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Jean 07-24-2019 06:02 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #45
Good Afternoon! Itís a beautiful day in my neighborhood, sunny, 77 degrees, and just a slight breeze blowing. The sliding doors are open and the birds are happily chirping away outside in a nearby tree. I sold a couple things in the gift shop this morning but I spent most of the morning working on a large mailing for the hospital foundation. We had our first sweet corn for lunch :T !!!
The dishwasher is done and I need to switch laundry to the dryer. Hope you all enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

Jean 07-25-2019 12:22 AM

I just have to brag! Ian’s team won both games tonight! :cheer: :cheer: :cheer: They are going to state! They didn’t expect to win the first game tonight so would have been done. Guess I will have to wash my baseball t-shirt and be ready to roll for the next game! I’m sure there must have been some shocked people from the other two teams! We are sorry we didn’t go but just never know what can happen. I’m so excited for the kids! :cp: :cp: :cp:

ceejay52 07-25-2019 11:29 AM

Morning from Branson. I will be going back home as soon as the sheets are through. They are almost through washing. Sis's work is giving her the day off on Friday so she wants to take her hubby to get his fluids that day.
Bil is doing better but this chemo knocks him down big time.
Not much else going on here.

i'm really excited for you and the kiddos for winning those games. :cheerleader:

How are you feeling today?

Jean 07-25-2019 11:41 PM

Good Evening! It’s been another cool, windy, cloudy day in my neighborhood. This morning was my once a month coffee date so that took care of getting anything done at home. After lunch I did vacuum and dust the tv area then called it good. Late this afternoon was the Board of Adjustment meeting for the guy across the street. I don’t remember if I shared or not but last summer the “weekenders” across the street moved in a mother-in-law house sized lawn and garden building (huge) then put it on the lot line. The lady next door pitched a fit as well as our neighbor who had her view of the lake blocked. The next door neighbor to the guy has since sold her house. The city finally served papers on the owner after requesting he have his lot surveyed to find the lot line, and he didn’t do that. Bob is chairman of the board but we got a registered letter notifying us of the meeting as did the other neighbors. Bob knew he couldn’t vote but because there are three new board members he made notes, to share, as to the rules and regulations pertaining to lot lines. Long story short, the city attorney wouldn’t let Bob nor me speak. Bob was to open the meeting and then go sit with the public while the pros and cons were presented to the board. He left the meeting right after turning it over to another member so we don’t know how the vote went. He will pursue it with the city council who has to approve the decision if the vote was in favor of the guy. This guy lives on a farm and raises pigs in another county so has no clue about living in town.

Ceejay, thank you for the baseball good wishes! It has been a fun season! We have a friend currently undergoing chemo treatments. Their bedrooms are upstairs and he got so weak he couldn’t climb stairs any more, so they were lucky to find a house all one level and are in the process of moving. Their kids all live in Iowa but not in the same town so are able to help with the moving. I hope your bil’s blood count is ok and he is able to have his next treatment. You mentioned having his pump taken out, is that for the fluids or the chemo? I remember my mom being so tired,

I have a couple checks to write for the gift shop so better get that done. Enjoy the rest of your evening and have a fantastic Friday tomorrow! :wave:

ceejay52 07-26-2019 02:43 PM

I mowed the yard yesterday and used the weed eater in the front yard and part of the back yard. Will finish that this afternoon and pull weeds out of the flower beds. Think I'm going to spray for weeds on my side of the neighbors fence. They look awful and the weed eater cant get through the chain fence. ugh
This morning I've been cleaning the oven. It would be nice to have a self cleaning oven. Also emptied the fridge and took out the garbage. Now I need to wipe out the fridge.
My bff has made her move back to Jonesboro, Arkansas. She'd lived with her niece in Searcy, AR for about a year. She says the house is a nice 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 2 car garage. I looked it up on google map and the outside looks new. When things settle down with bil, I'm going for a visit. It looks to be around 1200 to 1500 square feet. The yard doesn't look to be large and the house is backed up to a tree line. Not sure if it is woods all the way back or not. It looks to be from google maps, in a fairly new neighborhood.
I'm trying to talk myself into going to the gym. May go to the grocery store instead.

Seems like their is always something going on with your neighbors. But I think I would be upset if the building blocked my view of the lake and having it so close to my property line.
The pump is for the chemo. He has to wear it for 48 hours to finish pumping the out the chemo.

gma22 07-26-2019 03:01 PM

Good afternoon! It is a pleasant mid 80ís day today. I have been lazy today but need to fold clothes, etc when I am done here. I think it is sandwiches for us tonight.

I ordered some cute sandals on sale and saved a bundle. Of course Jack is going to tell me a sale is only good when you need whatever is on sale. He says not much of a sale when you just buy it because you want it. He likes to tease me about it. In this case, I am trying to get sandals that will work for the cruise everyday if my feet swell. Thatís the story Iím sticking to. :lol: I am pretty well set cruise wise now I think.

I finally got the underside of my feet cleared up. I started using aloe hand sanitizer to wash them. Sounds goofy, but nothing else worked. I am now doing that and moisturizing every day. Hopefully theyíll stay ok.

The guy came last night and put the new springs on. What a difference and the door doesnít creak going up and down anymore. He told us if we pd by credit card he had to charge us tax but in cash, not. I told Jack the guy was under the gun for taxes not the customer. Anyway, we are in good shape again.

This is grocery weekend so itís Fresh Market for meat tomorrow and the commissary for everything else on Sunday. I hate it but we have to eat. :lol:

Jean: Congrats to Ianís team. I know they have to be excited. When do the kids start back to school? Our kids go back the 12th I think. Why were you two not allowed to speak? Was it because you were neighbors? I have seen many a neighbor blow up over lot lines. Trees, bushes, kids swing sets, you name it all the way up to serious stuff like swimming pools and additions. No one ever wants to take the time to seek out or ask, they just assume. We are getting ready for a massive blow up here I think. They raised our HOA fees to $200 a few months back. They cover exterior maintenance, lawn care, pool when we had it but itís a cement slab now, painting, trash collection, road maintenance, etc. Well, the board wants to change to city trash pick up and we would be billed on our utility bill not pd under HOA fee anymore. On top of that, it is likely they are going to raise fees by the end of the year $25-$50 a month. The thing is, fees were never raised when they should have been and now money for stuff is very tight. It was a different maintenance company and he didnít do anything with regards to paying for stuff. I guess we were in arrears to places tens of thousands of dollars and you add in all the bums he never forced to pay fees and now they are struggling to get things right. We had one lady $25,000 in arrears! So people are going to blow their stacks I am sure.

CeeJay: Did the doctors say how long heíd have if he quit the chemo? Poor man and your sister too. My bff lost her husband to lung cancer but the guy refused to quit smoking. He smoked up to the day he died. The one thing I tried to tell her not to let them do was put a chest tube drain in. They did and he died from it specifically only a couple weeks later. I never ask, but is your bil diabetic? I sure hope they can make him comfortable. Praying for you all!

Have a good weekend!!!

ceejay52 07-27-2019 07:28 PM


If the doctor's have given him that time limit I don't remember hearing about it. I'm not sure if I could handle chemo. It's literally breaking my heart to watch him go through this. He is not diabetic. Before the chemo his time line was 3 months.


I haven't done much the last couple of days. I did clean out the oven but that's about it. Still need to do the oven rack. I washed up the plastic containers after Perry Mason which went off at 11.30. I couldn't go to sleep.

Jean 07-28-2019 05:20 PM

Good Afternoon! It’s been a cooler cloudy day in my neighborhood. We went to church this morning, mainly because my co-counter asked me to pick up the offering. The pastor rambled on for 35 minutes but enough said about that. We stopped at the store for strawberries afterwards, and Bob said he felt the need :lol: for a sweet roll and coffee when we got home. I always end up with more in my basket when he is with me! His usual comment at the checkout is, “gee, I wonder how that got in there?” The checkers always give me a funny look. Sometimes I will say, “I really don’t know him!” I’ve read the paper and really need to accomplish something else this afternoon. My island has paperwork from my China shoes spread out and yesterday’s mail; the shoe credit still hasn’t come through and I need to call the credit card company when I finish here. Makes me :crazy: but I have learned my lesson! :yes: :yes: :yes:

Ceejay, I have a steam clean oven that also self cleans. Usually the steam clean will do the job except for the grates which have to come out during the process. I don’t broil anything and try to wipe up any spatters as soon as they happen. I remember cleaning ovens when we first married - not fun. Is the friend who moved in Arkansas the one who came to visit you? Next installment on the neighbor is Bob talked to the city attorney and let him know that the three board members are new and have no clue! All Bob wanted to do was review the code rules, and if they were explained in detail the board would have voted down the easement. The Mexican woman came up to Bob before the meeting and asked what it all meant, she didn’t understand. :rolleyes: Another board member is out of town on a job assignment and hasn’t looked at the building; he votes over the phone! Anyhow, the city council can review the decision per the city attorney’s request, and send it back to the board for another vote. Meanwhile the code officer has to educate the new members on the rules and regulations. They all have a copy of them, and are supposed to view the property in question. We shall see what happens next. Bob couldn’t even defend our property line if it happened to us! His parting comment was he would have our lawyer involved! Chemo is bad, no doubt about it, but in some cases it does seem to be successful. Keeping your family in my prayers.

”Gma,” you always find the best bargains when you clothes shop! :cp: Hope the grocery shopping went smoothly. I thought of you this morning when Bob was putting his sweet roll in the basket then started looking at muffins. I said, “one or the other!” Sometimes he is worse than when I had the kids with me. I’m not sure when the kids go back to school, the girls are ready but the boys don’t say much. Ian has been so busy with baseball and football training I think he is ready for some time off. He will still have football training though, but since that is his favorite he never complains. Bob couldn’t speak at the meeting because he is on the board. I couldn’t speak because I’m his wife and would be influenced by him. He’s not supposed to share any information with anyone. :( Any time a board member knows the person requesting the adjustment or the situation, they have to abstain from voting. Our town has lots of vacancies on all the volunteer boards because the younger people don’t get involved and many others don’t understand the language. Bob is short a member; when he got mad and quit so did four more. The remaining one has health issues and asked Bob to come back; he is chairman again because the others have no clue. One is a retired professor from the college and Bob figured she would make an intelligent decision but even though she led the meeting after Bob left, she didn’t know anything either. Since he couldn’t explain the rules and regulations, they voted to let the building sit on the lot line. The new neighbor sharing the lot line has no clue what kind of view she would have if it were moved. Our town is literally falling apart: street repairs, garbage enforcement, cars and trailers parked on lawns, old appliances and furniture sitting on lawns, etc., because the city keeps funding the resort screw ups. On the way home from church we saw people stacking furniture along the curb; we assumed someone hadn’t paid the rent because there was no moving trailer and no one was putting anything into cars or pickups. Lovely place to live 30 years ago!

It has started to rain a few sprinkles at a time but at least it is cooler than yesterday. I need to clear off the counter clutter! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 07-28-2019 09:12 PM

Good evening! We did grocery shopping today at the commissary because he wanted to and half the shelves were sparse or empty. They had like 3 pks of chicken! I only needed burger and pk chops and they didnít have burger and got crummy pork chops. We ended up going to dinner after the baseball game was over and Jack ran into WM while I sat in the car. The place was a zoo.

Going to the nail salon tomorrow and since I finally cleared up my feet I can get my toes done too. I am going to skip the black ďtrollĒ nails that someone posted on FB though!:lol: Itís hot again so I am staying in as much as possible.

We came home and vacuum sealed all the meat and now both the chest freezer and fridge freezer is full. We have to eat stuff before we can buy anymore. :lol:

CeeJay: I feel for you all. When I was having back stuff I told Jack I could sure sympathize with people who had chronic back pain. You feel so helpless because you know nothing makes them feel better, they canít sleep it off or relieve it with pain pills. My fil had stomach cancer and the Christmas before he died we visited them in Houston. He was at MD Anderson cancer hospital. Seems he spent most of his time vomiting and this big strong man became a 90 lb weakling. Will just keep praying for you. Do you read Erle Stanley Gardnerís Perry Mason books? Theyíre really good even though theyíre pretty old now they still carry them in the library, etc.

Jean: Jack has a terrible sweet tooth. Letís see this shopping trip, 2 half gallons vanilla ice cream, (which I donít eat,) package of Heath crunch Klondike bars, box 4 cinnamon rolls, box of apple strudel, box fresh choc chip cookies, bag of mini heath bars...I think thatís it. :lol: Of course, I donít eat any of it. He also always buys container of this fancy spreadable sharp cheese to eat with Ritz crackers. I bought two containers of mixed fresh fruit, and two tomatoes. I got gipped! :lol: Donít you wonder how these ministers prepare to bore you to death? :lol:

Well, better finish a chore. Have a nice evening.

ceejay52 07-29-2019 03:16 PM

I've read the whole series of Earle Stanley Gardner/Perry Mason in junior high school. Hadn't thought about reading them again.
We had a guest speaker yesterday at church. Afterward sis and I went to the house and BIL was sick.
Sis brought him to get his IV fluids and I've picked him up and brought him to Branson. He's been asleep but is sitting up in bed. We had to come back to Branson in the rain. And some stupid truck driver was driving to fast for the conditions. He kept fish tailing. I finally got around that truck and felt safer.
I know it's not on my menu plan to have a cheeseburger but I did today.

Jean 07-29-2019 05:44 PM

Good Afternoon! It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood with sunshine, a breeze, and 77 degrees. I was up a little earlier than usual and it is dark at 5:30! Church counting went fine and I didn’t have to drop checks off at the hospital so made WM run. Bob and Beth leave for Canada on Saturday so had a list for what he needed/wanted. Of course WM didn’t have a couple things so will stop by the grocery store tomorrow for those.

“Gma,” there was only one checker line open at WM this morning. The couple ahead of me (young and grubby looking) were waiting for a price check and when the customer service rep came back he said it was $5; he was holding an extra large coffee cup, white with gold circles painted on it - ugly! The checker finished their order and the guy paid in cash, $339. I couldn’t help but wonder if that was his paycheck for the week. Their basket was full above the top but I couldn’t tell what was in it. I was in no hurry but while we were waiting the checker marched around and plunked a “closed” sign after my pile. She didn’t say “boo” to me at all, so when I was finished I said to her, “I hope you have a nice day!” She still didn’t say anything. :( I got the definite idea she didn’t want to be there. I was going to try a new nail salon and found out they are closed today, but open on Sundays. So will call tomorrow I guess. Jack has my sweet tooth beat I think. I go in cycles and find if I crave something to buy a little, eat it, and get it over with. Same way with salty snacks; I know it costs more but I like the individual serving size chips, crackers, etc. I can graze all day long but Bob rarely eats between meals. I admire you for leaving Jack’s treats alone. The minister does a series of movies on Sunday nights for a month, then bases his next sermon on them. Usually they are Disney but last night was Star Wars, maybe it is Disney too. I would bet money this guy preaches rerun sermons, and uses the same method his father did when he was growing up. So boring! He lays across the pulpit which drives me nutty.

Ceejay, a cheeseburger sounds good! I haven’t had one of those in quite awhile. It seems like all of the restaurants have gone to 1/3# size burgers. By the time all the veggies are stacked on top it is too much for me to eat, let alone get my mouth around it. Bob’s farmer friend will order a double cheeseburger without the cheese. He wants the two meat patties but doesn’t like the cheese. It makes me smile every time Bob mentions they had lunch during harvest. I hope your bil feels better today. Sometimes when we follow weaving drivers, especially truckers, Bob will say they are falling asleep. Makes me nervous to pass them but I don’t want to be a part of their accident either. :no:

Not much newsy from here but wanted to check in. Hope you are enjoying a happy Monday! :wave:

gma22 07-30-2019 10:55 AM

Good morning. Dreary day today. It rained last night and cloudy today. Supposed to start raining again this afternoon. Sticky is in the cards I imagine.

I am leaving in about half an hour to go get my nails and toes done. My knee is stiff and not bending well so going to be interesting getting my toes polished. Theyíll just have to work with what I can do.

Jack made a dr appt for next week. The hand that has the shakes and is the same one they did the surgery on is giving him trouble. He canít wear his wedding ring and the ring finger curls and sort of paralyzes. I think he should go straight to the ortho guy, but heís going to the gp. Theyíll just tell him to see the other doctor I am sure. He canít have another surgery until the first of the year anyway because the city requires you to do FMLA if you take more than 3 days sick time and it hasnít been a year yet since his hand surgery. At least the other tech helps him hold stuff if he needs two hands for something.

CeeJay: Have you ever read Hugh Pentecost? Heís in the same era as Gardner and his books are about a big hotel and murders that happen there. Good easy read. Hope you bil gets to feeling better. Drivers are nuts these days. You used to know Semi drivers were the best, but these days they drive like their trucks are Volkswagens or something.

Jean: I eat breakfast, meander for lunch then eat dinner and have a snack later. I need to cut out evening snacks because my fasting blood sugar is higher in the AM then. Habit. Nowadays I think they are on the phone or texting more than any other distracted driving. It is illegal here, but they continue to do it. How long will Bob and Beth be gone?

Well, about time to get out of here. Have a good day all.

ceejay52 07-30-2019 12:23 PM

Sis is with bil at the ER. He didn't have a good night. I'm very concerned. At this point, however, I would let him go because I know he would not suffer anymore.
Sis called and said that he is resting. They are giving him some more fluids. They are waiting on lab results.
I've been looking for options of buying prepackaged food. But the two major ones want you to buy in bulk, a months supply, and I don't have room for it.
Yes this is my friend who came up here for a week. She and her niece had a falling out. And knowing how demanding and controlling she is is probably better for them both to go their separate ways.
Sis just called from ER and told me that they are going to do a CT scan. I told her I'm bracing myself for the worse.
Need to make a Walmart run.
Have a good day.

ceejay52 07-31-2019 12:18 PM

Good morning
It's a beautiful start to the day but may have rain coming in later this afternoon

They checked bil yesterday for a blockage which he has in the small intestine. But it's not a tumor. It's mainly swelling and the doctor told them this morning that he hopes it can be treated with medicine. But they will not know for sure until his regular surgeon come back from vacation on Monday. In the mean time they have the ng tube in his stomach to keep it dry and help the intestine heal. And they are going to start feeding him through his port. And the good new is that the main tumor is shrinking. :dance: Sis had bil transferred to Springfield hospital where his doctor's are.
Will be taking sis her lunch in a few minutes.

I came back home yesterday.

gma22 07-31-2019 01:47 PM

Good morning! Lovely sunny day out today. Old age stinks. I am dealing with the arthritis in my shoulder today. Must have slept on it wrong. Itís aching and sore when I move it unfortunately, Iím left handed and itís in my left shoulder.

I got my nails and toes done. She did a nice job on my nails, but crummy job on my toes. I ask her to trim the nails and she did but didnít file them and left them jagged. I didnít notice until I got home. At least theyíre painted so I can wear sandals now.

I did a load of laundry, mostly new cruise clothes, but want them all washed so that all I need to do is run them through dryer to de wrinkle them if necessary. Almost all of them donít wrinkle, which is nice. I bought an outfit that is red capris, navy top with red anchors, and found a pair of Grasshopper brand deck slip on type shoes. They are red with the top red and white striped and white laces on top. I hope they fit because theyíre so cute. We are going to be gone two whole weeks and though I hope to get some clothes rewashed, want to make sure I take enough. The cruise is 7 days, but travel time and a couple extra days here and there and we have another week added on.

Iím fixing Steakum sandwiches for dinner tonight with chips. We have turkey roast last night so decided to have something simple tonight.

CeeJay: Have you looked at this one? You can order at little as 4 dinners it looks like. https://www.realeats.com/collections/plans I sure hope they can get your bil fixed up so he feels better. Intestine problems can take it all out of you, I know. Doesnít his doctor have someone to cover his patients? Of course, you never know what youíre going to get. I was in the hospital after my first surgery and my surgeon went to some conference. He had some old dude cover his patients and this jerk wouldnít remove the NG tube. I went without eating food for nearly two weeks even though after 3 days I was fine. I lost like 40 lbs. First thing my dr did when he got back was take out the tube. Such good news about the tumor.

Everyone have a great day!

Jean 07-31-2019 05:47 PM

Good Afternoon! I was sure I posted yesterday but must have been with invisible letters since I don’t see it now. It has been a cloudy cool day and now it is raining. It’s chilly enough I’m thinking of digging out a sweater! I got up at 5:30 and it was pitch night time dark! :( I’m not ready for that yet! It has been a lazy day for me. I’ve done a load of laundry and made a trip to pick up some more sweet corn from a local farmer who sells from his pickup, then went to the grocery store. It was out of a couple things so will need to either visit the other store later, or go back tomorrow when their truck delivers and they restock shelves.

“Gma,” I had my nails done and a pedicure yesterday. I asked to have the old nail stuff removed and new goop put on since they were thicker than I like. I’ve had the “new” young man several times and he was surprised I didn’t have acrylic nails. I had a different gal do my toes and both did a nice job; I was pleased and for $60 plus a tip I should be! :lol: I feel for Jack! Imo any swelling is not good! I have, or so I’ve been told by Amanda and a friend, what they call a trigger finger. It is my thumb and sometimes will lock tight to the point where I have to use my other hand to open it. Some nights it aches from unlocking and bending it. Looking online, surgery is an option but I haven’t been to the doctor. It’s a 9 hour drive to fish; they drive up Saturday, fish Sunday and Monday, drive home Tuesday. They cross into Canada but loop back down to the resort which is in Minnesota. Luckily Ian’s first tournament game is Friday at noon so Bob can go. Again they are playing a better team so anything can happen. If they win, next game is Saturday and I will either go alone or see if I can ride with Amanda’s parents. The new outfit sounds cute and the shoes perfect to go with it. I always over pack even though we have a washer and dryer in the condo, I hate doing laundry while we are gone. It’s nice to come with clean clothes though.
What is Steakum? Hope your shoulder feels better by now.

Ceejay, I feel so sorry for what your bil is going through. It is hard not to give up when he feels so lousy. That is good news about the tumor shrinking! :cheer: Let’s hope that news will help his spirits to keep fighting! Is your sister’s employer understanding when she has to be gone with him? I hope so! Do your nephews live close enough so they can help too? I’ve never done the prepackaged food. I would consider myself on the picky eater side, and if it doesn’t look good to me I won’t eat it. On our first trip to Maui we went to a fancy and expensive luau. They served mostly Hawaiian food buffet style but also had some American food. Some of the Hawaiian food wasn’t looking good to me so I passed it up. Others said it was really good but I was happy with my choices.

It is a good afternoon to read a book so think I will find some socks and my sweater, then do just that. Hope you are enjoying a nice day. :wave: in the :rain:

ceejay52 08-01-2019 01:41 PM

Caffeine has never bothered me before but today I'm feeling the affects from lack of sleep due to drinking a coke before bedtime. It was 2.30 before I really closed my eyes. and awake at 7.15 this morning.
Went to weigh in this morning and thankfully haven't gained any weight from last weigh in. I'm still losing inches, 2 inches over all this week, which makes a total of 26 inches lost all together. I can tell I'm losing inches due to the fact my clothes are getting loose.
They were going to hook up bil to nutrients last night so hopefully this will make him even better. He hates the ng tube.
My niece is coming in for vacation on Saturday. I'm to pick her up from the airport.

I haven't heard of Hugh Pentecost. I will look to see if I can get them on Kindle. I've been watching Father Brown mysteries on Netflix lately. May look to see if Netflix has a version of it for viewing.

Enjoy Ian's ballgame on Friday. Ouch on you DH's hand problem.

gma22 08-01-2019 03:32 PM

Cloudy today but really warm. I was supposed to go across the street and get my second shingles shot but I just donít feel like it. Iíll get over there tomorrow and get it done. I didnít know you had to have more than one.

I bought Jack a surprise. A few months ago I got this sample of fudge from a lady in Washington. It was butterscotch and he loved it so I ordered him a couple different kinds. I tasted it and it was spectacular. Hopefully it wonít be melted when it gets here.

Jack ordered me one of those walkers with a seat. It will be used in the house and help me in the kitchen cooking and cleaning up. It is really great because it sits up fairly high so I can use the stove sitting down. Standing for any length of time makes my back hurt because of the way I stand with my bum knee. Maybe Iíll get to enjoy cooking again.

Everyone have a nice afternoon.

Jean 08-01-2019 07:25 PM

Good Afternoon! It’s been a lovely day in my neighborhood! I have putzed the day away and no one would be able to tell what I’ve accomplished. I rearranged some dust by putting some nick-nack things in the SOS box. I know Dear Abby says it is ok to get rid of things that others have given as gifts but that bothers me. I put those away until I can ask the kids the dreaded question, “do you want this?” I know what they will say. Other than that not much is happening here. Bob has spent the afternoon packing what he can and I add things as I think of them if he hasn’t. Ian’s game tomorrow is at noon which works great for it not being late to come home. If they win, I’m not sure if I will go alone or not, depends on how late it is. I really don’t want to drive alone if it’s late.

Ceejay, some evenings I would kill for a Coke but know I will pay for it at bedtime. I don’t know if it was caffeine related but my grandma had a neighbor who baked cookies when she couldn’t sleep. :lol: :congrat: on losing inches! Way to go! Will your niece be staying with you? It’s nice of you to pick her up at the airport. It’s my thumb that hurts and “Gma’s” husband, Jack, who has had the hand surgery.

”Gma,” did you get the very first shingles shot several years ago? I wonder why there are two now, more ingredients? It is bad stuff whatever. Amanda’s dad got them on one side of his head and lost part of his vision. A nurse got them in her ear canal and it took a long time to diagnose because of her symptoms. I hope Jack’s fudge arrives ok. Maybe it will be in a cooler pack. My fudge shop/antique store is closing the end of August because the owner has cancer. :( She was planning to retire at the end of the year but ended up closing during the winter months while she had treatments. I love it because I could buy a couple pieces for Bob. She had all different kinds and it was all delicious. I suggested she make a cookbook with her recipes. Enjoy your new walker! :D

We are going to the park for a taco supper. Every week, during the summer, a different organization prepares food and it supports their cause. Tonight is the art gallery here in town. Enjoy your evening! :wave:

gma22 08-02-2019 08:10 PM

Good evening. Hot and humid today of course. I didnít go across the street but called them. They acted like they could have cared less.

We bought a new remote for our Direct tv but the stupid thing works except volume and turning tv off. So, I went on chat yesterday yada, yada, yada, she sent me an ďadvancedĒ she said would fix the problem. Itís the exact same remote even has the same model number on it. So we now have two. Jack is trying to get it working right now. The old oneís buttons 2, 9, off, were not working. Weíll see how long before he gets royally irked at it. :lol:

I put some new dark clothes in washer, filled with cold water, put a whole thing of vinegar to set the colors and the stupid thing drained right out. My old washer held the water as long as the lid was up and it was off. Hopefully, they are soaked enough they held vinegar water. Iíll wash them in an hour or so.

My cute new deck shoes came and were so narrow I couldnít get them on. They donít have wide in that style so have to send them back and order different color and style. I ordered a size larger and a wide so we shall see. I wanted them for the cruise to wear in port. Grasshopper has easy returns though, which is nice.

CeeJay: Somehow I missed both yours and Jeanís last post. So, congrats on inches lost. The ng tube is awful. Makes it hard to talk and you swallow and itís irritating. If you have nausea, having a foreign tube down your throat makes it worse. They started giving me stuff when they saw what was going on. Hope the nutrients makes him feel better. Have a good time with your niece. You can get Hugh Pentecost on Kindle. I have several of them. Look for his Hotel Beaumont/Pierre Chambrun books.

Jean: I only had my first shot a couple months ago. It must have a booster now or something. My sister in law, retired from nursing and decided to get a food truck. She has no experience, just decided to do it. Her Hubby was against it, but she went down to FL I think (they live in TX,) and it wasnít drivable so somehow got it home. She has spent hundreds on repairs so far and she posted it broke down and had to be pushed home last night. She runs it with her daughter and your taco comment made me think of it. I imagine her husband is, ďI told you soĒ all over the place. Nuts to go into something food related without a good business plan and back up money to keep you going. She even did a gofundme for a repair awhile back. She needed $1600 and got $300, $200 of which we gave her. I donít know where she got the rest or any money since then and itís broken down at least 4 times. I think the guy who sold it saw her coming. She hasnít even been able to afford to paint it with her chosen name. Itís a real mess. Donít get too lonely while heís gone.

Have a good weekend.

Jean 08-03-2019 12:41 AM

Good Evening! We had a weird weather day again. We were leaving at 10 for Ian’s game at noon and I was having trouble deciding what to wear. I have a team t-shirt and opted for jeans in case of rain. I took two nylon jackets, one with a fuzzy lining. It was cloudy and breezy at the game so I was glad for the jeans and nylon jacket! We happened to see Ian as we walked past the dugout so stopped for a quick “good luck” with him. I asked if they had beaten the other team earlier in the season; he kind of laughed and said that game was their 11-1 loss. He didn’t sound very hopeful. As it turned out the pitching mound was higher than what the pitchers have been using and it took a couple innings for them to adjust. Our out field had some great plays and it seems like more players running the bases were dodging basemen between stealing bases, rolling on the ground, and even doing some somersaults. Ian’s team won 9-6 and he had several plays that put players out as well as making 2 of the winning points. Tomorrow’s game is at 5:30 and I am going to ride over with Amanda’s sister and dad. Her mom is with Ian and Zowie at their house while Jason and Amanda are motorcycle riding in Sturgis. I won’t even go there. Another team dad was standing next to Bob and asked where Jason was. When Bob told him, he sent Jason a ripping text telling him he should be ashamed among the rest of his rant.

“Gma,” I can’t put water in my washer to soak clothes, and that’s the one thing I don’t like about it. When it washes I think it looks like just enough water to get the clothes wet, but they come clean so that’s what matters. I asked the pharmacist about Bob having his second shot since he will be having cataract surgery. She said to check with the surgeon, but he has six months after the first one to get it. We have lots of food trucks around the area. Some seem to always have people eating while other do not. We also have a few ethnic grocery stores. Do you have your internet service with your Direct tv? Our cable bill just went up again. :mad: Good luck with the remotes! I didn’t pick up the gift shop money today so will have that to do Monday. Wednesday is a PEO meeting with a state rep. She goes over our books to make sure everything is in order; we meet with her in the morning at the president’s home, have lunch there then go to another home for our regular meeting. I am filling in for the treasurer again so it will be a long day I think. I have lots of sorting I can do as well as read and color. ;)

Since I didn’t get much done around here today I need to get busy tomorrow before we leave for the game at 3. Bob is leaving at 5 and I know I won’t go back to bed. Hope you enjoy a nice weekend! :wave:

Jean 08-04-2019 12:10 PM

Good Morning! It is a beautiful, peaceful morning in my neighborhood with sunshine and lower humidity. I was looking for a church service on tv but couldn’t find one so went on the internet only to find all kinds of them. I watched parts of three different services but still didn’t really find what I wanted. I need to watch the whole service from beginning to end. Just a very few were listed as being a traditional service. On a different note, our local church provided 461 free :rolleyes: backpacks filled with school supplies yesterday. The child had to be with an adult to qualify.

Bob and Beth arrived in Canada safely and she sent a couple pictures. The owners provide a loaf of fresh homemade bread upon arrival and Beth said it was still warm from the oven. :T Today they fish!

Ian’s team lost their game yesterday, 6-3. :( They fought hard but without their best pitcher I think they felt defeated going into the game. Again Ian played well hitting grounders each time and bringing runners in. They play again this afternoon to determine 3rd or 4th place. I am not going but will watch the livestream. We went out to eat after the game and he told me he isn't going to play basketball this year. I am really disappointed but kind of knew it was coming since he started playing later than his friends and many have dropped out in favor of other sports. He mentioned the coach is a real stickler on open gym time over the weekends, no matter if the kids had family plans or involved in other activities. So it is on to football, :hyper: first game is August 30 so hopefully the weather will be good!

I need to get dressed. I think I dropped an earring in the dishwasher, :eek: I left them on the counter and now am missing one. The counter is speckled/dark and things blend in so hard to see sometimes. I think I ran the dishwasher afterwards but don’t remember any grinding noises. :crossed: I need to check under the stove. Hope you all enjoy a relaxing Sunday! :wave:

ceejay52 08-05-2019 12:20 AM

Don't think I posted yesterday but I'm here tonight.
Picked up niece at the airport yesterday then went to visit with BIl. He was in very good spirits and the nutrition that is in his IV"s are doing wonders. More news on the tumor. His oncologists thinks that the tumor has shrunk enough to do surgery but will find out what his surgeon will say on Monday.
Went to church this morning. Went by the hospital to check on sis and bil. Sis was having gut problems and opted not to go out to eat with us. She went home and I told the kids that I can't pay for every ones lunches and I felt the tension there. The girls picked a very expensive place to eat. They always do if mom is going to buy their lunch. I don't have the money sis has and I want them to know that. And they are all working.
Niece is spending the night with her oldest brother. Not the one who stayed with me for awhile.
Will be going for my cataract evaluation in the morning. I'm getting a friend from church to take me. I can't depend on my niece. She did call and tell me that if I could come and pick her up in the morning at her brothers that she would take me. That doesn't work for me for some reason.
The house will be locked until I come back home. I've given both the nephew and her a key last year and it has not been returned so I don't have another one to be given. She is at my mercy. Brother in law had to give me his key to have to use until I have some more made.

Jean 08-05-2019 07:52 PM

Good Afternoon/Evening! We were supposed to have heavy rain and wind this afternoon but so far nothing has happened. The sun has disappeared and it’s very humid but the clouds are poofy white ones. We balanced at church this morning on the first try. A teacher, (who was not a very good teacher, may she Rest In Peace) died not long ago. She had no children and her husband drowned, a few years ago, after he fell off the dredge barge into the lake. She left the church $250,000! She was one to come in on December 30th and give $100 for her yearly giving. She was Beth’s kindergarten teacher and she didn’t want any room mother (me!) to help with anything, unlike every other teacher. She eventually was asked to resign which I’m sure was traumatic for her. There wasn’t much to count from the gift shop since the big sale a week ago. I just got a text from Beth; fishing was good again today and they saw four bears including a mom and two cubs swimming. The bears would be more fun for me than the fishing! :) I’ve done some laundry and vacuumed the fur bunnies. I really need to do some serious dusting. :woohoo:

Ceejay, I’m glad your bil is feeling better. I hope he gets a good report from the surgeon today! I certainly don’t blame you for being up front about paying for everyone’s lunch. :) Do you think your sister’s stress/emotions affect her stomach? I know some people react that way or have headaches, etc. I hope she is feeling better. How did your cataract appointment go? Good, I hope! Good luck with the key dance.

Hope all have had a good day and enjoy your evening! :wave:

gma22 08-05-2019 10:35 PM

Good evening. Boy was it hot here today. The ac thermostat couldnít get below 84 until the sun went down. We face east/west so get the sun all day, front then back. Itís finally cooled off.

Jack took off half day to go to dr. Dr says he has what is called, ďtrigger finger.Ē There is a tendon that runs the length of the palm and it has like a casing around it. When that casing gets enflamed and swells, the middle finger curls up and sticks in place. Heís been in pain for weeks and like I said before he has to go see his ortho dr. He goes there on Thurs. Heíll have to take a vacation day. He doesnít want to lose his bonus day by taking sick time. Besides they can only do two things, cortizone shot or surgery. Heíll need to save his sick time if they have to do surgery.

Weíre sitting here watching the ballgame but I imagine Jack will go to bed soon.

CeeJay: Thatís great to hear about your bil. Sure hope they can do surgery and get it removed. Pretty cheeky to expect someone else to pay for your meal just because your mother always does. They arenít kids but grownups. They should be paying for yours! Best thing I ever did was get cataract surgery. Itís great not having to wear anything but readers. Wishing the best for your appt.

Jean: I know you kind of hate Ian playing football. Just have to pray God will protect him. Sounds like theyíre having a good time. Iím like you, Iíd enjoy watching the bears. Jack doesnít do any fishing, hunting, etc. I am definitely not a camper even a cabin. We did that when I was a kid, but just not my thing. Wow, nice gift for your church.

You all have a good evening!

ceejay52 08-05-2019 10:51 PM

Evening folks
Bil's surgeon thinks the tumor should reduce some more. That means more chemo. Sigh. I had such high hopes for him yesterday. He got sick again yesterday. He told me he stopped having bowel movements so they did an upper GI today but no results back yet. The surgeon will more than likely do some type of surgery to keep that bowel open. I'm trying to hang onto that little ray of hope. At least he has had a couple of good days.
The ophthalmologist told me today that my cataracts are ready to come off. I'm scheduled to have my left eye done on the 22nd. I'm ready to have this done and out of the way.

Glad you got to go to Ian's game.

ceejay52 08-08-2019 12:15 PM

My niece has been in town this week so I've been doing some things with her. Yesterday she and my great niece was here.
It's raining this morning. but I think I will get out and go to the gym. I've been letting myself go and I feel horrible. I've gained 2 pounds.
My trip tot the ophthalmologist was a bit exhausting. I had a lot of simple test but my cataracts are ready to come off. My left eye will be first on August 22. I will get a friend from church to take me.

Bil didn't get good new from his surgeon. But he did put a stent in his upper intestine to let his food go down. He has resumed his chemo today.

Jean 08-08-2019 06:50 PM

Good Afternoon! It has been a hazy kind of day with sunshine but not bright sunshine. The humidity is down again so have the sliding doors and windows open. The birds are happy chippers too. Yesterday was a long day and I was ready for bed early. I started the day at the dentist; an appointment I had on the calendar but had spaced it off worrying about the PEO meeting. We had an officer’s meeting with a state representative in the morning, and I was substituting for the treasurer. She was so worried that she had all the necessary member paperwork and financial records in order. Basically the purpose of the meeting was if the officers had any questions about their office, etc. The rep didn’t even look at my books, just asked how I did the job when I filled in. We had a salad lunch then moved to another house with a beautiful view of the lake for our regular meeting. Here the rep critiqued a faked initiation ceremony which we passed with flying colors. Today I have just made myself do some laundry and pick up the clutter. I had ordered something for Maddy and never received it but, of course, it was charged to my credit card. I spent some time jumping through the hoops to dispute that and have it charged back to the company. They never answered my emails and there was no tracking number on the “it has been shipped!” No body I talked to spoke English very well so I was frustrated by the time I got done.

“Gma,” I feel for Jack with his finger! Sometimes my thumb is so tight I have to use my other hand to unbend it. I need to visit my favorite doc but have just been putting it off. We watched Little League tournaments the other night and some of the pitchers could pitch so fast! They were fun to watch. My idea of camping is the Holiday Inn! The fishing resort cabins are nice but they are out in the “sticks,” no shopping centers. They get mail three times a week but UPS and Fedex deliver every day. They both brought home their limit in fish and Beth is ready to plan next years trip. :lol:

Ceejay, I am sorry about your bil getting sick again. I think that and the bowel problems go along with the chemo. I’m glad they could do something to help him. I know my mom had a blocked bowel a couple times and ended up in the hospital. Radiation has it’s negative side effects too. :( Bob’s cataract evaluation is the 20th, will think of you on the 22nd. You will do fine!

I have ave laundry in the dryer that should be done so better get it out and folded. They are Bob’s yard working and fishing clothes. Hope you enjoy the rest of the day! :wave:

Jean 08-09-2019 11:50 AM

Happy Friday! It’s sunny and cool, a lovely quiet morning in my neighborhood. I am dressed, makeup on, breakfast dishes cleared, and washed/dried a load of clothes. We have no tv this morning so Bob left for the office early rather than check local news. The robo calls have already started this morning with three right in a row. I can block 250 calls but the locations just come up with new numbers. :( The election is a year from now, right? I wish FB would ban all political ads and opinions!!

“Gma,” you asked when the kids go back to school and I don’t remember if I answered. Our local students, Maddy and Kolby go back on Friday the 23rd. Ian and Zowie start the new year on Wednesday the 21st. Teachers always preferred starting on Wednesdays but the calendar didn’t always work in their favor.

Not much newsy this early in the morning from Iowa. The tree stump removal guy is supposed to come this morning; there goes my “quiet.” :lol: Enjoy your day whatever you decide to do. :wave:

gma22 08-09-2019 04:16 PM

Good afternoon girls! We have had rain off and on today but itís moving out I think. We have grocery shopping this weekend and hopefully get the car washed.

I found the cutest little black dress with a sheer piece right at the bottom and a matching jacket to the sheer piece. I had a $30 rewards certificate I needed to spend or lose it and so with it, a buy one get half off offer, a coupon for $30 off $50 spent, my perks card of 10% off and free shipping, I got a $170 dress/jacket for about 65% off. I found a cute pair of black dress shoes at Nordstroms to go with it.

Jackís hand appt came out fine. The doctor knew what he was doing so it wasnít as painful as other cortisone shots heís had. Dr said it should last about 4 months then heíll have to have surgery on it. We waited forever for him. He was at another clinic across town and they lost power. He had patients so had to wait for power to come back on. That meant he was an hour behind plus had to drive all the way across town. Our 1 pm appt ended up being 3 oíclock. Jack took a vacation day so he just waited.

CeeJay: I sure hope they can get his intestinal issue straightened out. It can cause so many things to happen when it doesnít work right. He sure has been through a lot already. Youíll be so happy when you can see better. One thing that improved for me was night driving. We are not out at night much, but I had a real hard time seeing at night before the surgery.

Jean: Donít wait too long. His doctor told him waiting can eventually cause figure problems to become permanent and then nothing helps. I agree with you. Roughing it for me would be Red Roof Inn over Embassy Suites! :lol: I get all the political crap through email. Youíre right about them just changing and calling again. I donít get as many as Jack but I have a call block app on my phone from ATT. :lol: The phone just rang and came up ďspam risk.Ē Guess theyíre reading my post.

Everyone have a good weekend!

ceejay52 08-10-2019 12:34 PM

Some good news and bad news about BIL.. The doctor inserted a stent in his upper intestine where the stomach and intestine meets. So far that is doing great. Second bit of news that I didn't want to hear is that BIL has 2 spots on his liver. The doctor is going to do a scan to evaluate that. If it has spread then there is nothing else he can do.
I'm back on plan as of Thursday. Told myself that all these happenings will not deter me from getting healthier. I've been to the gym twice this week and want to go again today.
I went to my nephews house last night for the August birthday's. Nephew grill burgers and they were good. I tried to stay on plan but the ice cream birthday cake was just to hard to resist.
My niece flew out this morning at 8.30 so she should be arriving back in Florida very soon. It was good to spend time with her.
It's partly cloudy this morning. I'm planning on mowing the lawn this afternoon.
I have a load of laundry in the washer and I want to dust and vacuum the living room.

I haven't been driving at night for awhile. I'm hoping that after the removal of the cataracts that will improve. For instance last night my niece had to drive my car home and nephew followed us to take her back to his house. You sound like my sister in using her cash rewards money. I don't buy enough clothes to get any cash back or rewards.
Hope Jack's hand improves.

I hate the robo calls. It may sound mean but lately I answer the phone and just be silent until they hang up then block then block.them I'm not sure how many I can block though.
I also dislike the political stuff on FB.

ceejay52 08-11-2019 10:25 PM

Took a meatloaf over to sis's and she put mashed potatoes and broccoli with it. Very good meal. Bil ate a little of it. I'd also bought a fresh cantaloupe from the garden of a friend at church. It was good.
Watching Father Brown on Netflix. He's a priest that likes to dabble in solving murders.
BIl is doing better. He is weak from the chemo.

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