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Jean 12-16-2019 03:56 PM

Good Afternoon! It's a cloudy, breezy day in my neighborhood. We balanced at church on the first try this morning and deposited $19,000+ in the bank. A plea went out for giving a 13th month gift to help with expenses and some took it to heart. I just got done posting and it was time for the funeral which was quite small. Bob had to usher and we had communion which none of us, at our dinner table, had ever done at a Methodist funeral. Afterwards I made the gift shop deposit and stopped by the hospital to drop off checks. They are having a sale so will go back later to balance out the afternoon money and paperwork since my "boss" isn't back to work yet. She is home and hoping to start back half days soon. Tonight I have card club. I started wrapping gifts and wrote a few cards over the weekend but it seems like "the hurried I go, the behind I get!”

”Gma,” We went on a tour of the cruise ship kitchen and that was interesting. It is amazing how everything runs like clockwork and every person had their specific job to do. I have trouble with ten of us so can’t imagine organizing for thousands! :hyper: I agree about watching games and music programs on tv, much better to see details than watching from afar. We are spoiled with not having to stand in line or wait for tickets. :yes:

Ceejay, I’m glad your cantata went well and your bil could participate. It’s great that your nephew got his suitcase back, especially since it was yours! :yes: Wouldn’t it be fun to know where it has been all this time! It is pretty awesome that luggage gets where it is supposed to go and arrive when it is supposed to. Our temperatures are supposed to be warming up again. The snow will melt and the streets will be sloppy and cars will be dirty. Oh well, can’t fight Mother Nature! :D

I have towels in the dryer which should be done and another load waiting. Hope you all enjoy a marvelous Monday! :wave:

ceejay52 12-17-2019 10:27 AM

I haven't posted in a couple of days. Been busy as I'm still cleaning
It was cold yesterday with winter precipitation. It's the freezing rain and ice I can do with out with a bit of snow. But thankfully I do not have to be out in it. There is about an 2 inches but it's mainly ice. and mainly cold. Thinking about fixing chili tonight. Glad nephew is here.
Yesterday I didn't feel very good. Had a pain in my lower right side but it is not appendix. it's lower than that area. My colon crimps at times and is very painful when it does. Had the heating pad on it most of the day. This morning it seems to be fine.
Ordered my Christmas exchange gift for bil yesterday. We drew names this year and I drew his name. He likes Leonard Cohen and had a special request for one of his dvd's. I ordered it from Amazon this morning. I have prime but with all the shopping it still may be late.
I've just ordered some MRC products that I like and really need if I'm going to follow this plan. I love their vanilla wafer bars and protein drinks.

Wow, that's a lot of money to count! Hope part of it was checks. It been in the 20's at night. I'm building a fire tonight. :brr:


gma22 12-18-2019 09:46 AM

Good morning! Very cold for our part of the world and a whole lot of accidents because we had so much rain the other day and now itís iced over. Jack texted me he got to work ok, but there are places where they closed the roads due to accidents. Hopefully it will warm up enough to melt by afternoon. After work Jack is dropping a package at the UPS drop box that Iím sending back to Amazon because they completely messed up the order then picking up a couple things at WM neighborhood market before heading home.

I am just doing some housecleaning and fixing chili for dinner. We need something to warm us up.

Looks like everyone has gotten their Christmas presents and our Christmas dinner arrived yesterday so weíre all set with that for next week. Supposedly it feeds 4 but boy the apples and the potato dishes are pretty small. They are plenty for us though. The ham is a quarter, but it looks huge and the cake is pretty big. Jack will get to enjoy that. Iím just fixing corn and some pre made yeast rolls and thatís it. Iíll be glad when itís over, frankly. I saw there was another robbery/shooting of a Fedex driver in Philadelphia. The driver had a gun and shot the robber after the robber shot him and tried to steal packages. I imagine the Fedex driver will get fired for protecting himself. This is going to get worse as the media has splashed these all over so the thugs know they can rob them. The drivers need to be allowed to protect themselves.

CeeJay: Glad the cantata went off without a hitch. Iím sure your nephew was glad to get his stuff back. I sure hope they donít lose my friendís luggage when she flies down for the cruise. Weíll be out buying her clothes the day before the cruise if that happens. I can certainly sympathize with gut pain. Sometimes it can be excruciating. Glad you feel better now.

Jean: Wow that is a lot of money to count. Was it mostly checks though or cash? Iíve never heard of communion at a funeral either. Yes, they have that on our ship too. It is amazing how they feed that many people. We never have had to wait a long time between courses eating in the dining room. The one thing I noticed is that non American chefs do not sweeten desserts like they do here. Hope you get all your Christmas packages and cards all done.

Have a good day everybody!!

Jean 12-19-2019 11:31 AM

Good Morning! The sun is peeking through the clouds and it supposed to be warming up again. I have a load of laundry in the washer and my "to do" list is waiting. Maddy has a show choir program tonight so I am hoping to go early enough to finished some last minute shopping. The gift she asked for arrived yesterday, on a slow boat from China! It was wrapped very tightly in black plastic and so dirty I hated to touch it. I was afraid it wouldn't get here in time but was lucky. I hope it is what she thought it would be.

Ceejay, I hope your ice has melted away by now. I try to stay home when that happens here. :yes: Did you get all of your cleaning finished? I need to do some serious cleaning after Christmas. I thought the appendix was on the lower right side. A gal who works in our church has all of her organs “backwards.” She had some sort of surgery when she was younger and said the surgery room was full because that is quite rare and the medical people all wanted to see it. My Amazon orders have been coming through as usual so hope yours does too. People who are so mad about late delivery should realize it is the holiday when mail, etc., is overwhelming. We did have a lot of church checks. It was also noisy offering Sunday, for our missionary, so had a bank bag full of coins. Thankful we have a coin counter at church!

”Gma,” your Christmas dinner sounds good. I think we are having ham also. :T We had the best cranberry/jell-o salad at our PEO luncheon but no one in the family is crazy about cranberry so I won’t make it. It is in our church cookbook if I ever get the chance to make it and take it. I’ve gotten a chuckle out of the FB videos of FedEx/UPS boxes full of cat box items and dog poop. I don’t blame the drivers for being armed. The church money looked to be about half checks and half cash in the bank bag. We got a $50 bill and several $20s just loose with no name. There are envelopes in the pews, also get a few empty envelopes from time to time.

I need to get to work on my list, cards will be finished today. Have a super Thursday and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 12-19-2019 11:51 AM

Seems like all I'm doing lately is cooking and cleaning
The Grinch has stolen my Christmas spirit. I could care less.

Jean 12-21-2019 12:24 PM

Good Morning! We have sunshine, no wind, and 45 degrees; it's a beautiful day in my neighborhood! I have laundry in the washer and dryer while I finish wrapping my last few gifts. I need to make my cheesey potatoes and Snicker salad then think I am set for tomorrow.

Ceejay, I know what you mean about cooking and cleaning! With the sunshine I can see the dust and need to vacuum. :rolleyes: I hope the Grinch attitude has moved on and you can enjoy the holiday spirit.

Hope you all are having a nice day and enjoy whatever you are doing! :tree:

ceejay52 12-21-2019 08:37 PM

My nephew has been sleeping most of the day. Not sure what is going on with that. I'm suspicious but he does not smell of alcohol. He says he's exhausted.
I was meeting some friends from church for pizza on Friday and got in the car to go and low and behold the battery was dead. Had to call and ask them for a ride. sigh
Told nephew today that I needed money to buy food with. He literally eats me out of house and home. What would last me for 3 meals, he devours in one setting!
Today nephew and I went to buy a battery and he put it on for me. So that saved some money on my part.
He startled me while ago. He said he was dreaming and was jumping in the pool to save his daughter who isn't old enough to swim. He jumps off the bed and hits the wall and floor. This isn't the first time he's done it. I told him I was telling his mom so maybe she can figure out what to do. My dad would do almost the same thing except he would be dreaming of the war and yell out "fire in the hole" and run off the end of the bed and hit the wall. I'm afraid he will break out a window so tomorrow, I'm turning the bed around to avoid that.

The packages that I ordered came yesterday so I'm very pleased. I have prime with Amazon so that is a guarantee for 2 day delivery. I paid extra for 2 day delivery on the other package. I'm going to buy something for sis or take her and bil out for lunch on Sunday. If bil feels like it. I did finally put out a couple of decorations that will be easy to put away. I bought a small table top plant like thing that is a decorated tree which serves as my tree and my artificial poinsettia's and a wreath on the porch. Enjoy the choir concert.


gma22 12-22-2019 08:42 AM

Good morning ladies. It is going to rain all day today it looks like but temps are up so no ice or anything. Yesterday we did a good dusting of walls, baseboards, crown molding etc. Jack did ceiling fan and blades. They get so dusty in the winter. He watched part of the Las Vegas Bowl because heís a Boise State fan, but they were losing I guess and he gave it up and went to bed.

I bought a new nail clippers set and cut my big toe a little. It was not badly and didnít bleed, but it rubbed against my sock so I stuck a bandaid with antibiotic salve on it and stuck my sock back on. Should be fine in a day or two.

Jack just left for Krogers to pick up a couple things. He should be back in a bit. Surprisingly itís quiet here this morning. They were sure noisy last night though.

Jean: People have been complaining a lot about delivery drivers throwing stuff into wet areas or snowy areas and not bringing them to the house. Thereís a lot of theft going on too. Some poor lady that lives in apartment near here with kids had someone break into her apartment, steal both her big screen tvs and all her kids Christmas presents. She had a security system with cameras and saw the whole thing. They were gone before the police got there of course. Sheís a single mom and no way to buy more gifts. It really got my goat. I buy cranberry salad at Fresh Market. It is so good. They put orange in it. I only buy 1/4 lb because Jack wonít eat it. Hope your holiday celebration is nice today.

CeeJay: I think your nephew is experiencing leftover stuff from getting sober. The mind can take a long time readjusting to that sort of thing. Hopefully it wonít last long. Hope you have all the Christmas things done now and can relax. Do you ever get deliveries made by Amazon truck or just UPS, postal, etc? We get a lot of stuff delivered by Amazon van. They are building an Amazon facility here so when itís done itíll be interesting how it comes.

Well Jackís home I need to get breakfast. Have a good day.

Jean 12-22-2019 11:22 PM

Good evening! Our Christmas is over and it's been a long day. The weather was delightful with 45 degree temperatures. Most of our snow has disappeared but SD still has quite a bit to melt. My house looks like a tornado went through between wrapping paper, food preparation dishes, and "stuff" out of place. I am too tired to tackle it tonight.

Ceejay, I guess it is good you were home when your car wouldn’t start. “Merry Christmas” to yourself with a new battery. ;) Every once in awhile Bob will yell in his sleep but he’s never hopped out of bed and hit the wall on his side of the bed. It’s usually when he is really tired and is dreaming which he doesn’t remember except he knew he needed help. I’m glad you have some Christmas decorations out to enjoy.

”Gma,” do you vacuum your walls or use a swiffer mop to dust? I should do that too. How awful for the single mom to have her apartment broken into and her children’s gifts stolen! :mad: A person can’t even feel safe in their own home after that happens. We have videos from the local liquor store and WM wanting information on thugs who stole merchandise. Of course they always wear hoodies and look alike. I remember my grandma grinding cranberries for her relish/salad. I have the grinder but have never used it. I’ve never seen an Amazon truck around here. Fed Ex, UPS, or the mail carrier delivers our packages. Amazon workers getting packages ready to ship was just on the news. It’s amazing anything gets where it is supposed to go.

We are counting church money a little later tomorrow morning which is good. Hope you all enjoy the hustle and bustle next week! :santa:

ceejay52 12-23-2019 10:52 AM

Nephew has been booted out of the house by his mother. I'm glad he's gone and am not going to suffer any lost sleep over his actions. He's a grown man and needs to take responsibility for his own actions. I will not go into details. He did stop by to get his clothes this morning but I told him his mother had them. I'm done. I did find a few more things this morning but I will take them out to his mother's tomorrow afternoon. I'm going to spend Christmas Eve with her unless he decides to spend his time there.
Nephew is back at the house I'm not sure what I' going to do. He can't stay here.
Nephew played basketball with the neighbor's son and left in a hurry.

I still haven't found any Christmas spirit. How do you make Snicker salad?

Jean 12-23-2019 06:23 PM

Ceejay, I’m sorry to hear about your nephew. Hang in there and hold your stand.
Snicker salad is easy! When I made a “small” one for Thanksgiving I used two 10oz. (?) Cool Whip, and cut up six regular sized Snickers candy bars. I put the candy bars in the fridge the night before. The next morning I cut up four smaller sized Granny Smith apples. I peel the apples for Bob but you don’t have to. I have read recipes that say to use red and green apples together. For Christmas I used three Cool Whip, nine Snickers, and five apples so there would be leftovers to share. I just add Snickers and apples until I like the looks of it. :lol: You can google it and get different variations. One uses vanilla pudding but I have never tried that one. You could make a little one person serving too. It tends to get soupy after a couple days but I just stir it and eat. :T

ceejay52 12-23-2019 08:30 PM

Nephew came by 3 times today wanting to stay for a bit but the 3rd time he was drunk. I called his mom and brother and took his keys so he could not drive. He said he was " Hongry:" and wanted to go to Subway but t talked him into having a ceejay subway. I fixed him a sandwich. He ate it. I really hate this for him. But I cant do it any more. His brother called and asked for circumstances so I told him. and I called him back when nephew came here drunk. His mom came and got him.
My neighbor came over and asked me to tell the young man not to come over and play with her son any more so I assured her that he would not. She said it made her uncomfortable. and I can see how it would. Her husband is not home most of the time due to work, think she told me he was a truck driver and with a grown man being there with her son it would bother me too.

I'm going to try that dessert. I love Snickers.

ceejay52 12-24-2019 11:08 AM


Merry Christmas

Jean 12-24-2019 07:07 PM

Wishing you a very Merry Christmas! :tree:

ceejay52 12-26-2019 05:18 PM

Sis, bil and I had a very nice quiet Christmas day. Our Christmas Eve service at church was great also. Bil didn't feel like going but he did. I'm very concerned about him. He's still getting radiation treatments. He looks like he is wasting away
We are having our Christmas on Saturday and am really looking forward to it. Bil's 2 daughters and grand daughter will be there. It will be a very nice time and I will get in some baby time also and kid time.
I did some more research on line with the advantage plan I have verses the one that I was going into effect the first of the year. I'm staying put. So I called the insurance company and they cancelled the new plan. Thought there would be a penalty but there wasn't. The next time I get Rx's I will be getting them from the insurances online pharmacy. Some of them will cost nothing.
Have a great rest of the afternoon.

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