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Good evening ladies! Cilly this morning and cool all day. Jack had to work out in the wind today so heís been cold all day. I stayed in the house.

I did absolutely nothing today except a load of laundry and the dishwasher tonight. I did work on my current sweater project. So far, so good, but then it is the body of the sweater so itís just knitting around and around with every 12 rows decreasing 4 stitches. When I get up to the yoke and sleeves it gets harder.

Jean: I know adults who donít like their food touching and others that only eat it all mixed up. To each his own I guess. I wear sunglasses when I am outside all the time unless itís dark. My eyes are pretty sensitive to light since my surgery. Not badly, but enough to cut down glare by wearing sunglasses. I saw an article that an overpass on I-75 in Chattanooga came tumbling down closing the whole interstate. It mutilated a car that it fell on, but the driver wasnít hurt badly. Itís the exact way we go to Florida. Itís the second crazy thing as I told you awhile back about all the rain causing a mudslide in Nashville the exact way we go. Did Bob get his pocorn? Iíve never heard about tile guys not using a wet saw. From what I understand besides the dust, itís a good way to break blades as they get really hot.

Everyone have a good day tomorrow.
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Evening folks.
My stomach and intestinal tract gave me problems last night between 10 p.m. and 2 a.m, then I slept till 9.30 a.m.this morning. .My days are getting really screwed up and I don't like it. Going to have to get myself back on a schedule.
My sis had a dental appointment this afternoon and after that she called me to see if I wanted to go with her to see the baby. I said yes in a heart beat. The baby had a doctors appointment this morning and she had gained 14 ounces so she is a little over 7 pounds now.
I signed up for this diet program 19 days ago and have not taken it to heart. I'm going to start again tomorrow with my weigh in at the center. I do good in the mornings.. I sleep most of it, lol but the late afternoon and early evening are the hardest for me. always have been. The center sold me a very nice journal but my handwriting is very poor and have messed it up completely, so I've made myself a more complete one in excel. I'm used to counting calories so I've combined there information and mine.
I wanted to get outside today but it was still a bit chilly. Tomorrow is supposed to be warmer. I want to clean out the flower bed and clean around the steps to the deck.

Hellos to Garnet, Jean and GMA
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