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  • on my tablet
    Update on BIL. He will have his scan next Monday as planned and we will go from there.

    I'm getting back with the program. I can text my weigh ins to the center. I still have till the end of November so I'm making the use of it. This month has been hectic with the eye surgery and getting BIL to and from his treatment. I have a bike I can ride at home and hand weights. But think it's good for me to go to PF just to get out of the house. I think I'm tired of the hwhole ordeal of having to eat right. But I can certainly tell the difference when I don't. I logged my breadkfast this morning on mfp so I'm starting again too.
  • Good morning,

    We decided not to take the trip into Chicago. It was just too much in too short of a time. Good thing we changed our minds because DH woke up this morning with severe pain in his right (driving) foot. He gets this from nerve damage in his spine. It comes and goes and when it comes it's awful - he said it's like someone attaching electrical shock wires to his foot. He gets painful pulses every few minutes. Sitting in a car immobile for 9 hours and having to use his driving foot would have just increased the problem. There is no real cure for it, it has to go away on it's own. Rest and ice do help somewhat.

    At the request of one of my cousin's who is trying to help by pulling this service together, I did write a shortened eulogy / memorial for my cousin to be put in the program they are handing out. I hope my cousin's wife approves of it - I did not hear anything back from anyone. My sister said she will be glad when this is all over because it's snowballing into a real cluster. No one is really sure what is going on. Yikes. Just goes to show you that you have to have some plans, even if you just hand everyone off to someone else to deal with...

    Last week after bingo my partner and I talked about how things are falling apart at the senior center. Half the overhead lights were missing bulbs or didn't work at all. Only 2 fixtures out of 12 were fully working. With it getting dark around 7:30pm now, we really need a room that is well lit. The bathroom sinks have a leak and water pools up on the counter and spills on the floor creating a slippery hazard and you waste half a roll of paper towels constantly wiping up - this has been going on for well over a year and is starting to smell more and more of mildew. And the bingo machine is going more and more "on the fritz" the ball indicators don't light up or randomly change to other numbers, it's hard to seat the balls in and register them and the timer randomly resets on it's own. The machine is filled with filth and dust and because of it's design, it has to be professionally taken apart to be properly cleaned. To make matters worse, the guy that calls bingo on Friday is deaf, has neuropathy which means he can't feel his hands or feet and has a tendency to bang the microphone (really hard because he has neuropathy and doesn't know how hard he's banging) on the bingo machine when things done work. So he's making the situation worse and breaking the microphone. I sent a nice note recapping the issues to the management and as usual was ignored. Not even the courtesy of a blow off response. I told my partner that I really don't feel this is worth my time to support an organization that is so disrespectful. So I am going to be easing out and only helping twice a month as I have other things going on in my life. This is a problem because it's down to a skeleton crew of just me and D. But not my problem.

    I don't know if I mentioned it but I am scheduled to have my 4 front teeth removed October 22. They will fit me with a temporary bridge so I won't go toothless and will start the procedure of inserting 2 metal posts into my upper mouth to start the implant process. I am a bit nervous about that. Finally got to see my regular physician this week. She is very popular and it's hard to get in to see her. This was a follow up appointment from the spring that had been cancelled and rescheduled at least twice. The thing I like about her is that she always has some suggestion on feeling better. When you get old like me there is a tendency to feel like you are old, fat and invisible. That doctors can't really do anything for your woes so just ... go away and learn to deal with it. My doctor recommended lidocaine pain patches for my back as well as a 4 pad TENS unit. She gave me a cortesone shot in the left knee which was horrendously painful. The arthritis leaves less room to get in to get the needle where it needs to be but she was able to finally get some stuff in there. It's not 100% but takes a few days to work and feels better already. My knee was really hurting this year and I was pulling to the side to compensate which made my back problems worse. Also the chiropractor is back hobbling from her foot surgery so that will help too.

    We are in for one more surge of heat before autumn sets in. Next Monday - Wednesday its' going to get near 80. We will all be complaining. LOL. And then it will get 60's and seasonal. We have had a lot of rain - TOO MUCH but with the cooler temperatures the reds and oranges are really popping on the trees. Autumn is here. Trying to focus and get things done before it gets too chilly to work outside. The garden will come out by next weekend if not this weekend. I might give those tomatoes a few more days if it's going to warm up a bit. DH thinks we have a predator roaming the grounds (wolf, coyote). He said the deer are scarce. With the return of fall it's also my least favorite time - hunting season. DH said he thinks someone shot a deer in the property behind us. Property they are NOT supposed to be hunting on but the attitude here is that I can do it as long as I don't get caught. DH was talking to our neighbor down the road. His family owns much of the land around here and they are big proponents that the land should not be developed and kept open for the animals. Randy was happy to hear we bought the lot next door and offered to help finance the 20 acres behind us if DH was interested in buying that too. Not really at this time...

    Nothing else much of interest going on.

    Laura - that's good to know that the electric toothbrush works so well on the dental hygiene. When they replaced my crowns, I finally have teeth that are all the same shade again. Years of smoking, Coca Cola, coffee and various crowns at various times in my life resulted in a mouth that could never be as white as everyone is going for now. They made the teeth several shades lighter but said we aren't going bright white unnatural colored and I'm glad they didn't. You can over bleach your teeth and make them painfully sensitive. I do hope you can work something out for the work environment with your foot surgery. With today's technology it's not hard to be at home and productive. Also having to commute from the train back and forth, that is very straining on your foot AND your back. Would be different if you could drive and have just a short walk from car to desk but having dealt with it myself - and I did have a short walk from car to front door, just a long walk inside our humongous former warehouse office building. Hey, maybe if you are lucky you can make your boss look good and he will get a promotion to another job!

    Hello to the rest of you lot. I need to get off the computer and get some housework done. Have a good weekend all.
  • Our baby girl came 4 weeks early on Saturday morning. She's tiny at 5 pounds and 12 ounces, and 18 inches long. But she is a little cutie. I got to see her around noon after she was born at 8.45 that morning. We area all excited.
  • Good morning all,

    Congratulations on the new baby Ceejay. I was a little over 5 pounds when I was born - full term. Makes for an easier delivery for the Mom. Hope she is a night sleeper!

    Not much going on here. I am loaded with food. It's the end of the Farmers Markets - one more week for most of them. And the bounty is coming in. Yesterday I went and picked up 30 pounds of Roma tomatoes - going to make some sauce for canning. I have never used Romas before - they are more fleshy, less seeds and juice - good for sauces and salsas they say. Also got 18 ears of corn which I am going to make freezer corn. (Need to make room in the freezer first). Got some regular sized portions of food at the market too - red potatoes, fresh basil, fresh green beans, cauliflower, rhubarb, lettuce and some giant fragrant bell peppers. And then I went to the grocery store and picked up some fill in things I needed for recipes like fresh lemons, rice, dairy, etc. All in all I spend about $400 Came home, marked it down so I wouldn't forget what I have and made a menu plan. I needed some containers - wanted the round screw top style - for soup and to freeze shrimp. Went to Walmart who I thought for sure would have them and they didn't. So I ordered them from Amazon. Then went to the other grocery store and there they were, exactly what I needed. What a dummy I am. I also realized that what I bought from Amazon was bigger than I needed. Sigh again. I will use them - they will be just the right size for soups, chili and stews. The ones I bought at the store yesterday I will use for the shrimp. I did make a sweet corn and crab chowder yesterday. It was ok. Is missing some crab flavor. I think what it needs (and wasn't in the recipe) is a shot of dry sherry. But I don't have any. I also have a taste for minestrone soup but it was supposed to get really warm - around 80 degrees (F) with our last days of summer here. So perhaps I will hold that off until next week. A good way to use up vegetables in the refrigerator. And I have a giant box of apples to process. Probably tomorrow when it rains.

    I do wish we could send some rain your way Shad. We have far too much. Wild mushrooms are sprouting up all over the yard. I don't think I've ever saw so many in my life before. They are everywhere. Must be a lot of fairies living under the foliage

    Going to go out in a bit and pull out the garden. I have a few tomatoes left but the vines have withered so that is why they are probably not very flavorful. I have 3 medium sized green tomatoes, going to attempt some fried green tomatoes tonight.

    I have about a month left before I step down from the Humane Society and there have been no conversations about who to replace me and what they will do. I did tell my friend who stepped in to run the store in the interim that once I have my teeth done on the 22nd next month, I am done and don't be calling me to find out how to do this or that as I will be in no mood to take calls. I have decided I simply can't worry about stuff like that any more.

    My cousin's memorial service in Chicago went better than it should have considering the chaos. His widow did not want to use the eulogy I wrote but the pastor worked it into his service and my sister said it was very touching. He talked about how he was a police officer and and a protector and how those traits wove through his life until after his accident it was his wife who became the protector. My other cousin went out of her way (a LOT) to make arrangements for the service and take care of all the small details only to have the widow berate and criticize her and the day of the service, my cousin was actually in tears at the church because of the stinging words. My sister tried to make excuses that she was grieving and not thinking properly but my cousin passed away 7 weeks ago and they knew the cancer was going to do him in so this was not sudden and while empathetic, grief is no reason to lash out over and over again (she did this several times over the course of planning this whole thing). No matter what my poor cousin did, the widow yelled at her about it and when my cousin asked her questions to nail things down, the widow would not return her calls during this whole thing. People, ack. At least it's all done now.

    Not much else to say so I'll finish my coffee and get some work done outside before it starts to rain again. Hope you are all doing well.
  • Afternoon everyone.

    Ceejay – Congrats on the new baby. Will you have some babysitting duties? Definitely use up the last of your weight loss center membership. And your PF membership. All these years of doing fitness stuff (albeit somewhat inconsistently), I know I do best with scheduled classes. I do agree about getting out of the house. As much as I like being a homebody, I get stir crazy after a while and just need to get out!

    Happy – Too bad you didn’t make it to Chicago. I hope your dh’s food is feeling better. That sounds like an awful kind of pain to have! Sorry the widow was being “difficult” at the memorial service and treating your cousin badly. So uncalled for. == Really sad to hear about the senior center/bingo conditions. I hope the management wakes up and starts addressing its problems!! == I’d be nervous too about that upcoming oral surgery. Fingers crossed! I hope the pain patches, TENS unit, cortisone shot, and chiro are all working to alleviate your pain! Re the teeth whitening thoughts – I’m a tea drinker and maybe one soda every other day or so, AND I don’t have naturally bright white teeth, so I might just give it a go. But the sensitivity the procedure can leave is what worries me… --- Whoa, that’s a lot of tomatoes and corn and apples! You will be a busy bee in the kitchen now. But you have to enjoy it now or preserve it or you’ll be waiting a while to get it again. Do you do any traditional canning with the boiling of jars, the lids, etc.?

    Hellos to the rest of you. Get back here and update us on what's going on with yourselves!

    Not much to report from my little corner of the world. I took last Friday off work and just took it easy. Saturday’s weather was gorgeous and I drove to a different bike path and cycled the 9 miles. It was beautiful – many beautiful wildflowers in bloom and there are a couple small lakes the path runs past, but on the negative side I wish it ran through more wooded areas (shade!!!). I didn’t have my best ride, that’s for sure. The path is a bit hilly, so I felt like I struggled with that. It didn’t help that there didn’t seem to be anyone going the same direction I was, so it just felt like I was going uphill and everyone coming from the other direction was having an easier time of it, LOL. Anyway…there’s something about my “good” bike that doesn’t fit me. I think the frame is the correct size, but I know the seat could be a bit higher… BF and I go back and forth about this, but I swear he goes to adjust it and finds that the seat stem isn’t long enough to lift the seat a bit higher. Sigh. We’d finally found my bike computer and bf had it set up and it worked fine the last time I cycled, but not this time. I didn’t say anything about it because I know I will be scolded for whatever “I did to it”.

    Okay, I better cut this off and post it. I have my annual CPR training in 10 minutes! TTFN!
  • Good afternoon ladies,

    Annual CPR training? Wonderful. Laura can be the medic, Annie the cook, Shad the gardener. Our commune staff is shaping up nicely!

    Frustrating on the bike Laura. I have the same problem with adjusting the stationary bike - it's always "almost" just right but never quite comfortable enough. You make a great point about having some shady spots - especially when it's been so hot out by you. I too was worried about the tooth sensitivity from whitening, especially when my teeth are already sensitive. As you age your gum line recedes a bit exposing the nerve so older people often have issues with their teeth. I tried to tell my Mom this - it doesn't mean your teeth are rotting Mom and they need to all be pulled? Funny how the one who WANTS to get her teeth pulled isn''t and the one who doesn't want it has to.

    Yesterday I worked on food all day. Got small containers and put a dozen fresh shrimp in each (enough for a meal for both of us) and froze 4 containers. Froze the lump crab meat I had also. I cooked up the remainder of shrimp for cold with cocktail sauce. Used the water I boiled them in and added back the shrimp shells, onion. celery & tops, rough chopped carrots and some seasoning and let it simmer for 2 hours. Strained it and got some nice seafood stock for stir-frys.

    I'll be back in a bit - got a phone call I need to handle.
  • Ok, new day, new post. Let's see if I can get through this one.

    Today I have to process sweet corn. Shucked 2 dozen ears and got it off the cobs but didn't have enough time to cook it and vacumn seal it up. Darn DH expects supper each night, gets in the way of my plans!! The corn is just amazing this year. Probably the only thing that did well. I picked up 2 large pumpkins for the deer and DH said there is only a small handful of seeds in them and the flesh is thin so now they are probably raising them for decoration rather than food. I also have to start roasting the roma tomatoes with some onion and garlic which will be the base of my sauce. I have to go to the chiropractor at 1pm and then bingo at 4pm so I don't know if I will have enough time to get the tomatoes done. I can probably get the sauce done and can it tomorrow. Stopped at the store yesterday and picked up a box of pint canning jars. I think a quart of sauce is a little too much at a time for both of us. And the pints will probably be almost not enough - well enough for one meal.

    I also spent a good part of yesterday - the phone call that interrupted me - we got a memorial bequest from 2 longtime supporters. She passed away 3 years ago and Frank this year. Their children made a wonderful donation of $20,000 and asked if we had any special projects. One we were thinking of was a dog park for small dogs. We currently have a really nice dog park open to the public. They said they thought it would be nice to have a park in their parents name so part of the money we are using to build a park on existing land. The phone call was asking me to order benches, tables, chairs and a covered shelter. I am one of 2 people with a company credit card, the other is my bingo partner. The credit cards they issue to small businesses like ours are outsourced to a company that makes it hard to deal with. I also had to spend about 2 hours of precious time today following up on an order. I don't know who is going to take this over when I step down next month...

    And now I have just enough time to get a light lunch before I have to get ready to go to the chiropractor. I might have enough time to finish the corn when I get back but certainly won't have the time to do the tomatoes UNLESS I put them in the Instant Pot to slow roast. Hmmm - that's an idea!!!

    Oh well, Let me get off the computer. Later chicks.
  • Laura
    I'm going to use up the last of my time with MRC. Have you scheduled the foot surgery?

    You sound busy with canning. That's one thing I never want to do

    Bil had his scan on Monday. It showed that this tumor is to close to a blood vessel for them to do surgery so six more round of chemo.
  • Afternoon all,
    Sorry to be missing again. I come here each day and read all the posts and then tell myself I will reply asap. I get involved with something else and then forget all about it.
    I've been busy with the garden (tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes and lettuces and the beans and corn will be ready in a week or so. I've cleaned up the yard after the fence got finished and now I have to start on the next part of that project - redoing the garden edging. I really can't believe how time has flown this year. We are almost at the end of September already. It will be high summer before I know where the time has gone.
    DS2 has finally split with his partner. Now the hard part begins and they will be arguing about property and possessions for a while I think. Just when you think your lot are settled eh???
    The painting in the house is moving along slowly and in a couple of weeks the boys will be back to refurbish two more of my windows and then I can go full steam ahead with painting in the lounge. I'm also slowly getting the floor done as well. It's not as hard as I thought it would be but it certainly is hard on these old knees.
    My DB1 has been complaining about headaches and was scheduled for some CT scans on Friday last week. Silly billy went for a walk to pick up the newspaper and on the way back either blacked out or tripped up and knocked himself out. Bleeding nose, bleeding head, bleeding leg and sore bits all over. Got an ambulance to take him to the hospital. He got his scans done, they don't think there is anything suspicious there but can't work out why the headaches. I'll go down to his place this week to see how he is. While I am there, I will go to the Orchid Den shop and get some more pots and supplies to repot my orchids
    I have the dog all week because DS2 is on night shift this week and doesn't want the dog to be left alone at the house or with the ex-partner who may or may not be home at night either. I don't mind, but I do have to go out a couple of times this week where I can't take him with me but at least he will be safe and secure here. Cat will not be amused.
    Laura - Shad – Unfortunately, the prediction for summer is for the hottest summer in years with little rain predicted until after Christmas. Guess my water bills will be going through the roof again. They are predicting restrictions again. I will have to work out ways to water the gardens from the waste water after washing and dishes again. Dogs e-collar is working okay. He is beginning to behave quite well. I don't have to use it often and I don't want to either. Don't need to break his spirit or take the fun out of his life. It's just walking to heel and recall that are the real problems. I don't use it for barking although there are times I think about it - like when he is about to take on the postman.
    How are all your projects going? Glad to hear the exercise bike is going okay for your exercise. It's amazing the things they can do to make exercising a bit more interesting. I see you have also been out and about on the bike paths as well. Ha ha on the having to go uphill when everyone else is coming down.

    Ceejay - loved the photos of the new wee one. Hope everything works out there. Must be good to not have to wear glasses anymore. Weight loss programs are all similar. Base fact is that less energy calories in and more energy expended. You can do this at home if you have the correct mindset.
    Hope the BIL is doing okay on the chemotherapy treatments. It's a very hard time for him and the family.

    Happy - be interesting to see how the shop and bingo get on when you are not there. They will be lost I'm sure. I see you are due to have teeth done this week. At least I think it is this week. I saw 22nd - oops 22nd September is a Sunday - probably not that day, must be October. No doubt we will speak before then.
    Hope Eric's deck goes okay. He sure does make work for himself. Me, I'd use the sander and then use the block for the cracks and edges. DS2 finished my back fence last week, and now we start on the shared fence with the neighbours. He was thinking he was going to do it all for himself, but the neighbours have blokes that can bend their backs as well. I don't see why DS2 should wear himself out on the fence when they can help.
    Our no. 1 Idiot is over your way with your no.1 idiot. I guess he will come home with more stupid ideas on how to make life more fubar. Actually he hasn't been in the country much since he was elected and now the rats in Parliament are trying to change the rules such as abortion decriminalisation and paying cash for things while big cheese is away.
    The constipation has always been there but never as bad as since the chemo and the colonoscopy. I've got it back under control now - for how long, who knows.
    Sorry to hear about DHs pain. I can sympathise with the electric type pains in the foot. I get the same in my left hand and left foot and occasionally in the right. It doesn't last long but long enough to really annoy me.
    I hope your knees are feeling better now. Long wait to get to your doctor. Hope the pain stuff works for you. Bad backs always leave me bad tempered.
    Glad that you got some of the food preserved and ready for another time. I've been doing the same with my tomatoes - since I don't seem to be able to give them all away. I picked something like 4kg yesterday and still have a bowlful again today.

    Okay I guess that is about it from me. I'll try not to be missing for so long again. Life gets in the way of things I plan to do.


  • Hello! I hope you all remember me!

    I have just read through the posts. Shad,Ceejay, Happy and Laura you all have been very busy and productive and yet it reads that you have all been very balanced.

    Last week, I took a break from much in my life other than my work at work and what needed done at home to keep things from getting out of hand.

    I did have about 7 hrs of overtime last week. I am pretty much performing the job on my own now, working from my notes. It isnt that hard but it just takes me awhile because I have to look at my notes for the steps needed to do for the purchase orders, as well as the invoicing.

    My boss went to Belgium last week and is in London until Wed and back in the office on Thursday. I have also been very busy getting all of my new processes in order so that I have a flow to my work.

    In addition to all that I ran a very busy monthly seminar meeting last week on my own. I had to be at work as at 7 to ensure I had all the technical pieces in place and working correctly before the meeting started. It all went wel and my boss sent me a email it was nicely done and said now I am a pro. She joined the meeting from Brussels.

    I then had another day last week where I had to be at our Fabric and Home Care site for a 8:30 am meeting. My commute for that was 1.5 hrs with the traffic. Three of us carpooled together but that meant I had to be at my office at 6:30 am in order for us all to arrive a few minutes before the meeting. We do rotate the meeting sites for that meeting on a quarterly basis so that is a good thing.

    Long story short, I didnt work out at all last week and I didnt make it to TOPS but this week I am back to keeping my normal routine.

    With that said, my time in the recumbent bike is finished so I will end this post and come back later today to do personals. I need to get moving and get a shower so I can get ready for work.
  • Hello ladies,

    So nice to see some of you checking in. I know life gets busy. Gets away from me too. Glad to see I am not the only one who thought the year has flown by at the speed of light once again.

    Shad - sorry to hear about DS2 - is this the son that was doing house re-habbing with the partner? Hope they can work out things amicably and the dog is not further traumatized by the changes and tensions. It's unfortunate our world is so lopsided. You are having water restrictions and we are about to grow webbing on hands and toes here. We have gotten so much rain this season it's ridiculous. But I would rather take the excess rain over the lack of it so grateful for small favors. I laughed so hard at your idiots meeting comments. No doubt they will feed off each other. I am counting the days and praying for sensibility to take over so that our days are ended with this one once and for all. I was admiring your bowl of tomatoes - they are beauties. Amazing what sun and heat can do. The ones I got from the farm are good - mine from the garden not so much. They aren't lasting long either. Only frustration was that I was going to try a small batch of fried green tomatoes and darn if those green buggers didn't hear and ripen quick as a lickety split! When I WANT them to ripen - nooooo. They are best fried when firm and green. I am glad your "plumbing" is doing well and functioning again. Either side of the middle - too much, not enough - causes problems.

    Susie - glad to hear you are settling in at work. Sounds like you are still planning things. You have a very international organization there. I thought it might be just parts but seems like things are intertwined. I hope this is challenging for you and that you enjoy it. How nice that the boss send a few words of appreciation and encouragement. Smart of you to take some time to just get things in order in your life, rather than letting the intrusions swing you to and fro. At least you are getting some exercise in where you can. Good girl!

    Ceejay - the new baby is precious cute. You look different without your glasses. Can you see anything close up? I used to take my glasses off to thread a needle. Now even with cheaters there are some things I just can't do. So we adjust

    Hello to the rest of you ladies

    Yesterday was a nice autumn day so we took the UTV out for a drive. We were gone for 5 hours which was a bit more than I intended but we did stop for lunch. The colors are about 50 percent and they are looking to turn to blah yellow and browns already. I believe the last 2 fighting hummingbirds left - at least I hope they did. Glad they left before it got too frosty. Garden is pulled out and DH covered the beds with grass clippings for the winter. I am trying to prepare for this week. DH wants to go up to the upper part of Lake Superior to a waterfall or something he wants to take pictures of. Possibly Wednesday. It's a 3 hour drive up and 3 hours back. And probably by his own admission 3 hours of taking pictures and hiking. While my knee is feeling a bit better from the cortesone shot I can walk but not hike or walk uneven ground. The colors are at peak there now, not sure if I will go with him. I have tomatoes to finish up cooking - amazing just how MUCH you get for 30 pounds of tomatoes. I made a large pan of roasted tomatoes which I was pleased with. Makes for good sauce. I don't know if I want to go to the effort of making and canning salsa. The only benefit is that I can make it with less salt than the jarred stuff in the store. But it's much less work to just make sauce of the whole lot which we will use. We went back to the fitness center today after a very long break from the place. Then while DH is waiting for me he noticed that they are closing the pool down this Saturday for work and it will be down for a week. The pool is much easier on my back and joints right now. I am not sure but I will ask the dentist if I should avoid using the pool while my mouth is healing after the extractions (yes Shad it's October 22). You are not supposed to use the pool or hot tub after knee surgery as you don't want bacteria to enter the open wound. I really don't want to use the walking track like DH because he will make some comment about me going to slow and I'll have to punch him in front of strangers. We are renting a cabin for the weekend and I am trying to figure out what to bring for food and what we will do. There is a chance of rain all weekend long. We were hoping to sit out, have a fire ring, roast some potatoes and perhaps hot dogs. Will see how it goes.

    oh farts!!! I just realized I missed my 1pm chiropractor appointment I went out to pick up my eggs at the farmers market, remembered the Humane Society owes me a check for $150 which was a waste to drive out there because the accountant was out and then I stopped at the Shelter to pick up stuff for data entry. Decided to swing back into town and pick up one last batch of green bell peppers and some sweet corn and looked at the time and boof! I am getting wayyy tooo forgetful!!!

    Ok back to work...
  • Good morning posting while on my stationary recumbent bike.

    Shad: I am sorry to hear about DS2 and his split from his partner. Everyone is affected when it happens. Hopefully the split will be mostly ambicle.

    Happy mentioned she is getting some fall like weather. It had been miserably hot here. Yesterday was a bit better and I think today we are in the high 70's but then starting tomorrow we climb into the high 90's for several days.

    I dont mind those temps in July but I am getting tired of them now.

    Shad's tomatoes look good. We have them still coming on and they get ripe pretty quickly. I have told the neighbors to help themselves. I dont make salsa or anything like that and I am finished with gathering them and giving them away, so they are available to anyone who wants them.

    Happy, I think it would be wise to stay out of the pool when you have your mouth procedures done.

    Hi to Ceejay and Laura.

    Ceejay, how are you doing with the vision changes?

    Congratulations on that sweet new baby in your family.

    Laura: I need to look back to see th exact date of your foot surgery, but I think it is fast approaching.

    If your boss is not supportive of your willingness to work from home, I say take all the time as disability and let him miss you.

    Hello Annie...miss seeing you here. I hope all is well.

    Workout is finished, time to shower, dress, pack lunch and start the commute to work.
  • I'm getting used to not having to wear glasses for distance. I still need them to read extremely tiny print.
    My doctor's visit yesterday went well. He's sending me to a hand specialist for my thumb. I have metacarpal arthritis in it but wants me to go to specialist for treatment. Told him all joints ached and told him that I didn't like that part about getting older. He laughed. I also told him him about my hip pain which he told me was being caused from my degeneration of the L4 and L3 in lower back and sacroilliac joints. Sis had already told me that but I didn't let on.
    Baby is doing well. She is still learning how to nurse.
    We went to a new Paula Dean resturant here in Branson last night. Oh my the food was delicious. I probably gained 5 pounds but what can I say. I had lost 6 pounds at the doctors office so that's better.
    Nephew is still in rehab and has access to more phone time. I sure hope he stay's clean when he gets to come home. His wife is still very hurt over his actions and I'm afraid that the marriage may not last. She brought me into the equation because he was staying with me when he fell off the wagon hard this last time. I'm not his baby sitter. But she has to blame someone.
    Pick up bil from his chemo session on Monday and brought him to Branson. We go back today to get his pump off and IV fluids. He's a bit weak today but that's been his pattern. He enjoyed his outing last night.
    I'm not going to respond with personals today.
  • Hi Ladies. Well didn’t keep my promise of getting here and checking in more often. Bleh on me.Hope everyone that needs healing gets it and my prayers always include you girls.Curtis has been sick with a lung infection for more than two months. Went to the doc 4 separate times. Antibiotics, steroids, cough scripts. Nothing helped. Doc said if he didn’t get better to take him to ER as he was dumbfounded. So took him to ER on Monday. He was admitted but the lung infection ended up being secondary as he has full fledged diabetes. He was released today with Metforim (sp insulin), and blood sugar monitors. Plus two antibiotics for the lung infection. Omnisef and Doxycycline. My SIL Cindy that had her kidney removed in July for cancer is also in the hospital. She had bronchitis but was having pain in her right chest. She ended up having over a pint of fluid removed from her lung. She is still in hospital. Still having some pain. Lung has a bit of fluid in it still. Going for Cat scan at the moment then will learn treatment after. Good Grief. Good news my 6 month heart check came out great yesterday. Altho my weight is up a bit he said nothing about it. Good thing he didn’t cause it would have been ugly for him. Nothing too exciting going on here. Just dealing with all the normal BS. We have tomatos getting ready to turn. Probably all at once. Pumpkin vine took a crap. Got 6 medium sized pumpkins. Cucumber vine did one cuke then died. Jalapenos are doing well.Car is getting brakes today. Can hardly wait to hear the cost on that. Congrats CEEG on the new babe in the family.Bummer on the bingo HAPPY, all the more reason to do for you and not others.LAURA…ouch on the foot. I may of missed it. Are you getting foot surgery or did you have it? Hope all goes/is going well with that.SUSIE…girl, get back to you and not your job. Don’t lose track of your goal.This will probably all be jumbled, always is when I cut and paste.

    Love you ladies.
  • Afternoon all.

    Happy – Are you all set with your food preservation? You’ll be set for the winter now. How nice that the shelter got that bequest. A small dog park makes sense. Our village has a dog park in one of their nearby parks that has a separate enclosed section for the small dogs. This park has a nice path going around and through it. I should do a bike ride over there – it’s close enough to cycle there and back, so no heaving the bike into and out of the van. And of course the added benefit of checking out the dogs in the dog park. Anyway, did you get everything ordered for the park? I hope you enjoy your stay at the cabin, and other outings with your dh. Remember, you won’t be enjoying outdoor weather much in the all too near future…enjoy it now.

    Ceejay – I’ve scheduled my foot surgery for Nov. 6th. Love the photos of your sister’s grandkids, including the newest one. Yes, agree with whoever said it – you look different without your glasses. Are you getting used to not having them? I’m sure I would be looking to push my glasses up my nose even after not wearing them anymore! I dunno. Maybe not – I do wear contact lenses every once in a while. Just not as much as I used to because I get tired of having to have readers always at hand, and making sure I carry my sunglasses with me on the days I wear my contact lenses. Sorry your arthritis is bothering you. I’m sure he told you to keep moving, right? I can almost believe one could gain 5 pounds from a meal at the Paula Deen restaurant based on her old cooking show. Wasn’t everything butter, butter, butter? LOL.

    Shad – Seems like the split between DS2 and his partner was a long time coming. Hope there’s no serious quibbling about possessions, and that it ends up being amicable. How is your brother and how did your visit with him go? Is he in the same metro area as you?? I’m sorry to hear about the forecast drought conditions for your area. But it forces people to be mindful about waste and to be resourceful. Are you able to re-use water used for clothes washing for other purposes? Good to use the doggie's e-collar sparingly. I always thought it’s the training of the person that’s more important than training of the pet, especially in terms of consistency. Re projects - if you are asking about home projects, they are going nowhere fast. I asked bf to tell me how to use the sander and I can see I’ll have to practically plop it in his lap to get him to help. I think he feels it’s not necessary to sand the half bath ceiling & walls before they’re painted and that’s the reason for not helping. I think that multiple coats of paint on the walls over the years cause them not to be smooth, and that’s why I want to sand them a bit. Perhaps when I dig out the sander, the instructions will be with it and I can just learn to use it myself. I’m mostly wanting to make sure I use the correct grit of sandpaper. [As an aside, we have other walls in our house in which the previous owner wanted to cover the cracking plaster. Instead of having them skim-coated, they used paint with sand in it to give it a textured effect so as to camouflage the cracks. Of course the paint wasn’t applied in a consistent way – more sand in some spots than others. We had a professional look at those before we even moved in to see if they could be sanded smooth, but he tried it with his big sander and was unsuccessful. So we live with them. Don’t even think about it all that much 19 years later, except when trying to wipe them clean – what a PITA with that grainy stuff on them.] LOL re the #1 idiots.

    Susie – Glad to see you back here! Busy gal. I understand having to work from notes until you’ve finally done things enough that you remember them - and more fully understand the why’s and how’s. Sounds like you’re at the point where you’re making the procedures your own and figuring out quicker, easier, better ways…Good job getting back to exercise. Like I told Happy – you won’t enjoy the cold weather coming up, so enjoy these last blasts of summer! Re the work at home – I’ve had other people tell me the same thing – if the boss isn’t receptive to it, I’ll stay on disability instead. He’ll agree to it, but I just hate how he’s so negative about it. It is tempting to take the full length of disability – however much is approved. But obviously the *idea* is more attractive than the reality, which is I’ll be off my feet and won’t be able to do anything fun or productive.

    Hi Annie – Hope all is going well with you and the job. How is your SIL? And did your dh get the services he needs?? As I post this, I see you posted earlier today. I'll have to catch up on the train.

    Nothing exciting here. Beautiful weather today. Can’t wait to get out of here, but it’s so gorgeous looking out on the blue sky and dark blue lake and the white boats and sailboats. Such a great view.

    I had a conference on Monday & Tuesday. The usual stuff. Yesterday was busy, as was this morning. This afternoon was quiet. Tomorrow I’m here all by myself – the other three are out working from home half days and taking vacation or doing med appointments the other halves. It’ll be nice and quiet for me.

    The past weekend wasn’t that great . Rain intermittently on Saturday and quite a bit on Sunday. I was uncomfortable for a few days due to a gut issue and that’s what I get for my poor food choices. So I’m trying not to be stupid and eat so much crap. Been logging my food for about 3 weeks now and it’s helping. But the exercise fell off. Sigh. At least I get my 6 minutes of cycling in each day, hahaha – 3 minutes to the train, 3 minutes back home. Oh, and my 15-20 minutes of walking between the train and office.

    My mom’s bday is Sunday (86), so we’re taking her out to eat Saturday at her favorite Chinese restaurant. I hope the weather is nice so I can get out for some cycling. I need to do some weeding too…bleh. Not in the mood for that at all, but that little shrub I planted a month or two ago is starting to get lost amongst the weeds…

    Okay, almost time to go, better get this cut and pasted and posted. TTFN.