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Good Morning! I will try this again before the site gremlin is up and at ‘em. The sun has been in and out but it is cooler and not as humid this morning. No rain nor wind in today’s forecast. We had a nice 4th, skipped the parade but went to the park for a two hour family concert. A mom, two sons, and daughter sing patriotic and familiar songs, play guitars and violins. We have heard them before and they are good. The supper invite turned out better than I expected as the couple hosted their family at noon and it was just three couples our age at night, no salad leftovers to bring home. Lots of people, and noise, on our street for fireworks later. It always seems like summer is over after the 4th and we haven’t really had any summer yet. Crops are looking better but not nearly as far along (knee high by the 4th) as they should be.

Ceejay, I hope your bil feels much better after his ER visit. How scary for him and your sister. Cancer is so extra awful because one never knows what is going to happen, treatments and side effects vary so much. An elderly friend of ours had hip replacement surgery and her lower intestine never did “wake up.” I had never heard of that either. I don’t blame you for stopping MRC since you have the tools you need to work the program. Years ago a WW leader’s parting comment after a meeting was, “it’s mind over matter.” I try to remember that!

”Gma,” are you going to use all one color yarn for your afghan? The pattern looked hard to me, but then any pattern would be a challenge since I don’t know how to follow directions. I don’t have acrylics nor gel, they just put the “goop” over my own nails. Once in awhile I have an acrylic nail if my own ripped too short. Since the original shop couple have moved away the shop has upped their prices, my fill is still $20 but a pedicure is now $28. I haven’t checked around but think other salons are higher priced, or at least they were when we have compared prices at card club or lunch bunch. Thanks for the stain tip! I have salvaged two white shirts, one with tomato sauce and one with red punch. Both were done by putting cold water on the spots, then dabbing straight Dawn dish soap on. I just used my finger to rub the soap in then soaked the whole shirt in cold water for hours. The stains came out and I was pleasantly surprised. I really think the secret is to treat the stain right away. Bob claimed he didn’t know he had dripped chocolate and my mistake was not looking before tossing the shirt in the washer. I will fish is someone else will bait the hook and take the fish off. I can’t see buying a license to sit and hold a pole in case a passing fish bites the bait. So often the fish are too big to keep which makes no sense to me.

I need to get dressed and accomplish something, at least strip the bed and wash sheets if nothing else. Hope you enjoy a relaxing weekend.

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I had a post that did that too. I checked on some other things and came back and the restore auto save button was there so i clicked on that and I still got to use that post.
Another update on bil. He is doing very good after that bout of sickness this week. Sis told me today that he was feeling good enough to walk down the street and back and is going to try to come to church tomorrow.
think I'm rid of my nephew. He came home last night and told me she wanted him to stay last night but he wanted to give it one more night. The kids were sick also.
Bil's daughter is coming for a visit this week end. Not sure if she is staying the week since he is scheduled for chemo Monday or just the week end.

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