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  • I chose to go with WW this time around. I signed up on line but will go to the center to weigh in each week. I'm on the purple plan but haven't figured out all the do's and don'ts of the plan. Only get 19 points which doesn't seem like a lot of food but there is a lot of vegetables that are free. Only signed up for the free month trial.
  • Good morning! Rainy day today then temps are going fall into 30’s tomorrow. I have a Fresh Market delivery today and Amazon coming. Since it is my friend’s first cruise I ordered magnetic letters for the cabin door. I plan on putting, “Vicki’s first cruise, say Hi,” on door and a magnetic pen and white board for people to write on it. I ordered some new sleep masks as mine are falling apart so they’ll be here tomorrow.

    I want to gather up things like swim suits and dress shoes and pack them. Try to get a start on things.

    I am finishing the second ankle sock so I can get them blocked and mailed to her.

    Jack has a dark spot on his head and he’s going to have it seen Tuesday by dermatologist. His boss had skin cancer and thought Jack ought to have it looked at. Hopefully it is nothing.

    CeeJay: Before you spend money on WW, check this out. Most of it is free and the premium is cheap. Points program. App Ultimate Food Value Diary. Your poor bil. Being in pain or sick all the time is tough. Frightening to have a time line on your death. Hopefully, nephew can get his head straight but in my opinion marriage counseling won’t work unless he gets sober first. All counselors will tell people that. Glad you have insurance supplement again. We just got Jack’s military life insurance letter. They raised his premiums $40 and in four years they’ll raise it $120! That’s a month, not a year!

    Jean: Oh no! I am so sorry about your step mom. When was the last time you saw her? I only took insulin my first 6 months to regulate my sugar then Metformin only. I take it daily and once a week take Trulicity injection. I don’t have extreme highs or lows. I usually keep it steady as long as I keep my carbs under control. That is the tough part. I saw you were going to get socked with bad weather. Hopefully it won’t last long.

    Need to get clothes out of dryer. Have a good weekend.
  • gma
    How neat to have a white board for people to sign and leave messages on. That will be fun for your friend. Thanks for the link to the food value diary. I will check this out too. I'm looking forward to this. I've WW in the past because I'm a grazer and this seem to go along with my plan of eating.
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