Steel Magnolias #51

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  • Good Evening! It has been a rainy foggy day in my neighborhood. We had ice on the trees this morning but it warmed up enough to melt. I’ve had an exciting day of laundry, counting the gift shop money, and trying to figure out how to use an air fryer that I didn’t ask for. A gal Bob works with “loves” hers and knows I will too. Stay tuned for updates!

    Ceejay, hope you enjoyed your second Christmas today much as the first. Chemo and radiation are hard on the body so hope your bil can tolerate the treatment. A friend had radiation for breast cancer and said it made her so tired. Getting drugs for nothing would be a plus to stay with your advantage plan. I hate trying to figure insurance pros and cons!

    We are having one service at church tomorrow. I have to pick up the money so we are going. I call it the dog and pony show because of the band and praise singers which aren’t very good. Bob ushers next month. I think I will start rounding up Christmas decorations to put away after New Years Day. Have a nice Sunday!