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Good morning! I am sitting her watching tv. I cut up and put beef and stock in the crockpot and will cook noodles with it tonight for dinner. It is already 80 here and very sticky. We had a heck of a thunderstorm last night which kept me awake. It even woke Jack up and he sleeps like the dead.

Penneys had a sale on towels so I bought 9 sets, which Iíll put away until next year. Ours are still in ok shape. I usually wait until January white sales but this was too good to pass up. Iíll just store the new ones until the current ones get ratty.

I have something to return to Target boxed up and ready and have Jacksonís present boxed up and ready to go. Iíll get that sent on Saturday. I need to go to the post office and send something certified. Iím still not getting cooperation regarding the bill from back in September and Iíve about had it. Iím going back to Tricare to demand where this is at.

CeeJay: Everyone through most of the country seems to be having trouble trying to get yards and gardens cleaned up. People canít get a break with stuff being dry enough to mow, etc. Itís tough having to try and do everything at once.

Jean: I try to take out the next dayís meat after cleaning up dinner dishes. That way it starts to thaw overnight. I am not always successful though as I forget a lot. I went from never going to the hospital to frequent visits. Pretty bad when the nurses on the surgical floor remember you. ER is the worst sometimes. Our hospital allows you to check into the ER ahead of time like a restaurant. Donít know how that works considering itís the Emergency room. I guess you can call ahead for your gunshot.

Everyone have a great day!
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Good Afternoon! It’s been another weird weather day! It was dark and gloomy when I left for my once a month coffee date, started to rain while we were in the coffee shop, and sun came out around noon. Then it just poured for about an hour giving us another .59” on the rain gauge. The sun is out again and it is warming up again. I have done a load of laundry and put it away. I’ve sorted through the “free” greeting cards I receive in the mail and have a zip lock bag full for the SOS store.

“Gma,” do you ever fix a whole chicken in your crock pot? Someone talked Jason into buying some frozen chickens and he sent one home with us. Amanda said she put her’s in, before she leaves for work, with nothing on it nor any liquid, and it’s ready for their night meal. We don’t eat much at night so I’m trying to decide how to fix “him” so we can have it for lunch. I may just bake it and call it good. I like the white meat best so may share what Bob doesn’t eat with the little orphan. Our ER news is usually in the paper because of combative patients high on drugs. The police officers and sheriff’s deputies spend a lot of time there! One time when I was there with a cat bite the cops came rushing in while I was signing in. I never saw them take anyone out but it was more than a little unnerving. How do you find out about Penney’s sales? I sometimes get coupons in the mail but in reading the fine print can’t use them on so many things. We were there last week and the clerk asked for my phone number, then gave me 20% off the sale prices because I used my Penneys card.

Guess I will unload the dishwasher and think about something for supper. Enjoy your evening!
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