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Jean 11-07-2019 05:57 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #50
Good Afternoon! It was 7 degrees when I came downstairs this morning. :brr: We've had sunshine most of the day until about an hour ago. The snow, except on the north side and protected spots are still visible. It was a hoot watching the kittens play in the snow. We had leaves on the deck which added to their fun. I spent most of the morning doing some laundry and making a casserole. Cooking is such a waste of time for me! It has rice in it and makes a 9x13" pan; I put some of the leftovers in the freezer so will see how that works. I've never frozen rice before. Bob and farmer friend were hoping the sun melted the snow on the corn so they could keep going. He has been gone long enough they must be working.

“Gma,” we got enough snow yesterday to cover the deck and yard. It wasn’t even pretty coming down. :( Bob and I went together to get his hair cut and my trim. He usually takes at least 45 minutes to an hour and I am always over an hour with the previous hair dresser. This gal had us both in and out in a half hour! I can hardly wait to see how fast she does a perm; mine have always been a three hour ordeal before. :rolleyes: I wish FB would ban any post relating to politics! It’s going to be a loonnnggg year!

I need to unload the dishwasher and fold a load of towels. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

ceejay52 11-07-2019 06:56 PM

I'm not ready for that kind of weather.

I'm not sure what was going with me last night but I had the shivers and then would sweat big time. I stayed in bed till around noon today. I'm starting to shiver again so I turned the heat up to 70 at sissy's condo. It was on 68.
Not much else is going on.

Jean 11-09-2019 05:36 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has been shining most of the day, no wind blowing, and the temperature hit 55 degrees this afternoon. A beautiful fall day for sure! Ian's team lost last night so we are done for the season. It wasn't too cold but there was a pretty good wind blowing and it kept changing direction. I got cold towards the end so was glad when it was over. There is a major breakdown on the combine so Bob was home shortly after lunch. To add insult to injury, it probably won't be fixed for a couple days and the farmer has to drive to Arkansas for his sister's funeral on Saturday.

I am playing bells in church tomorrow and will be relieved when it is over. I have a couple of tricky parts where I have to switch bells for accidentals using opposite hands crossing over, if that makes any sense. My bells are larger and will clunk if I put them down too fast. I brought my music home and have been "practicing” with plastic pop bottles. If I screw up it won’t be the first time nor the last, most likely. :rolleyes:

Ceejay, I hope you are feeling better and the shivers have left! :yes: Both of us will turn the furnace up in the early evening if we feel cold. Our thermostat is usually set at 70 if the sun is shining and I’m working around the house during the day. As our winter gets colder sometimes I set it a little higher, especially if the wind is blowing.

”Gma,” what are you up to today?

Hope you both are enjoying a nice weekend! :wave:

gma22 11-10-2019 01:32 PM

Good afternoon! It is in the 40ís here today, but I have been cold all morning. We keep the furnace at 66 otherwise the upstairs gets too hot to sleep, but then the downstairs is drafty so I turn on my little space heater. The bad thing about that is it dries my skin out so badly.

I have had a fungal toenail on my left foot that I have been trying to heal to no avail. I just bought a new product that people swear by so we shall see. I read several articles that say the prescription oral med is for one specific type of fungus and it your nails donít have that type it wonít work. It also said the side effects ie vomiting, etc can be kind of brutal. So, I stick with what I can get otc. I may go back to Vicks, which worked on a toe on my other foot and it never came back.

Jack has tomorrow off so is enjoying his 3 day weekend. We havenít done anything, but he watched college football all day yesterday. I donít gripe about it though. I can either watch it upstairs or on my ipad, knit or read. My sister always hates it so much she goes shopping. :lol: Not sure if she is trying to pay him back or just canít stand it.

Jean: Boy you dipped into low temps quickly this year. My FB friend that lives in ND, went to Minneapolis to visit her sister and said they canít leave because the roads are too icy and snowy. The temps are unusually brisk here for this time of year. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow evening. Including my color, I think itís about 2 hours at the salon for me. She has got to cut my hair so it is shampoo, product and go. It really hurts to raise my arms and blow-dry any more.

CeeJay: How far apart do you and your sister live? Branson always reminded me of a town plunked right in the middle of forest all around it. It always seemed so isolated from everything. I imagine itís gonna be cold at your house for awhile too.

Everyone have a good afternoon.

Jean 11-10-2019 05:42 PM

Good Afternoon! It's been a windy, cold, gloomy day in my corner of the world. It looks like it could snow any minute. Yesterday, late afternoon, I was in my comfy chair waiting for the 5:00 news to come on. Bob was taking a shower and we were going to WM for orphan food, then order a pizza. All of a sudden I remembered it was our night to go to a musical program in a little nearby town. I have no idea what made me think of it but we have season tickets and they aren't cheap so never skip a show. Man we did fly to change clothes in my case and for Bob to get dressed. It was another good program with a very talented sister and two brothers. They sang and had a background scenic video set up which was applicable to each era of music they performed. Today was church and I managed to not majorly screw up the bell music. I missed a couple notes and left them out on purpose but evidently the director didn't notice. So glad that one piece is done! We went to a little nearby church for their Harvest Dinner; Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. I could have just eaten salads and been happy. For a small church they feed a lot of people from the surrounding area. The bad news is someone took my coat! I'm hoping they will return it as even though it is "old" it is my dressier coat for good.

ďGma,Ē I can handle cold better than the wind but sunshine sure helps! I am sitting in the living room watching the flag across the street blow. Iím pretty sure the guy isnít a veteran. He buys cheap flags that shred, then lets the strings blow. He doesnít have a light on it and that bugs me too. I have been cold all afternoon. Bob made coffee and I have my fuzzy blanket on my lap. Ernie would like to sit on it but heís so heavy he makes my legs go to sleep. I have heard that Vicks works on toe nail fungus. Knock on wood Iíve never had that. Good luck!

I need to pick up some clutter and get my thoughts in order for next week so I don't miss when and I where I need to be! Enjoy your evening! :wave:

ceejay52 11-11-2019 03:47 PM

This is a wintry day in the Ozarks. It started out with sleet, then freezing rain changing over to little bity flakes of snow but when I looked out while ago the flakes were huge. The temperature is dropping by the minute and the wind is brutal.

My wrist is a lot better. I should be wearing my brace but keep forgetting to put it on.

My nephew confessed that he did go off the wagon last week. So I'm helping him this time to try to be more diligent to his needs especially if I see him struggling. We can go for a walk or talk about things like we did before.

I have a therapy appointment in the morning but I really do not want to get out in the cold weather. In my opinion I don't think it will help since the doctor told me that the joint was almost closed. Think the only way to open the joint up is surgery and I'm not for that either.

I'm going to try the VIcks on my toe nail. The doctor doesn't like to give the medication because it can damage the liver.
I live about an hour from Branson and or Ash Grove. It depends on the traffic.

More sleet hitting the windows.

ceejay52 11-12-2019 01:40 PM

:Brrr: It is cold this morning. When I got up it was 11 degrees with a windchill of -2. This is January weather.
We had snow, sleet/freezing rain yesterday. The accumulation wasn't too bad but made for bad driving conditions last night and early this morning.
My heater has not shut off once since yesterday. I've brought out a space heater hoping that would help.

Nephew got up and went to work. He was actually excited about going in this morning. He didn't go into to work last week. He said he was struggling. Guess it got the better of him and he fell off the wagon. He admitted it to me. His higher up boss called him Sunday night to check on him which I thought was good. He/she told him he had 108 days to call in like this. They didn't have the out patient clinic that he goes to 3 night per week and I told him he didn't need to be on the road any way.

I've been on the phone with my insurance company. I had enrolled in a supplemental insurance plan but after I talked to the agent again I decided to take a different Medicare advantage plan. I had to cancel the supplemental plan. I like the HMO plan.

Think I'm going to clean in the office today and do some laundry.

Ladies have a good rest of the day.

Jean 11-12-2019 09:33 PM

Good Evening! It's been a very cold, windy day in my neighborhood. The sun did shine so it looked warmer than it was. The "it feels like" never got above zero . . . COLD! I even opted against running a couple errands after church counting this morning. Today has been Monday all day to me. Not much going on here. I have card club next Monday night and need to do some serious cleaning, then decide on food which will most likely end up being the usual things I fix. The combine was fixed late this afternoon, so with a borrowed semi the guys were hoping for two trips to the elevator. Not sure what shape the corn is in with snow on it. Maybe the sun melted it. Ha ha, nothing else melted that's for sure.

Ceejay, I would be glad to trade you temperatures, -4 feeling like -18 at 6 am. ;) I was surprised at yours because I always think of you as “down” south. It’s nice you spend time with and talk to your nephew. Sometimes a good listener is all that is needed to help. I hope your insurance is all set the way you want it. It’s hard to know. I got two phone calls on my cell phone today. Both were local numbers and about medical supplements. I didn’t answer so they both left messages. :(

Bob just got home so will warm up leftovers for him. Hope you enjoy a nice evening, and a wonderful Wednesday tomorrow! :wave:

Jean 11-13-2019 01:05 PM

Good Morning! The sun is trying to shine, at least it is getting brighter out. It is warmer by 20+ degrees but windy so doesn't feel very warm. It has been spitting snow off and on with the weatherman predicting a wintery mix this afternoon. I was supposed to have lunch bunch today but it was a bust :( with two not feeling well, one forgot and didn't think she could get ready in time, and the fourth one didn't want to chance driving on the roads if they get icey. Far as I know bell practice is still a go for later. Bob is hauling corn again today so I hope they get done. This harvest has seemed extra long with the weather and multiple machinery break downs. I need to get back to my cleaning project. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 11-14-2019 08:34 AM

Good morning. Nippy, nippy here at 28 degrees but no windchill. I am going out this morning and get my nails done then straight back home. I am sniffling and sneezing, etc and terrible sinus headaches from having to turn on the heat. I woke up two or three times last night from my sinuses ďpopping.Ē Miserable but my nails are grown out too far to not go today. I got out stuff to make meatloaf, scalloped potatoes and baked beans for dinner. We havenít had that in quite awhile and Jack likes it.

Blanket is nearly finished and Iím gonna knit up a hat to go with it I think then get it all done and shipped to her. I then have to get that sweater finished. I have yarn for a mitered afghan. I have never done mitered before so it will be fun to try.

I missed a call from Jackson so I texted him back. I told him to have fun with his Halloween money, to work hard in school and have a nice Thanksgiving with his parents and that we loved him bunches. He texted me yesterday, ďI love you too.Ē Hard to believe heís already in 7th grade and Thomas will be 20 in June! Where does the time go?

CeeJay: Itís good your nephew is to the point in his learning that he fesses up, but if he could just get to the place that when the urge hits he calls his sponsor or at the very least tells you so you can distract him heíll be over another hump in recovery.I am hoping this cold blast isnít what itís going to be like all winter. The one thing it does here though is lessens crime. They donít like shooting each other in the cold.

Jean: By the time Thanksgiving gets here youíll be turkeyed out. I know you only do bells a part of the year, so when are you done or did you just get started? You going to Hawaii in February? I have to tell ya, after this last week going on a cruise sounds fabulous. We are definitely not used to this kind of cold here.

Well I better get hopping. I need to leave around 9. Have a good one.

ceejay52 11-14-2019 11:17 AM

My nephew has worked 2 days this week and he's worn my nerves down to a breaking point. I've text my sis stating that I'm coming up there this afternoon. I can't handle this 24/7 stuff.

We had a good choir practice last night and after a fellowship meal. I probably ate to much but that's okay too.

Going to post this and get some things done so I can go to Branson this afternoon.

ceejay52 11-15-2019 11:01 AM

Things hit the fan yesterday with nephew. He wasn't going to work, wasn't going to out patient therapy nor to AA meetings, and him staying home was getting next to me. He claimed to be sick on Tuesday but he was drunk and yesterday I told him I was going to go to Branson for a couple of days. He asked if I were afraid I would get sick I said no, it's from your actions. He knew at that point I knew he was drunk. Dah how long did he think he could hide it from me. He made up his mind yesterday afternoon to go back to rehab. He called them and they readmitted him and even bought his plane ticket down there. I took him to the airport, and the were to pick him up.

Jean 11-16-2019 02:47 PM

Happy Saturday! The sun is shining and the wind is blowing as usual. Bob is bagging leaves with the mower and I have been doing laundry, picking up the clutter, and making a grocery list. I realized I had somehow missed a church birthday card so got that written and in the mailbox. It probably won’t get picked up in time to be processed today but I didn’t want to take time to go to the post office. Some woman hit the gas pedal instead of the brake and plowed through the glass doors of the po last week. There is a curb plus it’s an incline so she was going too fast to begin with. Luckily no one was in the lobby when it happened. It was closed for a couple days and anyone using a P.O. Box had to go in the back door on the alley and with an escort to get their mail. I did get my coat back that was taken at the harvest dinner last Sunday. :cheer:

“Gma,” what color are your nails this time? I have noticed more and more gals are putting sparkly polish on their ring fingers only. We used to play bells September through May but the room we practice in was so hot in August we opted to start in October. As our kids grew and we were involved in proms and graduations we opted out of May also and never started again since now we all (or most) have grandchildren. I hated the one song we played last time and the ones we practiced for December are worse. I’m seriously thinking this will be my last year, 33+/- years is long enough. Yes, we are going back to Maui in February. Originally a third person was going to tag along with the other couple so we opted for our own car. She has backed out and the other couple wants to share our car now. I was looking forward to doing some things on our own so not sure how it will work. :rolleyes: We have shared a car in the past so always went everywhere together. This gal is a decision maker while her husband lets her wear the pants so to speak. Sometimes she gets to be too much. She is Jason’s mil so I don’t say anything around Amanda. There is a love/hate relationship between those two, on Amanda’s side.

Ceejay, when your church has a fellowship meal, does everyone contribute or does a committee make it for you? It’s good your nephew realized he needed to go back to rehab. I wish him good luck and hope he is strong enough to make it work this time. Enjoy the peace and quiet in your house! :D

I need to get back to cleaning for card club Monday night! Have a nice day and enjoy! :wave:

gma22 11-18-2019 06:54 AM

Good morning! We are sitting around in the quiet for once this morning. Jack leaves for work in about half an hour. Nice no thumping music, revving car engines, people screaming and hollering, no sirens, no semi brakes. It doesnít seem to be too cold this morning either.

Today is our 47th wedding anniversary so Jackís taking me out to Red Lobster. We havenít been there in a long time. We didnít buy gifts, just cards. All our money is going to our vacation next year. :lol:

Guess Iíll get upstairs and clean bathrooms today. They really need it. My shoulder and hands are really aching this morning but it needs to be done and wonít take long.

CeeJay: Bummer! Hope he can learn somethings that stick so he can keep the dragon off his back. He really needs to learn to use his resources like his sponsor to help him out. Rehab can only help those who want to kick the problem. Itís sure not easy to do so and takes a lot of fortitude. I know this is hard on too. Howís your bil coming along?

Jean: I got tickled at you bell ringers dumping months and such. Just struck me as funny for some reason. Youíre in a ticklish spot with the other couple being ďfamilyĒ in a way. We went to Las Vegas several years ago and family members came for the weekend. The guy just took over our vacation. Weíd go into a casino and heíd walk off expecting us to follow him. Heíd leave his wife too. Heíd pick the restaurants, etc too. We had shows already booked and paid for but heíd not want to go because he didnít choose them. I was furious by the time we went home. This is the first time weíve gone in April on a cruise. I am finding hotels much more expensive. It irks me. One of the hotels we always stay at the first day cost $100 more. I said no way and talked Jack into driving a different route. It saves us about an hour a day and the hotels are just as nice but cheaper than $250 a night for sure! We did get a spike at one hotel coming home, but there is a reason. It is Gainesville FL. The University of Fl is there and the Sunday the ship pulls back in is graduation weekend. We wonít be there until Monday night, but the prices were raised for that whole time. Jack looked on their website and they have 3 graduation ceremonies on that day, one in the evening so I imagine parents will stay over until Monday.

Well need to tell Jack goodbye so he can go to work. Have a good day.

ceejay52 11-18-2019 10:59 PM

When we have fellowship suppers etc at church the "Hostess" for that month will decide the meat and or theme. We bring desserts and sides.
It has been quiet at the house without the nephew but I'm loving it. Still cleaning up nephews mess. He knows that he can't come back to my house to live. Just to get his clothes and vehicle and visit.
We went to visit with nephews wife and kiddos. Their baby girl is 2 months old and is precious. The boys were outside playing with the neighbor children.
BIL went in this morning for chemo but he didn't get it. They are starting him on a different one next week for the next 3 Mondays.
His surgeon called and wants to talk to him Wednesday. Not sure what this is about though.
I'M hoping it's good news. We came to Branson for the night as sis brought his things up here. We will go back tomorrow. I will take him back to Ash Grove. SIS, BIL and I went to dinner tonight. He and I were fish hungry. Branson is in the beginning stage of decorating for Christmas.

Happy anniversary. Hope Red Lobster was good.

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