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gma22 03-16-2019 07:22 AM

Steel Magnolias #38
Good morning! Came downstairs at 3 AM and tried to go back to sleep, but right now I have a headache so not likely to happen until it goes away. We are jumping around weather wise and I think that is causing the headache. I tend to get headaches when the barometric pressure jumps around.

We had chicken last night and watched the dvd of “Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindlewald.” The movie was pretty good and the chicken was ok. I find a lot of takeout food is very salty now that I’ve quit eating salt.

I finally got my powdered fiber so we shall see how it does. They say it’s tasteless and you can put it in anything, but it does thicken up anything you put it in. I am going to put it in breakfast shakes.

I bought Jack some fudge from this lady who sells it on Etsy. She makes all kinds and it’s not expensive. It is about 10oz or so and if you buy 3 she gave you a fourth free, plus included samples of her choc chip cookie, her pecan praline and a couple of her fudges. I bought him a choc toffee, a choc butterfinger, a reg choc, and a butterscotch. I took a little taste of the butterscotch and it was fabulous. Anyway, it’ll satisfy his sweet tooth for awhile.

CeeJay: Next month we are doing a big closet clean out and rearrange. My upstairs is a disaster and it has seeped into the downstairs because I am out of room. I just have too much stuff and not enough condo. Hope your program works for you.

Jean: The snow melting is making us nervous. The river is still 4 feet above flood level and all that northern snow melting along with all our rain can make for a disaster. Nothing we can do about it though. If Jack were in charge of lunches all we’d ever have is sandwiches. The man eats cereal every morning and a sandwich for lunch, but doesn’t ever get tired of it. I get bored eating the same stuff over and over. Are you having much problem with melting snow and your basement?

Garnet: You do whatever works for you. The walking is definitely beneficial, just be careful. I didn’t go to college until I was 38. I do not have a good memory except when it comes to music. It amazes my husband that I can’t remember things but a song lyric I am spot on. So, to help me with college facts, I would put them to music. It sounds silly, but I made deans list that way. :lol

Gonna be quiet for us. Everyone have a good weekend.

Jean 03-16-2019 07:02 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has finally come out today and it has warmed up enough the snow is starting to melt again. The lake ice is dark and soupy looking too. When I was having coffee this morning I was mentally going over my “must do” list and remembered I hadn’t decided what food to have for card club Monday night. So made my list and headed to the store. For some reason, even though I was early, the store was super busy. Of course I got behind a woman who had to have a carton of cigarettes which the young checker couldn’t find the right brand, size, or something, then the woman had to write her check, enter it in her checkbook, and lastly buy lottery tickets. Grrrrr! Needless to say I felt sorry for the checker; she apologized and I just said it takes all kinds and to have a nice day. I’ve done some laundry, and now need to find the 60 cents I am off on the gift shop checkbook. I rechecked it twice yesterday and put it aside.

Ceejay, a mammogram is a good deed to have done. Hope all is ok. We have detours all around our area and warnings not to drive on gravel roads or through water. I know what you mean about getting turned around and lost/confused. I get turned around in large department stores if we come in one door and then go out into the mall. Sioux City is talking about putting a round-about, or whatever it is called, in a new developing area of the city. I will be in trouble and probably be going round ‘n round ‘n round. Did your friend arrive? The cake is called “better than (s*x) or anything.” It is a chocolate cake baked per the box instructions, poke holes while it is still warm and pour caramel ice cream topping over it, cool completely then frost with Cool Whip. Top with chopped Heath bars, Butterfingers, or make chocolate curls. I used Heath bars. :T

Garnet, I ended up with white lampshades since it was that or nothing. I didn’t see any lamps I liked and were tall enough to read beside. It is supposed to be warmer here next week and I am ready! I don’t think a banana equals 1#. ;) You’ve lost 7 and that’s GREAT! Walking is good for your whole body, not just weight loss, but it sure helps. I like your quotes, have you seen them somewhere or do you create them yourself? My daughter-in-law is a nurse and buys Atkins protein bars, not sure about the treats. Don’t skip a meal, find something that will satisfy the hunger. What time do you get home from work? Is there anything you could take with you and eat as you are on your way home?

”Gma,” thanks for starting the new thread. I hope your headache is gone and you feel better by now. Is the powdered fiber supposed to thicken liquids that you drink? Bob’s mom had to do that because liquids would go into her lungs instead of down to her stomach. She didn’t like the stuff and would sneak regular drinks in her apartment. The fudge sounds delicious! The gal who has the antique and fudge making business here has pancreatic cancer and undergoing treatment. There is a sign in the shop window they will open in the spring so I hope so. She makes all different kinds of fudge and has several gals working with her. So far no water in the basement! :cheer: The sump pump by the patio has slowed down as has the snow melting. It has a crust on top from the mist the other day. Such weird weather! Fields are lakes and farmers are worried about soil washing away.

I need to get back to the checkbook, and I don’t want to. I’m hoping the 60 cents will jump right out this time! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

Jean 03-17-2019 03:33 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun has finally come out and it warming up, 34 degrees now. Snow is not going to melt much today although the sun does have more power in it these days. Been to church and out for breakfast. I’ve done some dishes I don’t normally put in the dishwasher, have the cream cheese out on the counter to soften a bit, and will get things ready for card club tomorrow night. At least I won’t have to worry about the weather.

I need to keep moving on my “to do” list for tomorrow. Have a nice rest of a Shamrock Green Sunday! :goldpot:

gma22 03-18-2019 08:30 AM

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Good morning! Mid temps today it looks like, but we are starting to warm into spring. I cannot figure out why I am staying so hot upstairs at night. I turn the fan on and have to leave it on all night to be able to sleep. Jack has to put an extra blanket on his side to keep warm and here I am with the big ole fan blowing and the covers thrown off. I don’t do that downstairs.

I am heading out in a few hours to get my nails done, go to UPS and drop off two returns and get some things at WM if they have an electric cart available. I need to get 3 birthday cards and Easter cards for the boys.

I finally finished the afghan. :cb: I have one square for the pillow done and started on the other side. I can then sew it up and it will be done. I can then go back to a sweater I started for my friend and will keep it until her birthday next year. She is itty bitty, about 100 lbs and never gains weight so I don’t have to worry about the sweater not fitting.

The website is acting crazy this morning so I hope this will post. I am making a beef bbq for dinner tonight. I have never made this bbq sauce, but it gets raves. You use coke or in my case diet coke. I was told diet coke works just as well. I took some strip steaks and cut them into cubes. I’m going to brown them and them cook them in the sauce. Fix air fry french fries and cole slaw for dinner.

Jean: Did you ever find your 60 cents?? Jack gobbled down the fudge like no tomorrow. He especially liked the butterscotch. Drives me nuts when people want to write checks but stand around until it’s all done before writing it out. We usually get behind the EBTers who don’t separate and the cashier is having to do it, etc. :mad: I really dread the spring thaw as the river is not receding. For one thing, the Mississippi is just nasty and having it all up in peoples yards and homes is disgusting. Guess I have to keep my fingers crossed.

Everybody have a good week this week. Off to get a shower and get dressed.

Jean 03-18-2019 03:19 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining again today but it is only 35 degrees with a little breeze blowing. I’m not seeing any snow melting. We didn’t balance this morning and it took over an hour of recounting and double checking check amounts to find the error. One of the banks gives free checks, they are green and must be a slightly different paper because they stick together, and that is what happened. There are several people who have those checks. So aggravating! Bob has been home for lunch and gone back to the office. Now I need to double check for “clean” and my food list for tonight. Whatever doesn’t get done, “oh well.”

“Gma,” hope you were able to get an electric cart to do your shopping. I haven’t even thought about Easter except I know Bob will be singing and we play bells on Palm Sunday. March is flying by fast! I haven’t gone back to find the 60 cents yet. That will be my project for tomorrow plus deciding on a menu for couples’ card club Sunday night. I was going to have sloppy joes but that is what they are serving at the noon fund raiser at church; everyone in card club will most likely go to that. We still have flood watch warnings posted; a small town was totally evacuated a couple days ago and the people still haven’t been able to get back to their houses. Devastating for them!

I need to check on the dryer and get the rest of my list done. Enjoy the rest of your day! :wave:

ceejay52 03-18-2019 05:13 PM

Our baby girl is here. She weighed 6 pounds and 10 ounces and 20 inches long. She also has a head full of black. And of course to me she is a beautiful baby. and loves to be cuddled.
My bff is here and told me when she first came that her niece would come back to get her the following Thursday. Now it is Saturday. All she does is sleep and complain about hurting. I hurt also. .Now she tells me that the house needs more renovation because of mold. I need good vibes please

Jean 03-19-2019 01:46 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining and NO wind blowing for a nice change of pace. It is supposed to be in the high 40s today. I hope so! It was hard to get moving this morning, I was tired! We saw our first robin this morning so spring has to be getting close! It is still March however, and anything is possible with the weather. I’ve done some laundry and washed the card club dishes from last night. I won’t bother to put them away since I will use them again Sunday night. Maddy has a show choir program tonight so we will head that direction later this afternoon.

Ceejay, :congrat: on the arrival of the newest member of your family! What is her name? She is tiny! I know you will enjoy cuddling her. :yes: Maybe your friend would get the hint, or maybe not, if you match her complaint with one of your own. She sounds like she is a challenge to have around! How do you renovate mold? Hang in there, maybe she will decide to go home early. :crossed:

The dryer is buzzing so need to fold towels and put them away. Enjoy the rest of a terrific Tuesday! :wave:

ceejay52 03-19-2019 02:16 PM

Morning all.
No sign of bff today She's still in her room. I'm not sure why she does this. Why did she even come up here? I haven't been waiting on her hand and foot either. I just told myself I'm older and can't deal with it. I'm preparing at least one main meal. We've been to the grocery store and have her stocked up on easy things for her. Now she is leaving her dishes in the sink and leaving things in the garbage disposal. ugh This will be the last time she comes to visit. She was okay until I told her that my nephew who stayed with me works with social security. https://www.3fatchicks.com/forum/images/smiles/lol.gif He's been by a couple of times. I told her we could go to point A today if she were ready to go by 1.00 p m If she isn't I'm going to the gym. I'm not putting my life on hold for her. Sorry to be this way. She and niece were texting back and forth and I know she was wanting me to feel sorry for her and say just stay up here, but I politely told her I can have visitors but no roommates.

Special people have to come in and get rid of it. You have her down to a tee. And then after treatment of the mold they have to stay out of the house for a certain period of time.

gma22 03-19-2019 03:48 PM

Good afternoon. It’s decent weather today and for a few more days.

I went and ran errands and got my nails done yesterday. I had to get birthday and Easter cards and got some frozen fruit for my protein shakes, bananas, a bottle of coke to make bbq sauce.

The dog next door is howling and I feel sorry for it. I don’t know what kind of dog it is but it’s big. It was whining last night.

CeeJay: I’d be crawling up her backside, friend or not. No one deserves to be treated like a maid and if she isn’t even cleaning up after herself, she’s not much of a friend. It’s hard, but you you should sit down with her and tell her you enjoyed the visit but you are sorry she needs to go home. If she gives you excuses about the niece not picking her up, pay for a bus ticket to send her home. People like that hang around until they’re sent packing. I’ll say a prayer that she’ll go home.

Have a good day everyone.

gma22 03-20-2019 11:09 AM

Good morning. It is cool but sunny so looks like a nice day.

I am making chicken and rice casserole for dinner tonight. It’s one of Jack’s favorites and fairly easy to make.

I want to get the second side for the pillow finished so I can sew it together then tomorrow I am going to launder and block my bff’s sweater, the afghan and my doctor’s hat. I can then get the bday presents put together when they’re dry and get my sister’s shipped to her after the first of the month.

I have been busy ordering the remainder of clothing and shoes for my bff for the cruise. Her pants were too big, but she said she gave me the wrong size it should have been a 2 petite. Can you imagine being that tiny??? :lol: She is going to see if she can take them to Penneys and just exchange them. If not she’ll send them back and we’ll try again. I got smart and ordered her two pair of trainers a half size apart. I told her if they both fit to keep them both and if not, send the one back that didn’t fit. HSN had them on sale and they have gel soles so they kind of bounce when you walk. I think they’ll be good for in port walking. I bought her a pink pair and a baby blue pair. I also got her three prs of sandals, two for dinner in the evening and a casual pair to wear around the ship. We will bring the shoes home along with her formal dresses and take them with us to cut down on suitcase weight then we’ll bring them home, box them up and ship them back to her. I also got her this really cute locket that is glass faced and you put tiny charms in it. I have one of their bracelets that has Harry Potter charms. Hers has an airplane, passort, flip flop, dolphin, cruise ship, and a palm tree and tiny aqua savworski crystals in it. The face of the locket is aqua enamel with silver. Thought it’d be a nice remembrance. Jack is going to make her a CD of the cruise. He has started it and it is cute so far. It has background music and video and still pictures, etc. Unfortunately, he sits and works at it at the pc right next to my recliner and the first background music is “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys so I end up singing, “Aruba, Jamaica, ooh I wanna take you to Bermuda, Bahamas, come on pretty mama...” all night in my head. :lol:

Well, back to knitting. Have a fabulous day all and remember, the only person that can stop you from achieving what you want is you!

Jean 03-20-2019 01:37 PM

Good Morning! The sun is shining again today but it is breezy and a bit colder. After Maddy’s program last night it felt like a spring evening and we went for ice cream. The program was awesome! Some time ago Maddy hurt her knee by over extending, not sure what exactly that means. She didn’t practice for a week and was on crutches, then an elastic brace. Yesterday was the first soccer practice, running for two miles! You guessed it, her knee gave out. They have try outs for the varsity team but she is back up goalie and the coach told her not to worry about the two mile run. She wore a heavier brace last night that she got from the trainer but she was hurting by the end of the night. Today is deciding on a menu for Sunday night card club; I hate messing with food period! Bob has an all day meeting tomorrow so I can do some more deep corner cleaning. I have bell practice later this afternoon.

Ceejay, I could never stay in bed as long as your friend did yesterday. Her kitchen etiquette would make it hard for me to keep my mouth shut! How rude! You are a far better hostess than I would be and deserve another star in your crown! :hug: I am anxious to learn if you went to the gym and left her home. We sprayed a few spots of mold in the basement with bleach and scrubbed them away. I assume they are gone since there is no evidence; it is cement blocks so don’t know if mold could penetrate that or not.

”Gma,” you have been a busy gal running errands and finishing your knitting projects! I don’t think I ever wore a size 2, even when I was 2! That is tiny! I hope your best friend has some idea the amount of money you are spending on her for the cruise, and appreciates all you are doing. You are a good friend! :yes:

I’m off to sort through recipes and make a grocery list. :dizzy: Have a wonderful Wednesday and enjoy! :wave:

gma22 03-21-2019 02:03 PM

Good morning (at least for 10 minutes or so. It is chilly in the house, but haven’t peeked outside so don’t know what it’s like other than sunny. We had a lot of rain all evening yesterday. I’m really worried about flooding. Not for us, but the plant screwing up any plans we might have if they go to those 12 hour shifts.

I finished laundering the bday projects and sewed together the pillow. So, as soon as the afghan dries, I can box it and ship it. I made the loops for the sweater this morning so when it dries I can sew them on and sew on the buttons and then gift bag my bff’s stuff. I started an all white sweater a few months ago, but put it aside to do the afghan. I am back to working on it, but good heaven’s the instructions are convoluted and confusing. So far, so good, but who knows. :lol:

Jean: Did they do an MRI on Maddie’s knee when she injured it? It sounds like she might have torn her meniscus at the very least. I hope she can get to shere she can play as I know she likes it. Do you do snack kind of thing for card club or desserts or what? If you ever need some ideas, I have tons of recipes for stuff. I see something I like online and save it. :lol: I have a subscription to “Taste of Home” magazine. Some of the recipes are just plain strange imo, but some of the stuff sounds good.

Everyone have a good day. Jack decided to take tomorrow off so I think we’ll go shopping tomorrow instead of the weekend.

Jean 03-21-2019 05:26 PM

Good Afternoon! The sun is shining but the wind makes it feel colder outside. Snow is melting slowly so that is good. It was an early morning here as Bob was supposed to go to a class with another agent and leave the office at 6:45. It turned out they didn’t go because she was up all night with her two year old who had his tonsils out a couple days ago. I made a WM list and a grocery store list so those two trips have been my day, plus a load of laundry washed and dried. I have to make a cheesy potato casserole for the church fund raiser so will get that done to deliver first thing tomorrow. I will be glad when it is 10:00 Sunday night and my obligations are done!

“Gma,” we still have some area roads that are still blocked because the shoulders have washed away. Luckily, none are near us. I’ve seen some of the Nebraska videos and remember when the Missouri flooded Sioux City a few years ago. It’s hard to believe water can do that much damage. I feel so bad for the farmers who lost cattle and know the price of meat will go up accordingly. I saw where WM is affecting the dairy farmers by raising their own milk cows now. :( Seeing all the damaged homes makes me wonder where one would ever start to clean up the mess. I don’t know if Maddy had an MRI on her knee. The school has a full time athletic trainer so would think he/she would have recommended it if they thought it was necessary. I would hope so anyway. The crafty club serves a dessert, the ladies’ card club is munchies, and the couples card club is usually sandwiches, chips, etc., a few munchies, coffee and dessert to end the evening. Since we will have sloppy joes at church, for lunch, I’m making a chicken and rice casserole, fresh veggies, and rolls. I may make a box brownie mix unless I decide on a sheet cake of some sort. I feel like I’ve lived at the grocery store, cooked, and cleaned up dishes for the last week or so! :lol:

Ceejay, it is Thursday and I hope she is gone! ;)

Not much else is newsy from my corner of the world today. Hope you are enjoying a nice day! :wave:

ceejay52 03-22-2019 11:41 AM

The beginning of the week was horrible. She kept texting me from her room complaining about it being hot. She expected me to wait on her hand and foot and I refused to do that job. She was hoping to move up here and I had to verbally say that I cannot have roommates per sis. She wants to be in control of everything and I'm not standing for that. I told her that my window of time to getting out and doing things is between 9 and 2. It makes me nervous to drive in heavy traffic. She wants to be in control of her niece to whom she lives with now which isn't going to well either. She kept trying to wear me down but I finally told her that I'm soon to be 69 and I WILL NOT be taking care of you, and that I can barely take care of myself. I have health issues also. All of a sudden she got better.
Enough ranting. She's leaving tomorrow.
No time for personals will be back later.

gma22 03-23-2019 12:09 PM

Good morning. Gonna be a nice day today again. Was going to get car washed, but I have been busy with other things. We have to use one of those handwash places because we have the lift on the back so it takes a lot more time. It can stay the way it is til next weekend as it is going to rain tomorrow.

I got the blanket and pillow boxed up for my sister, got my bff’s gifts finished, wrapped, and put in a gift bag, got my doctor’s hat in a gift bag so all the gifts are done now. When I finish here I have to get laundry out of the dryer and unload and reload the dishwasher. Anything else can wait.

Jean: You have a whirlwind weekend looks like. You’ve probably cooked more for a couple days than you have in a long time and probably growling the whole time. Hope you enjoy card club though. We don’t seem to dry out here before we have another round of rain. They are predicting a wet summer too. My yard area is full of weeds I need to kill, but it seems either it’s raining or too cold to do it. Today I am dead tired from the morons next door playing music all night. Thump, thump, thump. Clue, it ain’t Frank Sinatra! :lol: Last night the lady on the other side was cooking her stinky stuff then awhile later I smelled smoke from cigarettes in my bathroom, laundry room and kitchen. Ick!! I sprayed Febreeze air freshner all over.

CeeJay: You poor thing. I hope she is out the door today. I think I’d be knocking her down my friend list after her shenanigans. How rude to come into someone’s home and treat them like it is a hotel and your the maid. Hope things are back to normal. I pity the niece, but she needs to set the woman straight or bounce her.

Everyone have a good weekend. Off to finish the chores.

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