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  • Our baby is almost crawling. She is very, very active at almost 7 months.
    Not much is going on. The temperatures have fallen into a good range for me. It's 65 in the house without heat or air this morning. It's a bit chilly and I may turn on the heat in a few minutes. It was 44 degree's when I checked an hour ago.
  • Morning all.

    The weekend was uneventful. I rode my stationary bike on Saturday morning. It was a rainy, dreary day. Bleh. Got out on my real bike on Sunday, when it was nicer for the first part of the day. I rode over to a local park that’s about 2 miles from home. It’s a large park that has a number of baseball and soccer fields, as well as the dog park. It has paths around the perimeter as well as winding through the park. It’s a nice alternative to heaving the bike into the van and driving to a bike path. Anyway, my butt was sore yesterday from riding more than my usual 6 minutes round-trip per day, LOL. Also went to the farmers market for more apples. Bought more honeycrisp, and also a couple called Mutsu, which I believe may also be called Crispin. Hopefully they are more on the tart side.

    Ceejay – That baby is at a cute age, but now everyone will have to keep up with her! I think I’m confused – the newborn is a cousin or a sibling of the 7 month old?? I’m also enjoying the cooler temps we’ve been having, even when it’s chilly in the morning. But when I’m riding the bike in the morning and the cool air hits my eyes, they start to water!

    Annie – Glad to hear C is doing well with his eating and sugars management. Fingers crossed your SIL gets to go home today. Wow, Jacob is almost 8 already!! And he gets a party AND a trip to Wolf Lodge!!! Lucky boy. Too bad C can’t go too. Re the senior society – maybe it would help if my taste buds changed and sweets and junk food suddenly tasted awful… Heard a news blurb about chip implants that zap you when you think about food bingeing. Sounds like the idea came out of a treatment for epilepsy that detects brain changes that signal a seizure is coming and do some sort of zap to ward it off? Anyway, I wonder if the weight loss version will take hold.

    Happy – Gosh what a PITA with the cc issues. I hope it’s all straightened out by now and that you’re back to earning your points too!! I hope you’re able to get out and enjoy the fall weather/color be it at the festivals or via nice drives through the countryside. Good to see you cutting back on the bingo too – time is a precious thing! I hope you like the yoga toes stretching thingies. I’ve added that to my bedtime routine. I need to call it a “nighttime routine” and add snack/lunch prep to that. The Tower is still under major construction and I’m getting tired of navigating it just to get in and out of the building just to get lunch. And whatever I bring from home is sure to be lighter and healthier than what I end up buying from the nearby places. Ugh, perms! Yes, your mom needs to be careful with those – they definitely damage hair. Re my gray hair - I suppose I should pay attention to my mom’s hair. First of all, she has quite a mop, so I just need to stop worrying about losing my hair, even though it seems like a lot comes out when I wash it. Second, her hair never went all gray. However, it’s hard for me to tell what’s natural color and what’s not, but I do think she’s stopped coloring it. She definitely stopped perming her hair. She used to do both the color and perms herself - it probably too difficult for her now. So she just goes to those salon chains like Great Clips, etc. for haircuts. Yesterday I was looking online for how to do beach-y waves in my hair without using heat and one of the other searches I saw was asking if perms could be used to achieve beach waves! Yikes!

    Shad – Sounds like you had a good visit with the great nieces. I bet it feels good to hear how they enjoyed themselves during their time with you. How wonderful that your ds is going to visit the States! I hope he has a wonderful trip. He and the ex were in the US out west a few years back, weren’t they? Navy Pier…big tourist thing for sure….well, if he must, LOL. I just like being outdoors and walking along the Pier all the way to the end to enjoy the views. Too bad the lakefront and river cruise boats docked there will almost certainly be closed for business by then. I suppose the big ferris wheel will still be operating? Not sure. Plenty of great neighborhoods to explore, and of course the restaurants and the architecture. Maybe he'll enjoy the new-ish Riverwalk? Gosh, just makes me feel bad that I don’t take advantage of all the offerings… Never gave much thought to growing onions or shallots, even though we use them all the time. I’ll have to research it. I’ve been figuring out how to relocate my veg garden along the south wall of the house where there’s a lot of sun – IF I can place the plants high enough to not be blocked by our tall wooden fence. That’s where a tiered plant stand comes into my plan. I might just rig one for myself out of cinder blocks and wooden boards and see how that works before investing money into something more permanent. Plenty of time to mull it over during the off-season.

    Hi Susie!!

    Yesterday I met briefly with the HR person about going on leave for my surgery. Still a bit early to contact the 3rd party company they use for this. Apparently they don’t really do much until after the surgery when they have a better idea of how much time off will be needed based upon the outcome of the surgery. Otherwise, we just discussed the forms the doctor will have to sign.

    I heard from my doctor this morning while I was walking from the train station to the office. That wasn’t exactly convenient for talking, so he’ll try again between patients. I’d left a couple follow-up voicemails about the surgical packet they sent and I imagine he wanted to go through some of that.

    I went online to cancel my monthly train ticket for November. I ordered a couple 10-ride tickets instead, and can use them as needed.

    Nothing else to report, so I’ll get this cut/pasted/posted. TTFN.
  • Laura
    The newborn is a cousin to the first baby.
    Not much going on. Brought bil back to Branson after his chemo treatment yesterday and I'll be here till about Thursday. He's got 4 more to go.
    I was drafted into choir on Sunday. I don't really want to do it but I will try.
  • Good morning ladies,

    Nice to see you all posting again. I realize life can get away from you - happens to me also but nice to keep in touch.

    Yesterday we said goodbye to beautiful autumn and probably the sun too. I think this is going to be a gray and chilly winter - gray meaning it will get depressing after a while. There is a big snowstorm out west. Our first snow of the season is expected on Saturday - 1 to 3 inches. My sister is envious, I am not. I am NOT ready for this yet. It will recover next week to more seasonal 50's and low 40's at night. We will bounce for a short bit until real winter moves in. I always feel for the animals. I have a few more plants that will probably get taken out this weekend. My African Daisies were loving the cooler weather and both bloomed profusely lately. We have 2 skunks taking up residence under the boat shed that DH is actively trying to get rid of. I guess the boat shed makes for nice protection for a den - we have had several animals including a snake, porcupine, skunks and foxes all take up residence there at one time or another. My best story was when DH threw some large animal turd he found in the yard into the hole trying to get them out. It didn't work

    So it was really breezy yesterday. I had scheduled us for a professional photo shoot they were doing as a fundraiser at the Senior Resource Center. I really wanted a nice picture of me and DH together. DH was beside himself not wanting to do this. I told him resistance was futile. He tried everything he could to get out of it including almost giving himself a Polish grandpa buzz cut haircut so he'd look terrible. I cut his hair instead. He was getting annoying so I told him to just forget it already if it was so TORTUOUS!!! He said he hated getting his picture taken and why did I have to post pictures of us on Facebook. Well I wish I was a hundred pounds lighter and 40 years younger too but we all age so stop being so vain. Sometimes it is nice to look back. Anyway we would probably need to get passports as they are changing the rules next year and in order to fly (which is getting less and less appealing to me all the time), you will need a passport or Real-ID in order to travel. Besides, we are so close to Canada we talked about taking a road trip one day. And this photographer made her living photographing people so it was our best bet for a halfway decent picture. So we got dressed up and went over to the Center. I thought we'd do it inside but I should have known better. There is a park next to the Center with a small lake and that's where she set up the shoot. It's a steep not so easy to navigate rough slope to get to the park part - not the best thing for seniors and people with disabilities and bad knees! DH had to escort a few of us. One of the ladies who is a friend to another is kind of a pain in the keester. Her appointment was after ours and she tried to butt in ahead of us. I thought we were going to have an old people fight on our hands So we are taking pictures and at one point she says to DH who is standing up, I am sitting beside him - give your wife a kiss on her head. He said a firm NO. I guess he was not about to be a posed boy toy for this lady! I looked at him and said if you do this, I will NEVER ask you to do this EVER again. So he gave me a peck on the head, not sure how these pictures will come out, I have a feeling his lack of cooperation is going to come across strong. And he probably gave that same no smile prison picture look he does on drivers licenses. If they come out awful he is going to hear about it. Geez yesterday I put on a real shirt and real pants for the photo shoot - instead of stretch pants and t-shirts which are my usual wear. OMG was that uncomfortable, could not wait to get home to change - hoping nothing was going to burst or rip Thank heavens I did not have to wear pantyhose that's not happening ever again I think.

    We shoved all the furniture to one side of the living and dining room so he could get at the big upper windows and vacumn the dead flies and check for air leaks. That made a big mess so I came home and instead of being outside and enjoying the last of the nice weather, I stayed inside and cleaned. I tried to tell Bimmy that she wanted to spend as much time in the 3 season room as possible yesterday because that was probably going to be it for enjoying that room for a while but she didn't listen. I went to a Finance Committee meeting earlier this week but sat as a passive observant rather than an active participant - and it was nice. We have mostly women on our committee and I thought it was extremely rude when my buddy was giving an update on the Thrift Shop activities that both guys were obviously not listening, interested or paying attention. You are supposed to have a mild interest in all activities, not just your little section of the world. The board members are like that too.

    I have about 2 weeks until the dental procedure. Trying not to think of that because it is stressing me a bit. I am having some issues with the left side of my mouth and have a check up on Monday with the dentist. I think they just moved the pressure from the front of the teeth to the sides. There is a small space between each tooth for flossing and it seems they are all getting a bit loose and just a touch bothersome when I eat anything harder than applesauce. I am starting to fret about whether this is going to work or not.

    I did get the credit card thing all straightened out. Not much else to say at the moment.

    Ceejay - it will be fun playing with babies for a long time. And since one is almost a year younger, you will get double the fun. Give 'em a hug and play every chance you get to visit. Hope the BIL will be able to tolerate his treatments. Good you are giving the choir a try - you can always bow out, might have fun too once you get used to it.

    Laura - you made me laugh with your 6 minutes on the bike comment. Reminded me I should also get in the basement on the stationary bike and NuStep again. Out of sight, out of mind but I just synch'd my Garmin with my phone so that will remind me to move. I think perms are making a come back again although I have always been told either color or perm - don't want to do both unless you like fried hair. I have some products that give beachy waves. You just have to blow dry your hair and scrunch as you are drying to get the loose wave effect. Sometimes it looks better than other times and takes a bit of practice to get it down. When you've gotten it right, it's actually faster to style your hair that way. As you are planning for your surgery - you should think about preparing some things around the house while you are immobilized. Simple things like showering, prepping meals, even what you wear and getting dressed take a bit more thought. Good thought on trying something less permanent in the garden to figure out what works. I wish we had done that with the fencing DH put in the veg garden but it's sort of hard to do temporary fencing - we mostly need to fess up and take out a whole bunch of trees. I was against tree cutting but, we have many many trees and as I look at other properties, I can see the advantage to clearing around the house but leaving the more dense trees roadside for privacy.

    Speaking about privacy, we went to our friend's house over the weekend - the one who was recently widowed. She is living in the house her husband had built after his very nasty divorce. It is pretty isolated and set far off the main road. Definitely need to plow the driveway over winter although I think she plans to go back to their Florida house January through May because she hates the gray weather of our winters. I was thinking her house is too isolated for me to be comfortable with. I mean there is no one next to us on one side, and across from us is 100 acres of undeveloped land but our next door neighbor is close enough that I could run over there around the back if I had to. I don't feel quite as isolated as her. That is why I don't watch horror movies. My imagination is too active and I always think someone is watching me. Anyway she is revamping the house - put in new carpeting as her husband thought the old stuff was just fine. She is completely remodelling the kitchen - and she is a vegetarian and doesn't cook much by her own admission. And she swapped out the bedroom furniture too. In a way it seems as if she is wiping out her husband's presence but then again maybe that is her way of coping and she doesn't want sad memories of what used to be. I don't know - was talking about that with another mutual friend of ours. Then again, this is the third husband she has had to bury so I guess she has her own way of coping with things. Life is weird.

    Annie - I'm glad to hear that C is sticking to the plan. How are things with SIL? How are you doing? FInd anything enjoyable with the new job? Can't believe Jacob is 8 - boy how that time flew!!! And yes, cranberries are wonderful - especially if you are not big on sweet.

    Hi Shad - do you grow shallots any different than onions? We had some local onions and they seemed more fresh and firm than the ones in bags at the store. I didn't hit the farmers market at the end of season - there is a vendor there who usually sells 25 pound bags of onions I used to get to tide me over the winter. Are you still at the mercy of your neighbors who depend on your time now that you are "free"?

    Hi Susie - hope you had a nice anniversary!

    Well I need to do some data entry and get on with the day. Have a good one yourselves.
  • Happy - isn't strange how your no.1 idiot and Britain's no.1 idiot look somewhat alike?? Good that you got the credit card sorted. My DB1 had a similar experience a while ago and it has taken some time for the money to be returned to his account. Fortunately he doesn't keep a lot in his working account and we think he got skimmed at the ATM. Might be getting back to the time where we keep our money under the mattress again. Had a good laugh at the reaction of your DH regarding the photoshoot. He and I make a good pair. I take a terrible photo but usually a good photographer can make even me look okay.
    Thanks for the info on Chicago. Have relayed it to the DS2 who has now booked his flights. They are in the US from 14th Nov to 27th Nov so he will miss Thanksgiving. Actually he gets back on 27th so he is only there until 26th as one loses a day at the International Dateline. He will gain one going over. I'm not sure what he has sorted for tours but I did tell him about the problems with some individuals in the streets. He has been previously to California and Las Vegas so he should be a bit au fait with the place. We've been talking about things to do but it was so long ago that I was there, and it wasn't November so I can't help much. They go to NY for only a couple of days before flying home from there.
    I've treated shallots the same as onions. I have no idea how they will come out. I suspect that they are ready when the tops die off. I've only got a couple in so it will be interesting to see how it goes. I still have to help out one of the neighbours. She can not read English or understand the written word well so when she came over in a big flap the other day about a letter from the QCAT (Queensland Court Justice stuff) I had to spend an hour trying to calm her down and translate the legalese into plain English and deal with the hysterics at the same time. The other neighbours are all good but I seem to be getting sucked into Probus problems and politics which doesn't sit well and I may just come out with some plain speaking shortly.
    Poor lady. Or is that not right - burying 3 husbands. Think I might be up a ladder painting as well.

    Laura - thanks for the info on things to do in Chicago. I have passed them on along with Happy's information. I'm sure he will be okay and be able to get a few tours here and there. Big problem is that he won't have a huge amount of money so he can't spend up big. I've told him I am expecting a huge Christmas present for looking after the dog for two weeks.
    Good luck with the vege patch. They do need lots of sun - at least 6 hours a day. Sunshine we have in abundance, rain not so much, although it has rained overnight - good rain too and we should get a bit more this morning.

    Ceejay - enjoy those babies

    Annie - enjoy your break away. I have no doubt you need it. Glad to hear C is doing okay with his medication. Why is it that some people can't follow directions and manage to mess up with his run and now he has to sort it all out. Hope the SIL is doing okay now.

    Susie - hope you had a wonderful time on your anniversary. I guess Fiona is getting very big now.

    I'd better get off and go spread some fertiliser on the lawns - not that you can call it a lawn anymore - it's brown and weedy. Still the rain will bring it back and then I will have to mow again. Always something. I've got a full diary for this week with opticians, Probus meetings, window refurbishers, Thursday is free and Friday I have lunch and dinner out scheduled. This is retirement? I finished painting another wall in the house yesterday and have cleaned up after that. Since today will not be a garden day, I might just prep for the next segment or maybe make a start on the floor. On the other hand I might just go look at furniture for the spare room. It will be so nice to get some of these jobs out of the way and wipe them off the to do board. Wonder what I will do when it all gets done.
  • Today I had some errands to run. I finally got my flu shot and then went to a neighboring town to the DMV to get my car tags. I'm going to try to put them on myself. Then I made a WM run. I also scouted out the recycle area that is closer to my house but my goodness it is way out in the boonies. But I will probably use it cause it is closer. I may check on a pick up bend for the house. I will mainly have paper and plastic.
    I haven't felt 100% this week. I've had a couple of rounds of IBS and my intestines feel like they are on fire
    A choir member approached me with a book that they are practicing for the Christmas program. I'm still undecided on whether to do this. I'll have to miss two Wednesday's out of the month because of bil and then my trip to Arkansas. But I suppose I will give it a try.
    Every one have a good day.
  • Hello Every One,

    Sorry to be MIA. I was so tired every day last week, even the two days we took for vacation to celebrate our anniversary. I am not working overtime, maybe a couple of hours a week.

    But I am so tired when I come home every night, because I am still learning how to do a lot of things when it comes to the budget reports and now I am also invoicing for the research monies we get from groups that want us to do research for them.

    It is like I am in learning mode most of the week, or using my notes from what I learned and doing things on my own, which being new takes a while.

    We had a nice time off for our Anniversary. We went to the Zoo and Fiona is in her terrible 2's now....she just wanted to lie in the sun and sleep

    Everyone once in awhile she would open one eye, and roll over to the other side....but I still love her!

    Annie: I think it is this week you will be at Wolfe lodge in Cincinnati? I drive past that every day going to and from work and it is only 15 min from my work building. I would love to come to the Lodge and meet up with you. Let me know.

    I had a mobile number in my phone for you and sent you a text. I am hoping that is still the number.

    I am really struggling with my weight. I keep gaining and losing the same 10 lbs. I decided that I need to get strict with my food again, Monday is a good day to start again, dont you think?!

    Time for me to hit the shower so I can be at work on time. No overtime this week as the nieces have choir concerts on Monday and Wed evening and I have another commitment on Tuesday evening.
  • One more day and we have made it to the weekend!

    But before that I am looking forward to tonight because I am going to meet Annie and her daughter and grandsons tonight for dinner, while they are in Cincinnati! I am so excited!

    What is everyone else up to? What are your weekend plans?

    On Saturday we are going to a pumpkin patch to get some pumpkins, some to carve for Halloween and trick or treat and then some to decorate outside. I want to get some more mums as well.

    Then we are going to see the new "Malificent" movie. I am so excited as she is my favorite Disney Princess. I even have Lularoe leggings that are Malificent and I plan on wearing them.
  • Quick hello to all from the train. It's my Friday and I'm ready for my weekend to begin!

    Susie - Hope you have a great visit with Annie & the family tonight!!

    I'm taking tomorrow off work. Having breakfast with a friend and then I have my pre-op appointment with my primary physician. Also going to get a flu shot while I'm there.
    They were giving them at work on Tuesday, but I was out sick that day. (I woke up with a UTI and I got myself to an immediate care center first thing to get tested and get an rx.)

    I want to buy a couple pumpkins to carve this weekend too!

    Okay, gonna get this posted before I lose it. TTFN.
  • Hello again
    Hope you and Annie have a good meet and greet. She is very nice. I haven't met the grandsons nor her daughter.
    Have fun going to the pumpkin patch. I have some mum's on the front porch. That's all the decorating I'm going to do.

    Ouch on the UTI. Glad you got immediate attention for that. Those infections are miserable.
    Finally got out to the recycle place with the recycle stuff. Yesterday they were paving that road so I had to wait til today. Tried to go a different way but drove around back in that area and decided I was lost so I went back to the way I knew.
    Today the high was 67.
    I did get in a walk today but it was while I was at WM. Just walked around the outer edge of the store a few times. Then got the things I needed and came back home.
    Nephew is an an in service treatment class tonight till 9. It hasn't been too bad this time. I like him more while he's "clean". Joined the choir last night. They had a good session. They are working on a Christmas piece.
  • Good morning ladies,

    I keep starting a post but then the phone rings or DH comes by or something distracts me... Things are quieting down in my life. I am watching the drama at the thrift shop from the side lines. It seems once you make that initial break that keeps sucking you back in - the longer you are away from things, the easier it gets to just feel distanced from all the drama. I feel bad for my friend who is taking up the slack (and flack) on repairs and things that need to happen but are not because everything has their finger in the pie and nothing is getting done. I am trying to get ready for my big dental surgery on Tuesday. Trying to anticipate what to expect and be prepared for it, planning out some soft foods and meals (DH is on his own). They didn't give me any instructions other than no food or water for 8 hours prior to surgery. Yesterday I was reading some stuff and got nervous because they talk about stopping supplements like garlic and chondroitin - both of which I take - two weeks before surgery and I read this after I took my morning pills yesterday which is 6 days before surgery. I called the oral surgeon's office and the girl who answered the phone was of no help at all - well... IF they have blood thinning qualities, you probably should stop them... duh. You guys should KNOW this stuff - it's your business What I was most concerned about is getting there and finding that because of a miscommunication, they would have to reschedule things. I am already fretting about this, don't want to wait longer and the timing of this is such that with the healing phase, I should be ok by the time the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays roll around. Not that I am planning on being a party animal or anything but would be nice to be able to eat comfortably! So I called my dearest friend who is a nurse and takes these supplements too. She suggested stopping them and then telling the oral surgeon when I go in on Tuesday. She didn't think there would be an issue with teeth surgery. I do find it getting to be more and more difficult to find things that work or someone who can do their job thoroughly. DH is having fits about a rattle in his expensive truck that Ford can't seem to find or fix. I think we will be dumping this truck when the new Toyotas are in. Still waiting to see the pictures the photographer took of us last week - I am prepared to be disappointed... And then we went out last Sunday for an evening with friends. Came home and it was night and frosty out. It was damp out too so there was a layer of frost on everything. I came up the stairs on the deck and as I stepped on to the deck I went flying. The bag I had in my hand went across the deck and I tried to stop dead as my feet went sliding out from underneath me. I froze and told DH to push me over to the side of the house because I could not walk without sliding and could not get my footing. AND I had winter boots on!! with a good tread. It's that deck that DH worked on. He sanded it smooth and put a coat of stain. It looks beautiful but is as dangerous as oh hey. He noticed this a week ago and mentioned it but I totally forgot about it. I don't know what I did but I hurt my knee and hip. My left knee (the bad one) was JUST starting to feel better from the cortisone shot. Now it has a very crunchy sound like separating a chicken drumstick from the thigh joint. It seems to do this whenever my leg is not perfectly straight and when it happens it gives out and is incredibly painful. And I have a pain in my right hip socket. I have been babying it and haven't gone to the doctor hoping it will work itself out. But it doesn't seem to and I don't have a lot of time left to get it checked out. I told DH we can NOT go through a winter like this and he looked at me frustrated like I am crabbing for nothing. He did both entrances this fall so I am stuck. He made a snarky remark about how I'd have to stay in the house all winter and he's lucky I didn't pop him one. Then next day I laid house carpets across the deck so I could get to the stairs. The stairs are ok because last year he covered them in a special textured paint. But even that isn't the best solution and we can't do the entire deck with this. It's going to be a LONG winter. Fortunately the weather warmed a bit so we have a couple of weeks to come up with a solution. Mats won't work because the plastic freezes when it's cold and the mats turn into dangerous ice sleds. Can't use rugs because once they get snow on them will be hard to clean and will get wet and moldy and probably ruin the wood underneath. I would have been better off if I just fell...

    I am going to see a play - Menopause the Musical on Sunday. Supposed to be very funny with lots of good music in it. DH and my friend's husband are going to go off roaming in the city while we are at the play. I am looking forward to it. Nothing else of note going on.

    Laura - sorry about the UTI. Hope you get relief quickly. I have to schedule a flu shot also, thanks for the reminder. Are you getting nervous about your surgery too?

    Ceejay - I hope you will have fun with the choir. Hope things work out for the nephew and his wife and he is committed to changing. Only he can control that.

    Susie - sending you some will power dust to get back on the wagon again. I can appreciate the up down pounds - been on a yoyo myself lately. Recommitting again. ♥ Enjoy the movie - I still have the first Maleficent recorded I need to watch. Looks like a nice match with Michelle Pfiffer (sp?)

    Nice that Susie and Anne got to meet up finally.

    Annie looks like you had - or at least the boys - a good time on the mini vacation.

    Hi Shad!

    best get busy and off the computer - lots to do today.
  • Great Wolf Lodge was fantastic. The slides were amazing. Posting this much to see if it posts then will come back and finish.
  • Meeting Susie and John was probably my highlight. She is so sweet and her husband is great. Such a nice time. Wish we lived closer. Wolf lodge was so much fun. We did all the slides which was good for me. I had to climb 3 to 4 flights of stairs each time. Whew hard on a Nanna. Hoping to take the boys to Kings Island in the spring and Susie and John will most likely join us. YEA!

    Cindy is carrying a fever so she went to urgent care. Inflamation in the other lung, possible pneumonia. Two antibiotics. Poor thing can't catch a break. Hopefully this will take care of it. I certainly hope the hospital is not the next stop.
    C is doing great with the new way of eating. He asks me questions all the time about food. Example... is honey sugar? omg hilarious. Natural or not. It will raise his blood sugar.
    I will try to get on here tomorrow to do personals.

    Love yas
  • Good afternoon all.

    Happy - I hope your dental surgery goes smoothly and successfully tomorrow and that your recovery is quick!! How are you feeling after that fall you took on the stairs/deck?? Ouch!!

    Shad - Yes, you should get something really nice from your DS to show his appreciation for all the dog-caring you've been doing and will be doing while your son's out of town next month.

    Ceejay - I think I've probably been to the recycle place that you went to. Once my brother passed, my mom wouldn't drive out to that place by herself. She didn't like the road, and I think she said the road to get there was only 1-car wide in one spot. Anyway - it was a major PITA, so I understand not wanting to go there. How is choir going??

    Susie - Sounds like you had a very nice time with Annie and the family. Nice photos! It'll be great to get together with them again at Kings Island. How was the pumpkin patch and Maleficent??

    Annie - Glad you enjoyed your time at the water park. Good exercise going up those stairs to get to the slides!! So great you and Susie got together with her dh and your family. Healing vibes to your SIL!!

    My day off Friday was nice. Had a good breakfast with my friend. Wish my dr appointment was later in the day so we could have spent more time catching up... The dr appointment went fine. They took blood for the labs, and also did a quick EKG as well (I've had a heart murmur all my life and I guess they needed to check on that.) I also got my flu shot.

    Saturday was a nice day and I went to the library for their book sale - picked up a couple Pilates dvds for $1 each. Tried out one segment of the beginner one - I know my core is not strong right now, but I'm not a beginner and I found it a bit challenging. But it made me sore in the right spots, so I like it!!!

    Later Saturday afternoon I got out for a short pedal around the neighborhood. Very nice, but a bit windy and it was a decent workout. Then bf and I went to a very popular fast food place for an early dinner - they have great burgers. There's a few stools at a counter inside and the rest of the seating is outdoors. The place is so popular (was featured many years ago on Diners/Drive-Ins/Dives) that there's always a line out the door. That means the doors are always open and there aren't that many nice days left to enjoy this place before the cold weather comes. But probably a good thing it's not close enough to home to take the food to go!!!

    Sunday I took our big down comforter to the laundromat to wash & dry it in the giant machines they have. Had it in the dryer an hour and it still wasn't completely dry. Brought it home and jammed it in our dryer to dry some more and then hung it on a line in the basement to dry it some more. Hope it's finally dry by the time it gets cold enough to use it!!! I went to Kohl's later in the day to use my $5 coupon and another coupon - bought a couple pairs of silver hoop earrings. I have to keep buying them - lost one from an old pair a few years ago. Bought another pair with a springy kind of closure and the spring eventually failed on one of them. I paired up the two orphan earrings, but they're not the exact same size... Anyway, now I have another couple pairs. I'll have to see if the larger of the two new pairs matches either size of my orphans so I have a spare on hand when one of these new ones eventually breaks or goes missing.

    I have the headlight and taillight for my bike with me, but I hope it's bright enough to not need to attach them to my bike for my commute home tonight. It was rainy earlier today, but it cleared up a couple hours ago. Even a rainbow out on the lake!

    Okay, time to stop rambling and get this posted. TTFN!!
  • Good morning ladies,

    Well I am looking like the Great Pumpkin this morning. 🎃