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Jean 04-02-2019 01:19 PM

Steel Magnolias ó #39
Good Morning! We got up to 3Ē+ of new snow! :( The yard and deck were covered but the street and driveway were clear. Strange! The robin is sitting on the edge of the cat food bowl having lunch; he/she is really fat with a bright orange breast. They always look so dull by the time they head south in the fall. We went to the first soccer game yesterday; I was smart and wore multiple layers along with my winter jacket. Bob laughed at me but wished he had worn his too. Maddy started the game as goalie and was pulled out during the first half. She had collided with two other players going after the ball and we thought she had hurt her knee again. After the game she showed us her legs; one had what looked like carpet burns from sliding on the dry grass and the other had cleat scratches from another playerís shoes. Her team mate realized she was bleeding and told her. I bet she is sore this morning. Bob is taking a friend to Sioux City today for cataract surgery so wonít see him until late this afternoon. They have to stay in town for a couple hours after the surgery to get checked before coming home. I need to get busy and work on sorting through more clothes. Our church picture is set for May 1 and I need to figure out what to wear.

ďGma,Ē I am having a ďdo nothingĒ kind of day today, just canít get motivated. I always think about driving under overpasses in the city because years ago some kids threw fairly big rocks down on cars. Several cars piled up and caused a chain reaction accident, killing a driver and hurting several others. I donít remember where it was but in a larger city not too far from here. Bob did get his popcorn; he got out the air popper and made a big batch. :o Bob is going to let the tile guy know how many hours he spent cleaning the garage. Not all of it was tile dust but that was the main reason he did it.

Ceejay, I hope your stomach is back to normal today! :crossed: I hate when that happens. How fun to visit the new baby! What is her name? I know I do much better at working a healthy eating plan when my mind is ďright!Ē I am anxious for warmer weather to get outside and walk. Today is another winter jacket day. My downfall is munchies of any kind and I canít have them in the house.

I need to get busy! Have a great day and enjoy! :wave:

ceejay52 04-02-2019 04:41 PM

I went for a weigh in this morning and am down 2 pounds. I haven't been following the plan though so I told her I was going to start from the beginning again. It is taking me awhile to wrap my head around this new life style. Made myself a sheet like there's on excel.
I also stopped by the recycle enter and got rid of my plastic bottles.
I've been wanting to work in the yard but it is still to cold for me. Maybe tomorrow.
I stopped by the mall and went to Penny's but I'm disappointed in there selection of clothing for my size. I'll try Belk's when I'm in Branson next week. .

I like the snow when it's not on the streets or sidewalks. And yes my stomach is back to normal. It just happens. I have the munchies now. One of my down falls to dieting. Our babies name is Olive Jo. And I might add a little dark haired beauty.

Hello to GMA and Garnet

ceejay52 04-04-2019 01:22 PM

Worked in the yard yesterday but didn't finish. We had some loud thunderstorms during the night. This is about it.

gma22 04-04-2019 01:59 PM

Good afternoon. I am going to try to cut and paste my FB post here so I donít have to tell it all over again. Jean, you can ignore it if you already saw it on FB.

Oh boy what a morning weíve had. So letís start with the tire. He had to take it to the tire store to get it repaired but luckily we have those certificates on each tire. Hereís the weirdness. I did not have a bolt, a nail, a spike or glass. Wait for it....I had a bullet inside the tire and he ran over it somewhere! No clue folks but it had to happen this morning when Jack went and got breakfast. We live in such a peaceful town you know.

So, I needed to get my nails done for our trip. I took his suv that he drives to work, which reeks of the plant btw. It is pouring rain here and I get there and guess what? The umbrella and my cane were in the Lincoln. So I hobbled in soaking wet

The day is not done. I am the first customer, he gets me seated his phone rings, he is speaking to someone in Vietnamese but he is hot!!! Well, his grown son, who was supposed to be at the salon, locked his keys in the house so his dad had to go get him. I had to sit half an hour for them to get back then back out in the rain when I got through. I must have looked pathetic because this sweet asian lady walking in ask me if I needed help to get to my car because I was going so slow so I wouldnít slip since I didnít have my cane. Donít know what she could have done as she weighed about 90 lbs and if Iíd have slipped I would have squished her.

On top of that, I get home and my new shoes, which QVC said had not been shipped, were sitting outside my gate in a puddle with box soaking wet. One happy note, my two new prs of shoes fit great!!!

Tomorrow is my hair salon day so sure hope that ends up ok because my gray roots are showing and we leave this weekend.

CeeJay: When in doubt, start over! ;) What fun to go see the new baby. Jack has been coughing for 2 days on and off and Iím going to kill him if he gives it to me again. Hopefully itís just allergies because the pollen is off the charts here. Because of my size I am limited to one store here in town, Catherines or order online, which is what I do. I donít like fitted so I buy a size larger in tops and want them long enough to cover my belly because my ostomy scar and my incision scar are both deep and show through my jeans even so I wear long tops. I have so many clothes I think it is time to clean out those I donít wear even if they fit. I desperately need to kill weeds but seems every time I get ready to go out and spray, it rains that day. I tend to graze and thatíll get me in trouble. The worst is the habit of reading, watching tv, etc and snacking. You end up with an empty bag. I have to really fight not automatically getting food when I read.

Jean: Ugh, more snow. Have to say if this rain today were snow afraid weíd be having a blizzard. Yay, with cataract surgery itís a whole lot of sit around and wait. Poor Maddy, taking it for the team. I like popcorn, but I always end up with a sore throat from hulls getting stuck. The last time I ate it, I had a paper towel and would spit them instead of swallowing. Actually, I am a caramel corn fiend. The Farmerís Market in SB has a booth where they make it fresh. They give it to you and itís still warm. Yummy!

Have a good afternoon all.

Jean 04-05-2019 04:11 PM

Happy Friday! It’s another gloomy breezy day in my neighborhood. The internet connection just took a hike but “the techs are working on the problem.” It’s been another lazy day for me. I’ve washed a load of laundry and made a WM run for Ernie and orphan food. So far I am not motivated to do much else. I have been reading books by Linda Castillo; the main character is a female chief of police who left the Amish way of life, but is involved in the Amish mysteries. No blood and guts which I like. Nothing planned for the weekend except our last theater program tomorrow night preceded by an appetizer potluck put on by surrounding caterers. I think they hope to create reception business by doing this. Our local community has put together some similar programs and we are going to one in May to see how we like the new auditorium at the high school. High school makes me think of the ex-principal. The local paper had front page news that the reason he resigned was sexual harassment; stupid on his part for sure. He will be paid to the end of his contract, $139,800, second highest salary in the district. I was surprised they publicly gave the reason.

Ceejay, :congrat: on losing 2#s! You are on your way! I know I posted yesterday but where in the heck did it go? :dizzy: I also am disappointed in Penneys clothes selections. I am not into low cut, silky, and high rise! Olive Jo is a pretty name for a pretty little girl. I’ve had the munchies for the last week, ever since card club leftovers are calling my name. :( I had a good start on sorting clothes before card club and lost the fizzle to keep at it. I know I have clothes from school and that’s been way too long ago to keep them around!

“Gma,” I hope your shoes didn’t get wet. :no: What kind did you get? I know your day has to be going better today. :D The bullet in the tire would make me wonder for sure. Did Jack keep it for a souvenir? There is a “local” farmer here who delivers his home grown popcorn to area grocery stores. He makes caramel corn and last fall had green apple/caramel corn. It was to die for. :T Why is it that popcorn at the theater always smells so much better? I always cave in and get some whether I need it or not. Our theater has a kid’s “special” which is a box with a hole for your glass, a bigger hole for popcorn, and a smaller slit for a small bag of candy. That’s my favorite, just enough but not too much. Bob likes to get the bucket special and share, but the drink glass is so big I have to use both hands for fear of dropping it. Hope you have a fun trip!

If any of you have motivation techniques, please share! I need help! ;) The clothes aren’t going to get in the dryer by themselves so I better finish that project. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

gma22 04-06-2019 04:10 PM

Good afternoon! It is sunny here today and quite lovely. We are all packed and ready to go tomorrow. The only thing we need to put in the car is hygiene bags, snack bags, and cooler. Looks like rain while weíre away, but oh well what can you do. It isnít supposed to be cold.

Weíre just having takeout tonight since I ran the dishwasher and donít want to fool with dishes this evening.

The pollen is really high here and poor Jack is miserable. He wonít take allergy medicine so nothing I can do to help him.

Jean: I ordered two pair of pull on sneaker type shoes. The Skechers are very comfortable. The uppers on both pair of shoes are knit and they have gel soles. Really comfortable to walk in. The recipe for marshmallow popcorn is really good. It isnít low cal for sure but for a treat or you can make popcorn balls out of them for the kids. Our theater has a kids box too. Usually popcorn, drink and m and mís. Iíll have to check out the books. I just got the new JD Robb book a couple months ago. I actually saved it for the trip.

Have a good Saturday. I will try and pop in on and off.

Jean 04-07-2019 10:35 AM

Good Morning! The sun has been in and out this morning and it is warming up slowly. We got a 1/4” of rain but need more to wash away the grit ‘n grime from the wind blowing. The program last night was “One Night in Memphis.” It was four singers, each playing a guitar or the piano, then also a drummer, and a bass player. The singers performed one at a time singing songs made popular by Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis, Johnny Cash, and Elvis Presley. They were loud and pretty good; it was a much longer program than usual. We got the next season’s lineup and none overlap the same dates as the local entertainment, so may end up doing both.

“Gma,” I imagine you are well on your way by now. I love soft popcorn balls but never make them. The local grocery store used to have them around Halloween but for some reason not any more. :( My problem is I would be the one eating them and I sure don’t need the extra calories. I do make things I know the kids will eat if we are going to be with them. I have a pair of Skechers but they are too short now; I think my feet are growing again. :hyper: If I have a good book I tend to sit and read rather than getting chores done. :o I am a great procrastinator! Have a safe trip and enjoy your time away!

I need to get dressed and get my day going. I am determined to sort and get another pile of clothes out of the house! Hope you enjoy a nice day and do something fun! :wave:

ceejay52 04-08-2019 12:20 PM

Morning. My day is getting away from me.
Friday my nephew called to see if I could pick up his son from his bus stop. So I did that and spent some time with my great nephew till his dad got home. He and his wife have a beautiful home and piece of land.
Saturday I finished mowing the backyard but something happened to the side gate and couldn't get it to budge. I forgot about the other side gate so today I'm going to use it and mow the front yard. I ran over the cord on the electric mower. I left the cord in the plug in over winter and evidently it swelled and couldn't get it out. My nephew finally got it out but one of the prongs broke so we're having to order a new part for that one. I'm trying to use up the old gas in the smaller mower as I do not want to use old gas in the rider.
Yesterday at church the regular pianist for opening wasn't there so I played the piano. Earlier the choir director and pianist had changed keys for the choir and that bugged me. My ear was set for one key and the piano played in another key..
My diet is getting better. I still like the pre-conditioning menu. You pick and chose from 4 food groups. I'm going to stay on this for another week and the go to the next menu. It's basically the same excepts some fats are added into the menu. I'll go to the center tomorrow and weigh in.

Wow, a bullet in the tire! that an unusual find. I'm leery about ordering online. I'm bigger at the top than bottom. I usually get tops and pants. but this year for some reason I want a skirt or dress. I may end up with those long tops and a nice pair of pants.
Have fun on your trip.

The show sounded like fun. I liked all of those singers especially Elvis Presley.

Jean 04-08-2019 03:48 PM

Happy Monday! Today has been the usual ho-hum Monday. Church counting went well considering it was the first Sunday of the month and more places to put money than on the other Sundays. I’ve done a couple loads of laundry and should go to the grocery store for a few things. Bob has three meetings after work so I won’t see him until much later.

Ceejay, it it sounds like your lawn mowing turned out to be a challenge. ;) I have no strength in my hands to pull something apart or open a jar, etc. It’s good that your nephew could get the plug and cord apart for you. If the music was changed to a different key, I would be lost. Why would the choir director do that? Glad your diet is working better for you. Good luck at weigh in, that always made me nervous even when I had been working the program as directed. My body didn’t always cooperate.

I need to check the refrigerator and head to the store. Hope you all are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

gma22 04-10-2019 05:20 AM

Good morning all! We have been busy and having a nice time. Weather has been sunny, but supposed to rain a lot today.

My sister finally got her bday mug that I ordered 6 weeks ago. It came the day before her bday, which is today. It has the state of AZ with a heart and the state of TN with a heart and a connection line between the two. It says, ďThe love between sisters knows no distance.Ē At the bottom it says, ďI love you,Ē with her name and then mine at the bottom.

Today I am spending time with my friend after she gets off work then Jackís going to take us to dinner. We have a bunch of stuff to do tommorow and Friday I have to return a pair of shoes at Penneys. I want to go to Macys and see if they have the shirt in stock I want to get Jack.

CeeJay: Not very nice of the choir director to change keys when thereís a substitute pianist especially. Hope you got your whole yard finished now. How old is your great nephew? I have great nieces who are grown clear down to great nieces and nephews who are a year old. I have great great nieces who are 2, 1, and a new one any time now, which is a boy.

Jean: Sounds like a raucous concert. Iíd have enjoyed it. We have Memphis in May here every year for a week and the first weekend is the Beale Street Music festival. They have all kinds of bands from hip hop, country, blues, rock, you name it. Until recently, Jerry Lee Lewis performed every year. I think the big band this year is The Dave Matthews bands. We never go. Itís nuts downtown the whole month every weekend. Our big bbq contest is I think the second week. Probably the most sought after contest for Q people. If you win here youíve accomplished something in the bbq world.

Everyone have a nice day.

Jean 04-10-2019 10:42 AM

Good Morning! It’s another crappy weather day in my neighborhood. There is an east 30 mph wind blowing over the lake towards us. I have to go out and bring in my garden flag before it is shredded. We got a few drops of rain during the night with more rain on the way. It doesn’t look like we are going to get much snow, if any. On the other hand we could get a foot of the white stuff. Today is my lunch bunch and the last bell practice until fall. We play Sunday.

“Gma,” glad you are enjoying yourself. I should know better but ordered something on FB. Of course it was coming from China, the song and dance reason they gave for the delay was the Chinese holiday. I finally told them to cancel it and they offered a big discount whenever it shipped. I was mad and told them to just cancel it; so far have heard nothing more and it hasn’t shown up on my credit card. Lucky for me. I don’t know about bar-b-q contests but we have chili and grilling meat contests around here. Of course, I don’t enter any of them. :lol:

I need to decide what to wear to lunch; good thing I haven’t put away my long sleeves yet. I hate to even think about going out in this wind. Hope you all enjoy a wonderful Wednesday! :wave:

Jean 04-11-2019 10:37 AM

Good Morning! The wind blew all night long and still going strong at 30 mph. Our siding and shutters creak and rattle. So far none had come loose when Bob checked. The weatherman just said we had 60 mph gusts. It’s 36 degrees . . . . cold! We had somebody’s lawn chair pillow in our yard yesterday. Bob went out and picked it up when it started to rain again. When the weather calms down he will stand it by the tree and hope the owner sees it. I am baking frozen cookies right now. I need to go to the grocery store but hate going out in this wind. Kolby’s birthday is next week and he’s asked for gift cards which I think I have to get at WM. I know Walgreens has some so will go there first. More clothes sorting is on my agenda for today.

My oven is ready so it is cookie baking time. :T Hope you enjoy a terrific Thursday! :wave:

ceejay52 04-11-2019 03:37 PM

The wind is still blowing today but not as strong as yesterday and has turned cooler. I wore short sleeves out to do some shopping at WM and wished I had on a jacket of some kind. It is sunny. Bought a food scale at WM this morning and some chicken strips to fix for tonight. I'm impressed with the new digital scale. Think I've been short changing myself.

Glad that your vacation is going well. Enjoy.

We need some rain. After I dug around in the flower bed in the backyard the soil was getting dry. I found a couple of asparagus spears which I need to cut today and use them in a stir fry.
Taking a day off from working in the yard. Need some muscle to help me with the mulch and soil. I'm not as strong as I used to be. I need to get off here and get another load of laundry in the washer.

snowell 04-12-2019 02:53 PM

Greetings everyone.

So happy for ceejay burning more pounds off. Great job! It's a hard do and you did it! Every pound burned is an inspiration to keep going & to do better. It's about your health - the most important reason.

A bullet in a tire! Wow! Sounds dangerous. I am surprised it did not blow up or something.

Haven't lost any weight this last week & getting really frustrated. I'm guilty - have been eating some things that are forbidden, like ritz crackers (love them). I am certainly going to get back on track AGAIN. Today I am stuffing jalopenos. Bought the largest jalopenos I could find. I will stuff them with the little smokies sausages, top each with good chunk of cheddar & wrap some with crescent roll dough (for my son), & then some with low carb tortillas (only 3 carbs each tortilla) for me, & then bake them. Yum!

I have a special mug too. My son from TX sent me a coffee mug that has a picture of OR on it and a picture of TX on it and both states have a heart on them and a dotted line connects the two hearts. The other side of the mug says "My Mom forever Never apart Maybe in distance But Never at heart." I get teary eyed every time I read it. I am off work this weekend & am hoping he will get on Skype with me tomorrow so I can see his face with a smile on it.

I once ordered something from China...it said 2 weeks delivery but it took 4 weeks.

I heard on the news that Iowa has been having a lot of flooding. Oregon is flooding too - we have had rain everyday. My neighborhood did not flood but some other areas here are flooded, such as the golf course - young fellas were on the golf course with row boats just for the fun of it. The rain here is never thunderstorms with lighting & winds - it is always a light continuous rain that goes on for days so it just builds up. This last week the days have been 50s - 60s & the nights 39 - 42. The mountains here are still getting snow.

Some of you may have snow on the ground on easter. It will be a wet easter this year for many for sure.

All sports that require wearing cleats are dangerous. Those cleats can tear through skin and muscles right to the bone. Hope "Maddy's" injuries don't get infected. If the tearing went to the bone it may leave scarring on the leg.

Well, guess I will go for now. It is almost noon & I haven't even had breakfast. I worked late last night & didn't get to bed 'till after 1am. I am going to cook some Jackfruit for breakfast. I have never eaten it, so I am going to try it today. Ya'll hang in there. That is what we have to do. We all have reasons to never give up, to never quit, & to be happy.

Jean 04-12-2019 11:13 PM

Good Evening! This has been a “duh” day for sure. It’s still windy and cold but not as windy as the last couple days, no sunshine. :( It felt like a chili kind of day so went to the grocery store that I quit going to because they quit carrying Jolly Green Giant vegetables. They had a couple coupons in the paper for things I do use so off I went. They had six cans of JGG corn on the shelf! I got what I went after and came home to make chili. Lunch was ready but no Bob. Finally I remembered he told me yesterday he was going to lunch with the other agents today. There was my “duh!” So I ate chili for lunch and he gets leftover chili tomorrow! I picked up the gift shop money this afternoon and took it to the bank so that’s done. In between it’s been a toss up between sneezing, coughing, and having a stuffy head full. I did put some more clothes in the Good Will box and another pile is going to the SOS store. Tomorrow is dusting and vacuuming in the basement. I’m hoping Bob will help me with the hard to reach places. There is a trickle of water in the laundry room from all the rain, so may wait until Sunday.

Ceejay, I have been wearing my winter coat again. I did wear a light weight jacket a couple times last week. I am so ready for a NO wind day. I know I have no strength when I try to open jars; my daughter gave me this “thing” that makes it easier. I kind of poo-pooed it at first but now I use it all the time. :yes: It will fit most jar lids and I’ve even used it on a pop bottle lid. Our granddaughter sold softener salt for a fund raiser and at 40#s a bag I would have had to use an ice cream bucket to fill the softener. I appreciate Bob being able to get the salt in the softener!

Garnet, is your son in Texas married? The Skype feature is nice to keep in touch. :yes: Our lake level is up and there is flooding in rivers and streams around our area. The Missouri is doing a lot of damage and closed the interstate for a couple weeks. A lot of farm fields will be late getting planted and some may not be able to get the whole field done. I feel bad for Nebraska farmers who lost cattle and farm animals, not to mention people losing their homes. I don't Know where one would begin to clean up and repair or rebuild. Sad! Maddy’s scratches are pretty much healed, now her bruises have turned green. Her team won, 2-1, and she was goalie the first half then played forward half of the second half. I just got Zowie’s soccer schedule so will be doing two trips a week until baseball gets started. What is Jackfruit? I’ve never heard of it.

I am thinking bed sounds inviting. :yawn: Hope you all enjoy a nice weekend. The weatherman has promised “warmer and sunshine” for here. :wave:

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