter will be back! I will be so glad to see her! :yes: This afternoon I did some laundry and vacuumed dust and fur bunnies. Christmas will be put away tomorrow. :( I enjoy the lights on the tree! I should be thinking about something for supper. Bob wanted pizza last night so have that leftover or leftover broccoli cheese soup which would be my choice.

“Gma,” I feel sad for your situation with your family, especially your grandsons. :hug: I hope WM will rectify their screwup with your grocery order. Did you see the “funny” on FB that WM would be closed Christmas Day so their two checkers could spend the day with their families? I laughed out loud when I read that. There was also one about waiting for the W2 for using the self checkouts. We had three checkers on the 23rd and all three had lines of full grocery carts. I picked the shortest line and another employee dragged me to a self checkout and checked my items for me. I thanked her nicely. I’m sorry about your falling shelf mess. :eek: I had the same thing happen but in the living room cupboard. The holders are metal but one came out and the shelf tipped. It is a longer shelf and I finally had to have Bob get it all the way out then back in again. I have one organized shelf now. My air fryer book said not to use cooking spray or oil in the basket. Bob tried fries again for lunch stirring them halfway through cooking for a shorter time. They were just like McDs except the salt didn’t stick very well, which is ok. The gal in his office said they fix steak in theirs and it’s so good. Will have to try different things and experiment I guess. We did get enough snow to cover the ground again, we’ve had a lot of fog lately.

Ceejay, hope you felt better as the day went along. Maybe you over did at the gym if you haven’t been for awhile. :dunno: Can your nephew be committed for treatment, without his consent? He has to want to quit and be willing to commit before anything will work. I can’t imagine what it must be like for you and your family to deal with him. I’m so glad you got to enjoy your time with the babies. I hope your bil was able to enjoy getting together. Enjoy your visit with your niece! I think our strong winds traveled to you. ;)

​Bob is hinting it is time for food. :lol: Wishing you s happy and healthy 2020! :newyear:

ceejay52 01-01-2020 12:31 PM

Nephew has been to rehab but it's up to him for the life style he chooses. I'm done. He's had his second chance at my house but he was really pushes my buttons to the limits. You talk about women being high maintenance this guy is extremely high maintenance. He wants to be in the uppity part of the world and was growing up but he should not be living on my apron strings or his mom's for that matter. We went to Subway one the the last couple of nights he was here and stole a bag of chips with me paying for the meal and I bought 2, I would have bought 3 if that's what he wanted. The next night he want Chinese so I took him there. He had been talking to his wife on the phone and the conversation didn't end well. He threw the phone in the floor of the vehicle and gunned the car there on the parking lot. I told him to STOP because there was a pedestrian walking out in front of us. She was already half way across. I told his mom that when he got paid he was coming back to her. I've tried I'm done. I've told her about these things later.
I haven't used an air fryer. Been curious though. Let me know what you think.

I've heard that about fruit choices when ordering at WM. I need to go to the grocery store today.

The last day of 2019 wasn't a good one for me. I was sick, throwing up kind of sick. I feel better today but don't have a lot of energy. I did stay up to see the new year begin. I'd forgotten about the fireworks that some neighbors do. One sounded like a shot gun blast.
Cleaning the bathroom and doing some laundry today but that's going to be it.
Sis sent a text stating that she's trying to get the family together for a meal in Springfield today around 1.30 p.m. She's worn to a frazzle but still wants her family around on special occasions.

Happy New Year to the both of you.
:Happy New Year:

Jean 01-02-2020 11:37 AM

Good Morning! We are supposed to have sunshine and 40 degrees today. I don't think the weather guru got the message; it's cloudy but no wind which is nice. I have laundry going and a list of things I want to get done today. I am home for the day so it seems like it should be Monday except no money to count.

Ceejay, your nephew needs a huge attitude adjustment in my humble opinion! He sounds like he regressed to his childhood expecting you to pay for his food, stealing, and having a temper tantrum. Is he still working? I would be surprised if he can behave on the job. I feel for you and his mom; hang tough! Do you think the stress dealing with your nephew upset your stomach? I hope it has settled down and you feel better today. :hug: Fireworks were banned here after the fiasco on the 4th when first legal. The local idiots used NO common sense which was no surprise to those of us who have some. ;) Did you go to your sister’s for the family dinner?

“Gma,” what are you up to today? Cleaning and cooking I bet. :D

Hope you both enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

gma22 01-02-2020 12:20 PM

Good morning! Raining all day here today but temps supposed to stay in 50ís. I have a terrible sinus headache and some wheeziness so doubt I get much done except the daily stuff and doing a load of laundry.

I had reward dollars at Catherines that were going to expire so bought this cute pink tshirt with hearts all over the front. Didnít cost me anything so that was good. I hardly need more clothes.

I need to call the womenís center and make a mammogram appt since they never sent me a letter this year. I am also late getting a flu shot. I am going Monday to get my nails done and take back a pr of jeans I hate the fit so think Iíll call and go in then. Iím behind on everything. Iím going to wait until Feb to go to the regular dr again. Try and get off some lbs before then.

Well we are only 4 months out from the cruise so shouldnít be long and I can finish up things like booking shows, reserving a spot in the escape room for my husband to do, etc, etc. We have all our hotel reservations fixed. Weíre going a different way this time and I am hoping it goes better. Truck traffic on I-40 between Memphis and Nashville is always really heavy so weíre going down through Birmingham this time.

CeeJay: What a nightmare to have to put up with. Your nephew sounds like heís about 14 instead of a grown man. I think itís about time he should be made to sink or swim so to speak. Itís not easy, but he has no reason to permanently get sober when he has you all to always fall back on. Hope you are feeling better. Hope you ended up feeling well enough for your family dinner.

Jean: Our fryer has a drawer like thing then an inner basket. We spray the inner basket and the product. Every recipe I have looked at online sprays stuff like Pam. Never used it for steak. I have a brand new instant pot I have been too chicken to use. I need to get my gumption up and try it. Enjoy your day at home.

Everyone enjoy today. I am off to call boob squishing people. :lol:

ceejay52 01-03-2020 12:02 PM

It's grey and gloomy this morning. Kinda like me. And yes I do think my nerves are playing a role with my stomach issues. Still feeling a bit queasy this morning. Things will work themselves out in a few days, hopefully. I'm already sleeping better. Slept in till around 8.30 this morning.
Sis did get her kiddo's together for a late lunch on New Years day and I probably should not have gone. I had the riblets, oh they were good, but didn't sit too well on my sensitive stomach. My nephew's wives didn't come but that's okay. Nephew had baby O and she is getting to be more and more busy. I got my baby therapy.

I want to clean my house today if I have enough stamina. And or I may go shopping. I got two gift cards from JC Penny's. Guess I could shop on line and pick it up a the store. or have it delivered to my house.

Not much else going on in my life. need to take my shower and eat something light.

Yes, I think giving nephew some hard loving is what he needs to break him out of his so called teen age years. I've always said 18 years. He need's to grow up and take on some responsiblity.

gma22 01-04-2020 10:45 AM

Good morning. Cool this morning but not supposed to rain. Spring canít come too soon. We fixed breakfast but now I have to clean up the mess. My house smells like bacon. :lol:

I got my mammogram appt, but it isnít until February. Jack has his knee appt on Tuesday then in two weeks has a dermatologist appt. He has a spot on his head he wants them to take a look at. The cortisone has worn off on his finger and itís bending again and causing him pain. Poor guyís a mess.

Our favorite dry cleaners has closed so we have to find another one to get all Jackís dress clothes for the cruise laundered and such. He likes starched shirts and has them folded so we need to get them done and he wants his pants pressed.

CeeJay: I hope youíre getting back on your feet. My meds cause me stomach problems and I have to take Nexium.

Have a good weekend.

Jean 01-04-2020 02:10 PM

Good Morning! We got up to thick fog but the sun has come out of hiding and it is warming up. We had a dusting of snow late yesterday which seemed to surprise the weather guessers. We finished putting Christmas away this morning, then I washed sheets and a blanket. It is white and Ernie likes to sleep upstairs sometimes, always in the same spot too. We have one of our paid for concerts tonight and a friend invited us to come early for a chili supper. She loves to cook and is a great cook. I offered to bring something but she said to just come. She and her husband will be leaving soon for Florida. They were in Maui the last time we were there and are so fun, always have funny things happening in their family.

”Gma,” I’ve had several tell me they use their air fryer almost exclusively when fixing a meal. They are the younger generation! Bob warmed up leftover pizza and it turned out good, just like the first time. My thought on the instapot is that it is like the old pressure cooker. I could be wrong about that since I don’t have one. Let us know how you like it. Cleaning up is the bad part about cooking! ;) Our dry cleaners is closed on Saturdays now and of course that’s when Bob thinks about picking up his suits for church. :rolleyes: Dry cleaning has really gotten expensive here. We only have one so no competition.

Ceejay, shopping with gift cards sounds like more fun than cleaning. :yes: Hope you are feeling better! How is your bil feeling? I hope well enough to enjoy the holiday festivities. :crossed:

I’ve been trying to sort out some gift shop deposits; there are two new accountants who work with my stuff. I’m no accountant but can explain something in simple language which the one gal doesn’t get. :hyper: I am missing a direct deposit from her; it’s not on the bank statement and she doesn’t know where it is. :mad: So now need to clear my paperwork off the table and think about something for lunch. Cheese balls in the air fryer! :lol:

Have a super Saturday! :wave:

ceejay52 01-06-2020 02:02 PM

Since nephew is not here my schedule is changing. I like to stay up late and sleep late and that some how makes me feel like I'm behind.
Didn't go to church yesterday. Just didn't feel like it. My stomach has had a lot of acid on it since my sick spell and couldn't get rid of it so last night I finally broke down and took something. This morning I'm 85% better.

Not much going on.

Jean 01-06-2020 05:51 PM

Good Afternoon! It is snowing but it is the "wet" kind of snow that melts as soon as it lands. Well, this is the third week I have counted at church with the sub and third time was the charm. We finally balanced although it took longer than it should have. I had the bank double check the checks because that is usually where the mistake is if there is one. They agreed with us! It was after noon when I finished posting so Bob offered to fix lunch at a restaurant where we usually eat breakfast after church. I brought my french fries home to reheat in the air fryer. Now I've got laundry in the washer and dryer feeling ready for a nap. :yawn:

Ceejay, our one combined church service, a week ago, was an hour later than we normally go. I felt like I was behind all day. I am a morning person so don’t like waiting around to go. I hope your stomach is on the mend. :yes: I hate that “not feeling 100%” feeling!

I need to keep moving, fold towels, and put them away. Enjoy the rest of a marvelous Monday! :wave:

ceejay52 01-07-2020 12:15 PM

Sis called as usual last night and she was really stopped up with a cold. My niece had one so I'm hoping that I don't get that. I'm concerned about bil getting it. He finished the 15th treatment of radiation yesterday. And will start back on chemo on Monday. Guess I will be the "uber" driver during that time but I don't care. I'd rather be helping him than dealing with nephew.
Still haven't been shopping.
I am beginning to feel better. Think I ate to heavy after being sick and that kept my stomach more irritated. I'm also taking something for acid reflux.
I wasn't very happy with the medicare advantage health plan that I was on so I dropped it and will have Medicare only this year. Will see how this goes. I realize that I will have to pay the deductible and 20%.
I'm getting a lot of cleaning organizing done by doing it in bits and pieces. Even organized my closet.
The CO2 detector started chirping this morning at 5.30. I will have to get new batteries to replace that one. I may leave it as there should be one in the smoke alarm too. I need to change that battery also. I don't think I did in October.
We have sunshine this morning but it's cold. Rain and storms will be moving in this week end with the possibility of snow. UGH.
Thinking about rejoining the MRC program and go to weigh in's. But still need to consider the cost.

Glad the church counting went well. Our church is small so we only have one service and I drive about 40 minutes to get there but I do get to visit with sis after church so that is a win win.


Jean 01-08-2020 12:58 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining, wind is blowing, and it's a cold 11 degrees. :brr: It is supposed to warm up to 35 this afternoon so I hope it does. I was a dollar off on the bank statement for the gift shop. I have spent hours going back over and double checking my invoices, deposits, and check figures with the bank, then went back two more months and checked everything again. It was a stupid addition mistake on my part on this last month. I always double check with the calculator every time I write checks or enter deposits. Guess I was in a hurry that day. I have lunch bunch today and bell practice later.

I just lost my two cents worth to you, Ceejay. :mad: I’ll be back!

Hope you enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

ceejay52 01-08-2020 05:25 PM

My older sibling called this afternoon. Always good to talk to her. Thinking about going to Atlanta for a visit with her soon.
Putting the car the shop in the morning for some repairs and regular maintenance. The shop will have it all day.
I've been taking a break from cleaning for a couple of days and just doing some touch ups here and there. Going to spend about an hour cleaning in my bed and bath room later this afternoon but first I'm going to the grocery store. I want to make some soup and maybe a meatloaf.
Personals later.

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